Here goes: Just purchased domain through godaddy, e-mail accounts and web hosting.?

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My first question is: Here goes: Just purchased domain through godaddy, e-mail accounts and web hosting.?.

My next question is: When doing research on domains I come across a lot of weird sh**. I know everyone here must so I thought it might be interesting to start a thread for what we find. Almost like therapy...Ok now deep breaths people, it will be alright lol.

I came across this picture and well, yeah...


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Your question was: Here goes: Just purchased domain through godaddy, e-mail accounts and web hosting.?.

Yeah, keyword research - I have some domains that have to do with kids or apparel, sports that sort of thing and I of course, have to run into the bad search terms in my research - it is truly disturbing what comes up for regular searches with kids or teens - and the # is extraordinary. It's literally horrifying - I've never seen those kinds numbers for any other terms...and it's coming from all over the world...

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Turns out one of my sites actually used to be an investment magazine in dubai I found that strange, most of my other domains are hand regs are tdnam buys from domainers so most are and always have been blank..

Comment #2

Agreed, this was my first big domaining shock - how sleazy kid stuff is one of the biggest search categories. and as you see all the pseudo names and searches they use to get around (i guess) laws and screening - frightening..

Comment #3

A lot of times (but not every time) you can tell if a band sucks or not by their picture. They suck, no doubt about it...

Comment #4

Looks like the revived Kiss group heavy metal group..

I think they're all dead..

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Ok, I know just about *everybody* here hates IDN, but I thought this was strange:

I was researching the russian word and stumbled on this. It spoke volumes to me. Some things are just universal and serve to unite us as a people. This was one of those things. You don't need to understand Russian to understand the pictures, and the love we all have for our pets.

As for the band picture linked by the OP... I was a long haired rocker and lead guitar in my youth with the "Kryptic Light". I always thought that one of the miracles in life is that any of us live past youth. Who knows, maybe a few of the people in that picture of the band might just be your bosses in a few years!..

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A couple of my best friends were 'long haired rockers' back in the day- one was a VP of a major ad firm in Cali and the other owns a recording studio in BC so yes they do turn into bosses.


I believe the group I posted about has taken things to the extreme read: surgically inserted devil horns. That is just plain crazy IMHO and I would have rather not stumbled apon that picture.

Regards, gary-.


Comment #7

On ripley's I saw one with all surgically inserted this and that.

We live in a weird world..

Comment #8

Good point. Some things are harder to reverse than others. Of course the horns could probably be surgically removed. Some things are not so easy to reverse, like brain damage from *extreme* drug abuse, etc. I think one of the more important things to impress on youth is this: "What if you don't die by age 30". One of the keys to life is to minimize permanent damage in youth.

Sadly, one of the things driving the actions of today's youth is despair. When I was a long haired rocker, I never felt the sense of despair that has become all too common today. sad...

Comment #9

Here's another one well, letting their band website drop is a pretty good indication they suck(ed) too.....

Comment #10

Their Jeff's bio sounds an awfully like our "Jeff" - I wonder... -Allan..

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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