Help!! with making a blog on my godaddy website?

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My first question is: Help!! with making a blog on my godaddy website?.

My next question is: I've officially joined the movement of domainers that are no longer selling on forums - domainers are lemmings in many regards; and I only look at domains I buy from now on based on parking potential, end-user sales and development potential. So look out for me to keep grabbing up your great brandables, generics and keywords - enjoy the coming 3, 4 letter HostGator bust...I'm down to my essentials and will have but a handful soon.

Please debate, don't hate - and when you realize the same thing...appreciate!..

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Your question was: Help!! with making a blog on my godaddy website?.

I think most seasoned vets use the forums to trim the fat from their portfolios, not to do the bulk of their deals. It's better to liquidate your weaker domains on the forums than to let them drop waiting to get noticed on Sedo. I must admit I'm a little confused by your statement that there is a 3 letter HostGator bust coming and that brandables are one of your alternatives. That's just crazy talk..

Comment #1

That is a good plan, the safest plan, I would say. Too many stolen paypal accounts and scam buyers out there. You've got tread carefully...

But your post wasn't even taking that angle! haha..

Comment #2

Ok, and .... thanks for sharing?? So I guess this means we won't be able to have a chance to snag some of your 'gems' any longer here??! ....did we ever??..

Comment #3

I only say that about the bust because the prices have gotten over inflated and they will have to reach a max point - ppl just expect any 3 or 4 letter will continue to increase unjustafiably as they have because of the boy-out of 4 letters that was co-ordinated by some. but then again, I'm use to saying some crazy stuff, sometimes Im right tho.

And I had to add a controversial angle to get some discussion...i dont mind if you guys dont..

Comment #4

Is there a movement? Wow, I must have missed it.

You do make sense that you only want to purchase names based on "on parking potential, end-user sales and development potential". I want to purchase names for the same reasons, I guess I just won't get a chance to buy your names here at Namepros...

Comment #5

I can't see how anyone could predict a bust on LLL.coms just ask Zesty to show you his graphs of 7+ years of month over month appreciation. My personal opinion was that there was a little hiccup in Feb 08 not a reduction but not really any increase. That said, it's been up, up, up since then, as it has been year over year...

4 letter buyout wasn't "coordinated" by anyone.

It was common sense to me and many others that $7 for an when an goes for $7000 likely made little sense. Please don't throw in words like "coordinated" it makes it sound as if people like me deliberately manipulated the 4 letter market, which I can assure you is not the case.

Mobile will most likely be HUGE in a few years I for one am anticipating that and putting almost all my domaining investments in short .coms. This is the only popular domaining sector which hasn't experienced a significant price reduction this year...

Comment #6

Come on Reece, you were the mastermind behind the buyout.

Just kidding, you had the foresight and were kind enough to clue the rest of us in on it...

Comment #7

The 4 letter market is already in a bust situation, in particular the buyout style names. A few months ago people claimed $60 minimums, today there are sales as low as $20...

Comment #8

If opportunity is there ....... grab it , if you feel no opportunity here .....then dont sell..

Comment #9

A couple of months to get $20 for a $5-$8 investment looks like 4(I) to me. Any brick and mortar business would kill for that kind of ROI..

Comment #10

ROI on any LLLL.coms purchased last year greatly exceeds even the ROI on LLL.coms this year.

Buying anything at it's peak is generally foolish anyone who got in pre-February has for the most part done very well for themselves or at the least broken even...

Comment #11

Actually when selling products worth $20 most brick and mortar business do get that kind of ROI!.

Not that it is bad return, but people need to consider the direction in which the market is going, which is down. It has been a good outcome for those who bought at reg fee and sold out to the saps a few months ago. (which is what some of the more savvy domainers did). I don't think it can really be denied this market is in a bust situation when prices fall by 60-70%...

Comment #12

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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