Help with a lens please
G'day all,.

I am now leaning towards getting a Canon 30D but have no idea which lens. Does it come in a kit with a lens? If so, which lens and is it any good? Or could anyone please recommend me a good lens for it and what I will be up for in cost $AU..I am just getting into the SLR's and would like to get into better photography so I do not need a full on expensive one. Just a good all rounder that would do me fine..for now..


Cheers Sam..

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Perhaps you'd have better luck in the Canon 30D forum...Warm regards,DOF..

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If you are just getting into DSLR's then I would highly recommend buying the camera with the kit lens...EF-S 18-55...It's not a great's not a horrible lens and it only adds ~ US $80 to the price. I have gotten some good photos with this lens..

Use it for a while to learn the basics and to find out what you want in future lenses. I have been shooting for over two years and I still use the "kit" lens for wide angle...but I don't use the focal length often. I prefer fast primes..

If you want something better than the kit lens, there are really only two upgrades that Canon offers:.

17-85 IS ~ US $60017-55 2.8 IS ~ US $1000.

If I were to buy one myself it would be the 17-55 2.8 IS...check forums for owners comments...very good lens. There are cheaper third party options, but I only use canon and can not comment on these..

In addition to the kit lens I would also suggest buying the 50 will run ~US $ is well regarded for the price and will introduce you to DOF and low light prime shooting..

These two lenses are a very good place to start with not much financial output...that will come later when you start wanting the L primes .

Good luck and enjoy the new camera.


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My standard beginner advice..

You are getting a good camera. Get a good lens to go with it. Spend more than you will think is reasonable to get a good quality lens. Don't buy anything that has more than about a 3X zoom ratio (none of the 28-200 or even 300mm zooms). You think now that you need to cover the widest zoom possible, but that is not true. You will get much more quality, and eventual satisfaction from a higher quality, much shorter zoom ratio..

The whole point of a DSLR is to get the best camera/lens combination for each purpose. Versatility is not what DSLRs are about. They are about having the ideal specialized tool for each job. So don't try to make it the equivalent of a P&S by getting one of the wide range, but inevitably weaker image quality zooms. If you are getting an SLR, you should be looking forward to getting a few lenses that do what you want done, and do it very well, not one super lens to do it all..

My suggestion, to start, is the 28-75mm Tamron f2.8. It is a very good quality lens for a very reasonable price. It covers the full frame format, so you can use it if you decide eventually to go that route. It fits in the middle of many combinations of lenses you might choose in the future..

Nothing is enough for the man to whom nothing is enough...

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I agree with Aletheia. No point getting a great camera and then putting a cheap lens on it - it is the lens that makes the pictures. The Canon kit lens appears to be OK if you stop it down but otherwise rather poor - see.


The Tamron recommended above is popular and has a good reputation. Personally I'd find the lack of wide angle rather limiting. A good alternative is the Sigma 17-70, which is regularly recommended on this forum: see.


Best wishesMike..

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I wouldn't spend any more money than needed when first starting out...learn the basics and what your style is and what you like to shoot..

Give yourself some time to understand exposure, DOF, how changing settings effects the image and the effect of focal length on subjects in a photo. If just starting out, this will take a while, and needs to be learned..

To spend even $400 on a lens at this me...seems foolish. After a few months you may not even use that lens...wasted money. Especially a 28-xx mm lens...this is comparable to ~45mm on the short end...too restrictive for just starting out..

Also, if I were going to spend $400 on the Sigma I would spend more and buy the canon 17-55 2.8 IS...the best general zoom lens for canon crop cameras in my opinion. Every lens is a compromise of sorts...and until you have the knowledge of where you are willing to compromise then spending excess money is silly..

Neither the lens, nor the camera will give you great images...only practice, knowledge and skill will achieve this. Many people buy a DSLR and expect great shots and are very dissapointed...they expect too much too soon...without putting in the time to learn..

It is cliche...but so can give a beginner a $7000 camera with a $2000 lens and they will still not produce good shots...on the other hand you can give a great photographer a cheap P&S and they will still capture great shots..

My advice to beginers is..spend as little as possible to start and then buy new equipment or upgrade, when you begin to feel limited with your current kit..

My $0.02.


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I think the kit + a 50 1.8 is good advice. Personally I recommend putting the camera into AV mode. You control the Aperture, the camera manages the shutter speed. You'll have to adjust the ISO to some sensible range. This way you control the Depth of Field, and will develop a feel for the relationship of Aperture, Shutter, DOF, controlling movement etc... Disclaimer-I don't have the kit lens.


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Cheers Don..Some good advice there.Have you any insight into which is a good beginners SLR kit to start off with?..

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The "kit lens" that everyone is talking about is the one that comes as a "kit" with the camera you don't have to buy it separately (yay). I've used that lens on a friend's camera and it does a great job; in fact, there are sites where people just show off what they can do/have done with a 350D and the kit lens. The images I've seen are what convinced me..

Try a search in the 350d forum, which is where the kit originated, I believe. Look for older posts, when the lens was still newish and people were all wondering about it..

If/when you decide to invest in "L" glass, I recommend the 24-70 2.8..

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You could go with the Canon 30D + 18-55mm 3.5-5.6 USM + Canon 50 1.8.

This would run about US $1300 give or take...a good starter kit..

For a few hundred more $ you could get the new 40D...a few more features that you may like or grow into. Check the side by side comparisons on this site to see if the difference in features is worth the price..

It all comes down to how much money you are comfortable spending from the get go..

This is my kit at the moment: Original Rebel 300D (6MP) Kit lens, 50 1.4, 60 2.8 Macro and the 70-200 f4L. I have been shooting with this kit for 2 years and still have a lot to learn. I am planning on upgrading camera and some lenses in the near future..

If you want I can post or e-mail you some example shots from each of my lenses..


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