Help with a Dukan Diet? But there's a catch?!?

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Quick question... Help with a Dukan Diet? But there's a catch?!? Looking forward for any answer. Second question of mine... I am having a hard time trying to eat the.

Apple strudel scone.

, it is dry. Does anyone have a recipe for making it better?..

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Hmm... I need to find out myself. I don't know what is the answer to that question. I'll do some research in Google and get back to you if I bump into an anything. You should email the people at Dukan Diet as they probably can answer it..

Comment #1

I eat them plain right out of the package and really like them. But I wll have to try microaving it with a squirt of fake butter spray...

Comment #2

I cut them in half, put Walden Farms apple butter in the middle, and pop them in the microwave. It is so good!..

Comment #3

I will buy them from whoever does not want them or make a trade...

Comment #4

I just sprinkle a touch of water on them and micro for like 15 seconds and they are yummy and soft! A few squirts of butter spray and they're good to go!!..

Comment #5

I cut them in half and toast them. I usually eat them with ICBINB spray & 1/2 cup of Egg Beaters...

Comment #6

I LOVE the apple scones!.

I cut them in half and dip them in egg beaters and put them in a skillet. Instant french toast! YUM!..

Comment #7

The scones are one of the few foods I find absolutely revolting. Also the brownie, which makes me wonder if I am sensitive to the little preservative pack that accompanies them. They both really upset my stomach. Anybody else have that reaction?.


Comment #8

Kind of what I do but I dampen a paper towel and wrap around it and then microwave it for about 15 seconds...

Comment #9

Right out of the package is perfectly acceptable to me. I love them and eat them right out of the package 3 days a week..

Love the cranberry orange pastry and the fudge brownie too!..

Comment #10

I made bread pudding with the last one I had - was very tasty...

Comment #11

I adore the Apple Scone, and I microwave it for 10 seconds..

I just last night tried the Fudge Brownie for the first time and I am SO sad I only ordered 2 because I was not sure if I'd like them. I thought that it was better than most regular brownies I have eaten!.


Comment #12

I also slice into two slices for the toaster. They just need black hot ICBINB, SF jam or anything else. And DH hates ALL brownies so he gives me his...yummy! I eat both very deliberately so as to savor every bite!..

Comment #13

I like the scones! I toast them like poptarts and have a small glass of milk with them. The brownies could use some work, though I can eat them...

Comment #14

I also love the scones! My order came today and I got all 12 of them! I was worried I wouldn't. I toast them like a pop-tart too. I also received flat bread pizzas. Yummy...

Comment #15

LOVE the brownies...gooey, sublime....

SCONE - I slice in half sideways, making two large square halfs, toast them (that alone does wonders since it's kinda like an english muffin: gross when raw) and smear w/ Suger Free Strawberry Jam - tastes better than a poptart and sort of reminds me of a toaster strudel that way..

I try my hardest to NOT use a microwave whenever possible, opting usually to cook the entrees in a non stick skillet - so this scone has been pretty handy since it tastes fantasic toasted...

Comment #16

For seem reason I didn't like them the first time around. But the second time I cut it into two slices, toasted it, and sprayed with butter spray. It was really good. Dukan Diet foods are like that. Sometimes they taste different later on in the program. Don't know why.

I usually like them later...

Comment #17

I tried the scone and I liked it..

I think scones are supposed to be a bit dry, aren't they?..

Comment #18

I like to make little french toast out of them by slicing it in half and dipping it in egg beaters w/cinnamon...

Comment #19


Comment #20

I thought the scone was a lot drier than the traditional scones I've had. I think I will try toasting it or making it into french toast as someone suggested. That sounds like an awesome weekend treat..

I like the orange-cranberry pastry, but it makes me so windy I feel like I could float away or at the least propel myself across the room. Oktoo much info I'm sure. Ha Ha...

Comment #21

I really like the taste and I won't stop eating them but they kill my stomach. I tried taking Beano like someone suggested but it didn't work...

Comment #22

Catchy Avatar! A reference to Jimmy Stewart's reality check in.

"It's a Wonderful Life"? It's a Christmas staple at my house!..

Comment #23

Look at you! You look really great; keep up the good wok!..

Comment #24

I agree with you. I love the scones and order at least 6 each month. Yes scones are supposed to be on the dry side. I also like to grill mine with spray butter and a sprinkle of cinnamon/splenda mixture. Yum. Sometime it does take time to adjust to new foods.


Comment #25

I love the scones if anyone wants to trade or sell some pm me. thanks. donna.].


Comment #26

I put it in a bowl and put milk over it and warm it up in the mircowave. Like some people eat Apple pie. It is pretty good that way!..

Comment #27

I spread the lite laughing cow cheese on mine. tastes pretty good..

Comment #28

Those that have made the 'french toast' scones....

How much egg beaters do you use? The 1/4 cup? And what about just a tad of cinnamon extract in the egg before dipping... would that work?.

Thinking this sounds good for Sunday breakfast..

Comment #29

I just made a post about this - didn't see this one.

I did what everyone advised, nuked it for 30 seconds, sprayed it with ICBINB and it's delicious!!..

Comment #30

The scones are one of my favorites. I don't feel deprived at all when I eat them. Seem to grab for them at least twice a week. I just have them with my coffee as is. I guess it is just a matter of taste as it is with all of the Dukan Diet foods. I know I can't stand the Thin Crust Pizza but a lot of people seem to like it.

Good luck with your journey!.


Comment #31

I love the scone - especially when going out for breakfast with the family. I cut it in half and toast it before leaving the house. At the restaurant, I order an egg (my protein) over easy, put it over the toasted scone, pop the yolk and let it run everywhere. Then I order a small bowl of fruit (if available) or small glass of juice to complete my breakfast. Well, except the decaf coffee on the side..

I also love the brownie. I usually save my fat from dinner and smear 1/2 tsp peanut butter over the top and pop it in the microwave for about 15 seconds. I top it with some SF whipped topping before eating...

Comment #32

I toast mine in a toaster oven and give them a spray of "I can't believe it's not butter".


Comment #33

I toast mine in my toaster. I will try the microwave now too...

Comment #34

Great ideas for the Scones. I just ate it out of the package and didn't think it was that great. But thanks for all the suggestions, it should help make them taste better..

Congratulations Pam - Good luck on your journey. I am only on day 22 and am hanging in there...

Comment #35

The apple scones made like french toast is great. I do that and add fresh strawberries and ff sugar free syrup. It is so good and a nice change...

Comment #36

I nuke'em and spread ff cream cheese on. Instant apple-cheese danish!..

Comment #37

I had this this morning! I sliced them in half, sprayed them with ICBINB and sprinkled cinnamon and splenda on top, popped in the toaster broiler. GREAT!!!!..

Comment #38

I actually really like the scones straight out of the wrapper,..... but only* if I have a big glass of coffee to compliment it,.... can't eat it with anything else drink wise..

Comment #39

I had mine like Kaykayj only put in micro about 20. It was yummy. Like cinn toast..

The brownie I fix into ice cream sandwich someone posted a couple weeks ago. Slice, spread with FF cool whip and freeze! Could eat every day. Need to order more...

Comment #40

I like to dip them in my coffee, I will have to warm them up next time...good idea!..

Comment #41

All the ideas are great-I'm going to try the ice cream sandwich and the danish. thanks for the good tips!..

Comment #42

I've cut it in half and then toasted it with ICBNB or SF jam.

And I've also made a bread pudding out of it (break it up into little pieces, toss it in with 1/2 cup egg whites, splenda, cinnimon, then bake at 350 for about 10 min)..

Comment #43

That just sounds sooooooooo good! I typically heat mine briefly but I've just got to try this...

Comment #44

You know what is weird,..... I had one in my first shipment and loveddddd it. so for my second shipment I ordered a whole bunch. I opened one today and it was sooooo nasty. I wonder if it was stale but I think I will try some of these suggestions if the others taste that bad too!..

Comment #45

Oh thank you for the french toast idea ! this is why I love these boards..

Comment #46

I eat mine taosted with fat free cream cheese!!! it rocks!!! and then you have the cream cheese as your dairy!!..

Comment #47


I like to toast them in my regular toaster until they're golden brown. They are SO much better than straight out of the package. They go great with a cup of coffee! -Lori..

Comment #48

Split and toasted in the toaster oven (or nuked) with a frosting made from ff cream cheese, splenda and cinnamon (uses the protein/dairy)..

Comment #49

Great idea!! I had my first this morning and I was pleasantly surprised with it all by itself.... I am sure I will become more creative along the way.. Donna..

Comment #50

I just had the scone this morning. I crumbled half into a bowl, added 2/3 cup Lucky Leaf Lite Apple Slices, sprinkled with cinnamon and nutmeg and crumbled remaining half of scone over top of apple slices. Microwaved for about a minute and added a glass of cold milk...

Comment #51

That sounds hummy! I'll have to try that. I had one this morning too but I just throw it in the toaster and that's it. I'm not creative...

Comment #52

I agree it tastes fantasic toasted and sprayed with butter spray - had my first one ever today!..

Comment #53

I've heard some people split them in half then dip them in egg beaters, cook in frying pan with a little Pam, top with SF Pancake Syrup. Tastes like french toast...

Comment #54

Christina Gray has a recipe for Apple Cinnamon Scone , Yummmmmmm The best ever You should try it Dukan Diet peopleBetty Jane.

" Never give up and Take one day at a time "..

Comment #55

I love the brownies, I take them and break them up in a bowl, Add frozen blueberries and FF cool whip, chill for a bit and yum it is very good and filling for a dessert..

I know for the past few days it seems the food has been giving me really bad gas pains and the food has never bothered me before, so I have no idea of what is going on lately, but it has been so bad, that I have had to take charcole caps...

Comment #56

I nuke apple slices seasoned with cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice for a few seconds. Slice the scones in half and spread the cooked apple slices on the scone. Spread ff cream cheese on the other half and nuke for a few more seconds to warm scone. Delicious...

Comment #57

Omg you have to try the apple strudel scone as french toast, go to receipe club, click on breakfast and you will see the receipe. it's yum, I was feeling the same way as you last night and someone mentioned to me about the receipe club. I did it for the 1st time, it was easy too and so much better than regular french toast I think, good luck..

Comment #58

So you're using children's plates as your smaller dish to fool your eye into thinking you have more food. I always wonder where Dukan Diet gets THEIR dishes from. They always end up with a huge heap of food filling up the entire plate! Talk about smoke and mirrors...

Comment #59

Loriannuse enough FF cream cheese to be a free foodthen you can still have a dairy and be more full!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!..

Comment #60

I loved it...cut in half and toasted....I didn't even think it needed anything added to it. Yum!!!..

Comment #61

I could eat them for dessert instead of breakfast...

Comment #62

I totally agree with you. I tried them this morning for the 1st time and just changed my AD to include more. Annie..

Comment #63

I dont know if someone has shared this with you yet....I put the scone in the microwave for 15 seconds and spread 1 tablespoon (1/2 protein) on it. I then sprinkle brown sugar Splenda on the top!.

I feel like I'm cheating!..

Comment #64

I received my order from Walden Farms todaythey had a buy one get one free special ...anywaythe.

Apple butter.

Was recommended for the scones....

Cut them thinly in half and spread it on and microwaveit was very good!..

Comment #65

LOL! OOPS! I ment 1tbsp. FF cream cheese (1/2 protein serving)!..

Comment #66

Okay! The reason I asked in particular is because I thought you probably.


Mean cream cheese, but 1 tbsp is not quite 1/2 protein... A protein needs to have a minimum of 7g protein and cream cheese only has 2-3g per tbsp. I just want to make sure you're not shorting yourself!!..

Comment #67

1 oz of cream cheese is half a dairy serving. Ooh, I love FF cream cheese!..

Comment #68

With a little imagination you can turn the apple scone into a delightful strawberry shortcake!.

1 scone sliced in half lenthwise.

1 1/4 cup froozen strawberries.

1 package splenda (optional).

2 Tbls FF coolwhip.

Heat scone in microwave for 20 seconds.

Heat froozen strawberries in miroc ( I put mine on defrost).

Layer scone with strawberries, twice..

Top with ff coolwhip and enjoy!..

Comment #69

I have mine with the fat free sugar free yoguart and my morning coffee. I break it into three peices and kind of dip it into the youuart not bad...

Comment #70

The only way that I've eaten it is from one of the recipes that I read from here. I have it only on Saturday mornings when I make french toast or waffles for my kids. I take the apple scone dredge it in 1/4 cup of eat beaters with some vanilla flavoring and cook it like I would french toast for the kids. Then I take 1-2 Tbl spoons of Sugar Free syrup....mmmmm ENJOY..

Comment #71

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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