Help uploading files to my website Godaddy as host?

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I got a quick question: Help uploading files to my website Godaddy as host?.

I also got another question: First email, Second email, This is the third time I received these emails...

Isn't the founder//img/avatar6.jpg of a respective domainer?.

Why they promote business like this?..

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Your question was: Help uploading files to my website Godaddy as host?.

PPC Fraudsters looking for Accounts more than likely ..........

Comment #1

Yeah I got one these too. And he upped his price significantly - but same text word for word.

Was it from a guy named Adam Felds?.

No doubt a scammer - and one of the scamees set up a 'special site' for the scammer.

Check it out:

Now is that classic or not? Feel free to email him all you want - he has it coming!.


Comment #2

Rofl, that is classic....

I hate lowlifes who try to buck the system. Where are people's morals?..

Comment #3

Just keep emailing him a HostGator name or two and tell him you would be willing to sell for 90k..

Comment #4

Man...domaining is still full of sleazy nerds who haven't been out in the past 10 years.

Somebody please email that Adam guy and tell him to get a haircut, change his glasses, and if he has the money, go to a dentist. Sheesh....

Comment #5

Tomorrow his site will be much better - someone told me to tell owner of site to add midi of 'I'm Too Sexy'!.


Comment #6

Scammers are getting craftier and wittier every day, and they're creative, the email you posted can also be used as a template for HostGator appraisal fraud..

Comment #7

Sashas, you crack me up!.

From the scammers website:.

"I'm also looking for my soul mate. Please send me pictures and photos to the email above.".

What a catch.


Comment #8

I think this might be Adam Felds lucky day. He's about to receive an email from his soulmate (Pic).

I call this, 'Spam The Scammer'...

Comment #9

Wow, that picture looks *exactly* like the base player in my old band from 37 years ago! I don't mean similar, but a clone. scary. We called him "bumper". After the band days I went into science and he stayed in music and passed away about two years ago. Band life is hard on people. Glad I went into science to make the really big bucks ;o).


Comment #10

I actually emailed him. Told him that I'm looking for a soulmate too, and am interested in domains too, and that I own 20 LLL.coms, 3 LL.coms, 21, etc. etc. Also attached the picture....

It would be interesting to see what kinda response I get.

And no, I have no bad feelings about a spam email like that. Such folks deserve to be bugged.

Btw Marc, I thought you were a mathematician, not a Physicist.....

Comment #11

Both, although for the last few decades I have specialized in math. After grad school I ran away to Antarctica for a year to figure out what I wanted to do when I grew up... still growing up. I knew being in a rock band was not it. After a year at Siple station Antarctica (brrrr....), I decided that being an Antarctic explorer was not my cup of tea either. I considered being a tennis bum, and used to play several hours a day, but decided that wasn't it...

I then wrote the main solver for the US Strategic Petroleum Reserve which required a lot of math and physics and managed a 55 person team to upgrade the SPR software. During that time I really fell in love with complexity theory and np-completeness, and been doing that ever since.

There are a lot of things in theoretical physics that have direct bearing on both the theory and application of computational complexity. So basically, I use techniques in mathematical physics to address the world's hardest problems in mathematics.

Ok... now that I have totally bored the people reading this post...

Do you remember that lady Dianne from the TV show Cheers? Always looking for her place to land? That is the story of my life, constantly moving from one hobby/obsession to the next....


Comment #12

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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