Help me to edit my /etc/sysconfig/rhn/sources file on a Godaddy dedicated server?

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My first question is: Help me to edit my /etc/sysconfig/rhn/sources file on a Godaddy dedicated server?.

My next question is: I sent an email to GoDaddy seeing if they planned on offering .pro with the new lighter restrictions. This was the response... Would be nice if they got on board, but not the end of the world...

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Your question was: Help me to edit my /etc/sysconfig/rhn/sources file on a Godaddy dedicated server?.

The question is:.

How much would it cost to become a .pro accredited registrar, and how many domains should you sell every year to make it worthwhile/profitable ?

I agree that if major registrars would add the extension to their registration panel this would increase consumer awareness..

Maybe that's why there are 2M .biz registered, people see that their desired name is available under .biz in HostGator suggestions, and they go with it...

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I'm not sure anymore if there really are lighter restrictions or at least not what some were hoping for. Have any of you seen the Registry Pro site lately where they now list what will be required on July 14th for registering or renewing dot pro? Q. What information will RegistryPro require from me to activate my domain?.

Your Name.

Your Profession.

Your Jurisdictional Country.

Your Licensing Authority.

Your License Number.

A link to your Licensing Authority's website.

Q. Will my professional credentials be subject to review?.

Yes. RegistryPro will monitor new and renewed .Pro domains to ensure compliance with all terms and conditions of our agreements. You may be required to provide additional information to the registry in order to activate or retain your domain.

It also says in the new agreement that only the registrant will be allowed to use a HostGator so that might mean Encirca's work-around will be gone and if you can't answer the questions above to activate your HostGator will they take it back? Looks to me like trouble for some registrants.

A link to FAQ is below...

Comment #2

I don't think that's Encirca's view of the situation. The last promotional email I got from them suggested that anyone with an occupational license or equivalent would now be able to register .PRO.

More to the point, why does interpretation of these regulations matter if nobody is enforcing them? Who is it that would start checking for compliance anyway, the folks making the money from selling them? Some ICANN crackdown on the handful of rogue .PRO speculators? I think not...

Comment #3

The clause stating only registrants are allowed to use a .pro does seem expressly designed to shut out Encirca's proxy service.

I plan to switch my .pros into my own name on 14 July, I tried to switch a .pro from Encirca's name into my own but you get a message saying "External interface command failed. Changing the registrant is not allowed for .PRO domains". I emailed Tom and he assured me it wouldn't be a problem to switch my domains into my own name in due course.

I think there will be work arounds for people who aren't currently professional qualified and want a fast track qualification. I would start by putting the phrase "government approved" with the word membership into Google for your country and see where it takes you...

Comment #4

I'm a little confused. Does this mean that you need to be a certified expert in ALL fields for .pros you own? Or that you can only own one .pro?.

How does one get certification for all keywords, that too government approved?.

Kinda weird, if they're opening it up, open it up. I don't even think 2000 registrations will remain with all this confusion...

Comment #5

My understanding is you have to be a certified professional in some field but then you qualify to register any .pro. A system of trying to match users to keywords wouldn't be workable. 99% of keywords don't have a specific government approved professional body attached to them. For example, what profession would,, or be specifically associated with?..

Comment #6

So an Electronics Engineer could go ahead and have as many .pros as he can afford... good.

Also, any chance of them reducing the renewal/reg fee?.

Really hope so.....

Comment #7

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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