Help! I am trying to cancel a PLATINUM membership w/ and they want a faxed form w/ photo?

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My first question is: Help! I am trying to cancel a PLATINUM membership w/ and they want a faxed form w/ photo?.

My next question is: You may have already heard of it, but just in case:.

"You may be used to typing in top-level domains (TLDs) like .com, .net or .edu when heading to websites, but the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) hopes to change that with a decision to open new TLDs for registration, according to todays Wall Street Journal.

Under the new rule, ICANN would let anyone with $50,000 to $100,000 to register any TLD they want, so for example, our web address could become venture.beat, rather than

The WSJ has more on what the decision may mean for regular consumers and businesses, but there are also a couple ways that it could change the Internet landscape for startups most notably, HostGator speculators like Demand Media and Marchex (NASDAQ: MCHX).

Those companies, and other speculators, have plowed billions of dollars into millions of hot HostGator names, sometimes backed by high-profile investors like Oak Investment Partners or, for Marchex, public shareholders. The idea is generally to buy up lots of obvious HostGator names, like, which holds the sales record at $350 million. Most good names that are auctioned get less, but still routinely receive six figures.

Those domains are worth so much because of a kind of traffic called type-in traffic, which is distinct from search traffic from Google or linked traffic. Right now, if a web surfer especially an unsavvy one wants to find, say, exchange rates, they might type in hopes of finding an exchange calculator (theyd be disappointed).

Although the strategies of the two companies are different (Marchex, notably, wants to build out a locality-based content business), they both hinge on one crucial factor: The dominant TLDs, primarily .com, continuing to be the first thing people type in when theyre looking for something, whether it's exchange rates or So what happens if ICANN manages to reeducate Internet users, and popularize sales of new TLDs?.

The simple answer is that a lot of speculators will lose a lot of their own, and their investors money. While Demand and Marchex might be able to build up viable content portals around sites like, the money they plowed into those names will be meaningless as well spent on or chicago.dr, or any other name you can imagine. The game will become even more about search, type-ins traffic will wither.

Theres a strong counter-argument to ICANNs action having any real affect on .com, though. There are already dozens of top-level domains, but they are thinly used, even purposed ones like .mobi (for mobile phones). The introduction of more TLDs over the years has not seen sales of hot domains diminish, which by extension probably means speculators are making as much as ever. In a recent post on his blog, legendary domainer Frank Schilling said hes confident in .com:.

[T]his will do little to quell the desire for meaningful .com, net and CC TLD names. Corporate IT departments overwhelmed by the task of managing existing .com typos simply wont be up to the challenge of managing a corporate GTLD such as .COKE or .IBM. The failure of former would-be contenders such as .travel, .biz and .pro to satiate demand for coveted names, shows us that adding more skim milk to the mix will not stop the cream from rising, and that cream is .com. (Schillings emphasis.).

That may hold true, or it may be that ICANN has finally found a way to shift attention from .com, with the possibility for new TLDs that are actually meaningful or logical.

And a final argument is that it does seem unreasonable that 10 or 15 years from now, well still be typing .com in for every major website. The Internet is a place of rapid change, and at some point, .com will start seeming archaic and unnecessary. But any real change would require a massive re-engineering of the webs user-interface, at the very least, so it's hard to imagine what those changes might be from here.".

So what do you think? Is it the start of the end of the .com domains..

Comments (44)

Your question was: Help! I am trying to cancel a PLATINUM membership w/ and they want a faxed form w/ photo?.

HostGator names help computers find Web sites and route e-mail. Adding new suffixes can make it easier for Web sites to promote easy-to-remember names given that many of the best ones have been claimed already under ".com." New names could cover locations such as ".nyc" and ".berlin" or industries such as ".bank.".

Game Over for many premium HostGator holders.

...COM worth has just been devalued ... the internet is getting catalogued...

Comment #1

.COM always has been the standard and always will be the standard. Why would a million worthless extensions do any better than .BIZ?.

99% of people on the internet have only heard of COM/NET/ORG..You really think they are going to be bothered to learn tons of new obscure extensions...

Comment #2

.berlin, .rome won't exactly be obscure ... Game Over for many premium geos...

Comment #3

I would rather have,, or over WHATEVER.ROME anyday.

It really matters how Google will index these. If they are indexed the same way as other obscure extensions, then it will be irrelevant...

Comment #4

Now I feel .me is worthless. I won't buy any .me HostGator names...

Comment #5

My understanding is one of the problems finding new HostGator exts is the pre-existance of file extensions of the same name, ie .xls

Assuming they've figured out how to solve this confusion, I can understand their logic because this would be a licence to print money for ICANN and those that can afford to pay the setup fee for the big generic keywords, imagine winning the right to set up .sex, .mortgage, .insurance, etc etc...

Comment #6

Agreed, in the last 24 hours....

587,673 new .coms registered.

1,857 new .biz registered.

.com is the #1 choice. It has world-wide appeal and recognition in just about every language as being synonomous with internet success. Everyone wants one, however, not everyone can have one. Thus, as the internet grows they need to keep adding more extensions to placate those people who arrive late to the internet scene and find that their name has been registered for years. This secondary marketplace is what has led to the current 200+ extensions and within a few years possibly thousands of new extensions. However, it would be extremely difficult to usurp the power of the .com with another TLD as most words are very limiting and an overabundance of TLD's will only create confusion.

For example, if I were a store called Advanced Computer Distributors and offered computer sales, parts and service would I choose .computersales, .computerrepair .computer, .computers, .pc, .pcsupplies, .cheapcomputers, .discountcomputers, .computerparts, , .computerservice, .electronics, .speedyrepair, .pcwholesaleparts, etc., etc..

Or, would I just choose a multi-purpose .com which would be much cheaper, easier for my customer's to type and remember, shorter for advertising purposes, and, placed most of the emphasis on the name of my business rather than an extra word in the TLD, etc.....

Comment #7

In the foreseeable future every company that can afford it will have it's own extn eg., home.msft, etc.

Since microsoft already has the .com, it would merely redirect to, say, <word>.microsoft URL.

This would certainly put a stop to typo squatting as well as someone else having a keyword it wants eg etc.

It's a shockwave waiting to happen - especially given many domainers never think will happen.

That simple...

Comment #8

Its nothing but greed from a ICANN standpoint... if you pay us enough you can have pretty much anything you want...

Comment #9

The HostGator itself is already advertised. People just automatically put .com at the end. If that happens to not be the site they either do a search or put .net.

So in order to "BRAND" a new extension you will have to invest millions maybe even billions of dollars in to it to actually make an impact on the .com. Its just like .name, .biz, .pro, .aero, .cat, .coop, .int, .jobs, .museum, .tel, and .travel that have basically failed. I bet most of the people here didnt even know .jobs was an extension or .tel or .travel for that matter.

What makes everyone think that ANOTHER extension will hurt .com? IMO just another ploy to get newbies to blow their money on useless extensions...

Comment #10


I think someone has posted this before, but, again, I dont think this will be trouble for .com owners as long as ICANN does not make http://coke (without any tld) possible.

Eg. http://microsoft will kill imo http://windows will kill http://starbucks will kill

And so on..

Comment #11

It's never going to happen...

ICANN would have lawsuits up their behind and we all know they only do things they think will make them or their bed buddies (Verisign) money which would put this to a standstill pretty fast when the lawsuits start pouring in...

Comment #12

Major corps. could get their own registrars. It would separate them from regular HostGator owners, and there would be no risk of typos.


Jobs.Microsoft or or

Or say you wanted to start a web2.0 company, what would be the ultimate HostGator hack? whatever you want it to be.



It would seperate the haves from the have nots...

Comment #13

Outside of .XXX or .SEX I am not even sure why anyone would want their own personal failed extension...

Comment #14

I am a domainer and haven't heard of half those extensions..

Comment #15

Yep and cybersquatters will rejoice once again when .microsoft, .google, .etc become available for registration. No. A disaster waiting to happen which will obviously never be followed through with.

ICANN does a lot of talk, but very little action to back that up. Where are the 1 letter .coms which were proposed to be release how many years ago?.

Sidenote: why are there 3 threads on the same topic..

Comment #16

You will need 2 things.

1. money.

2. contacts at ICANN.

This is only for the rich to get richer.

Poor people need not apply...

Comment #17

This seems like a way for them to make more money off of reg fee's and I doubt it will have much impact at all on the market for premium .com's..

Comment #18

Actually I think the reverse happens. The rich get poorer if they buy into this hype...

Comment #19

These are almost like HostGator hacks. This will make my HostGator obsolete. Now my subdomain hack of will be ruined by is just a joke. By popular demand, a bunch of more obscure worthless extensions!..

Comment #20

You should reference the article source. I have a feeling they are complete morons when it comes to domaining. Probably some newspaper that doesn't specialize in IT...

Comment #21

Now that would be a great extension. ".sucks".

If all it takes is $100k then I just have to find 5 investors willing to fork over $20k each...

Comment #22

But we would also need to secure ICANN.BLOWS so we don't lose traffic..

Or ICANNCAN.SUCKIT...the possibilities are endless...

Comment #23


GODADDY will be big company like Microsoft or Google as companies will be forced to spend millions on HostGator names to protect their trademarks...

Comment #24

This was actually news that it passed, no longer in discussion. It's not a question of "if" anymore, only "when"...

Comment #25

".SUCKS" and ".JUNK" would be great ... I can tell you right now that this news (ICANN Paves Way For Hundreds of New HostGator Extensions) is the definitive end of the road for the struggling "dot Mobey" - a very unprofessional and awkward ".mobi" mainly due to it's length, two syllables, and clumsiness - extension that never gained any meaningful or dedicated traction in either adoption or awareness (and most definitely not developments or promotions, thanks to the greed and constant bumbling at mTLD!), IMHO. R.I.P.


Comment #26

You're paying for that word?.

All I have is 20k but in np$..

Comment #27

Always good to see somebody that understands how economies work!..

Comment #28

If microsoft registers .microsoft. they will limit registration themselves only. same goes for .google or any major corp.

Imagine if you are starting a new web company and could have "whatever.companyname" or "whatever.whatever" (ultimate HostGator hack). It would give your company a premium image, because only the elite will be able to afford it.You can limit registrations to your company only, and the bonus would be no cybersquatting...

Comment #29

Yea it's $100k for a new gTLD but isit $100k a year or a one time payment of $100k?..

Comment #30

I wouldn't be surprised if they are paving the way for the corporate dream of a tiered internet system. Geo extensions will likely be used for localized search. A lot of it comes down to whether the big search engines will give primary status to sites with specific extensions or whether it will be a level playing field.

At 10k to 250k for an extension that is more than competitive with top tier HostGator prices. Premium names inside a specific extension might become extremely valuable.

It seems likely that some of the more popular general interest areas that get specific extensions such as .sports or .movies .games will be purchased by investors for the resale value of domains that fit within those categories. This is especially true, if search benefits materialize. Why spend a couple hundred thousand on a HostGator when you can buy an extension and make a ton on registrations. I think this will have noticeable impacts, or at least shift the playing field for high dollar domains. Icann is clearly moving the goalposts here.

Keywords within good extensions strike me as having potential, but there is likely going to be a dilution factor, as combination effects come into play. Whoever guesses the best and has the deepest pockets is likely going to emerge a winner in this move. Hard to guage the long term implications or to decide if dot com is going to be supplanted within a relatively short timeframe, but it does seem likely that the ball is going to be up in the air for a while.

Sitenames that are considered fairly weak now will probably be less than worthless when this shift occours. Premium names will suffer dillution. Sure is a killer but when baseball.sports becomes available the optimization potential has shifted. It will definitely blow away sites like or other less targeted names.

Just some speculation, but I thought I'd throw it out there, it's worth thinking about...

Comment #31

I have a question if anyone can answer...

Let's say I paid xxx,xxx to own the TLD ".car".

Does that mean I can create whatever website I want at .car without paying any more money, or would I still have to pay ICANN a fee for each HostGator I create at .car?..

Comment #32

I dont get why people think these new extensions will create competition for tier one TLDs. As I have stated ealier in this thread check out the ALREADY MADE crappy gTLDs .name, .biz, .pro, .aero, .cat, .coop, .int, .jobs, .museum, .tel, and .travel. As you can see you would think .jobs and .travel would be insanely popular due to the awesome keywords but in fact MOST OF YOU never knew they existed.

So what makes everyone think that .games or .movies will do better than these crappy extensions. I mean to be honest you will have to have a HUGE budget to get one of these extesion that you create to take off.

First off you need $xxx,xxx amount just to apply and get the extension, by this point most of us are broke. Then you will need 8+ figures just to get the public to know the extension is there. On top of that you will need millions more to keep the extension going. At best this will be the equivelant of .name. Ohh yeah did I mention HUGE companies and reputated companies will need to back the extension.

IMO this whole thing is stupid and will just cause confusion.

And no .coms and other TLDs will not lose their value IMO...

Comment #33

Yes these ARE crappy and the .geos are NOT crappy and can serve.

For better localized search and WILL impact the .coms in their respective.

Niches ... once people understand that .city leads to better LOCAL searches.

The flood gates of hell are wide open...

Comment #34

I personally think it's a great thing that their opening the door for TLD registrations, but the fee associated with registering your own is rather ridiculous. Only corporations & the rich can afford to own a TLD under the policies of ICANN. So what about the other people? It looks like we'll always have to be paying ICANN & HostGator Registars rent (using borrowed land) to create our own websites on. Where's democracy?..

Comment #35

People barely know what .net and .org is. What makes you think they will know that .city, .xxx, .geos, or .local exists?..

Comment #36

I tell you what....

Everyone who thinks this is "Game over" for premium names and geos, etc....

Well you can just sell em to me real cheap like, ok.

This is not going to hurt the premium tld's...

Comment #37

If 100+ new .geo TLDS start advertising at the same time and they have.

Content to deliver ... they may succeed in changing the mindset

Should have no problems changing the mindset...

Comment #38

You have to remember that most internet users are not "tech savvy". They only know .com, .net, and .org. It will take MASSIVE advertising and millions of dollars just to get the extensions off the ground and then millions more for people to use them. Just because .xxx sounds killer does not mean it will take off, look at .jobs and .travel, killer but useless...

Comment #39

Execution is everything ... not executed properly it will fail...

Comment #40

Only the really big players "google, MS, etc..." will ever be ale to make anything happen from this. It would take THAT much money to make it work...

Comment #41

I have to say I am an active domainer for awhile and only heard of .travel recently. I don't see this ever taking off.

COM/NET/ORG are the Big Three than everyone has heard of. I bet under 5% are even aware of any other (non country related) extensions...

Comment #42

Oh No, More Domaining Doom and Gloom...we're all Dooooomed Run for the Hills ! Exactly, .BIZ is one of the most logical sounding extensions available but it's not getting anywhere fast - who the hell is going to want to pay $50,000 to $100,000 for a new obscure extension that gets no natural traffic......maybe a few of the big companies but the world has far more small businesses and they ain't gonna cough up that much for it.

Sounds scary but it does'nt make much sense to me so I'm not going to worry about it. to them ! The game would'nt be over for premium Geos even if the type in traffic ceased to exist, there's still search engines.


Comment #43

Well... fortunately I do not live in a democracy, my country (USA) had the foresight to create a form of government known as a "Constitutional Republic"... vastly superior to a democracy. It has often been said that democracies are best described as "mob rule", with the frequent description that a democracy is like "two wolves and a sheep voting on what to have for dinner".

Personally I hope that we never get to a situation where some guy with $50 in his pocket that wants to set up a tld is on equal footing with a well funded corporation or individual that has the resources to make the tld successful and meet *reasonable* performance and reliability requirements for the infrastructure...

Comment #44

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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