GoDaddy user reviews : Suggest I buy GoDaddy?? Help!!! Anyone Have An Ideas How To Resolve This!???

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I am writing this letter in reference to a situation that has disrupted my professional life and has given me much personal stress. I feel it is my civil duty to warn everyone just how easy it was for someone to take control of my account and how painstaking hard it has been for me to regain rightful access to this account.

Everyone knows about identity theft and cyber fraud. It would surprise me to meet anyone who has not read news stories about hackers infiltrating security networks and gaining personal information that can destroy someones credit history or even their reputation. I have always been wary of identity theft and trusted the companies I have conducted business with to be just as careful and secure with their investments. This was until my trust with was destroyed on a Friday when I received notification on my Blackberry that my account status had changed over to a former business partner. I immediately called and discussed the account situation with Steve in customer service and Ryan in technical service and they rectified the situation by giving me control over the account again. I logged in and realized that my former business partner deleted the majority of my businesses.

After I was done with this process, I logged out.

Unbeknownst to me and the customer service technician who initially gave me back control of my account, my former business partner was still logged in when I fixed everything he messed up. He waited for me to log off before destroying everything I fixed, including changing my user information to ensure that I could not log back on. The next day, I attempted to log on and, to my dismay, I realized that my profile had been hijacked yet again. I immediately called and explained the entire situation to the customer service department, hoping that they could easily resolve the situation just as they had the previous evening, but instead, they treated me with suspicion. They asked for various forms of identification to prove that I was the true /img/avatar7.jpg of the account, which I completely understand and had no problem giving them. However, it became obvious that the specific information I gave them would not be enough to regain access to my account.

I did do this and they concluded today of all things that the rightfully /img/avatar7.jpg is the one who has access to the account right now - today biz partner in a LLC which owned only several of the 90 domain names. I am utterly frustrated because I gave them information that no one else on the account can give, yet it is still not enough to regain access to my businesses. The information they want is starting to get very personal and I am beginning to feel uncomfortable handing personal information over to a company whose security is obviously very lax. I would like to know how my former business partner obtained my information and has access to my account when it is so difficult for me to prove my identity to GoDaddy.coms customer service department.

As of right now, I still have yet to gain access to my account. My business websites are no longer operating and I do not have domain access of my email accounts. I feel as if I was pick pocketed on the street and neither the police nor do my credit card companies believe that my wallet was stolen. I feel helpless and I do not want any one else to ever feel this way. You never truly know how good your business relationships are until you have a problem. is not giving me certain guarantees about regaining full access to my account. I really feel that the situation could have been resolved quickly if I had had the full attention and support of from the beginning...

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Hi, and welcome aboard to the forum.

I'm sorry to read what happened to you. I've handled these sorts of things in.

My previous registrar life, and I'll be the first (assuming no one is posting just.

Before I do) to say it's never necessarily easy to resolve things like this.

Anyway, email , give as many specifics as there are,.

And...well...hope for the best and expect the worst. No registrar on earth can.

And will guarantee you'll get your domain names back, but they'll make efforts.

To try.

I hope somehow things work out...

Comment #1

Do you keep receipts of domain registration and/or renewals of your domains? Forward those to GoDaddy. You paid for it and the names should belong to you...

Comment #2

Very sorry to hear what happened.

In some companies they change all the passwords when old employee's leave. This ensures maximum security. Sorry about your server/hosting too. Hard lesson to learn, but it is nice to have a trusted sys admin.

Hopefully you will be able to fax those items to GoDaddy.

It could be alot worse, He could have cancled all your domains. Be thankful there is not too much damage.

Good luck in resolving your issue and welcome to the forum...

Comment #3

I am sorry to hear about your problems as well.

I know it's a little late now, but whenever you own an LLC, it's always a good idea to keep EVERYTHING business related separate from your personal holdings. This protects you financially and legally. If the guy is a partner in the LLC and your GoDaddy account details were in the LLC name, then legally speaking, he probably has as much right to them as you do on the surface. Your best option is probably to take him to court and seek damages, but even that could be messy proving sole ownership of specific domains and businesses...

Comment #4


Thank you all for being there in my moment of need. One point the account was my own before I had formed this LLC which this biz partner gained access because we used my account to host our company website and park 15 domain names approx. there and used our company Corporate American Express card to purchase and renew domains before. The American Express statement showed the account number from Godaddy and when he called in they asked for 4 digit pin or last four digits of a credit used at Godaddy. So that got him into the account. If I knew I was that exposed beforehand I would have setup a separate account with Godaddy. Make sense?.

Here is what Godaddy did after I supplied them via email more ID as they requested:.

"Dear Chaim Lowenstein,.

Thank you for contacting us. After investigating the domain names, we have determined that the changes were made by an authorized party (a party that had access to the customer account). As such, we cannot assist you with the changes made to the domain.

Any further dispute over the ownership of the domain name will need to be sent either to the registrant, through an ICANN-approved arbitration provider ( or the court system. Please be assured that if we receive notice of a pending legal dispute we will lock the name so it cannot be transferred or otherwise modified. Likewise, when we receive a decision we will update the name accordingly. If you file a dispute concerning the domain, please forward a copy to ".

Now what do I do? Any suggestions?.



Comment #5

If you can't get your domain back, I say goto the person who was the cause of this problem happeing. Find your partner, sue him, or do something to get your domains back from him. GoDaddy might not be able to help but my suggestion is not to give up, your partner is still on the loose, if he was your partner, you should have had some of his information of him (phone number, address, etc)...

Comment #6

Make a police report..

He "stole" your personal domains. Fax a copy of the police report to GD. Hopefully that will shake GD abit. And the police could put pressure on your partner...

Comment #7

Sounds like GoDaddy has some security issues of it's own - concurrent logins to the same user account is generally a big no, no in computer security.

However, that alone is not what concerns me ... what is more worrisome is that GoDaddy acknowledged the account was yours and the tech assisted in resetting the account, which I assume (it certainly should have!) involving changing your account password, and yet he was still able to remain logged in?...

Assuming an account reset occurred, if he was still able to remain logged in, it appears that GoDaddy's account / computer security is very poor and/or the tech didn't follow proper procedure when resetting an account...

An account reset on well designed, secured systems will log out all users on the account, plus expire all related security tokens, thus forcing anyone that was logged in to login again with new credentials.

Not sure if any of the above helps, but it may in a round about way. GoDaddy has account reps / high-level folks on the various forums out there - hope they're able to resolve this to your satisfaction without you having to jump through any more hoops.


Comment #8

Was the account tied to an free email service or one used by your company?..

Comment #9

Godaddy didn't give his partner account access, the op did... I don't find it unreasonable that godaddy ask for verification of identity in this case...

Comment #10

Personally, I'd be getting a lawyer that specializes in local law of your State because LLC laws range from State to State. I would start there while waiting for GD's answer...

Comment #11

Oh! shit! it's a horrible situation..

How your partner could get your personal information. I am doubt this is a leak from GoDaddy...

Comment #12

Your bad business partnership is not the responsibility of a 3rd party (godaddy).

Your partner had legit access did he not? You need to seek a legal resolution...

Comment #13

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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