Having trouble linking my dream weaver web page to my godaddy account?

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Before I ask my question, I want to ask: Having trouble linking my dream weaver web page to my godaddy account?.

My main question is: Sorry guys, after a couple of recent threads and some interesting comments I can't resist asking .........

Do you think that LUCK ever plays a part in being successful ?

What's you thoughts ?

It can be about domaining or any other sort of luck or life experience that you may have had - fire away !.



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Your question was: Having trouble linking my dream weaver web page to my godaddy account?.

First of all Gazzip, I LOVE the new hat on your fish logo!.

So back on topic, I do not believe in luck, even though I occasionally say "good luck" to somebody, but this gets into theology and this is the wrong forum for that.

I do agree that there are things that *appear* to be luck. In this life what I try to do is impact things that appear to be related to luck. That being said, some of our best mathematical models rely on probability which is my day job. To further press a point and lose the audience, quantum mechanics and it's relativistic cousins appear to be well-modeled via probabilities. For years people tried to discover various forms of "hidden variable theories" (google it) that might help explain away probabilistic interpretations of nature, without much luck. Einstein pushed hidden variable stuff, and is known for the loosely paraphrased quote "God does not play dice with the Universe".

The philosophical debates on quantum mechanics and probability are fascinating.


Comment #1

I hand reg'd a strange HostGator for $7.00 and sold it on ebay 2 months later for $1,500 Yes, I believe in luck...

Comment #2

Of course there is luck in the world..

An easy example is lottery winner.

But whether luck plays a part in someone's success or not, you won't know..


Lotterywinner is lucky, but whether he/she is successful or not, you can't tell.

Luck and hardwork do not guarantee your success, but all successfull peoples are hardworking and lucky...

Comment #3

Luck is tied to chance. If you don't take a chance most of the time you won't know if you are lucky or not...

Comment #4

Absolutely! Just getting out of bed in the morning and not treading on the cat is luck..

Comment #5

Is it luck if you are the only one selling umbrellas on a rainy day ? .

Or maybe lets say , no chances no changes..

Comment #6

I *feel* like I have been fairly lucky throughout my life.

Most (but certainly not all) of it has even been "good" luck! And that does help make the occasional bad break a lot easier to take ...

Perspective and perception have a lot to do with how much "luck" a person enjoys. Also for a fascinating science fiction read with an interesting angle on "luck" - check out Larry Niven's classic "Ringworld" series ... one of the characters was bred for "luck" - though in the end her genes were luckier than she was!.

Well - best of luck to all good peeps reading this thread! I do feel lucky to have found this board - better late than never! (Or, sometimes simply just "better late" as I'm fond of saying.)..

Comment #7

Yes, I believe it luck but like with anything in life, the hard you work the luckier you will be...

Comment #8

In most cases, successes mainly rely on hard work and yes rely on some luck...

Comment #9

Fortune favors the brave.

Working hard is great and all, but I'd rather work smart than work hard. Capitalize on opportunities that present themselves to you.

Luck, imho is the combination of hard work, genius (mastery), and the ability to take calculated risks (put your money where your mouth is)...

Comment #10

I agree on the harder you work, the luckier you get.

But I also believe, I shall be succesful soon, and always and forever...

Comment #11

I believe some are lucky and some simply recognize opportunity when they see it...

Comment #12

There is both good and bad luck and you need the former to be successful in life and business, and a huge amount of effort as well..

Comment #13

ABSOLUTELY. I say this because their was a time when I had a HostGator that no one here wanted to pay $10 for. I contacted several other parties all who said the same thing. Then randomly on one day I was offered $300 for the name and I was shocked. It turned out to be a legit offer and it was sold. I have never looked back...

Comment #14

If you have large enough set of domains, even though you think the odd is small, chances are there is sufficient large probability you will be lucky...

Comment #15

Some very inspiring sayings there maybe we should have a thread for that to help boost us up on those low days.

"Whether you think you can, or you think you can't - you're right!".

"luck and hardwork do not guarantee your success, but all successfull peoples are hardworking and lucky.".

"God does not play dice with the Universe".

"Luck is tied to chance. If you don't take a chance most of the time you won't know if you are lucky or not.".

"Perspective and perception have a lot to do with how much "luck" a person enjoys.".

"Chance favors the prepared mind." Louis Pasteur.

"the hard you work the luckier you will be.".

"fortune favors the brave.".

Luck is the residue of design. Branch Rickey Yes - I think Luck is indeed sometimes a case of random happenings.

Years ago on a cold wet winter day a random conversation (while sheltering from the weather) led to me travelling many thousands of miles all over the world during the next 10 years.

That conversation would never have happened if it was a hot sunny day !.

Hmmm, I would say that was pure Luck...or was it fate ?

....any other views ?



Comment #16

Success = Making positive EV bets.

Luck = Winning more coin-flips than otherwise.

You can be successful without luck, but you can't be lucky without putting yourself out there in the first place..

Comment #17

Investing without any knowledge or market information of any kind and having incredible success... I'd liken that to luck.

The result of hard work, dedication, determination, positive thinking, never giving up, exploring every opportunity,... I don't liken that to luck.

I registered about 1400 LLLL.coms back in the days when you could still get them with 1 or 2 bad letters tops (August-October, '07).

An onlooker could see me as being lucky for having gotten in when about 25,000 names were left, buyout was still not deemed a sure thing, and it having paid off so well for me.

But if that onlooker knew the real truth the story of a guy who followed sales here at Namepros and at other aftermarkets, was an active reader of the Countdown thread for 6 months before making his presence known,... Maybe it isn't so much luck anymore, but more of a calculated risk that paid off.

If we consider this kind of story to be luck, well then, I guess I'm pretty lucky lately.

But where does luck turn into skill? If I hold these names for a few years and their value goes up 500% over today's prices, is that still luck? Surely somewhere along the line luck and skill blend into taking a chance that may or not pay off -> a calculated risk.

Perhaps I'm arrogant, but I don't consider myself lucky, nor do I consider Giode, Sashas, or any new domainer that has incredible success. Was luck a factor? Perhaps. But maybe they had an idea, saw something noone else did, accurately predicted a trend, etc.

Don't get me wrong here... Some people are indeed lucky, I won't deny that... If you owned and Burger King comes knocking, then yes, I would say you were lucky.

But if you bought an in '98 and have held onto it until now, I wouldn't call it luck that your investment has gone up 5000%.

Somewhere between those 2 extremes, we must each decide what constitutes luck and what constitutes a calculated risk which paid off considerably...

Comment #18

"EV" = "expected value" ... some interesting "behavioral finance" reading here -> blind as I am now (from staring directly at long lists of "line noise" names for far too long), I initially read this part of npcomplete's mind-boggling post with a comma instead of a period between "without much luck" and "Einstein pushed hidden variable stuff" ... Laughed and added a rep point for what I saw as brilliantly subtle (possibly unintentional) irony! (But it turns out was more just my own predilection to read between the lines in search of absurd angles. So, was that a "lucky" rep point for npcomplete, or just the almost inevitable result of the massively stochastic / reflexive process that underlies much of our collective consciousness.).

Which reminds me of another fun quote: back to the Einstein quote (his reaction to ideas in quantum physics that posed some serious complications for his ideas on relativity) ... ""God does not play dice with the Universe" ... When I was much younger, I chewed on that little drive-by "proof by authority" for a while. wondering if the universe was truly infinite ... then even the most extremely unlikely events (aka "miracles") were in fact inevitable "somewhere" "sooner or later" - and so one might then say that "God is the infinite manifestation of an infinitude of infinitely-sided dice" ... (Then wondering, could a true God play dice with (it)self? - probably inspired by George Carlin: "Could God make a rock so big that He Himself could not move it?").

Though there is a big difference IMO between "extremely unlikely" and "flat out impossible" ... And I suppose that may be an important component to the definition of "miracle" in a more formal sense - something that goes a bit beyond mere "luck".

Which leads perhaps to yet another fun quote ...And also always useful to keep in mind as you read all this ...and now ... to complete the devolution of this post, from Einstein to W. C. Fields ... should also get a post-humous rep point for another classic (Agree with the sentiment or not, really have to appreciate the comic genius behind it!).

[dirtyharry] Do you feel lucky? Well, do you? [/dirtyharry]..

Comment #19

Filter (and npcomplete) are about 50 IQ points above me... So I won't even pretend I understood that one.

Just thought I'd share this one I found on Shoemoney:.

"Perseverance is the name of the game when it comes to being an affiliate marketer, blogging or having any business on the net. If you arent trying new things and always looking for new opportunities or fixing things that just dont do all that well, then just like the toilet not getting fixed, you end up with problems." edit: I took a few math classes in college before dropping out (only subject I really enjoyed) and this gave me a good laugh I would have repped you, but it seems I'm too fond..

Comment #20

Here is a response from Steven Hawking to Einstein's quote about God playing dice with the Universe:.

"Not only does God play dice, he throws them where we can't see them" Steven Hawking.

So as long as He throws the dice in a black hole we will never know it anyway...

Like I said (poorly) in my previous post, it looks like luck to me anyway, so good luck everybody!.


Comment #21

I know just barely enough to be sure I know next to nothing about this (though did spend a few years writing code to analyze the "shannon entropy" estimate of information content in EEG for a physics Ph.D turned neurologist) ... but wondering if the Hawking quote was in the context of the bet he lost about what would happen if an encyclopedia were tossed into a black hole ... "yeah, uh ... what he said!".

(no worries Reece - I don't really understand all this stuff either! Just inclined to get busy with teh google every now and then...!)..

Comment #22


I got chance to buy HostGator for 200$ but I dont used it, and seller sold it month later for 1000$.

It was brandable one, so have nothing to do with my knowledge about domains.

It was just luck, sure for seller ... that he had domain, and that I havent bought it for 200$.

Luck is not everything, but it makes easier to have success...

Comment #23

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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