Having 1 bad meal a week during Nutrisystem?

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I had a friend that was into bodybuilding competitions when we were younger, he was actually not bulky at all just very fit and "shredded". He used to go on diets before competitions that were very similar to Nutrisystem in their meal structuring, I remember him eating spoonfuls of cottage cheese and telling me all about 6 meals a day, protein and carb sources, "good fats" etc... I'm not a complete amateur when it comes to nutrition but I was never in the same league as him, he knew a lot about diets and nutrition, at least it seemed so at the time. One thing he used to say was once a week to have a reasonably-portioned junk meal, he said this keeps your system accustomed to digesting fatty food and accelerates the weightless process in the days to follow. Just curious if anyone here has a "bad" meal one night per week, I don't think it's a good idea and I don't plan to do it but I do feel it's worth asking.....

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Your question was: Having 1 bad meal a week during Nutrisystem?.

You will lose faster if you eschew the cheat meals. Also, they can be very serious derailers. Stick to plan. I find an amazing percentage of the people who end up making it to goal, just ran their plan 100% all the way through. Get in the zone and don't let anything break your focus. It's not even the calories of cheating that are the primary danger (although they exist) but the demotivation of weight gains, the relearning a taste for sweets, etc...

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My mantra has become "Keep your eyes on the prize." I think cheating one night would lead to cheating off and on and soon you would be tempted to just give up. This plan is figured out for you, color coded, specific instructions available in the meal planner - it is the easiest thing I've ever done to lose weight. I don't want to do anything to mess this up. Sometimes it is harder than other times, but you have to learn to talk to yourself - often in a mean voice! When temptations come along, and they do, I ask myself: Do you want to wreck this good thing for momentary pleasure? And I don't...

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A bodybuilder's diet is different from what Nutrisystem is and not comparable. Stick with the plan...

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I've been on Nutrisystem for going on my 10th week. I've had 3 cheat meals. The 1st was insane the second was better & the third I made wise choices. I didn't plan on them being cheat meals they were just dinner outings that went that way......

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I agree... you are trying to break down your body as opposed to bodybuilder's bulking up,..

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I do this every so often, but not once a week, more like once a month if I notice my weight loss is slowing and it does speed things up for me, but I also used to be a serious weight lifter and am extremely muscular; I do not think it's a good idea for the average dieter however...

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I'm 5'3 & small boned, & if I ate one "junk" meal a week It'd (all my weight loss to a s(ree(hing halt, even though I walk & work out daily, & take belly dan(e/flamen(o (lasses weekly. My digestive system & my blood sugar level aren't happy if I mess with my Nutrisystem plan very mu(h, even on maintainan(e..

I'm with the other posters who re(ommend that you adhere stri(tly to the Nutrisystem plan 'til you rea(h your goal, then maintain a((ording to the Nutrisystem plan. It works!..

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I can say that I had a "cheat" meal on Friday. Two pieces of fried fish and I woke up at 3 in the morning with the worst pain in my stomach ever. I wanted to cry it hurt so bad. Guess that is what happens after 11 weeks of being on plan. My husband asked if they put something in the food to make that happen because then no one would ever "cheat" again...

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I wouldn't do a junk meal, but once in a while a higher calorie meal on plan foods, of course does help a bit. When I'm going to do that, I might eat fewer calories the day before or after, just to balance things out. Even 2 higher calorie days in a row will not hurt as long as you stay on plan. There are literally thousands of things you could do that are totally yummy, and would make you feel like you are cheating!!! Go to the recipe boards, etc for some ideas. Good luck to you!..

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Poly is absolutely correct about this - try to stick with it 100% to reach goal. You will feel so much better. The program is definitely about more than just our body's reaction to food but also our mind as well. Good luck to you!..

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