Have you ever done Nutrisystem? If so, did it work?

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Got a question... Have you ever done Nutrisystem? If so, did it work? Thanks in advance for any response. Another question on my mind: Pam SB, Poly, Coach Mark, Vicklicious, Cyber Sally......geez I can't remember all your names but you know that you are all at goal and have done so well. I NEED HELP NOW PLEASE!!!.

Okay all you maintainers and big losers I am seriously stuck at one weight and I can not get the scale to move any more and I'm about to pull out my hair. What's left of it after it all fell out last November. It's been 2 1/2 months or teetering. I did lose a couple pounds but that was when I was sick with strep and couldn't exercise for almost 10 days! I went down a pound or so but it was lost muscle because my pants are TIGHTER around the waist. So I'm not trading fat for muscle..

Okay you need info so here goes. I started at 245.2 and lost 93 pounds so far. I was in the 157-158 range last November and admittedly slacked a bit over the holidays and probably did a bit of maintaining. more food less exercising. Okay that I can see..

Then Jan to now I have moved from 155 or so to 151.4 at my lowest and over the last month I can't get from bobbing around the 151 and 152 mark. I've been eating 100% for's yesterdays' list...I know we need details:.

B: Nutrisystem low fat granola + 1 cup milk...or.

Nutrisystem Cluster Crunch cereal.

1/4 eggbeaters.

Snack:med banana.

I eat the dairy at lunch.

Lunch: big salad..lettuce, purple cabbage and carrot shreds +1TB light dressing.

2TB walden farms 0 cal dressing + 1 1/2 oz chicken + 40 cal of low fat cheese stick (from snack).

Nutrisystem Tuna salad + TB pickle relish on 1/2 sandwich thin toasted.......

OR Nutrisystem PButter lunch BAR.

Snack: Nutrisystem Soy chips..(.

Usually it's 2 oz of protein, ie: salmon).

Dinner: big salad..lettuce, carrot, cabbage shreds + dressings..

4- 5 .5 oz grilled salmon (or another fish) + 2TB BBQ sauce (FLEXED MEAL)......

Or Nutrisystem grilled chicken sandwich, Nutrisystem lasagna w/meat sauce, Nutrisystem hamburger, or Nutrisystem flatbread pizza..

Snack: 100 calorie mocha choc Skinny Cow bar or.

Nutrisystem chips, choc cake, cheese puffs, choc pudding.

2 graham cracker rectangles with 1 TB peanut butter at bedtime...this keeps my blood sugar even all night..

This equals to about 1300-1350 calories I am pretty sure. I stay around that mark, but I did cut a few things out like the dinner carb on about 3-4 nights a week trying to boost my body back into losing..

I wear a bodybugg so I know my calorie burn. I shoot for 2300 a day burned. I burned 2475 Sunday and 2423 yesterday. I am always at least at 2100 calories burned and more in the last week..

I am trying to build a bit more muscle but slowly, so yesterday wasn't cardio it was weight training, but I do an hour of zumba every day if I can and burn off about 500 calories in the hour..

I SWEAR I am getting so unhappy and frustrated. I can't get this close to goal and never reach it. I know people come to Nutrisystem at 150 and lose 20 why am I stuck around the 152 mark?.

I need advice and help PLEASE????? I was a consistent loser all alone 2-3 pounds a week then slowing to at least 1.5 -2 pounds a week eating all last night I eat a chicken sandwich and go UP on the scale ,4 pounds. I can't go carb-less forever...

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I would like to know the answer too. Anyone here know what is the answer to that question. I'll do some investigation and get back to you if I discover an useful answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably could help you..

Comment #1

I can add those stats in there...........

I'm ONLY 5 foot 2.5 inches......My BMI is 26.0 - 26.2 usually.

I do have a lot of loose skin and what I call swiss cheese fat...well's disgusting but better than being 245! It's firming slowly, but man it's payback for treating my body so badly..

All the stats say I should weigh 129 or so the extra me might weigh 10 pounds so if that were gone I'd weigh about 140...but I can easily go down to 115 and be fine..

I'm wearing a size 12 and just got into a very tight size 10 I bought for later this summer. I.


Dropping a pant size every other month...but not lately. I wear medium tops..

Does that help?..

Comment #2

That does help, thanks. I do notice that aside from a medium banana you are eating no fruit. You are cutting your carb serving in half. Yet you are coming in at 1300-1350 calories by your calculations.Nutrisystemis a 1200-1250 calorie plan, for the most part, so perhaps these things are all factors for you. You are making your own dinner, not using aNutrisystementree, and I thought 3-4 oz of meat/fish (salmon being a fattier fish) was what we should be shooting forunless you are borrowing your snack protein and adding it there.

I guess I am wondering if it is what you are leaving out and what you are adding in that is the problem. Clearly exercising enough is NOT your issue!.

You are adding muscle though and your body is readjusting post-illness. That can all make a difference. I trust you are drinking your water and avoiding caffeine, too, which does impact weight loss..

But I bow to the collective wisdom of the "Oldbies" to offer their suggestions..


Comment #3

You've hit a plateau and that's actually pretty normal, especially with those who have 100+ pounds to lose. That you made it this far without a plateau is awesome. Don't sweat it though. It's just your body's time to readjust to your current weight. Once it has done so then the weight loss will resume..

Sounds like you already to a variety of exercises so you are switching up your routine, but maybe try punching it up a notch by trying something you haven't done yet, such as kick boxing, yoga, pilates, etc. This will overcome the "muscle memory" where your body becomes adapted to an activity and can actually conserve energy, even when working out vigorously..

You are doing an amazing job so far so don't give up!!!..

Comment #4

For example?? Seriously if you have ANY suggestions...please share them!!! I am more than willing to listen and change things up..

I know some of it is flexed...but after 18 months I just had to add some things in there to mix it up a bit. I also realized that dropping the carbs a few nights helped me with losing. But...that said I thought I was hitting all the boxes and checking them all off...

Comment #5

JudyI have missed your postings and have wondered how you were doing. I don't have anything wise to add except perhaps it is time to go back to being 100% and no flexing. If you are doing salads all the time, switch to eating steamed veggies. If you are eating dairy, switch to hard protein. Your body has become used to a routine..

It is "calories in and calories out," but it also includes eating according to the program. Your body may be sensing that you are expending so many calories that it is in danger of not having "sufficient" calories to maintain the body functions.As a result, it is wanting to preserve itself by holding on to the weight.You don't want the muscle to end up being converted to fat for energy. You may not be eating enough quality protein for the exercise you are doing..

I know you are experienced with the program but sometimes with experience we start taking things for granted. Check off the boxes or enter online. Measure the portions. Vary the routine. Call a counselor and go over exactly what you are eating, exercise, etc...

Comment #6

Hi Jean....I haven't been on the challenge board in a while. Got super busy with keeping up the exercise and other things and just ran out of computer time. Thanks for the advice..

Maybe I'm mixing things up too much and should go back to hard core straight NS. I always flexed in some fish all through my weight loss, but maybe a few too many things are getting switched..

I can certainly go back to all NS...I have plenty! I'm willing to do anything it takes to get the last 22 pounds OFF!..

Comment #7



Exercise normally for you..

Drink 100 oz. of water a day..

Do that and DO NOT WEIGH for 2 weeks..

You WILL see a change in the scale, guaranteed...

Comment #8

I can do all that...........Thanks Pam!.

But the NO scale for 2 weeks...YIKES! I'll try that one as much as I can. I can do anything for one or 2 weeks so no scale won't kill me..

Thanks for taking the time to answer Pam!..

Comment #9

Ah, but that is part of this whole the scale you DON'T will try to get back in your good graces after being ignored for 2 weeks.....

Comment #10

This may be my all time favoriteNutrisystemquote!.

The thing that strikes me as really off program is the Peanut Butter and Graham crackers..

Did you really mean a tablespoon of Peanut Butter? My father was eating what he though was a teaspoon of Peanut Butter but when I had him scoop it, I measured it to actually be 6 tsp. Which could be as high as 200 extra calories and the graham crackers depending by what you mean by square could be an extra 60... Even if you mean an even measured tablespoon that would be 3 fat servings..

But I too will bow to the experts. I am just starting to flex a few meals here and there and am NO expert!..

Comment #11 one serving of cool whip turned out to be able 6 servings months ago..

The peanut butter is one of those concessions I made to help grow my hair again. After it fell out my doctor wanted some fat in my diet along with more real protein and less soy protein. I was only eating a tiny amount in the light salad dressing that I add at lunch and dinner but it's not but about 1 or 1.5 servings. On the diabetic program we get more MORE fat..

It also really helps keep me from going into sugar spikes at night while I sleep. I probably eat a tad more than a teaspoon but not quite a tablespoon. I just put on enough to coat the half of graham cracker..

Nabisco Grahams are 130 for 2 sleeves= 4 squares or.

32.5 calories..

Jif PB is 2TB = half TB is.

40 calories..

It's not 73.5 calories I need but I can work it off with exercise if I have to..

Thanks for you help and you thoughts!..

Comment #12

Ways to Try to Break a Plateau:.

First, know thatNutrisystemdoesn't call it a plateau until you've gone more than two weeks with 0 weight loss. You can't expect to lose weight every week. You might, but if you don't, it isn't cause for alarm. If it has been over 2 weeks, here are some things to try:.

1. Switch your dinner meal with your lunch meal. That includes add-ins..

2. Choose only "hard" proteins for your add-ins. These are meats and fish. And perNutrisystemguidelines, you can be eating 100 calories of meat if you choose that for your dairy/protein. It should be AT LEAST 7 grams per protein serving (more is better), but no more than 3 grams of fat. Are you getting enough protein in?.

3. Increase your Exercise minutes and try a different activity..

4. In rare cases, you might need to add.


Protein serving to up your calories. This is most often true when someone is working out a lot. Not many of our 50+ women fall into that category. I would NOT try adding calories (beyond the 100 protein calories) without talking to anNutrisystemcounselor. See item 2 instead..

5. Drink MORE real water!.

6. If you have been strictly following theNutrisystemplan, try going out to eat and ordering a simple fish or chicken meal no sauces. Add veggies, salad, and a carb like whole wheat roll or brown rice (see the low GI Carb list). Carefully watch your portion. Your chicken or fish should only be about the size of a deck of cards..

7. Choose different add-ins than your usual..

8. Are you following the plan EXACTLY? Lots of the fancy things that people add to jazz up their food add up to significant calories. Sometimes going back to basics helps..

9. Are you drinking alcohol at all? That cancels out your progress for the week IMO. I did it occasionally while losing, and I could sure tell the difference in a lot of ways. Avoiding alcohol is really a good idea during the weight loss phase. I've found even in maintenance that I rarely drink any more. Your tastes change once you get healthy!..

Comment #13

Thanks Michelle! I appreciate every single one of you giving me your time to make suggestions and help..

I'm going to go BACK TO BASICS just like it was the first day again measuring everything again and holding right to just theNutrisystemfood and add-on's. I can give it 2 weeks and then see what happens. I've invested 18 months in making my life and body better so 2 weeks pales in comparison to how fabulous I feel now..

To answer some of your questions.......

Lucky for me - no caffeine.....never drink anything but actual water and some herbal tea a couple times a week..

NO alcohol at all..

I'll make sure to keep the protein doctor wanted that as well..

Thanks again for all the suggestions! It has helped me immensely!..

Comment #14

How about trying pre-natal vitamins for the hair loss?..

Comment #15

Thanks to everyone for posting on this thread - I read it and realized what I thought was 3x a teaspoon (heaping-ish teaspoon) = 1 tablespoon was more than I thought. Same with the PB. Not too bad, but those few extra calories are not adding enough to my meals to make it worth it. I need to measure better!..

Comment #16

Actually they have me taking 5000 mg of Biotin that's done a great job! I have little hairs growing all over my head! More comes out every week! I have little hairs from 1/4" inch to about 2.5" inches. It still falls out but the new hair tends to push out the fried ones. I just cut about 5 inches off too so that helped. I used rogaine for about 2 months in the beginning too..

It's totally foreign to me to have hair issues because I've always had super thick full hair and now I have like 15% of what I used to! The doctor said the diet wasn't the trouble at all.Nutrisystemis great! But it was a shock to my system and my body freaks over everything new!! This condition occurs when the body gets a big shock or freaks a bit and turns off anything it views as not essential to sustaining it put my hair in a rest phase for over a year...then it hit the SHEDDING phase and 80% fell out in a week. Happens to people who have super high fevers and after having's just a fluke..

PS: I'm goin to weigh tomorrow and start my 2 weeks of nothing and 100% back to basics!..

Comment #17

I wonder if I never had any problems at all, the exact opposite, best health of my entire life, due to the fact that I lost so slowly? 105 pounds in 22 months...

Comment #18

OK. Judy. I can't wait to hear what happens in two weeks. Make sure to post!! 100%Like you said you can do it cause you are worth it...

Comment #19

Could have been Pam......I'm at 18 months and 93 +pounds but I have taken since November to get through the 150' I lost 85 of it in 12 months..

Mostly I think it's just my body's way of doing things. My family doc says out of her entire medical career she has only ever seen 2 patients whose bodies react so violently to any changes of medication. She used to give me something and say...."don't worry you won't even feel an effect, it's such a low dose" and I'd call 3 days later about to have a stroke. It took 1.5 years to get my thyroid level even on medication.....and losing weight didn't help that either. Most of my meds have been cut to 1/4 of what I used to take!.

So for me it was mostly body chemistry and thyroid shock..

BUT losing it slowly certainly gives your body more time to adjust and work around the changes. I KNOW your lack of saggy skin is a PLUS!! from going much slower!..

Comment #20


I dropped on the scale this morning a little and it's the last time I'll try peeking for 2 weeks just as Pam said. That will be the only part that's hard..

I will totally post again and let you know the results!..

Comment #21

I suggest journaling (in a thread of your own, here on site) your daily food and exercise. If you are consistently burning 2400 and eating 1400, you really ought to be losing. Not sure if you are getting slips in every day food or if it's occasional days off. Suspect it is one of those..

Personally, I'm a fan of daily weighing and I polled once and like 78% of the people in the maintainer thread did it. But it's no biggie, depends on your psyche..

See if there are easy ways to cut a little bit (cream in coffee or things like that) which don't really impact your hunger..

Also suggest upping your salad intake (including one late in evening) and replacing some of the graham crackers and PB with same calories of veggies and FF dressing. Think it will keep you fuller. Also, I suspect that high fiber diet decreases nutritional efficiency so that nominal same calories may be actually less in reality..

Most of all, please keep your head in the game and stay upbeat..

P.s. Love how you gave all that info in the thread. Will help others to analyze your program..

Hang in there, babe...

Comment #22

I agree with Poly on the journaling. Every bite that goes into your mouth gets measured first and recorded. It's amazing how that "little bit" here and there add up fast..

Please keep us posted on how it's going for you. Hang in there and good luck with the no scale thing! I'd go crazy (OK, crazier.

) without weighing myself every day...

Comment #23

Judy - Congrats on your weight loss success and on maintaining! You are gonna kick those last stubborn lbs to the curb in no time!!!!!!..

Comment #24

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