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First of all Have you ever done Nutrisystem? How much did you lose? Many thanks for any comment. Second question of mine... I am taking a solo trip to Disney in a few weeks. For a lot of reasons, I want to stick to Nutrisystem as much as possible during the trip. I will be going back to the hotel for lunch and a nap each day, but no microwave. I know I can find healthy options for my fruit, veg., dairy ect.

I was thinking about bringing the lunches that just need hot water.

Dinner has me stumped. All of the dinners that I ordered require a microwave. Should I plan on a non-Nutrisystem dinner? Use a second lunch meal as my dinner? Anyone know if I could find a microwave or another hotel friendly way to heat the meals?..

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I'm stumped. I'm not so sure what is the right answer to your question. I'll do some poking around and get back to you if I discover an decent answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably can answer it..

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When we went to Disney we brought a kettle with us for your hot water. Although, the fast service restaurant in the hotel should have hot water available too (you might want to avoid the temptation though). You can also use bars for lunch..

We requested a fridge for drinks/snacks so you could keep fruits and veggies in there as well. Try stopping at a grocery store on your way there or pack what you can?.

Dinners - you could always pack a hot plate but that's a bit extreme I guess ; ) What hotel are you staying at? Maybe call and see if you can get a microwave - tell them you have a baby!!! LOL Everyone bends the rules for babies (for formula)...

Comment #2

I thought most hotels nowadays had a microwave in them...or you could request one. I would think, even if it was a small extra feel, it would be worth it so you could heat up your meals. Call the hotel and tell them you are on a "special diet' and need a microwave!..

Comment #3

Don't most hotels have coffee makers in the rooms now? You could put theNutrisystemdinner in the sink and poor the hot water over it and let it heat up that way...

Comment #4

Thanks! I am staying at All-star sports. It is a value so no fridge, no nuke box (they have a fridge you can rent, not sure if I want to spend the $). I like the hot water in the sink idea... I may test drive that before I leave to see if it works...

Comment #5

The dinners are cooked so you could really, just eat'm outta the box too. Not saying they'd be appetizing, but you could....

Your commitment to you is outstanding PCSenegal!! Say hi to Mickey for me!..

Comment #6

We were there last summer, I walked a lot each day which I am sure helped me not gain an ounce on that trip...

Comment #7

Oh have a great time! I am a huge Disney nut. My best thought was to try the water in the coffee maker, too. Seems like that would work. There should be a Disney group on here!..

Comment #8

This is right up my alley! I am a huge Disney fan, go atleast one to two times every year..

Have you ever been on the They have threads like these there and there are tons of suggestions for how to do things like you are wanting to. There usually are some people that are regular travelers there that have things like refrigerator swaps and microwaves, strollers etc. what they have done is bought them and share them with other visitors, the calendars for those swaps fill fast so you may not find a microwave this close. But someone maybe doing a swap. The person before you leaves it with bell services with your name to pick it up when you get there. Then you do the same for the next person.

I am going in April, but we are staying off property in a condo this time, we will have a full kitchen so I do not think I will be having too much trouble there. Although we do have reservations for atleast one meal each day somewhere for the kids, for those I am going to order salads and the vegetarian dishes then add my own protein and when I can have aNutrisystemmeal I will..

Good luck!.


Comment #9

I'm on the Tour Guide Mike boards, and am kicking myself for not doing the fridge swap. Oh well, I know disney has fruit stands and salads at most counter service stops. It shouldn't be too hard to find a yogurt in the morning. I will use that for my add ins, so that I still feel like I get to eat at disney resteraunts. I bit of a confession, I am planing two splurges, both at epcot (my favorite place in the universe to eat). Lunch is sushi in Japan, dinner at corral reef.

My biggest health enemy is the Doll Whip and the mickey bar, they are calling to me already..

Repeat after me, I'm here for the rides not the food, I'm here for the rides not the food,I'm here for the rides not the food,I'm here for the rides not the food,I'm here for the rides not the food. oh and just keep swimming!.

So I need to think reheat, not cook. That is a great idea, cover in hot water and wait for it to warm up. Thanks!..

Comment #10

If you are staying on Disney property, all of their hotels will have a commons area with microwaves to use..

You didn't specify which park you're going to....

Disneyland, there is a 7/11 at the corner of Katella and Harbor blvd, just pop in there and use the microwave..

WDW, there are lots of large convenient stores around the property to pop in and use their microwave..

You could just be sensible about your food choices and eat in the park. There are lots of vegetarian options served at almost every place to get food...

Comment #11

From what I was told too, the average person walks around 15 miles in a day at disneyland..

Just some food for thought =).

We try to go at least once per month as we only live 30 minutes away. We've got annual passes too. I always feel exhausted from going there but a well worth it exhausted!..

Comment #12

Another crazy Disney fan here!.

First off enjoy your trip! We have not been since 2009 and can't wait to go again once I graduate college in 2012..

Second you should be able to get hot water in the food court. They have the hot water dispenser thing for tea and such. You can also buy items like fruit, boiled eggs, yogurt, side salads, and cheese in the food court store. I actually think it would be pretty easy to stick toNutrisystemas along as you can avoid all the treats in the parks!!..

Comment #13

Ok...apparently I have way too much time on my hands, because I just called them. LOL. I travel so much, and have never heard of a place that wouldn't/couldn't provide a microwave in the room, that this had piqued my curiosity. When I was a Floridian, I had the residents yearly pass, and was at all the parks so much! But, alas I have never stayed at the Allstar Sports resort. So, I called a few minutes ago, and spoke to an agent named Natasha, who said they they have a food court there,that is close by and central to all rooms, and they have microwaves set up there for whoever wants to use them..

I did mention to her my intention was to use it to prepare my' restricted dietary foods that I consume for medical reasons'. (and ain't that the truth!).

So, when inquiring where your room is to be located, she mentioned that I tell them that, so I can get a room "closest to the food court"..

So, my advice to you, is to say the same, as it all is true, get a room closest to the food court, and enjoy all your nukableNutrisystemmeals at Disney!.

Have a wonderful time, and tell Mickey I love and miss him! Gina..

Comment #14

I would also second the use of the microwaves at the food courts, parents heat baby food, so why not a special diet. They are very accomodating at most of the resorts if you let them know on check in that you have a need. I had a hurt knee and could not use stairs all I did at check in was let them know and not a problem..

I can't give you any hope on the Dole Whip, love them myself. But, if you have one don't beat yourself up. Do a few extra laps around the park, lol. Seriously there is so much walking you can burn extra calories. Just don't have a Dole Whip and Mickey bar the same day..

When I was there last October, I got up before we were going to the park and took a walk, most of the resorts have a good walking path too. Or get in the pool and do a few laps. Do jumping jacks in the room, I take my lap top so I can play a walking exercise video and get in a 20 - 30 min. work out. That helps just remember if that you have to eat more calories than you are actually burning to gain, so do more activity and you should be fine and drink gallons of water! You will know every bathroom in the parks and resort, lol..

I am excited about going in April, and I am on the TGM site too! Been a member for several years now..


Comment #15

There's nothing like coming home from vacation and seeing that you lost weight because you planned and stayed close to your program...

Comment #16

Thanks everyone! The food court microwave sounds perfect! seven days and counting! I will let you know how it goes. I know I will be surrounded my temptation, but giving in will just make me feel guilty and this is a quilt free vacation!!..

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