Have you ever been to a Nutrisystem meeting and been weighed?

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Got a quick question: Have you ever been to a Nutrisystem meeting and been weighed? Many thanks for any response. Second question of mine... I've got blood pressure issues. I thought that after losing all this weight (100lbs & weighing in at 198), it would come down and I could get off meds. I've been on 30mg of Lisinopril for awhile now, but 2 weeks ago, the BP started going up and it spiked really high after labor day weekend (180/110). So the doctor increased my dosage by 10mg and added 50 mgs of a diuretic (HCTZ)..

Blood pressure started coming down, things start looking good, a few days go by...and no problems. But then yesterday (Sunday) I did some cardio. It was 1pm and I started feeling hungry, but I figured I could complete the 30 minutes of cardio and get lunch after. I had my breakfast, I had my mid morning snack, so no problem, right? Well, after about 25 minutes of working out, I felt weird, stopped the cardio, and sat down. According to my wife, I passed out twice, making all kinds of gurgling sounds and having what looked like seizures. She called 911, the paramedics came, took my vitals, put me on oxygen...My blood pressure had dropped to 98/54.

The paramedics fixed me up with an IV and I spent several hours in the ER as they checked me out. I'm ok, everything checked out fine and they chalked it up to the new meds, specifically the HCTZ and the fact that I was seriously dehydrated..

So my advice.....

If your doctor puts you on a diuretic...,.

Watch the dosage...question it. I think 50mg a day was too much me. I was on 25mgs (Benicar HCT 40/25) several years ago before I had them cut that out and switch over to Lisinopril..

Also, monitor your self closely for at least a week. Get your self a BP monitor...they're not too expensive these days. Test your BP before you exercise..and Listen to your body. If you feel hungry before your, wait a half hour, then exercise..

This could have been really bad if no one had been home..

As someone else said in careful out there!..

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That's a good question. I'm not sure what is the right answer. I'll do some research in Google and get back to you if I bump into an useful answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably can help you..

Comment #1

Hey Rick a couple of thing I noticed from your write up:.

1) I know you have been on Blood pressure meds already, but they should have observed you several times before increasing that medication also..

2) The diuretic seemed to be a waste. I would only say that sometimes you need to question your doctor. If you are drinking the water as Nutrisystem requests, there is no need for a diuretic and he should know that..

3) The only thing I think you are really saying is that genetics also is a major issue with High Blood Pressure and JUST losing weight does not solve this issue. I agree with this completely..

Just my two cents worth!..

Comment #2

Thanks J, & Robert..

Just wanted to put that out there as a warning to anyone else going through similar circumstances..

Lately, it seems my body is trying to revolt against all these changes..

But even though my exercise routines have been...well....


So routine, I'm still chipin' away at the poundage. So am grateful for that...

Comment #3

I think they gave me the diuretic, because my BP had been consistently high over about a 2 week period. The day it spiked at 188/110 was when they decided to add the diuretic. Felt like $h!t that day...

Comment #4

Thanks John. and yep it was pretty scary...a lesson I never want to repeat..

Comment #5

Hey Rick,.

2 Things:.

(1) I didn't read this thread until now cuz I didn't have a blood pressure problem....

(2) DANG DUDE! I'm glad you're alive! That's terrible..

I need you to stay in good shape and don't lose too much more weight too soon so you can stick around another year and tell me how awesome I'm doing...

Comment #6

Rob knows the rest of us just don't care!..

Comment #7

Hey stay out of this..

This is between me and my Nutrifriend Rick...

Comment #8

Man, Rick. Glad you're ok. I had a couple of minor scares with my BP when I first started losing. Nothing as severe as yours though. I took myself off my BP medicine and everything leveled out. I don't recommend this approach for mere mortals though. I'm not a doctor, but I am a moron!..

Comment #9

Thanks guys. Appreciate it..

One other thing that should keep me blood pressure up this week.....

I've got jury duty, my wife's in Ohio helping her dad who's had some minor surgery, so I've got the well my mother is here helping with that, and at work...2 new projects in which I'm key, and can't do $hit with until I get home from jury duty..

Wait, was that just one thing? Geeesh!..

Comment #10

Sorry for the scare, man. Really respect your fortitude..

I had some weird low pressure drops, actually, when in deficit. With intense exercise and once when not getting enough sleep, especially if seated or prone (when getting up, after)..

Sounds like you have more an endemic issue. But I just wonder if the glycogen depletion and/or exercise and/or weight change and/or medication change, may just be making you a little more variable..

I hope you have figured out how to watch yourself...

Comment #11

Thanks Poly. I'm workin' on it. Actually, this week no serious exercise (just walking) and I also haven't been 100% Nutrisystem which, I'm sort of blaming on the jury duty. But next week after I see the doctor, I'm hoping that I can get back to some sort of normalcy and slowly start pushing myself in the gym again...

Comment #12

Just wanted to say take care, and hope things get lots better for ya...

Comment #13

Thanks Katie. I'll take all the hope I can get..

Comment #14

Nope. And out of 42 people, I was chosen as one of the lucky 8...

Comment #15

Lucky you. This is my 3rd summons in 15 years living in this county. 1st one where I actually had to serve...

Comment #16

I was taken off of my Lisinopril-HCTZ (20/25mg) meds last week as I has having dizzy spells just standing up and found out my blood pressure was now staying around 105/65 (I'm 6'2" and around the 300lb mark still so thats pretty low for a big guy). I'm going to have it checked again tomorrow, as now I'm finding I'm gaining weight (I was 304 today) and have started "feeling funny" (can't explain it, and thats usually a blood pressure thing (or thats how I described it before I got put on HBP meds)..

So yeah, I hear you. For those of us that deal with HBP, we do need to watch things as we are doing this lifestyle change, and especially whenever the doctor starts changing meds (adding or subtracting)...

Comment #17

Hey Mike, that's what I was on, except I was taking 2 pills of Lisinopril-HCTZ (20/25mg)...

Comment #18

I am glad you are both okay..

Which goes without saying..

But I said it anyway becuase I'm feeling typie today...

Comment #19

Just a quick update. I did go to the doctor today, and my BP was 112 / 90. According to my Doctor, this is a good sign. Yeah, my resting BP is high, but since the systolic is still good, he feels this is normal and that my resting pressure will come back down in a few weeks and not anything to be concerned about. I have to keep my eye on things to make sure it's still trending in the right direction though. And yeah, since the diastolic is high, thats why I feel out of sorts and have had some headaches...

Good luck on your changes Rick. Keep us updated on how you are doing...

Comment #20

Thanks Mike. I went to the doctor yesterday too. I have to track my BP for the next couple weeks with my BP monitor at home, then provide the results at my next appointment. My numbers aren't as good as yours though, my average BP is 140s\high 80s or low 90s...

Comment #21

Rick, that is still on High BP medicine? Do you have High BP in the family genes? I hope when you get to goal and your body has time to adjust to the new you, you can get off of that junk. Hang in there...

Comment #22

Yep & Yep. Lisinopril 30mg and My father had it..

Comment #23

I'm on DiovanHTC (180) which has a diuretic. Right this minute I'm at my desk at work and feeling rather shaky. I've been on the program for six weeks and I've lost 25 pounds. Thanks for the tipI'm contacting my doctor ASAP to have him switch me to the non-diuretic form of the bp med...

Comment #24

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