Have you called Nutrisystem? Or better yet, Do you think you need to?

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First question I got is Have you called Nutrisystem? Or better yet, Do you think you need to? Looking forward for any answer. Second question of mine... What's your exercise arsenal look like??.

Here's mine:.

I got this "like new" Body Solid home gym for $250.00 from an ad in the paper several years ago *..

It's been great to hang clothes on but now I'm actually using it:.

Bought a True treadmill (not this model), from a lady I don't like at work ** for $400.00 a few years ago..

It too (unlike me) is in great condition..

Just bought a dandy Schwinn a lot like this one a few weeks ago from Wal Mart for around $225.00 ***.

This is my dog ***..

She cost $250.00 12 years ago..

She is old now but still wants to go for a walk 20 minutes a day..

Her sister died this year and we got her a kitten ***** to keep her company..

I been using some of these too! ******.

(Don't remember what they cost):.

* Woman not included..

** She's a back-stabbing be-yotch with no conscience..

*** I had to buy a stupid-looking bigger seat because the other one hurts my gigantic butt and it's a real drag because it squeaks..

(Not my butt, the seat.).

**** Her eyes don't actually glow..

***** Kitten is much larger now and the wife is trying to leash train her..

****** Freaking Heavy!.

You've seen mine - now show me yours!..

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I'm stumped. I'm not so sure what is the answer to your question. I'll do some research in Google and get back to you if I find an decent answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably could give you help..

Comment #1

I have a pretty sweet Giant ATX 860 mountain bike ($600) (similar to the one below minus the shocks)..


It looked awesome sitting in my garage the last 10 years. I've put about 200 miles on this summer and downsized the seat to a "medium". The fat-butt seat I had looked like a dog chewed on it. I think it was really mice..

No home gym. Instead, I leach off of the athletic weight room at my place of employment (FREE). It's only open from 9am to 8pm. In an ideal world I'd lift before work..

That's pretty much it for me. Lift and ride, lift and ride. I am looking to trade the mountain bike in for a road bike. I want to go faster!! However, I'm not sure I could handle being bent over so far, I may settle for a hybrid..


We have one of these also ($300ish). My wife uses it, I might use it in the winter instead of biking...

Comment #2

Sorry for infiltrating the Men's Room but this post if freakin' hilarious...just sitting here at work, I NEEDED this!.

Bye boys!..

Comment #3

Only the blonde ones..

The rest of us are miserable...

Comment #4

Look at Rob! Gettin' all the attention!! 2Cute chicks - Hey the first one even drinks beer!! JACKPOT!!!..

Comment #5

That dog and kitty picture gets 'em every time...

Comment #6

Actually it was the size of your Schwinn...what is that a 26 incher??..

Comment #7

That is one evil lookin dog!!!!.

One might say he is a "Devil Dog"..

Comment #8

Does my Arsenal look fat in these jeans?.

A set of these selectech dumbbells 55 lbs each.

A pair of these.

And a pool to swim laps in... god I hate swimming laps..

Comment #9

Wow Mesturge ~ a lap pool!.

Boy am I ever jealous..

Back on the home front..

I bought.


* from a guy I work with for 20 bucks yesterday:.

* Girl not included..

As with exercise equipment, it had hardly been used..

It's pretty cool - measures your pulse and adjusts resistance and you climb hills and what not..

I'm thinkin my knee is gonna want an Elliptical Trainer...

Comment #10

I feel a little silly. I don't and didn't have any fitness arsenal..

I just walked the sidewalks, and did situps, pushups and toe touches on my living room floor. Lucky for me, it worked...

Comment #11

Not at first, but I kept at it..

I actually use to have to hold my breath to tie my shoes..

If I slipped, or missed the loop, I'd have to resurface for more air before diving back down and trying to tie them again. Kind of like diving for pearls..

I don't miss those days, at all...

Comment #12

Do as much cardio as you can outdoors. If you are walking, this can be done in ANY weather. Get a poncho and enjoy nature. Seriously, we are cubicle trapped people. The bike is awesome as well, but be smart about light level, reflectors, traffic safety, etc. Get a feeling of "fast" though..

Dumbells are very versatile. Journal your workouts and try to progress...

Comment #13

I remember those days. They sucked..

Poly I actually like jogging in the rain, very refreshing. But screw journaling, Ive got more important ish to do!..

Comment #14

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