Have not lost any weight in 8 days with Nutrisystem

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I've changed nothing that I've been doing (100% everyday, except last Saturday) and my scales haven't moved in 8 days. What is going on and what can I do to jumpstart my body again!!! FRUSTRATED!..

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Your question was: Have not lost any weight in 8 days with Nutrisystem.

Don't lose hope! I hadn't budged in 14 days!! Today, I'm down nearly 2 pounds...the body is a strange thing. I can tell you that I zig zagged my calories a bit to get off the plateau...ate 1500 one day 1200 another...that kind of thing. Also, I changed what I was eating. I'd have a dinner for lunch and lunch for dinner...also I switched up a bit of my workout routine. Instead of 60 minutes on one machine, I would do 10 minutes walking, 10 minutes on the stepper for an hour. And here I am...I was stuck at 150.4 for two weeks and today, 148.8.

Also...I noticed that though my weight wasn't budging, my body was changing. Jeans I couldn't wear two weeks ago, I was able to wear on maybe your body is just adjusting a bit. Do you take your measurements??..

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Keep on going. No more last Saturdays. Work the groove. You have had amazing results - 20.5 for a month on the program. I lost 11 lbs my first month and started much heavier. Relax and stay the course...

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Just a few suggestions:.

Switch dinner and lunch entrees;.

Don't eat the fruit at dinner, opt for a veggie;.

Don't eat bananas;.

Drink all of the water, plain water;.

Cut out the caffeine, or at least reduce it drastically;.

Cut down on the "free foods", like if you are eating Laughing Cow cheese. It adds up..

And watch the hidden salt in your grocery add-ins!.

Finally, go by how you feel. Don't you feel better than you did when you started? Haven't you noticed improvements in your sleep, your mood, your skin? Rejoice in what you have accomplished already, because stressing about it actually will prevent you from losing it sometimes...

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As frustrating as it is, relax. You are doing great! (Like Starbuck wrote, think about some of your non-scale victories, which I hope bring a smile to your face.) Now, like Linna62 said, you had amazing results the first few weeks. (More typical weight loss is 1-2 lbs./week, some people don't lose 1/2 that amount during the first month, and a plateau is 6-8 weeks without a loss.) Unscientifically and speculatively speaking, your body might be tired from such a quick loss. More scientifically speaking, hormones, time of month, glycogen shifts, and other factors might be holding the scale steady. Whatever it is, stick with program and perhaps try some of Starbuck's suggestions. The scale will eventually move; it sometimes takes time to catch up with your efforts. Hang in there!..

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Unfriendly scales happen - it is the reality of any weight-loss program..

I've seen as much as 13 days with not a budge of the needle. But stick.

With the plan and you will be rewarded. BTW, you didn't say how badly.

You hurt progress on Saturday. Nutrisystem works - good luck with your journey...

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A. 8 days is too short to make meaningful judgements..

B. stop cheating on Saturdays (or ever!).

C. No one can analyze your program without much more information.

Net, net: there is no "magic". Weight loss occurs from calorie deficit. If you stay in deficit, you lose fat (and water can cloak it for a little while, but eventually it evens up). If you do things like cheat or decrease exercise or become significantly smaller, then your deficit goes down and your loss rate goes down. It's just that simple...

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Wii folks, I have a question for ya! I am having a terrific time with this game, and using lots of extra calories each day. Question? Do you "eat" the calories you earn? Some of them? None? Just wondering....thanks!..

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Not bad at all....I posted it here the day after. I thought I made "wise choices", but it turned out they weren't as smart as I thought I was being. I had a chicken ceasar salad for dinner and a pina colada. At least, I didn't feel like that was nearly as bad as I COULD have done. I really was trying to be conscious...I still don't feel like that was bad enough to stop my progress for 8 days! Maybe it was, though..

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I haven't tried switching up lunch and dinner, but I will give that a try.

I never eat fruit at dinner.

I don't eat bananas.

I drink LOTS of water.

I drink nothing but water (no coffee, tea, or soda).

The only free food I eat is Fat Free Ranch dressing (and I stay within my limit ALWAYS).

The only add-ins I have are fruit and fresh veggies.

I do feel better on all counts you listed. I will be patient. Thank you for the advice..

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Yes, I'm walking about 2 miles every evening. Between work and coming home and taking care of a house, a husband, and four kids, that's about all I can fit in!!! On a brighter note...I was down a pound this morning. So maybe I'm going to to have to chalk this one up to just being a slow week in my journey to the slimmer me. Thanks for all the advice's ALL appreciated...

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Jennifer - when I was loosing, I found that there were times that my body needed to "catch up". I started higher than you and it took me over 18 months to loose 105 lbs. But sure enough after loosing for several weeks, I would stall out - but the next week or two the scales would show a significant weight lost......

JMHO, you can do this - you are doing great - keep it up!.


And the black mini poodles..

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How bad was Saturday? Honestly for me it has to be 100%, 7 days a week, including water and exercise!..

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Jennifer along with the fruits & veggies as add-ins I hope you are also having dairy/protein...

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No you just get right back on the diet. That's why Nutrisystem formulated the weekends off diet. The only thing she did that I would say was wrong was the margarita...

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And the fat. The fat, dairy/protein add ins are SO important! Please don't skip those!..

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Oh YESSS. I forgot to list my dairy, protein add-ins...I do have those servings every single day. I have followed this program to a T since day one (with the exception of last Saturday...chicken ceasar salad and a pina colada....and that was what I ate for dinner. Eveything else that day was just like it was supposed to be).

Let me explain my "motivation" for really trying so hard on thiswhy I simply HAVE to stick to this 100%. I don't have much time to do what I want to do, so I'm trying to make the best of this while I have the opportunity. I can't afford this program. My mother is buying it for me and, obviously, this isn't something she'll be able to do forever. I'm under major obligation to "show" results. LOL She knows it will take time, and she said she'll gladly buy it, if I'm showing that I'm serious...AND I AM, TRUST ME!!!! I feel very guilty about this because she is overweight herself, and unfortunately she would never put out the expense on herself, but she knows what it is to walk in our shoes.

Being a Mom, myself, I understand this and feel very blessed to have a mother who loves me enough to do this for me (a 34 year old ADULT child). Besides my feelings about my myself, I OWE MY MOTHER AND MY PAYMENT HAS TO BE GOOD RESULTS, so I'm very serious about the program.

Thanks for all the advice frrom each of you. I helped me through a "dry" spell, but praise the Lord, the scales dropped another pound ths morning. WOOHOOOOO!!!!..

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I also have been stuck! I have been the same for nearly 3 weeks now and it is so frustrating. But I am determined that it won't get me down enough to quit. So I keep plugging along at 100%. I injured my knee a couple months back and have been unable to exercise again - until this week I was able to get back to walk in the pool. I always do all the add-ins, the water, I do not eat bananas, I change the meals around, I vary the entrees - lowest calories one day, higher ones the next, etc, etc. I have tried every suggestion listed.

It has taken me 2 months to lose the next 7. I feel the scale stuck! I have even moved it around to different places on the floor - and still the same! (Silly, I know!) I read where a plateau is 6 weeks of not losing, and I sincerely hope that this "mini-plateau I am on does NOT last another 3 weeks or more!) Aargh! (I am 64 so I know it is not TOM either)..

Well, thank you for letting me vent! It is very frustrating and disappointing, but I still know that going off the plan is not the answer - then it will no longer stay the same - it will go UP UP UP! At least my BP and blood sugars are still wonderful!..

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Jenniferlrogers, I think you are doing great!!! Every so often we will have to go out to eat with family and friends, and I think you made a good choice. We started Nutrisystem at the same time, I have lost 7lbs, so I want to congratulate you for your success!!..

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Now granted, these are things that were told to me when I hit a plateau, so I'm no expert, but bananas break down more quickly and have a higher natural sugar content than fruits with a high water content, such as apples, pears, strawberries, etc. On the GI scale, which is what Nutrisystem follows, it's just not the best choices of fruit (again, what I have been told). Cutting out bananas completely has worked for me, some people recommend not eating them after noon, or 2 p.m., or whatever. I was just throwing out things that were told to me that actually worked for me...

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Hi! thanks so much for the vote of confidence!!!! I'm still stuck, but I know I just have to be patient. I was losing so fast and then I came to a stand still...LOL Kind of shocking when I've had such good progress. I will happen though! Good luck to you with your goals, too!!!!..

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