Have any of you tried Nutrisystem and did it work well for you?

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Quick question... Have any of you tried Nutrisystem and did it work well for you? Thanks for any answer or 2. My 2nd question... 1st week lost 6 lbs. 2nd week lost 1 lb. got discouraged and ate a bunch of stuff I shouldn't 2 days in a row!.

Now I am mad at myself and a little depressed..

Can anyone give me a pep talk?.


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Hmm... I need to find out myself. I don't know what is the answer. I'll do some poking around and get back to you if I got an useful answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably could give you help..

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OK, come on, reach down and pick yourself up. Get over the two bad days and make up your mind you can and will do this! Actually, most people would be ecstatic to lose 7 pounds in two weeks; but, sometimes when that first big amount comes off, you start expecting it to happen every week. Well, I am here to tell you that it will not and if you set that as your expectation, you will always be disappointed! My loss averaged just over 1 pound a week but I never gave upI wanted it more and more every week. So, figure out why you ate two days of bad foodas Pam said, bop the 3 year old inside of you and decide you will do this. There is no food that will taste as good as being thin feelsand that is the truthbut you have to get there to know that!!! Be proactive and know what you are going to do the next time you get tempted, upset, or whateverhave a plan in placeget rid of tempting foods, go for a walk, find another activity, eat something healthy, etc, etc, etc. Planning is the key. You can do thisbut the question is, will you?..

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By the way, I didn't lose an ounce the first 2 weeks...not anything. That just made me MORE determined that I, too, was going to stick 100% to the plan and be one of the Success Stories. They did it...I could, too. Period...

Comment #3

Stop letting the scale rule your attitude too. In fact put it away for a couple of weeks and just concentrate on following the plan. Then the next time you pull the scale out from it's hiding place you will have lost more weight. Expect 1-2 pounds per week on average (remember average some times it will be more and other times less). Use how your clothes fit to be a good motivator. I recently had to dig out my belts because my pants are starting to fall off. I don't jump on the scale but once every 7-10 days...

Comment #4

Forget about the two bad days and get back up on that horse. Don't beat yourself up over a little slip up that is just not productive. Be positive and believe in yourself that you can do this. Just don't let yourself stop you from reaching your goals...

Comment #5

Well said. If the scale upsets you ever then stop using it for awhile! Follow the plan every day. It is the fastest route to goal. And if you falter don't quit! Jump right back on the train to better health and fitness and stay there!..

Comment #6

Ditto!! Just pick yourself up and get to it, you can do it!! You'll be so glad you did when you are fit and trim and at your goal, worth every bit of effort.


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Granismith, I am not glad that you have had some bad days, but I am glad you posted! I really needed to read the words of encouragement that others posted. I am having the 3rd week struggles.... but I feel better now!!..

Comment #8

Granismith, check out PamSB's "My Page" and you will see her success story..

This lady is a legend here on theNutrisystemboards and knows what she's talking about. Listen to her, you'll learn ALOT!.

Best wishes on your weight loss journey...

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Well WE can do it, I know we can. I really need the encouragement too and I am really thankful for this board. I have done many diets but I have never had support that I can go to 24/7..


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Granismith: The link to my page is in my signature below. Hope you find some tips, hints and motivation there...

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Life is not perfect and neither are we. Just put it behind you & look forward. I'm sure that our weight loss will average out in the end as long as we stick to the plan the best we can. I know that I'm not going to be 100% perfect all the time, but I am going to do my best. I've finally realized that healthy eating has to be a way of life for me now. It's hard to change old habits, but if we keep working at it, we'll succeed.

We have to look at the big picture. We'll get there. We'll reach our goals. We just can never give up. As long as we keep trying, we'll lose that weight & get our health back..


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Please remember that you are a woman and hormones can play havoc with water weight. Again trust your clothes, not the scale. As you are further into the program and are exercising remember that muscle weighs more than fat. Take care and keep pluugging away. This is not a diet it is a way of life...

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