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Im in NEW YORK,.

I run a chat room. One of the mods was playing a joke with chatters. One chatter took offense and has going off ever since. I just got an email saying he has filed complaints to people(??) about my iron fist style and threats.

I think he is implying to the garabage rules I have.

Does this thing have legs?..

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Hmmm......sounds like he's just angry.

Who did he complain to anyway? I don't think there is anyone you can complain to about a chatroom..

Short of it involving illegal activities, the police won't care and your hosting company won't care either unless you're breaking some of their rules.

Just be nice to him, calm the situation and it'll all go away. He's most likely attention seeking anyway...

Comment #1

It depends on many factors. What was the joke? Was it personal? Did you sanction the joke or did it just take place on your site? Has any personal information been exposed in the joke? Do any of the members know each other in the real world?.

Most likely you should just ban this member. Sounds like he is trouble anyways...

Comment #2

Banning is an option:.

Basically the joke was about having a spelling bee contest. Then a Mod decided to correct a few chatters spelling mistake. This one went awol on us. We apologized and then asked the person to refraim from continueing that discussion and to PM us if he had any more problems.

Since then he has been on the wrong side of the chat basically saying awol comments. He tried to get in the chat last night for whatever reason couldnt and then I got this email.

I replied with you are welcomed to come and chat anytime. I have no idea what you mean by threats.

Im looking into putting up legal disclaimers now since I realize this page has none but the rules itself. before I put the chat back up.

The incident took place about two weeks ago. Around Easter..

Comment #3

Well AWOL is Absent WithOut Leave. You are using it incorrectly. I think you mean "off the wall" as the expression.

Other than that you should just ban the idiot...

Comment #4

Simple solution's to ban the guy. Then if he makes threats, tell him he'll be.

Talking to your attorney if he pushes through with it.

In this lawsuit happy world of ours, it doesn't hurt to put legal disclaimers on.

Your site as well. Not just any off-the-shelf ones, though...

Comment #5

Ya might need to look into getting one.. This person is going to push it to the extreme..

Comment #6

I tried to solve it through email.

His lastest Reply:.

Obviously you're going to take their side regardless so I'll just take matter with my attorney. I'll relinquish your email to them and you can explain you're staffs insubordination and treatment of posters. I'll drag this as long as necessary to make my point.

His Response was to this email from me:.

I run and the whole thing. Bino and the H person serve by me allowing them to. What is your complaint? You have said you are taking it to the proper people(confused by who you mean). The Mods of the chat have done the job I have laid out for them.


The IP matches that of the chat room guy(I know this becuase well the admin features).

Right now I dont have an attorney dont plan to get one until absolutly needed. (why would I need one? this has to be a throw out suit even if he gets a lawyer that is go lucky).

Also should add printed out all transcripts/message board posts(show ip) and emails.

Any other suggestions as of right now.

I do thank everyone for there feedback/suggestions.

UPDATE: Banned him from chatroom and site as of now..

Comment #7

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