Has anyone worked as a Weight Consultant with Nutrisystem?

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Got a question, hope someone can answer... Has anyone worked as a Weight Consultant with Nutrisystem? Many thanks for any answer or 2. 2nd question I got is.. Back on April 15, 2008 I weighed in at 342 pounds. That was down from my heaviest weight ever of 357 pounds logged in on January 1, 2008. I had lost 15 pounds on my own in 3.5 months but wanted to do more, and I didn't really have a set plan or any real direction.

At first I was thinking I had to much weight to lose to ever reach anything below 200 pounds ever again in my life, but thought if I could just stick to it a month or two I might feel and look a little bit better. In the back of my mind I was hoping that someday maybe I could be a success story like so many others have been with Nutrisystem. Although, I'll admit I was a little nervous about the disclaimer "Results not Typical" on the success stories I was reading on the Nutrisystem web site..

Well, fast forward 18 months later and here I am. I have become my own "Success Story". I now weigh and have maintained my weight of 193 pounds for 3 months now, and I've never felt better in my life. I finally got around to taking a "After" picture. So I thought I'd crop/cut/paste a picture together and show you what I consider to be my official "Before & After" picture..

Exercise Note: The first 10 months all I did was walk (30 minutes a day, 5 days a week). After losing just over 100 pounds only walking for exercise I added things like sit ups, push ups, toe touches etc. I'm not a big exercise guy, so I never went to the gym. I only walked and worked out at home. Oh and most importantly I followed the Nutrisystem plan without cheating. Does it work? Did it work? Check out the below photo, I kind of see a difference.

Before Picture Weight: 342.

After Picture Weight: 193.

Original Goal Weight: 195.

I did it, now it's your turn. It can be done, I'm proof..

Results may not be typical, but stick to the plan and results are inevitable...

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Good question... I dunno what is the right answer to your question. I'll do some poking around and get back to you if I find an answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably could give you an answer..

Comment #1

Great shots and story! You are definitely one of the "results not typical" people..

I noticed that you could see the door knob and the deadbolt in the after pic...

Comment #2

Wow! awesome. I see even your extra skin wnet bye bye - that's a good thing! congrats!..

Comment #3

I guess there is hope for me, awesome commitment Jonah, I too hope for a major lose like yours, fantastic job...

Comment #4

And you are a success story whether you are in advertisements or not...

Comment #5

That's an unbelievable transformation Jonah. Whether you're in a Nutrisystem ad or not, yours is one of the stories that keeps me motivated and on the right track. Unbelievable to see the before and after right next to each other. Nice!.





Made inital goal of 225 9/22/09, new goal 215!..

Comment #6

Jonha, what a fantastic personal accomplishment! And, you saw it through to the finish, bravo! BRAVO!.

"I followed the Nutrisystem plan without cheating." Now I find that a very important statement for the rest of us to consider. It's seems simple, but I'm learning a whole new level of what it means to "be honest" with myself on NS. When I am, it DOES work...

Comment #7

Wow. Just wow. What an incredible accomplishment! Congratulations to you for saving your own life, literally! I guarantee you that you will now live longer, healthier, and happier! Thank you for helping to inspire us all!..

Comment #8

I still have a little bit of extra skin. But I tucked it in under the waist band of my shorts and raised my arms up to get rid of the little droops where my love handles use to be. It looks like I'm just showing off my muscles, but I'm doing it to keep the little extra droopy skin from showing..

Neat trick huh?..

Comment #9


What an amazing transformation! You are a success story. I had the gut but not courage to take a before picture like that. I wish now I had..

To help all our newbie friends, what was the hardest part?.

Great work! Keep up the maintenance...

Comment #10


Let me add you to my list of.


What an amazing accomplishment. You and so many others on this board are a testimony to what a person's commitment can accomplish. Color me.



NOTE: This post marks the place where my posts out numbers my weight..

From here on out my weight will go down as my post go up. Just think ... if.


Had the same result ... he would be completely gone by now. POOF!.

Just kidding Poly... your doing great...

Comment #11

That is amazing to see! Congrats on the weight loss and I hope I can reach my goal like you. I wish I had the courage to take a topless shot like you have done, but all I have is just me sitting down in my computer chair and clothed...

Comment #12

Congratulations on your amazing transformation Jonah! You said you wanted to be a success story, and that's exactly what you are..

Way to go!..

Comment #13

LOL! I was wondering....

Johah - You've done an amazing job! I'm very impressed that you went all the way to 193 and STAYED there! WTG!! A real success story! If you think of it, there is a thread in the general area called "Post your before and after pictures". You may want to cross post there. Lots of folks use that thread as a reference inspiration thread. You ARE a major success!! I love it!.


Comment #14

Ah, you cheater!!! I wondered where that skin went. Anyway, you look amazing. I am always disappointed that I didn't take a "revealing" before picture for this very reason. You can see the incredible change you have made. Godfrey Daniels, Belezebub!!!! Great Job!..

Comment #15

The hardest part for me was the first 4-6 weeks when I first started Nutrisystem. Adjusting to new smaller portions and realizing I didn't have to stuff myself everytime I did eat. By the end of the second month it wasn't difficult at all. I found the longer I could go without cheating, the less desire I had for off plan eating. So I didn't cheat, I stuck to the plan and did a little bit of exercise. The weekly results were enough to keep me motivated to do another week and another week.

During those first few weeks it was really all in the mind, not the stomach. I finally after years came to appreciate food as a way of consuming nourishment and fuel for my body. I finally quit using food as a source of comfort or entertainment. I no longer would eat when I was bored, or when I was watching TV (just because that's what I've always done). I quit eating for pleasure, just because something tasted good and I thought I deserved a treat. I bought celery something I personally do not care for, and told myself if I get hungry I can have celery.

Well, I only ate two celery sticks the first year, cause I hate celery. Turns out, I was never really hungry at all, just bored. Thank you celery for teaching me that lesson in life..

There is no magic trick, there is nothing anyone can say, there is no one you will do this for, other than yourself. You have to want it, and do it for you..

Nutrisystem provides the tools to get the job done, but you have to do the work. If you want to lose weight, get to work. I'm proof Nutrisystem will help you get the job done...

Comment #16

Wow and who said it couldn't be done. Thanks for the tips, I started last week and already lost 8 lbs with 92 to go and this will just do nothing but give me the willpower to stick to it. Unbelievable and Congratulations..

Comment #17

Bring out the videos again..

(that was you, wasn't it?).

Before and after please...

Comment #18

WOW Jonah..

Fantastic. Congratulations on becoming your own success story, and thank you for sharing it here on the boards...

Comment #19

Yes, that was me. I did have videos but lost them when my laptop crashed..

So I lost weight, and I lost the videos..


Comment #20

Congrats on sticking to plan and on the amazing transformation. Those ads we see, reflect a reality...

Comment #21

That's because they use real people in those ads. I can testify to that as well as some others here (like PamSB)...

Comment #22

Yeah...I know. And I guess all the ads and magazine covers and such we see are real. I guess even for stuff other than NS. It is just something that I did not know before. I did not connect to. Heck, I was in denial about being fat!.

It really is amazing how COMMON the good appearance is of the skinny people that emerge from the process. Some of the women are beauties. And the men look great too...

Comment #23

Congrats Jonah! A wee bit of a difference... ;-)..

Comment #24

Wow! This is incredible - keep us posted on your maintanance plan. I'm putting the cart before the horse, but I have lost in the past and not kept it off. I am about 6 months away from this being an issue - just need to get my mind around it..


Comment #25

Is this real? Is this sort of transformation really possible?.

I don't know, looks photoshopped to me..

Or perhaps there is hope for me?..

Comment #26

Good to see you again, man. Your Avatar never fails to impress....


Comment #27

Of course there is hope for you. Just don't start till after Halloween. That Kool-Aid could easily be a pumpkin...

Comment #28

That's Kool-aid?.

I thought is was the great pumpkin....

Better get on that -.

I'm one to talk - if I did that i'de look like a lumpy orange pear..

Comment #29

Just a quick note to not only bump this post but to update the fact that I'm still maintaining my weight. Yes, I survived the holidays without major damage. Completely recovered from the 3 pounds I put on. This was and is a permanent lifestyle change for me. Just thought others might benefit from reading my post on the first page of this thread...

Comment #30

Thanks, Jonah!! Terrific Maintenance report!! If you ever feel the need for additional maintenance support, there's a lot of that going on over in the Maintenance forum..


Comment #31

I knew I missed a few bumps, keep maintaining!..

Comment #32

Bump? I don't see no bump on your gut no more...

Comment #33

Oh Yeah! (Where's the Little Richie Koolaide man when you need him?)..

Comment #34

"Results may not be typical, but stick to the plan and results are inevitable.".

I LOVE your quote!! This should be on the packaging!!.

Great job, you look amazing! I am in awe of you!.


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