Has anyone used and used Website tonight builder?

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Hi everyone, quick 1st question: Has anyone used and used Website tonight builder?.

My 2nd question is: Or at least they should do some sort of check on the names that they choose for auction.

I have just looked at a few of the names at CAC Macao and I cannot believe some of what I see -these are just a sample. $50,001 - $100,000 1,290 Google. $50,001 - $100,000 692 Google. $25,001 - $50,000 107 Google. $50,001 - $100,000 29 Google. $250,001 - $500,000 Not a bad name but the price ( is available). $100,001 - $250,000 ( is available).

My favorite:. $500,001 - $750,000 ( is available).

There are some great names in the auction, why oh why does not somebody check properly and prevent names such as those mixing with the good stuff or at the least have realistic reserves.

Tell me if I am wrong about these names - happy to be proven otherwise...

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Your question was: Has anyone used and used Website tonight builder?.

Yeah I was really surprised of all the names I saw accepted for that auction....

I wonder why then my Gambling Macauinfo wasn't.....

Comment #1

Sounds like some "friends" perhaps got their names in the auction - even if they weren't deserving of it? I'm fairly confident none of these will sell at auction...

Comment #2

At first glance (without doing any research) I can honestly say I would'nt pay $9 for any of them maybe they mean something in another language ???.

As Justin says, probably a friend of a friend.


Comment #3

I could not agree more. I know people who had to lower their reserves to get in with names MUCH MUCH better than that. Very shady to me...

Comment #4

I am not a conspiracy theory kind of guy, and if Moniker wants to make stupid decisions in running their business that is their call, but I do have to admit that this coupled with some of the other posts by you and ABC raise serious questions about integrity.

It does appear however that Moniker is going out of it's way recently in making stupid decisions... oh well.


Comment #5

I think Moniker have done a great job bringing HostGator roadshows to the masses it can only be good for the business by creating awareness outside the community and they will be remembered for being the forerunners of the "new" way of selling domains. Personally sold over $11,000 in November through them.

However, some of the decisions they are making are not good at all and can only be detrimental to themselves and the business. Transparency has to be the way forward with their business amongst other things that need to be corrected.

I am also not a conspiracy guy, but some of these decisions to allow certain names in to the various auctions need to be addressed - Moniker what say you..

Comment #6

I'm no pro, but isin't a trademark issue?

One example of

Comment #7

A little more to it than 888 , apparently the Victor in the name, Chinese, had copied a website that I think he had sold to the complainant , something along those lines, and used if I remember correctly.

Comment #8

Ahh, I couldn't quite understand it thanks - too much back and forth.


Comment #9

I think you are 100% right on the mark. Those prices are completely nuts. They will never sell at those prices. I didn't submit any of my names beacause Asian Gaming still has a long way to grow...lots more development ahead for this area. But if you go by those prices my:.

...and others should go for $50K or more, so I guess I hope...LOL...they get their prices...

Comment #10

They mean something in Chinese.

DaLaoEr is the game played by four people and that 2 is the largest in all card. I don't know what the game called in english but I played DaLaoEr during holidays with my friends..

KorintoGemu japan for Corinthian.

You just need to make research in Google to find out what they mean...

Comment #11

That I am aware of but the Chinese call it Big 2 ( SC TC D) or the romanized chinese version is "Chor Dai Dee" TC, which only Googles at 800+. As I pointed out "Da Lao er" SC (supposedly pinyin d lo r) gets 688 Google - not exactly encouraging.

"Korinto Gemu" scores 30 - wow - became PachiPachi and is commonly now known as "Pachinko" now that and "Pachislot" , "Pachislo" are good names- Korinto Gemu is definitely not.

Hope that helps...

Comment #12

Ya no so encouraging so I believe it won't sell. let's see. maybe those gambling tycoon got too much money to spend. Who knows?!..

Comment #13

I thought 888 was considered lucky by the chinese people? Maybe I'm wrong, but if that is the case then would be actually a good site to draw chinese gamblers. Just my 2 cents..

Comment #14

888 sounded fa fa fa mean become rich, become rich, become rich for chinese..

Comment #15

And a bargain at $500,000 +.

888 is lucky in the far east, was sold by it's Chinese owner to the current owners , but I don"t think fun is Chinese or any asian language "888", fun 888 in Chinese gets 50 + at Google.

Nopeit has next to no value...

Comment #16

Dont get me wrong I am not trying to defend their choices. Most are crap. I think the name is ok but the price is crazy...

Comment #17

I was living in HK in the mid eighties and I remember the number plate 888HK selling for a figure around $100K - 20 + years ago..

Comment #18

If you are afraid of any trademark infringement, just contact the company. I have the HostGator with the knowledge of, and no problem about that.

I also have great gambling domains, but with no live auction I decided not to send them...

Comment #19

If I only had the money to give away, and make you them all happy; wouldn't that be interesting...

Comment #20

I wanted to find out what "KorintoGemu" meant, did a search on Google, and this thread came as the first result...

Comment #21

Cussec - a chinese game. A bit like chuckluck (which is played with 3 dice(s) die... whatever)..

Comment #22

Sic -dice.

Sic Bo (dice treasure)- pronounced Sic Bo in english.

Gu/Ku/Cu Sic ? (Guess/estimate dice) pronounced Gu/Ku/Cu Sic in english - certainly not cussec..

Comment #23

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