Has anyone used to register and host a domain name?

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My first question is: Has anyone used to register and host a domain name?.

My next question is: We often have polls for what ext do you like best but I only want your opinion on one.


What do you really think about it?.

I really am interested to see what the results will show as I am a big .info fan.

I have not made it public incase anyone wanted to remain private but I have made it so you can click on more than one choice to get a all round feel.

Thanks for your time..

Comments (43)

Your question was: Has anyone used to register and host a domain name?.

There are numerous sales happening each month. It will still increase...

Comment #1

Really??? maybe I shouldn't let my .info expire then......

Comment #2

Will always have a market, especially for the true premiums which match the ext.

Lots and lots and lots of crap being registered by n00bs though really doesn't help it's cause imho...

Comment #3

.info's can be really good, but only when the extension and the HostGator match..

Something like "" is good, but "" isn't, it's all about how it looks.

I own a few, when used correctly they're a very very good, but when used incorrectly they're ugly..

Comment #4

Check these sales. $1,185. $1,240..

Comment #5

I really dont like the extention. I see way to many crap names here. The ones that I think are really good are names like or Keywords like that are good for the extension everything else just kills it. Not to mention it's only like $2 to reg one...

Comment #6

I think they're great for developing but not so good for selling (unless you own place names, countries, cities, towns and top quality one worders) which I don't.

I did take a gamble buying a few when they were 0.99c but did'nt receive any traffic or interest in them at all so instead of paying $7.00 + renewals I dumped them.

I'm sticking to 99% .coms from now on unless they're for development.


Comment #7

Just voted for this: Own a few lets say 1-49..

Comment #8

I sold Buy buyphentermine info for $1000 over a week ago, purchased for 0.99c a few months ago. I like .info, it is very underated but it has also been abused a little as many people have been able to afford them. It will continue to grow in the future and will always be one of the top 5 HostGator extensions I'm sure...

Comment #9


Some .info's can be great!.

And some make no sense....

But there are more "no-sense" .com's going around than .info.

I'd rather have a one worder .info than random lettered (over 5) .com's!..

Comment #10

I like the sound of it, and there certainly are better names available in info than there are in the "big three" extensions. I bought a whole bunch when they were cheap, it was hard to resist them at the price. Now renewals loom and I cannot keep most of them.

Probably kick myself in a few years, most are usable names...

Comment #11

.info could be good but depending the name, e.g. "cityname".info is good.

I prefer INFO than BIZ, ASIA, EU, US, and many other..

Comment #12

I think .info is versatile, and the # of registrations + cheap reg fee is giving it a solid postion on the web. I own a few too, so I voted I own 1-49. I thought it was important I diversify my portfolio with them. Any particular types that get good type-in traffic? mine seem to be none-little traffic...

Comment #13

I've hated them.

I agree they have a place but there are so many crappy sites that come out with the .info extension that really ruin it's purpose.

I haven't visited many good and well built sites that were intended to be built on the .info extension.


Comment #14

Current GoDaddy sorting: Com Info Tv Org Net Mobi.

Current Sedo TopDomain listing by refresh: 7-8 coms, 4-5 infos, 3-4 other.

Infos i've sold for low $XXX and bought for $1 (in last 1 or 2 months): 2.

Infos i've bought on aftermarket and got higher offers (in last 1 or 2 months): 2.

I like them...

Comment #15

I've always been a fan of .info - great, descriptive extension. A .info HostGator was my main money maker for a while ($800+/mth).


Comment #16

Has to be developed as a relavant info site for what the HostGator is - then it will have some valur...but never tons - unless it's like

Comment #17

.info is one of my favorite extensions. Especially for geo names...

Comment #18

They are very popular due to their cheap price and good ones will sell! Great Tld imo.. although '.info' is a bit longer tld....

Comment #19

Most of my sales are .info, and they are about 1/3 of my portfolio. I'm not getting six figures, but get about $600 on an average sale...

Comment #20

That is a great sale. Was it an end user sale ?

Comment #21

I find that the .info extension has been very resilient..

It's not going away. Seems to me, over time, the.

General population will get more familiar with it..

We just have to get more developed sites going.

To raise it's profile...

Comment #22

I like 'em. I've found many with quality keywords, parked and/or developed and made some nice revenue from them. Back when arb was allowed, they were a domainer's wet dream.

I'd love 'em if the renewals were as cheap as the initial regs...

Comment #23

Thanks to everyone who has taken the time to comment and vote.

Some interesting things are comming out.. a real interest to me .. Congrats May I ask where you sell most of your names..

Comment #24

I like .info HostGator names. I've developed most of my sites on .info domains. My biggest HostGator sale is of a .info HostGator name (along with developed site)..

Comment #25

Probably half based on direct contact or my website, another third at, and the rest at afternic, forums, etc...

Comment #26

Personally, I'm a fan of the .info extention. Cheap to reg & goes well for informational sites. I believe that I would have over 50...

Comment #27

I like .info domains because it is possible to find very good names still...

Comment #28

Real information (date-time-stamped) is a valuable resource, especially if it becomes better supported by the Internet-Search technology.

The Semantic Web approach exactly does this..


Comment #29

To me it's definitely a good extension, with a very promising future. For an information website or portal on a dedicated subject, I can't think of a better extension....

I sold a couple of them last year, in the $x,xxx range, and I keep buying some almost every week.

Interesting thing in the poll: 9% of voters say they never liked it and never will, but only 4% declare they don't own any .info. Do we have to understand that 5% of people hate .info but are nevertheless buying some? ;-)..

Comment #30

I think it's the best of the "new" HostGator extentions...

Comment #31

I have and, and the .info makes more using adsense than the .com. I have made $3.87 in the past few weeks from it. I feel that .info can be a very useful extension, but they need to offer information that relates to the HostGator name, as that's what people are looking for...

Comment #32

I personally don't care for it, but for some keywords it fits perfectly...

Comment #33


They are perfect for Minisites.

And can be used for Large sites as well.

Remember MOST InterNET USERS use Search Engines for locating Websites.

And .info's can rank as high or higher than the .com.

It is Total BS this much Quoted Mantra.

"Info's are Cheap ,so must be useless"..

Comment #34

Thanks for all the comments and votes so far.. What I am seeing is alot of support for this extention now....

There will always be some whom dislike but on the whole I think .info's are on the up..

Comment #35

Own lots lets say 50 plus and Think it will boom.

I think they make great domains for websites!..

Comment #36

Have you looked through a list of .com drops recently ?


.info is popular (very) in germany/poland/france - and lots that look like 'crap' are actually foreaign lanuage.

I recently sold:.

And many more ..

.info is popular in poorer countries too , for obvious reasons.

And finally the word 'info' means information in most languages and is often used in france and other countries , more than in english speaking parts.

The french say 'cherche des infos' regularly.

Whereas these countries do not always use COMpany they use societe, firma, etc.

And I 'think' commerce is sometimes kommerz etc.

Over and out.

But then again I do have around 10k .infos ....

Comment #37

People love them because of how cheap they are...

Comment #38

Yep kind of like a 1-year grace period .. not the end of the world if your idea bombs.

And here in romania a reasonable monthly wage is $300 ....

Comment #39

Omg monthly wage = $300?!?!?.

Wow.. here in american you can make that in at least a week... OR quicker!..

Comment #40

But don't forget that the cost of living is not the same either.....

Comment #41

The bad thing with .info's is that they are very convenient for spammers.

With such low prices it's their favorite to flip the names various services ban.

Generally I liked .info before a year or so.

Today I kept only the names I liked best like - - - - - - and dropped the rest.

I took even before I knew there was a known dogster site.

Offered the name free of charge to them because I love animals when I saw them in business 2.0 magazine (was fabulous magazine).

They didn't even reply my free offer. Maybe they don't like the TLD.

That's all for .info from me..

Comment #42

I am glad that somebody likes, I almost let my fetishmovies,info drop, but renewed it in last second....

Comment #43

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