Has anyone used godaddy to start a website?

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My first question is: Has anyone used godaddy to start a website?.

My next question is: I've been a customer with GoDaddy for a while now - about 5 or 6 years I suppose. I remember when their site still looked like this:

Their new marketing ploy of using women to attract business - in almost EVERY aspect of their operations - is bothering me. Without knowing him, I wonder if he has any morals and is just letting his money, wealth, and fame go to his head and to his business. We've heard all the horror stories of how they treat their customers. I haven't had the greatest time with them either.

But as far as morals go... you see this on their site now: 8 years ago, they would have never done this - it wouldn't have even been acceptable.

What does this have to do with their business? Their market? Do they even know what kind of impression they are setting?.

I wrote a letter through their "Send us a comment" form - which, by the way, took me forever to find - and I'm sure this will get tossed away after getting a sincere-looking auto response like "We can't read your letter because we're understaffed and don't really care, but hey - you wasted your time on OUR site. That's all we want."..

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Your question was: Has anyone used godaddy to start a website?.

I didn't see any explicit content at all. Nothing more than what you see on a daily basis on TV.

Plus studies have proven that someone is more willing to spend money or take a chance after being aroused or seeing "explicit" pictures. If you go look on ebay you will see some pictures on there with hot women and the HostGator name over her. Honestly I have done this and seen bids on names that are HORRIBLE!.

Marketing ploy... I think so...

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Exactly, so what if they show pictures of girls? You see them all the time on TV, whats it matter if they have tv commercials that are "mature only" yet show nothing...

Comment #2

You must have joined Go-Daddy about the same time as me. I think I quit a few months later. Couldn't haul myself through all those Ad Pop-ups everytime I need to reg something. Not that they did IDN until recently anyway. The Godaddy experience was a bit like travelling through space in suspended animation. Fortunately my pod burst so end up wandering around the mother ship trying to work out where we were all heading...

Comment #3

None of the other registrars need to do what Godaddy do just to get a sale.

Good for you mholt for sending in that letter..

Comment #4

I wonder if that's why Godaddy is so much more mainstream than every other registrar. They are three times bigger than eNom, which is the second largest registrar.

I'm not saying taking the low road with their "sex sells" marketing strategy is OK, just playing devils advocate...

Comment #5

Though I empathize with your feelings I see it as more and more an acceptable approach by marketing across the board in corp. America. Women have become the safe bet. Politically and socially they are a growing presence and with a more vocal opinion. Look at the nightly news, the sport center programs etc .... women dominate the landscape of public viewing.

"Bob P." does seem to have an affinity for attractive women. But I would wager he has an even greater affinity for profits. Demographics say a pretty woman is desired by the bulk of consumers. We (consumer) like to see a pretty face and nice body holding our products in a sexy way.

The smaller percentile, of consumer opinion, such as your self (and mine) are a small enough number to ignore for now.

Having two daughters, a grand daughter and sister, I can admit to being a bit hyper sensitive to sexist content and campaigns. Being a "Man" I enjoy classy seduction, innuendo or connotations as long as it's in a "pleasant and dignified" manner.


Comment #6

IMO the model or whatever stuff just looks tacky, and the racing car stuff just seems pretty random. i'm not sure how much crossover there is with a soft porn huntin, car racin, HostGator reggin crowd.

The popup stuff is a pain too - however it's handy to have names there as everyone likes the free push thing...

Comment #7

Yet, none of the other registrars is growing as fast, or competing as strong.

Truth is simple. Sex Sells. You dont have to like it, You have a choice. But as mature adults you can let sex be the issue, or you can enjoy the quality product at the quality price and look past it...

Comment #8

I'm sorry you are disappointed.

Aside from all their other issues, I just kind of wonder why GoDaddy's going down this road. Call me elitist, but I think that using "attractive" (ugh?) women as lures is a derogatory practice, and I prefer to do business with non-degrading companies. If a company lacks certain morals, how "low" will they go with other non-moral issues, such as ethics, pricing, reliability, and customer support?.

Anyway, I haven't seen improvements from them in the past years. I'm getting away from them before they go downhill much more.

<joke>Sex appeal, Domains ... correlation? Domains are sexy... what? Yeah, that's a great message to send about. </joke>..

Comment #9

Personally Im a big fan of GoDaddy, Hot Racecar Drivers and Beautiful Women in general, no complaints here...

Comment #10

They could advertise with mentally challenged gophers for all I care. As long as the price is right I'll still buy from them...

Comment #11

I'm in love with Danica Patrick. That's why my 600 domains are with Go Daddy...

Comment #12

That was a well written letter I agree with you 100%. The problem is it doesnt really matter, in the end, they know how to get peoples attention and they used it to their advantage. Most domainers are men and most men want to see women on everything, it makes them happy. Happy entertained customers = good customers = more profit..

Comment #13

The 40 or so sales pitches they throw at you every time you try to renew or register is very freaking annoying. I usually only take pushed domains at GoDaddy now, and if they're keepers i'll transfer them away, and that's definately a part of it. I don't mind someone trying to upsell once in awhile, i've worked in sales, but seriously what they do is just plain insulting.

The other, bigger reason I don't use GoDaddy is they're sleazy scammers like way too many of the big shooters in this business and I don't trust them one bit...

Comment #14

Yeah he wrote a nice little letter but godaddy isnt going to change for a lot of people for him :x..

Comment #15

I have never had a problem with their customer service. In fact, I have called their customer service line dozens of times and each time the customer service representative was quite helpful and we resolved my issues every occasion. Also, I have never waited on hold for more than 2-3 minutes (I sat on hold for 15 minutes while contacting enom just yesterday and my problem was not even resolved).

Back to the topic. While your issue has to do with morality, I see no real problems with their marketing strategies. I have never gone to their site and seen anything that offended me or anything that I think would even offend my mom if she were to log on. The only real problem I encountered is when I went searching for explicit content after reading this post I found that Amanda Beard was wearing a one piece swimsuit in her videos instead of a much preferred bikini!..

Comment #16

My father was pretty high up in the advertising industry here in Australia.

He has always said, as do others, that there is only 2 types of advertising. Really good, or really bad. The rest simply don't get talked about.

All that matters is that people remember the ad and discuss it and comment about it to others. Another form of word of mouth.

I remember years ago a well known ad guru in Australia ran some of the worst ads ever seen on tv, and sent 100 people out on the morning and afternoon buses and trains for weeks to measure the effect. People everywhere were talking about the terrible SOANDSO ads on the tele. The name of that company was embedded in peoples minds.

Their bottom line went up by over 500% within 3 months of those ads screening.

My point?.

We are now talking about Godaddy, not any of the other HostGator registrars merely because of ad campaign.

Their name is again in posts for the bots.

Their ads work.

Re the ads. I don't take much notice of the ads but I did have a look at it after seeing this thread I in my opinion, there are a lot more offensive ads out there than that.

I wonder how many people did have a look after seeing the warning of mature content...

Comment #17

Brilliant point. Godaddy's marketing department deserves a raise. Any publicity from another "women's advocate group" will bring in $$$$...

Comment #18

Some people do get their knickers in a twist.....

Comment #19

I wasn't disappointed, I was just curious if you even watched the video you wrote the letter about. I think you're being a little overly-sensitive on this one, the Godaddy models are not half-naked or in compromising positions. If that is degrading to women, you must think that 90% of the female modeling industry is abhorable. Anyway, everyone is entitled to their opinion and it seems several people agree with you...

Comment #20

It's case to case, though how "low" depends how one sees it.

Fortunately, we've got options. Imagine if they were the only registrar in the.

Old days instead of Network Solutions...

Comment #21

Sex sells = Internet porn reduces sex crimes = Prostitution should be legal..

Comment #22

Each and every weekend in NASCAR there are 100,000+ people attending these races. Let alone the Millions that watch on TV. At the indy race for NASCAR there were nearly 300,000 that attended JUST the race as well as the Indy 500!.

The reason Godaddy advertises in NASCAR and Indy Car is because the races happen Weekly, they practice during the week, the drivers are in print ads and tv commercials all in there driving suits which have sponsor names on them. Race car drivers get a TON of attention. Danica Patrick is the #1 most popular driver in Indy Car and Godaddy sponsors her and her team. Dale Earnhardt Jr. is the #1 most popular driver in NASCAR and Godaddy sponsors him and his team. Plus the Age range of the people at these races I would say are in the 20-50 range, an age range that Godaddy would focus on...

The swimming chick... I don't get. Candice is Eye Candy...

Comment #23

You thought I was serious when I said that? Read emoticons Dear me... that would be terrible. Yes, options are a good thing, and now we can distinguish between them even better.

Now that you guys mention it, maybe it's a good thing that this thread isn't getting a major popularity buzz with other media and websites, because, as you have said, it gives them attention - negative - but attention nonetheless.....

Comment #24

Sex certainly sells- and I personally have had no problems with them- but I do come from the school of thought that if you are all you say you are- and are "that" good- you dont need all that, you're service and product will speak for itself..

Most major professional companies do not resort to any of that, and are doing just fine..

Thats all it boils down to me, and after reading comments from members, that is exactly what godaddy set up- a cheap place to reg a name- not so much build a business- like a back street ally guy with an earring, selling cheap regges..

I reg there to, but nothing else. they dont draw me in as a business customer, I just use them for the cheap prices- as does most here..

If that is what godaddy planned, to basically be the walmart of domains, then kudos, they have accomplished that..

But I generally have a hard time taking them seriously for anthing else...

Comment #25

It is legal.....depending on which country you live in...

Comment #26

I still go with them coming from netsol before.

I have the freedom not to view those mature content if I choose to...

Comment #27

Thanks for posting the screenshot! I actually like the site alot better then, it's so cluttered and tacky now. I do buy with them because they have the best prices on dot tvs, havent had a problem so far.......

Comment #28

Google Results:.

1,910,000 for godaddy problem.

118,000 for enom problem..

Comment #29

I have most of my domains at Godaddy (using about 15 other registrars too).

Haven't had any problems, all my support tickets have been always answered quite soon and polite (also fixing any issues I needed to be fixed).

Danica is the only girl I like from their site, and I have no problem with them using attractive women to sell their products.

(hope my wife doesn't read this )..

Comment #30

Great email.

I must say to those saying "sex sells"...well GD was in it's #1 position as a registrar long before their sexual ad campaigns. So don't give that credit. The simpler truth is they were one of the first cheap, reliable, and independent registrars years ago...

Comment #31

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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