Has anyone tried the soy protein Dukan Diet?

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Got a question, hope someone can answer... Has anyone tried the soy protein Dukan Diet? Looking forward for any comment. Second question of mine... Peppermint Hot Cocoa 25 calories.

Nutrisystem "free food".

1-2 peppermint tea bags (depending on how minty you want it. TWO FOR ME PLEASE!).

3/4 cup to 1 1/4 cups water (use less water to make it taste "thicker").

1 Dukan Diet cocoa packet (my brand is Swiss Miss) 25 calories.

1 packet Splenda optional.

Place tea bag(s) in water in microwavable mug. Microwave on high 2 minutes. Let sit a second to cool a bit and for tea bag to continue soaking. Mix in Dukan Diet cocoa packet thoroughly (no chunks). Sweeten with splenda if desired..


Yummy yum!.

I'm sipping on some RIGHT now, and I tell you the warmth and cocoa-ey minty-ness (lol) is VERY uplifting!.

This would probably also work with a few drops of peppermint extract and some Splenda I've never tried it though...

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Good question... I dunno what is the right answer. I'll do some Googling and get back to you if I got an anything. You should email the people at Dukan Diet as they probably can answer it..

Comment #1

Sounds like a great recipe. I wonder how it would taste with the Dukan Diet cocoa..

Comment #2

I never ordered the Dukan Diet cocoa.. if it only calls for water, I would think that it would taste fine...

Comment #3

Bunnie, you are rockin these recipes! We'll call you Jeannie Jr...

Comment #4

Yummmmmmmm sounds good!! It's darn cold here and I have been craving something like this... much more economical (calorie and $$ wise) than a Starbucks peppermint mocha...

Comment #5

What a great idea! Thanks!.

I like Peppermint Tea and I like Dukan Diet cocoa..... never thought to put them together!..

Comment #6

Pam LOL!!!.

Jr. it is!.

RobinH yes it is!!! I LOVE peppermint cocoa and I thought of a version to make that would count as a protein, and I might post it later if I try it this week, but this was super yummy and you can't beat 25 calories!.

Kathy lol!!! My boyfriend thought it would be gross, but I convinced him otherwise! I actually made this before a few months ago, but forgot about it! lol I hope you enjoy it..

Comment #7

Oh my goodness, Bunnie. I am sipping on one right now and boy does it hit the spot. Yummmmmmmm Thanks for sharing this idea...

Comment #8

Yeh, why did I never think to do this either? And I always talk about peppermint hot chocolate, but I'm usually thinking of the real stuff with peppermint schnapps!.

And I just bought peppermint extract so I guess I could put a drop into my Dukan Diet cocoa & get the same flavor! If not, I do have peppermint tea bags somewhere!..

Comment #9

Lani Yay!!!! I'm glad you like it!!.

KJ23 let us know if it works the same with a few drops of pepp. extract and splenda!..

Comment #10

Does it get any better than this?!! Maybe at GOAL!..

Comment #11

If you ask me, maintenance is harder! lol.

You gotta make sure you keep focused, and make sure you keep all the new habits you picked up while losing weight!!! It unfortunately doesn't just "stop" lol..

Comment #12

Bunnie, - what cocoa do you use? I only found sf swiss miss which is 50 calories...

Comment #13

I use Safeway Dukan Diet Cocoa which is 25 calories for a package. I think that's the same as the Swiss Miss Fat-Free Sugar-Free variety. Not sure if that is the exact name of the Swiss Miss, but just check all the different kinds & read the labels. There is one! Safeway is the store brand equivalent in my store so check for store brands as well!! Yum!.

I still have to try this!..

Comment #14

My cocoa is Swiss Miss Dukan Diet Cocoa. It actually has "Diet" written on it on a pink ribbon on the box. I found it at walmart and winn dixie.....

Comment #15

Thank you so much for posting this recipe!! I have had 3 of them since yesterday night!!!.

Amazing how the Dukan Diet Hot Cocoa is not very good when you drink it by itself, however once you add the peppermint is SOOOOO yummy!..

Comment #16

I'm so happy you liked it!!!.

And the peppermint tea really does add a little extra "something" to the cocoa!..

Comment #17

I tried this last night, it was really good! Even my daughter made one for herself! Thanks Bunnie!..

Comment #18

Thanks Bunnie - I checked my box at home I have Sugar free only - not Dukan Diet - will replace that !..

Comment #19

Tdrsom thank you! And I'm going for 10 more now!!!.

Linda that's great! My boyfriend was buming mine.. stealing The Bunnie's food is a no-no. I had to make him one and fix that! lol.

Hope you find it Tracy!..

Comment #20

Thank you Bunnie for this recipe & all the ones you have made & shared with us. You are the Greatest! You also look Amazing! You Go Girl! I'm going to try this recipe tonight I can't wait Yummy!.

Luv ya & Take care! Have a wonderful weekend!..

Comment #21

Thanks so much Josie! You have a great week/weekend as well!..

Comment #22

Woohoo I'm going to make this tonight!! I found my peppermint tea!!..

Comment #23

OMG, I'm drinking it now...YUMMY!!!! I just put a Tbsp of Splenda in with the cocoa & peppermint tea bag & it's sooooo good!! Hard to drink just one cup!!.

But I'll definitely be stocking up on this & leaving some at work so I can drink it during the day!! I don't usually add free foods during the day (just don't think about it)...but now I will!.

Thanks again for the GREAT idea!!..

Comment #24

Wahoo! Glad ya like it girl!.

I had some tonight too! lol I guess I'm an addict. My bf and I went to starbucks and he got a cocoa, and I got their Refresh mint tea.. added my own little Dukan Diet cocoa (I made him run to walmart with me! haha) and splenda and was a happie bunnie for the night lol..

Comment #25

I have to stop and get peppermint tea bags but I can't wait to try it!!! MMMMMmmmmm..

Comment #26

Just stopped at the grocery after spinning class at the gym to pick up the ingredients.....cant wait. it is rainy and 38 degrees outside!.

Thanks for the idea!..

Comment #27

HEY , This sounds good I have all the ingredients. I will give it a try. YUM!!!.

Thanks, Cathy..

Comment #28

I tried this hot cocoa. If you like peppermint patties, you will like this. It is very good for diet. Thanks for the recipe. Cathy..

Comment #29

Very welcome Cathy! Glad you liked it!.

And I think it makes the cocoa taste less "diet" this way too!..

Comment #30

Hi Bunnie07,.

First of all, this is a GREAT Free Food suggestion. I am drinking teas all the time and this is a great peppermint suggestion (I love the peppermint mocha at Starbucks, so this will be a great substitute)..

Do you have any recommendations on the peppermint tea bags? (Brand name, where to find them...etc).

Thanks a bunch!..

Comment #31

Hi sweet-girl! Not really!.

I started with the Starbucks Refresh mint tea.. now I am using some random brand from the Dollar tree! LOL.

As long as it is a bold minty tea you like, I think it will work fine!..

Comment #32

I'm not a fan of tea, but I do this with cocoa and some peppermint DaVinci syrup (sugar-free, of course). Mmmmm...

Comment #33

Very welcome!.

I didn't even know they made that flavor SF! I gotta hunt some down!..

Comment #34

I've done this with candy canes and it never occured to me to use peppermint tea! DUH! What a great idea!! Thanks!.

I've added 1 tsp of instant coffee to my candy cane/hot cocoa mix for a mint chocolate latte. So I assume adding coffee to the tea/cocoa mix would do the same thing!..

Comment #35


You may want to use a caffeine free peppermint tea, to avoid caffeine overload LOL..

Or use DaVinci sugar free peppermint syrup (thanks Robin!) or a few drops pure peppermint extract and some splenda!..

Comment #36

Thanks for the peppermint cocoa recipe. I am on at a set point that I carried for about ten years, so need all the help I can get. Thanks again...

Comment #37

I was at Whole Foods today and Celetial Seasonings teas in Christmas flavors were only $1.49 per box of 20..

I bought: Candy Cane (which would probably work for this thread suggestion), Sugar Plum Fairy and Gingerbread teas. They were a great price and I'm looking forward to trying each one. Reason I mention it on this thread is that you might want to check out/stock up on the Candy Cane while it's around and on sale. I haven't tried any of them yet, though, since I just bought them today...

Comment #38

WOW! Would never have thought of adding peppermint.


! I just added it to my cocoa mix (I use this as protein serving) of 1/3 c ff dry milk, 1 tbsp unsweetened dry cocoa and Splenda. Definitely a keeper! The tea gives it an extra "kick"!..

Comment #39

I LOVE the Celstial Seasonings holiday teas!! The Sugar Cooke Sleigh Ride is my FAVORITE! Candy Cane lane is the next. I don't have a whole foods, but thanks for sharing!.

Glad you liked it!!..

Comment #40

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