Has anyone tried the Raw Food Dukan Diet?

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First question I have is Has anyone tried the Raw Food Dukan Diet? Thanks for any response. Another question I got... I dread going to my Dukan Diet cupboard - especially at dinner. It seems like the majority of the meals I've had have been soupy. I look at the pictures and see this nice looking meal, and then open the box and feel like I'm eating slop (I'm sorry, I'm just particularly cranky today). I can only eat so much pizza, burgers, lasagna and risotto (the only things I've had that haven't been soupy).

I know, I know eat to live not live to eat, but I like to at least semi-enjoy what I'm eating.

Any suggestions?..

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I'm stumped. I'm not so sure what is the right answer. I'll do some Googling and get back to you if I bump into an answer. You should email the people at Dukan Diet as they probably could help you..

Comment #1

If you mean too much sauce or gravy. I always take the food out of the container and put it on a plate. I use a fork to remove the entre and then spoon the desired amount of sauce I want on it..

This way everything is not smothered in gravy or sauce for me...

Comment #2

I do mean too much sauce/gravy, and I do plate my food too, but it's still so much gravy that I just can't stand it...

Comment #3

For the entrees with a lot of gravy or sauce, I just pour it on unseasoned cooked veggies..

For the tomato-y sauce, I like it over sauteed zucchini and yellow squash and mushroom, they go really well together..

For the beef stew brown sauce, I like to line the plate with one or a combination of the following: broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, cabbage, green beans, baby brussel sprouts...

Comment #4

"I can only eat so much pizza, burgers, lasagna and risotto...".

I'm sorry, but I couldn't help but giggle. I could live on those few items alone, forever.....

Comment #5

Here are some suggestions from a previous post from my idol graylady:.

Modifying the Dukan Diet Dinner Entrees.

Repost since it's been a while since I've put this one up There are a number of suggestions on the boards for fixing up specific meals.... I've put together a 'generic' post that may give you ideas for doctoring up.


Meals that you find in need of ummmm "some help", once you've come up with your own unique ideas, please share with the rest of us ..... I like most of the chicken dinners (prefer the ones that have chunks of chicken and not the processed chicken breast) and don't like most of the beef dinners lots of people feel the opposite, so NEVER let another poster's likes/dislikes govern your ordering selections, make up your OWN mind by trying everything!!! I've found find that most of the.



Improve with additions.What seems to work well for many folks with most of the.


Is to:.

(1) dump it over a pile of cooked vegetables that complement the dish, this minimizes the need to season the vegetables as the 'sauce' does that for you, it also makes a larger dinner that isn't totally swimming in sauce as some of the.


Dinners seem to do.

(2) add fat free stuff (cheese, sour cream, cream cheese) to "modify" the sauce depending on quantity these items may be whole or partial proteins (add together to get 1 whole protein serving saved from earlier in the day - mix&match if you like), or "free foods" (under 20 calories, limit to 2-3 per day)... top Italian.


With 2 tsp parmesan cheese (free food);.

(3) add some broth/bouillon or V-8 or tomato juice/sauce to thin the sauce and then add your own seasonings, again to shift the flavor to one you find more appealing... You can add broth (chicken, beef or vegetable) or try dry bouillon (cubes or powdered version). Some people use liquid broth, which increases the sauce, others use bouillon cubes or measure out smaller portions of the dry whichever you use, it adds sodium so watch it..

(4) if you don't like 'stew-like' dishes with a lot of 'juice', you can cook the original or 'revised' sauce for a while so it reduces and is thicker. Again, dump over steamed veggies.

(5) try adding 1-2 tbsp of fat free sour cream (free food) to the meat dishes, it makes the entree more like stroganoff (regardless of the label, most of the beef 'gravies' taste a lot alike to me).... Some people add a bit of sweetener... Other folks swear by a splash of hot sauce.... Pouring them over steamed veg's that go with the entree is a good way to add bulk and thin the effect of the gravy.from graylady: I like to saute mushrooms, onion & garlic (spritz pan with butter or oil spray & cook fast over high heat) for most of the.


Often I'll check my Joy of Cooking for herbs/spices (I look thru the gravy'd meat/poultry recipes and find one that looks good) and add to the mush/onion while cooking.... just before they are done, I'll add 1-2 tbsp (approx 25 cal per ounce) of cooking wine for flavor sherry/sauterne for coq au vin or stroganoff effect, burgundy for heartier flavor, marsala for sweet, (usually one close to whatever Joy recommends), then add.


Entree to mix & heat... If I'm adding broth, it goes in with wine, sour cream just before serving. I keep sherry, marsala, burgundy, sauterne, & white cooking wines as a matter of course. The extra salt in them, while making the wine undrinkable does allow it to keep for a long time in the refrigerator. So, I can pretend that items like "NS Pot Roast" is really stroganoff (add sour cream and sherry) or bourguigonne (add mushrooms, onions & burgundy), or the "NS Homestyle Chicken" is coq au vin (add mushrooms, onions, tarragon & dry white wine).

Sometimes, I'll have a lunch like chicken or tuna salad and save the bread for dinner and have 1/2 small red potato diced to absorb extra.


"sauce" (which I find to be generally poor in the beef.


, but don't mind the soup/stew like chicken.


I'm still working on what to do with the salsbury steak as I thought the sauce poor but the meat inedible. I'll try cutting the meat into small pieces, adding ff sour cream and a splash of wine to the sauce as well as sauted mushrooms, onions & garlic.... then put it over a bed of cooked spinach ..... that should modify the iffy taste of the sauce and hopefully hide the meat.The Thai Style Noodles, Teriyaki Beef and Chicken with Almonds work well over lightly steamed fresh bean sprouts (nuke a minute or two with a splash of soy sauce) and drizzle 1 tsp sesame oil (fat serving). I'd suggest you NOT have a meal with soy sauce the night before you weigh in because of the high sodium in the soy sauce unless you have no problem with fluid retention (LOL).

The "add-water" pasta dinner entrees benefit from the addition of a small bit of cheese (1 wedge of laughing cow light plus parmesan to make a protein serving in the "white" primavera; 1 oz velveeta light in the mac-N-cheese), and perhaps some ff cream cheese to thicken (I use extra water to 'stretch' the meal, then add stuff to re-thicken)... appropriate vegetables also stretch these dinners pour thinned mac-n-cheese dinner over a pile of broccoli & cauliflower, add zucchini & mushrooms to primavera....

Hope this helps 'trigger' your ideas and creativity.


My "Collected Recipes" are now on my Dukan Diet Blog.


Graylady's Collected Recipes..

Comment #6

Eat what you want for dinner? Buy a Lean Cuisine? If your bored with the food, follow the stats and make your own. Quit?.

Sounds to me like your talking yourself into quitting. I actually make the most of the 'slop' I eat and I'm 3 pounds from goal. Your call...

Comment #7

Try for a balance. Try not to have ALL your non-soupy ones all in a row and then be faced with nothing but soupy ones till the end of the month. Try to structure yourself. The soupy ones, for the most part, DO taste fine, so they're not awful, but if you need less sameness in terms of soupiness, make sure you're alternating and not avoiding them altogether..

There's pizzas, tacos, burger, lasagna, risottothat's almost a whole week of dinners right there. If you came up with 2 others you could stand you could order 4 of each and hardly ever have anything soupy. Once in awhile would be ok, right?.

Try not to latch onto a reason to quit that can be worked around fairly well...

Comment #8

Some non-soupy items for dinner:.

Rotini w/meatballs.

Zesty cajun style chicken and sausage w/rice.

Cheese and spinach ravioli w/meat sauce.

Burgundy sauce and beef w/rice..

There are others! Good luck!!..

Comment #9

Please don't misconstrue my words, I do not want to quit - I just don't like feeling like I eat the same soupy thing for dinner every night. As I said, I do fine with breakfast and lunch but I'm struggling with getting through dinners. And I'm trying to make this work. I asked for suggestions. I could have just said F**k it and quit, but I didn't, I came on here looking for some help. So to those that offered suggestions thanks...

Comment #10

Try to not let the negative comments bother you..

I pretty much do what others have mentioned, pour the meal over vegetables. Broccoli works particularly well..

Good luck!!..

Comment #11

Well I love the Lasanga and I could just have that every day.

So most of my dinners I order are the Meat and Vegie Lasanga, I have my order fixed to everything I like and I get creative sometimes and add stuff to it to make it extra yummiee. As far as the Desserts the only ones I order is the mint chocolate crunch bar, which I look forward to everynight after the gym.And the B B Q Soy chips. Breakfast I order all the Cereals there great with half bannana. And lunch the hot dogs, chicken salad and Tuna Salad. THese Items I never get tired of there good, and I have lost the weight to prove it..

I treat myself to a away Day I call it, once or twice a month, where I eat whatever I want that is not Nutri System it works for me and I dont gain any weight doing it, so I feel good. SO dont give up, think positive and not negative, try to spice up your foods with things you like...

Comment #12

I just placed my second order and only ordered a very few dinners. I like the hamburgers, meatloaf, tacos and ordered lots of the southwest style chicken that you can make so many different ways by adding veggies. I agree that the dinners are hard but it's not forever. Also, sometimes I substitute a fatfree pizza or lean cuisine. I hope you find something that works..

Comment #13

Negative comments?? She calls the food we eat 'slop' and we're supposed to blow flowers up her b_tt?.

Eat Dukan Diet on own for dinner if you don't like the food. I do that myself with lunch because I don't like the lunch entrees. I was able to figure that out without without criticizing the food and telling people they were eating slop...

Comment #14

Its kind of funny that people get offended when someone criticizes the Dukan Diet food. Its not like they came to your house and criticised something YOU cooked. For me I'm fine with the food and will be sticking to the program till the goal I have is met. I like it and if someone else doesnt Im not gonna get offended. She just wanted suggestions......

Comment #15

I'm not offended in the least. I could care less if anyone eats or likes the food as long as I do. I do think there are more diplomatic ways to ask for help. Sorry, I just don't have a lot of patience for people that are negative..

When people make posts like this.

It strikes me that they aren't asking for suggestions so much as just complaining about the food...

Comment #16

Speaking of soup...that is exactly what I made for dinner last night, using my Basil Chicken Breast entree. I got caught in a downpour yesterday evening and had trouble shaking the chill I caught..

I shredded the chicken breast and added my veggies (I used Bird's Eye steamed mixed veggies). I then poured in a small can of LS V-8 and then added a tiny bit of water, to thin it down just a bit. I garnished with a little bit of reduced-fat Parmesan Blend. It was fabulous and hit the spot..

I really wanted to add a few of croutons, but I thought better of it...

Comment #17

That does sound good!! I make soup sometimes using the FF SL broth and veggies. Now that it's getting cooler, I might make it again. The parmesan blend sounds so good!..

Comment #18

The basil chicken and southwest chicken are GREAT as a soup... I made a chili with the southwest chicken that was amazing......

Comment #19

I have only been on 2 days. I had the thai noodles last night and the chicken almond rice tonight. I have hated both! I am not a picky eater. I haven't tried the pizza yetplease tell me it is good. I don't have any burgers-I wish I didI think I could make them taste good. I amthinking of sending back the other 5 boxes of the ones I've triedhas anyone tried that yet?..

Comment #20

I didn't like either the thai noodles or the chicken almond rice but like most every thing else especially the tomato based ones. The pizza is good if you put veges and/or ff cheese on in addition. I usually end up with a very tall pizza and it is filling...

Comment #21

The pizza is good but small. It's more filling than you think though. Give it a try! Is it thin or thick crust? When I had the thin pizza I used a low cal tortilla (50 cal) and put some of the extra sauce on it and a little ff cheese. More calories but it fills you up. Christina Gray is able to slice the thick crust pizza into two but I'm not that talented..

Never had the tai noodles or chicken almond rice. I'm not very adventurous and stick with burgers and stuff that I really do like and can fix up. I order 15 burgers and the rest are ravioli, lasagna and the beef dishes. The meat loaf is good and I don't like meatloaf. Don't be put off by the color of the potatoes, just pour some of the sauce on them. I usually do two nights a week of dinners on my own and have a chicken breast and a low gi carb like peas or something so I don't get tired of stuff..

Sure, you can send stuff back! As long as it's within 30 days. Make sure you make a copy of what you're sending back and get a tracking number...

Comment #22

I usually pour off the sauce if it is too much. I am finding that I don't get everything in! I am amazed that now I feel full on eating less..

I found a couple of things that I didn't like and sent rest of those things back through exchanging and got my exchanges quickly..

I do switch out dinner and lunch sometime especially when I have had to go off Dukan Diet for a meal because I am with extended family for birthdays or whatever.....

Proud to say 5 weeks in and 15 pounds lighter...

Comment #23

I like to spice things up with red pepper flakes, cumin, black pepper, etc...Just no salt!..

Comment #24

Great ideas for adding veggies to entrees. I, too, was a bit overwhelmed with the sauce - but, pleased with food overall - just have sauce left over. But, add broccoli or cauliflower could really be good...

Comment #25

Swedish8Fish - yes I complained about the food, and I was feeling a bit negative about the program because I was stuck. I stated in my original post that I was sorry (right after I put that.

I felt.

Like I was eating slop) and that I was particularly cranky that day. I find it hard to believe you are sunshine and smiles all day every day. Now by no means am I apologizing for my feelings, I felt the way I felt. But if you notice, you're the one blowing me making that comment up into a huge deal. I've seen you attack other people in posts where there is a comment that someone doesn't like the food. It's great you found a way to make it work, but this is an internet discussion board, and I can say what I want, however I want..

Everyone else.... thanks. I'm going to try those suggestions...

Comment #26

I don't have much problem with the dinners; these are good: Hamburger; put on whole wheat bun, add lettuce, pickles, etc., FF cheese. Pizza's; add canadian bacon. Chili with beans, Tacos-(make a taco salad with them). Macaroni and cheese, eat with canadian bacon and frozen stir fry vegetables. Try adding stir fry vegetables to the green pepper steak. (It makes good use of all that gravy}.


Lunches are what I really have a problem with.

I love the chocolate peanut butter bars, the vegetable soup and the red beans and rice are okay,and that's about it. So,...sometimes I eat my "snack/dessert" for breakfast, with some turkey bacon and a piece of fruit. I will eat my "dinner" for lunch, my "breakfast" for supper; such as pancakes, 1 scrambled egg, turkey bacon, and save my lunch entree for dessert, if I am still really hungry. If it is a chocolate peanut butter bar (which is what I order most of), then it is really like a dessert...

Comment #27

I would suggest trying some of the different recipes out there on the boards for the items you find to soupy like.. There are some great ideas, that make the meals really good and different... Like there are so many things you could do with just the chicken (chicken sandwhich, chicken salad, add it to the veggie faijta and eat half one night and half the other night etc.. so that you are eating the same thing, but never the same meal twice....

Oh and ignore Swedish... If you were trying to talk yourself into quitting you would not of come to the board to ask for help on how to stick with it.. most of the people on the board are supportive and kind.. others... think to much of themselves and don't realize they breath the same air we do ;-)..

Comment #28

Your comment about not liking negative people.. makes me laugh.. I have yet to read a positive comment made by you to a post some one has started. You post negative responses all the time to people...

Comment #29

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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