Has anyone tried the Nutrisystem diet on line?

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Got a question, hope someone can answer... Has anyone tried the Nutrisystem diet on line? Thanks for any answer. 2nd question I got is.. Welp,.

My wife up and done decided she's gonna try to approximate the Nutrisystem foods via the grocery stow as - well - she just ain't losin that much (1 pound a week) to justify the expense..

She was figgerin she can get about the same stuff for 3 something a day instead of the 10 something were forkin on NS..

I seen the stuff she hauled home and it looked comparable..

I'll letcha know how that pans out..

I bet there's lotsa info about this in the maintenance thread..

Any buddy ever done dis?.

Do you have dangerous horror stories to disway such hazardous thinking?.

As fer me - I'm delaying the next order for a month and eating all of what's left. Me tinks I can justa bout make it and then substitute a bit if needed..

Our credit card's been gettin rather hefty with 2 Nutrisystem orders each month and a couple times the auto odor has dropped on us 3 times in a month..

I'm not rich like the rest of you..

I've got pets to get spayed and games to be played..

So - anywai..

If she does good with the substitutions I might give it a whirl..

But I gots no plan of quittin..

No. Nun. Knotta..

There, I said it..

I write all this because she's hogging the Xbox and I'm bored..

CHOW! ~Rob..

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I'm stumped. I'm not so sure what is the answer to your question. I'll do some research in Google and get back to you if I discover an answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably could give you help..

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I've tried it and I failed miserably. I also noticed I ended out throwing a lot out because I messed up my meals. just make sure she goes to the store, lets say, every other day with a menu of EXACTLY what she is going to eat the next two days. I could go on about cooking chicken in olive oil and only eating the exact anount of pasta/chicken for a particular meal - but you get the idea. when you have two lbs of pasta and chicken in front of you, it's not easy to just take the exact amount.....

Comment #2

I've been doing Nutrisystem on my own since July '10. I haven't had any problems with portion control or temptations. I do agree with Bob, though, she'll be at the store ALL THE TIME!.

Btw, my cc couldn't take the $300/mo either. Poor doesn't even begin to describe my situation right now..

One more thing. it's so much easier to do it on your own if you exercise. make it a helps!.

Best of luck to your wife...

Comment #3

I find it pretty easy to make it work if you just use addins to approximate entress. Instead of making fancy meals that approximate the Nutrisystem entrees (you'll find it hard to make them that small). But easy to make an openfaced sandwich or an eggwhite scramble or the like. Keep the veggies high. They are key....

Dick (guy who use to post here) would Wok every meal...

Comment #4

I did it for a couple of months in order to save money as well. It isn't easy, but as others have said it can be done. I searched all over and found this website,.


It has some pretty good recipes, I found it pretty useful. Good luck to your wife!..

Comment #5

Invest in an accurate kitchen scale and weigh individual portions, bag 'em and tag 'em. Nutrisystem is easy; shopping and preparing is hard to plan..


Liquid eggs and morningstar turkey sausage.

Cheerios and fresh berries.


Albacore tuna and Smart Beat "mayo".

Turkey breast (98% ff) and Smart Beat "mayo".

Salad Bar salad.

3 bean salad.


Shrimp (4) and broccoli.

Grilled Chicken Breast (lot's of recipes on here).


I found this.


In one of my junkin' excursions and it looks good to help..

Stay on top of it Rob, or Marty will get his legs back and walk all over you again..

I'm getting my fourth BBB (since May 1st) just before Thanksgiving, so basically I've done two months off Nutrisystem already...

Comment #6

When I started doing Nutrisystem on my own 2 months ago I found this post exceedingly helpful..


Best of luck, and like others said she'll likely be making multiple grocery store trips the first week or two. I did, because I'd forget something or not get enough of it...

Comment #7

You're not ready yet, grasshopper. Hit the Trade thread up top for your dinners at least. You can probably handle breakfast and lunch but dinner's a bigger production - and you'll more than likely end up spending more at the grocery store for this meal alone than you would for a full day of NS..

Best of luck to you...

Comment #8

I can easily approximate much of Nutrisystem - but not in single serving sizes and portion control is the most difficult part (for me)..

We're getting a chest freezer in the next week or so. I'm hoping to fire up my my FoodSaver and start portioning things out better and having a few more frozen options on hand for when I don't want to cook. That big pot on the stove is just too tempting. I'd like to see my ticker move again.....

That being said - hubby's lost 30 lbs. So changing the way I cook has definitely helped him - even w/o too much portion control. But at only 5' tall, I have to be a LOT more careful..

Good luck!.


Sig removed to comply with Menz Rulez..

Comment #9

The little woman bought some low fat meals come in a freezer bag - serves like 3 - breaks them into portions..

As for me - I do do do wanna stay on Nutrisystem unless she can really show me she's got a working system...

Comment #10

Can't stay on Nutrisystem all the time. Might as well take what you learned and apply it to your meals. Be smart and stay the course..

I suspect if your meals are high in vegetable and low in carb and such like on the NS, you will be fine..

I've been subbing on and off with my Nutrisystem and I got enough food in the cabinet for 3 weeks and a BBB should be sitting at my front door today. So I canceled my auto delivery and continue with what I have. Plus with all of traveling I got coming up, it's pointless having the BBB come to the house when I can't bring it in or even use it while I'm gone. So I'm going to take what I learned and apply it to what I eat at home..

Amazingingly I lost my weight without even really exercising so if I start that soon I will have a helping hand in loosing weight. When I hurt my back I pretty much stopped all exercising and focused on getting my back in shape. Starting the day I get back from Christmas Vacation I plan on weightlifting so my weigh is going to change along with the measuring tape!..

Comment #11

I'd say if you do decide to try Nutrisystem on your own, don't try to switch it all over at once. Sub a couple meals a week at first, find out what works and what doesn't. Then gradually switch more and more over if it's working for you..

That was my original plan, then I got forced into going full time on my own rather suddenly lol. One of those "sink or swim" situations. Thankfully I didn't sink!..

Comment #12

I agree. I slowly transitioned over a 6 month period. It is not easy to do all at once. Once you get the hang of it, though, it is like second nature...

Comment #13

Good luck, Rob!! It's cool that you'll have your wife's experience to get your feet wet. My wife is an extremely slow looser as well. She'd be happy with a pound a week, and she's sticking closer to Nutrisystem than ever! I've not had the nerve, gumption, or guts to even try it. I don't trust myself at all. I can't even build a freakin' salad without making it a 1500 cal gut buster!.

Let us know how it goes for her and what you think of it, Rob!.


Comment #14

Monday, I almost felt like a criminal at lunch, stopping at a Carl's Jr place for their Chicken Salad (minus cheeses). Funny how you become accustomed, or is it brainwashed, to this new eating style that I've never done before. Even though my wife isnt on Nutrisystem with me, being I am on this diet, she herself has lost 6 pounds without trying, namely for us not going out for lunches and evening meals 4-5 times a week. Sure cant complain about the outcome, sofar...

Comment #15

I concur. Having learned to flex, it was helpful to my mindset when I went off program. Of course, nutritionally there is nothing "magic" in NS. The benefit of the system is that it is such a strong "system". If you could have gotten it off ad hoc, you probably would have already. that said, if you can stay systematic, then you have good hopes..

I guess it is a tradeoff. For me, it was just worth the money. I was blowing so much on gin and bar meals in the past...that going on Nutrisystem saved money. Even with my astronomical veggie bills!.

That said, I am "dieter first", not "company first". At the end of the day, Nutrisystem is just another commercial packaged goods company..

I do think if you keep calorie tracking, it should help you stay compliant. And you are such a geek you actually get off on that stuff...

Comment #16

I keep wondering why, just because certain posters lose a challenge, we all need to be punished. Can we just say goodbuy to Hoff? Please??????..

Comment #17

You don't like the Hoff?!?!.

I also do use an online calorie tracker. To make sure I stay in the right calorie range, and to keep an eye on the rest of my stats to make sure I'm not like completely over on something...

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