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Got a question, hope someone can answer... Has anyone tried the Nutrisystem Diet? Many thanks for any answer. 2nd question I got is.. I did my official weigh in today up 1 lb. I've switched up my exercise (for the better) and have rearranged some of my diet (like getting all my carbs in by lunch time) and still went from 204 - 205. I know that's not awful and I'm probably still just in the plateau...I just needed to vent..

And for the record, I've been eating big salads at lunch and dinner and the only slip up I've had was 1/2 cup of lowfat homemade ice cream on July 4th - I made the ice cream myself. I know what was in it and I don't count it as much of a slip up..

Still hanging in but the frustration is setting in now...

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That's a good question. I'm not sure what is the right answer. I'll do some Googling and get back to you if I find an good answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably could help you..

Comment #1

Hang in there Ryan ....I just looked at your profile and you are doing great!!.

A while back the scale revealed a gain for me but to my amazement the coming weeks reflected a more than average loss...

Comment #2

This is becomming an expensive plateau!.

I'm stumped, man. Sounds like you're doing everything right..

I think you're too worried about the scale. If you're lifting heavy and eating a little more protein then you're not going to lose too much too fast - I'm assuming you're waist is smaller and your shirt sleeves are tighter? You can only work out so much on a low-cal diet..

Oh ... and to anyone that tells geller to stop working out if he wants to lose weight and that exercise is overrated - stifle it! If you're losing a ton of weight and NOT lifting you're going to look like a half-empty bad of jelly...

Comment #3

1. Stick to 100%. You are probably due a big drop. Certainly giving up and eating more is not the solution..

2. How many calories per day are you consuming? Please list yesterday's food consumption (exactly)..

3. Saw Sean's note. Absolutely...keep lifting. Lifting boosts your metabolism, makes you feel like a man, gives you muscles. And it actually makes you lose fat (and weight) faster. I could go into the mathematics of it, but it should be's not like you are getting energy from the air.

Also, the activity itself of lifting burns decent calories. And people really don't build pounds and pounds of muscle very quickly anyhow (unless they juice). The time scale for muscle mass development is about 5-10 times slower than the time scale for dieting fat loss...

Comment #4

Breakfast - 1 6oz nonfat yogurt.

NS Lowfat Granola.

12 fresh cherries.

1 slice of whole wheat toast.

Snack - 1/2 small banana.

1 stick low fat string cheese.

Lunch - Big Salad (Mixed spring greens, Romaine, 1oz cucumber,.

4 cherry tomatoes broccoli, 2 tbsp of Kraft Free Thousand Island,.

NS Homestyle potatoes, 1/3 cup of corn (moved my dinner.

Carb to lunch).

Snack - Nutrisystem Caramel Chocolate Bar.

Dinner - Nutrisystem Rotini w/Meatballs, Big Salad (same as lunch salad), 1/2 cup.

Broccoli, 6 almonds, 1 peach.

Dessert - Nutrisystem Oatmeal raisin cookie.

45 min total body workout 8:30 pm - 9:15.

6oz Whey protein..

Comment #5

And I feel for ya man. I was whimpering and moaning, when I had a week where I "only" lost a pound. And the men's room set me straight, tout de suite! I don't know how I would endure a month long plateau. You are strong to keep your head in the game..

That said, let's analyze this thing. I think you must either have a bad scale or (more likely) be eating more calories than you think you are. Even with poop and water variation, don't see how a man would go a month and stay the same..

That cup of ice cream was the only cheat in your last month? No beers?..

Comment #6

I'm not lifting heavy. I don't really have access or room to anything other than dumbells. I go between 25 and 30lb dumbells. I am seeing some good muscle development in my arms, legs, and back. My sleeves are tighter and I've gone from a size 40 pants to a size 34 since January. I wonder if I should cut the protein shakes since I'm not really pushing myself with the weights?..

Comment #7

I had a couple of whiskey and diet cokes last weekend and my friends and I ate at Paula Deen's restuarant last Friday, but I only ate boiled shirmp and steamed crab (and one piece of cornbread)..

I think my body just might be getting used to my workout. Thinking about adding in some cardio on my off riding, running, something like that to shake things up...

Comment #8

Plan looks good. Even your supplementation seems in order. I personally would go with a bit more veggies (yeah there are calories in veggies, but they really keep cheats at bay and the fiber actually reduces calorie intake from the other foods...that said, I was losing like crazy.).

I know it is a pain in the ass, but I suggest doing formal calorie counting for the next 2 weeks. Let's get some data on this. I really don't see how you can stay 205 at 1700 calories for long...

Comment #9

1. First, try getting really strict with cutting the booze and cheats. I would cut that before you cut the protein supplementation..

2. Do the calorie counting. Obviously, something is going on and we just need to gather the data to find the issue. Do a couple weeks of strict 100%, with monitored intake. I'm kinda willing to bet we find a source of more calories...or just the activity of monitoring helps you be more strict. that...or you end up taking a big dump in the 2 weeks!.

3. If you have the time, I would try to bump up the exercise a bit. Don't go insane, but slowly turn up the notch a little. Add some morning cardio, at least a walk...better yet a bike's fun. men were not built to live in cubicles...get outdoors..

4. Stick to your lifting program and try to slowly, progress in your strength. Journal your lifts and try to increase weekly. Every little increase (a rep, an extra plate) makes a difference. And they add up over the course of the year. And it makes it more fun to keep track of progress that way (really train) than to just "lift" as an activity.

5. Look into ways to increase the load you lift. I go to a big gym, so it is easy (and I bike there (or go after work on the way home).) But you don't have to join a gym or buy fancy stuff. Getting regular good workouts is more important than irregular fancy workouts. Lou Ferigno was training for major competions all the way to the top, with a bench in his basement. (OK...he was roided up, but so was get my don't need to be a Gold's gym in Venice Beach).

Also, maybe buy a couple bigger dumbells. you're worth it. Oh...and for 20 bucks, you can have a pullup bar...and pullups will kick your ass. Especially as a 200#er. Big guys have a lot of mass to move.....

Comment #10

Yeah, I've started in January using 15 lb dumbells, was up to 20 lb dumbells by mid February and and using 25s now. I want to go up to 30s but my left shoulder has some kind of damage to it (15 years of slinging a bass guitar around will do that) and is considerable weaker than my right shoulder. I've been thinking about getting heavier for chest back and arms and sticking with the 25s for shoulders for now..

Thanks Poly and Sean for the tips and advice. I'm going to start food/workout logging again tomorrow..

Thanks everyone for the positive comments and encouragement!..

Comment #11

File this under me being too worried about the scale:.

I weighed this morning and I've dropped almost 1lb since yesterday. Maybe I'm getting back in the groove!..

Comment #12

Hey Gellar -.

I hear your frustration. Here's a suggestion that has worked well for me and for other guys here. For 3 days,.


One 330 calorie 16 oz Muscle Milk (available at any nutrition store and most gyms) after your workout to your existing eating routine. If it does not do anything, simply stop. Report back what happens..

I'm not going to debate it, since I don't understand it myself, but it really can't hurt to try for just a couple days and the results may be dramatic if you are indeed way under-calorie for your natural metabolism and activity level..


Comment #13

Or - nevermind..

Your lb lost post came in as I was posting my suggestion. Good job on your loss!.


Comment #14

Thanks, Gordon. The nurse here on campus (where I work) suggested adding in some extra calories. She said that my body may be in starvation mode. I already drink a whey protein shake after my workout. Are you suggesting to add muscle milk along with the shake I already drink?..

Comment #15

You're already supplementing. Plus there's no such thing as starvation mode. journal your calories and let's see how much the slips are contributing (or that you lose weight, when NOT slipping)...

Comment #16

From Tom Venuto's Burn the Fat blog (this is an excerpt, but more studies are cited if you follow the link):.


Comment #17

Yes, add the 330 cal of MM in on top of whatever you're currently doing. No sense entering into debate over the starvation issue. It's been done and redone. Ad nauseum. Just try if you want to. Report back if you do..


Comment #18

There is no scientific basis for plateau breaking from extra calories. And it violates common sense. Gordon has advocated "cheat meals" in the past, to break plateaus, but if you look at his ticker, there were no extended plateaus. So what he did, was overanalyze a few days noise variation..

Gellar: drop the ice cream and the whiskey and journal your calories. No way, you will stay stalled, if you really consume 1700 calories with a good workout (or 1500 withouth one). You're not some Spanish Moss plant that can convert CO2 from the air into living tissue. You have to get energy from somehwere. And if you are in calorie deficit, it will come out of your fat...

Comment #19

Yeah, I'm just going to stick with what I know works. Seriously though, it's not like I've been on a whiskey bender for the last month. I had two or three weak drinks (mixed with diet coke) at a casino. The only other thing I can think of was for the 4th I had a BBQ chicken breast for dinner (made the sauce myself and cut back on the sweetness) and had the 1/2 cup lowfat ice cream (also made myself)..

Anyway, I've been keeping up with my food today and haven't had any sembalance of a slip up this week and have already dropped almost 1 whole pound. Last night was my usual night off from the weights but I'm back on em tonight..

Thanks everyone...

Comment #20


..continuing to do the same thing for another week is probably not going to work! If what youre doing is not working, do something.


1) Eat less.

Calorie cutting works when youre already at a moderate to high calorie level or if youre eating too much because you underestimated the amount of calories you need. If your calories are already low, then further cutting of calories will have a negative effect in the long run. Ultimately, the eat less approach always backfires if taken to an extreme. In any event, cutting calories beyond basal metabolic needs ALWAYS decreases metabolism. The degree of metabolic slowdown occurs in direct proportion to the size of the drop relative to basal metabolic rate..

I believe the first adjustment should almost always be to increase activity before decreasing calories. The conventional approach to dieting says that if youre not losing body fat, then you simply need to decrease your calories. The cornerstone of this entire program revolves around this idea: Its better to burn the fat than to starve the fat. Think about it: Decreasing calories causes a reduction in metabolic rate. Cardio always causes an increase in metabolic rate. Eating more also causes an increase in metabolic rate.

2) Manipulate macronutrient composition of diet.

3) Improve food choices..

4) Manipulate meal timing and frequency.

5) Increase duration of aerobic exercise.

6) Increase frequency of aerobic exercise.

7) Increase intensity of aerobic exercise.

8) Change type of aerobic exercise.

9) Incorporate high intensity interval training into your aerobic program...

Comment #21

Like I said. It can be, and has been, debated "ad nauseum". Not gonna go there. Just recommend an actual real-life test of a couple days. If, indeed, your stall is caused by "starvation mode" (whatever that is and if it really exists - I DON'T CARE if it's real or imaginary), you will see an immediate and dramatic resumption of your loss rate. Take it from there on your own and leave it to the wanna-be "experts" to debate if it's real or not..

Heck, if you're lucky, you'll have Poly tell everyone you're full of crap too!.

That's a good thing. It puts you in good company..


Comment #22

Ryan...try measuring yourself, if ya haven't already done that, it's another way of noting a loss even when the @&^%%^#@ scale doesn't cooperate!..

Comment #23

I'd go with measuring other things too. I'm only on week 3 but at week 2 I was 204 and week 3 was 205 (today am 204 again) but my body fat percentage has dropped from 30 to 28. The body fat scales are an excellent way to watch this (or the way your pants keep slipping down or your biceps getting bigger)..

The scales don't have to be accurate (not many of them are) but just find ones that are consistent (mine are pretty good if I use them at the same time each day). Once the body fat number is going down then it is all good..

On a plateau on other diets I've found a cheat meal helps, doesn't have to be beer and pizza but there's plenty of reasonably healthy options available...

Comment #24

Actually, I got on the scales again this morning. Yesterday I was 204.somethingoranother and today I was 202.5. So kicking up my exercise is working, plus I've started measuring my food again. I was probably getting in some extra calories by eyeballing everything I ate instead of measuring it..

Thanks for the advice everyone...

Comment #25

Alright, final update and then I'll drop it. Weighed in this morning at 200.6! Upped the exercise and measured the food and it worked, whodathunkit?..

Comment #26

Glad you figured something out! I had started eyeballing my food; maybe I'll get a head start on avoiding that practice..

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