Has anyone tried Nutrisystem? If so, is it worth it?

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Got a quick question: Has anyone tried Nutrisystem? If so, is it worth it? Thanks for any comment. My 2nd question... Okay, fellas... suit up! Time to set a goal for August 1. Who's in?.

I'll be shooting for 14 pounds this month..

7/1/2010: 300.0.

8/1/2010 Goal: 285.x (minimum -14)..

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I would like to know the answer too. Anyone here know what is the right answer. I'll do some research in Google and get back to you if I bump into an answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably could answer your Nutrisystem question..

Comment #1

Count me in. Get me into One-derland with a little room to spare. Goal of 198..


Comment #2

07.01.2010: 261.2 lbs.

Aug 1 Goal : 250.

I'm looking to rebound from a somewhat disappointing June...

Comment #3

I'm going to try something new this month, set multiple goals and as long as I get 2 or 3 of them, I'll consider this month an success..

CW: 246.4.

Goal 1: 241 (-5.4).

Goal 2: 239.6 (-6.8).

Goal 3: 236.4 (-10.0).

Goal 4: 231.4 (-15.0).

If I can do those, then I'll hit 175, my BMI will go from Obese to Overweight, and I'll be well onto 200 pounds...

Comment #4

I'm setting multiple goals this month myself....

Starting weight: 304.8.

1a) Reach 60 pound bear (301.8) by 9-Jul.

1b) Reach 300 pounds by 9-Jul (This is what I really want).

10-Jul - 18-Jul is vacation for our family.

2) at a minimum maintain 9-Jul weight while on vacation, but preferably lose a few pounds (I will be taking some Nutrisystem food, but I'm being realistic in that I will not be eating Nutrisystem food every day as it just won't be feasible with some places we will be)..

3) After vacation, I'll evaluate where I'm at and set a final 1-Aug goal number, but most likely to drop 5 - 8 pounds from where I'm at on 19-Jul...

Comment #5

Ive never been good at quantitative goals.. ive always just taken it day by day.. but this may help I dont know.. I lost almost 10 pounds last month so I guess ill shoot for 10-15.. I dont know if 15 is realistic as I said ive never been good at setting goals like that...

SW 226.4.

8/1/2010 goal - 211.0..

Comment #6

So, June was crap - except for making it to ONE-derland..

01 July : 195.

01 Aug goal: 188.

I think I am on a plateau, look, I can see my house from here..

- Dave...

Comment #7

I didn't do what I should have in June, but back on track and 100% for July..

Starting - 248 Goal - 238...

Comment #8

Lame June! Goal was 350, didn't lose much at all..

Starting: 365.4, goal for Aug 1 is going to be 350 now!.

Fear me!..

Comment #9

Ok I'm in also. Shooting for 18 lbs by 8/01. on 7/01 I was 314 shooting for 296 o n 8/1..

Comment #10

Ok I am going to try to finish the month weighing 220. As of today July 2, I weigh 234.0 so I will need to lose 14 pounds to get there. A pretty big challenge, but completely doable. Let's do this!!.


234.0 lbs.

08/01/10 goal.

220.0 lbs..

Comment #11

I'd like to hit 14 stone again..

Jul 3rd 204.6.

Aug 1st < 196..

Comment #12

Saturdays are my "official" weigh-in day so it hasn't been a full week....

7/1/2010: 300.0.

7/3/2010: 297.0 (-3).

8/1/2010 Goal: 285.x (minimum -14)..

Comment #13

Monday's are my official weigh-in days, so I haven't had a full week yet in the July contest, but I have lost 1.2 pounds so far. Got another 12.8 to go to reach goal this month. Good luck everyone..


234.0 lbs.


232.8 lbs.


Goal 220.0 lbs..

Comment #14

Keeping it simple this month, and this might seem cheesy to some, but after two consecutive months of missing set goals for loss I'm setting this month's goal as 31 days of 100%. I seem to be getting too close to my goal weight to expect dramatic losses, so I think I'll be a happier man setting a goal that justifiably attainable..



2/19: 241.8 (start).

4/19: 209.6.

7/1: 189.2.

138(Days NS)..

Comment #15

Man, Comer, you are a freaking machine! Great downward slope on that w8book tracker. Weigh to go!..

Comment #16

Taking aim at 165..

Started at 170, weighed in this am at 168. Man! I haven't been under 170 since 1990!..

Comment #17

Thanks Varhodes, I appreciate it. I keep expecting the other shoe to drop and to hit a wall, but so far I my worst week on plan has been 3 pounds lost, so I can definitely handle that. I just stick to plan, walk 3 miles a day, and hope for the best. So far it is working, and I am thankful. Your chart doesn't look too shabby either, great work!..

Comment #18

LW: 246.4.

CW: 242.2.

Loss: 4.2 pounds.

Goal 1: 241 (-1.2).

Goal 2: 239.6 (-2.6).

Goal 3: 236.4 (-5.8).

Goal 4: 231.4 (-10.8).

After lass week's loss, I'm stoked about today, if I get another 3 pounds down next week, then I'll already hit my first two goals...

Comment #19

7/1/2010: 300.0.

7/3/2010: 297.0 (-3).

7/10/2010: 297.6 (.



8/1/2010 Goal: 285.x (minimum -14).

Gain wasn't as bad as I expected, but still disappointing given I could have been losing if I'd stayed on plan. Word for the week (month, year...): DISCIPLINE...

Comment #20

Well last week I lost another 2.8 lbs, slow week for me, I am hoping that this week goes better. Though overall I have lost 4 pounds since July 2, so I shouldn't complain too much. My goal is to lose 14 lbs by the end of the month and get down to 220 total weight, so I have ten more to go and 18 days to do it. It is a challenge, but completely doable. Great progress by you other men btw, keep up the good work!.


234.0 lbs.


232.8 lbs.


230.0 lbs.

08/01/10 goal.

220.0 lbs..

Comment #21

My loss has really slowed down this month so I doubt I will make my 8/1 goal. However, I'm excited to report that as of today I have officially crossed over the 60lb loss marker...

Comment #22

I wanted to go from 204 t0 196 and weighed in this morning at 200.4 so on my way there..

Comment #23

LW: 242.2.

CW: 239.2.

Loss: 3 pounds.

Overall loss: 7.2 pounds.

Goal 1: 241 (GOAL!).

Goal 2: 239.6 (GOAL!).

Goal 3: 236.4 (-2.8).

Goal 4: 231.4 (-7.8).

Smashed 2 of my goals today, definitely will hit the 3rd goal, not sure if I'll hit th 4th one though...

Comment #24

Official weigh-in day today: 168 (-2lbs).

Gonna be tough to hit my goal of 165, but I'm doing eveything in my power to hit it!..

Comment #25

Bill, Bungle, Gainford, and Bartle: excellent work to each of you! You gentlemen were an inspiration while I waited on my first BBB, and still push me with your successes..

Midterm report: 203lbs. Five more to goal, and I've lost 1.5% body fat. Feeling great!..

Comment #26

Thanks man!.

Hey, you're about to get out of the 200s. Hit it, man! That was HUGE for me. Now I'm totally addicted to working out; waaaayyyyy better than my old McD's Double Cheeseburger addiction!..

Comment #27

Heading back int he right direction....

7/1/2010: 300.0.

7/3/2010: 297.0 (-3).

7/10/2010: 297.6 (+.6).

7/17/2010: 293.8 (-3.8).

8/1/2010 Goal: 285.x (minimum -14)..

Comment #28

Thanks and you are doing awesome, almost at onderland!.

Great to see you kicking butt again this week! Congrats!..

Comment #29

On track to meet my August goal of 210lbs. I've had a good weight loss week. About 3 lbs...

Comment #30

Great work on keeping that blip just that. Keep up the good work...

Comment #31

I lost 2.6 pounds last week....this is two weeks in a row that I have lost less than 3 pounds, and I am none too thrilled. I knew the big loss weeks couldn't keep up forever, I mean I have been on program since Jan. 25 and have lost 3 or more pounds every week for goodness sakes. I just hope this isn't a coming sign of me hitting the inevitable wall that everyone hits. I am thankful and keeping my eyes on the fact that my line is still going down, I mean if all I have to complain about is ONLY losing 2.6 pounds then I need an attitude check I know. So all is not lost.

I have 12 days left now to lose 7.4 pounds, here's hoping I can kickstart back in gear. Let's do this!.


234.0 lbs.


232.8 lbs.


230.0 lbs.


227.4 lbs.


Goal 220.0 lbs..

Comment #32

Comer, you are kicking a$$. only 2.6/wk lets see.... that means you will weigh slightly less than 160 pounds at your one year Nutrisystem anniversary...

Comment #33

Well when you look at it that way, it's not so bad, lol, thanks man...

Comment #34

LW: 239.2.

CW: 236.4.

Loss: 2.8 pounds.

Overall loss: 10.0 pounds.

Goal 1: 241 (GOAL!).

Goal 2: 239.6 (GOAL!).

Goal 3: 236.4 (GOAL!).

Goal 4: 231.4 (-5.0).

Met that third goal this month, not sure if I'll hit five more pounds to hit that last one, it'll definitely be interesting to see...

Comment #35

7/1/2010: 261.

7/9/2010: 260.

7/16/2010: 260.

7/23/2010: 257.

8/1/2010: 250 Goal.

Been kinda stuck for awhile..

Comment #36

Whew! for a while there I thought this was gonna be a "no loss" month...glad I set my goal a little lower this month. Finally got the scale to move down 2 lbs by mixing up my dinner and lunches..

7/1 - 194.

Current - 192 - FINALLY.

8/1 goal - 188.....gonna be a tough final week.

- Dave.

"I plan to live forever. So far, so good."..

Comment #37

Not sure I'm going to make my goal this month. I'm down 5 with another 3 to go to make that 8/1 goal. I think I can, I think I can, I think I can.....

Comment #38

Hmm... probably won't make goal as a 6 pound week seems unlikely, but we'll see..

Slow loss this week, but I can tell the body is changing a bit. It's still headed in the right direction. 60 lb loss right around the corner..

7/1/2010: 300.0.

7/3/2010: 297.0 (-3).

7/10/2010: 297.6 (+.6).

7/17/2010: 293.8 (-3.8).

7/24/2010: 291.8 (-2).

Total so far: -8.2 lbs.

8/1/2010 Goal: 285.x (minimum -14)..

Comment #39

Way to be on track! You can do it!..

Comment #40

Yay! I finally got back on track and had a great week. I lost 4.8 lbs this past week, bringing me to a total of 11.4 lost so far this month. My goal was to lose 14 pounds and get down to 220.0 or lower. I have 6 days to lose another 2.6 pounds, it could be tough, but it is doable. Now lets get to work. Great job gentlemen on all of your loss as well, keep it up!.


234.0 lbs.


232.8 lbs.


230.0 lbs.


227.4 lbs.


222.6 lbs.

08/01/10 goal.

220.0 lbs.


Comment #41

I had a multi-part goal for July. I didn't get to my 60 pound bear before vacation, but got to 58.8 pounds lost (close... oh so very close). I did gain 2 pounds on vacation (I wanted to maintain) but to be honest, only gaining 2 pounds when I was not eating Nutrisystem all the time is a HUGE accomplishment for me (I actually felt in control most of the time. Thats a MAJOR change). Now, after a week back, I've dropped the 2 pounds I gained and hope to drop 3 more this week so I can get out of the 300's.....

Comment #42

My goal was to maintain 165, plus or minus 2. Have been higher than that the last week or so. 169 today. May slide into 167 by month end. Will be close. Definitely coming back down, but relatively slowly...

Comment #43

Great job maintaining as well as you did on vacation, and then getting right back on the wagon and losing what you did gain. Stick to plan this week and you will get good results, but even if you miss goal, you did find out that you were able to make healthier choices and resist all the possible temptations that were out there, so thats a win!..

Comment #44

Mike - great job on a successful vacation! Feeling in control is definitely a step in the right direction. Especially if that control is real and not some made-up fantasy. Good luck on a new century..

Bill - you can hit a three pound loss, man. Keep up the good work!..

Comment #45

7/1/2010: 261.

7/9/2010: 260.

7/16/2010: 260.

7/23/2010: 257.

7/28/2010: 256.

8/1/2010: 250 Goal.

Hopefully I've got the scale moving again..

WTF? I subscribe to this thread but I only get like one email notification and that's it. There have been dozens of posts that I never received a thing on...

Comment #46

"238" GOOOAAALLL!!! Made it with two days to spare. I feel really lucky, because the first half of the month was great but only lost three pounds in the last two weeks. WTF?..

Comment #47

LW: 236.4.

CW: 233.

Loss: 3.4 pounds.

Overall loss: 13.4 pounds.

Goal 1: 241 (GOAL!).

Goal 2: 239.6 (GOAL!).

Goal 3: 236.4 (GOAL!).

Goal 4: 231.4 (-1.6).

Doubt that I'll lose 1.6 pounds in the next two days, but I'm extremely happy to have lost at least 13.6 pounds this month. Not much left till 200...

Comment #48

192 today....doubt I'll hit my goal of 190 by 8/1. Can't complain though, down 6 lbs this month and only 2 away from my overall goal...

Comment #49

I'm down to 300.4 this morning, so I make the 60lb total lost goal (finally) and should hit being under 300lbs by Aug 1. WooHoo!..

Comment #50

Man! I was at 165 on Monday, but 168 this morning. Gonna work my ass off the next three days & hope I get back to goal on Sunday morning!..

Comment #51

Great to see so many at or very near their goals. I slipped across the line this morning with just 1 day to spare. The scales say 195.8, so that's 3.2 ounces below my goal of 14 stone..

Now to decide on a September 1st goal...

Comment #52

I'm not going to make it. Goal was to stay in the band of 163-167 and I was 171 (170 with an extra bathroom push.)..

Comment #53

Barring some massive BM in which I expel every internal organ, I'm not going to make it to my 8/1 goal..

I thought I had hit some plateau because I wasn't losing this week. Then in the last two days, I've actually gained weight. Went from 291.8 to 293.2..

It's odd given that I've been religiously on plan. I can tell that weight is shifting on me again. Pants are getting looser, seeing some increase in excess skin (gotta get into the gym and see if I can build some muscle to offset that), etc. So, staying positive about it... BUT, it does drive me a little crazy when the scale does this. Oh well.

7/1/2010: 300.0.

7/3/2010: 297.0 (-3).

7/10/2010: 297.6 (+.6).

7/17/2010: 293.8 (-3.8).

7/24/2010: 291.8 (-2).

7/31/2010: 293.2 (+1.4).

Total so far: -6.8 lbs.

8/1/2010 Goal: 285.x (minimum -14) [.

No chance!.


Comment #54

190.5 this morning...looking like a slight chance I might make it by tomorrow...

Comment #55

LW: 233.

CW: 230.

Loss: 3.0 pounds.

Overall loss: 16.4 pounds.

Goal 1: 241 (GOAL!).

Goal 2: 239.6 (GOAL!).

Goal 3: 236.4 (GOAL!).

Goal 4: 231.4 (GOAL!!).

Holy crap, I don't know why the scale reported as it did, but apparently I have lost 3 pounds in 2 days. I know I walked another marathon and BMed last night, but I didn't expect that much. I won't be surprised if I gain a pound or so on monday's BL weighin, but you never know...

Comment #56

Yea , didn't think of that until after posted. lol. Thanks as well...

Comment #57

Bartle, that is one blessed, sanctified crap. But I don't think you ever full of it.

I made it! GOAL! Weighed in this morning at 196.5. Roll on, September...

Comment #58

Didn't make it, in fact I bounced up a bit this morning to 191.5. That means I'm 1.5 over both my 8/1 and overall goal. Should hit it by the end of this week, then I have to decide if I want to go lower or start maintenance...

Comment #59

It wasn't an big one either, still dunno why it jumped three pounds. lol.

Congrats on reaching goal as well!..

Comment #60

Well I made it today, just in the nick of time, I was aiming to get to 220.0, and this morning I weighed in at 219.6, woohoo!! Made it by the hair of my chinny chin chin. That gave me a loss of 14 pounds for the month, pretty good, I can definitely live with that! Congrats to all of you on your losses as well! Way to go gentlemen!..

Comment #61

170 for the month. 3 # above my "band"..

SEP1 goal is to be compliant all month, to hit 165 during the month of August and to be within my band (163-167) at SEP1...

Comment #62

7/1/2010: 261.

7/9/2010: 260.

7/16/2010: 260.

7/23/2010: 257.

7/28/2010: 256.

8/2/2010: 258.

What a lame month, I gotta kick it in gear.

8/1/2010: 250 Goal..

Comment #63

Congratulations folks!.

I made my goal, lost 6 pounds and reached 210.0...

Comment #64

Congratson all the weight lost fellows, we are kicking some fat asses...

Comment #65

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