Has anyone switched from Atkins to Nutrisystem? Did you gain weight with the switch?

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First of all Has anyone switched from Atkins to Nutrisystem? Did you gain weight with the switch? Many thanks for any answer or 2. Second question.. Today marks my one year anniversary on Nutrisystem! I can't believe how much difference a year can make! I started on Feb 16, 2010 and wanted to lose 55 poundsI set my goal to have it gone by Christmas. I was about 2 pounds from my goal at Christmas but have now surpassed my goal by 2 pounds! I just want to thank all of my Nutrisystem friends for all the support, advice and sharing that have helped me through all of this. I am such a different person a year later and so happy! I especially want to say to all the newbies out there, I am proof that it can be done at any age! I didn't lose quicklyonly averaged a little over 1 pound a week but please hang in there and stay the course. You will be so glad you did and a year goes so quickly when good things are happening. Thanks Nutrisystem and all of you! I am looking forward to the next year and success at maintainingI will do it with support here...

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I'm stumped. I'm not so sure what is the right answer to your question. I'll do some investigation and get back to you if I find an decent answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably can help you..

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Congratulations Debbie!!! I can't wait to be part of your club...

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Fantastic job Deb! I've been watching you..

You did it the right way...YOUR way..

Your loss nearly mirrors mine...about a pound a week average for a year...IMO, this will be an asset to you as you move forward into maintenance...steady wins the race and you now have made your template for steady..

Again, awesome job stick around and help us help the'll keep ya honest...

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And May I be the first to say (probably not) you look.....Marvelous!..

Comment #4

Thanks for sharing your anniversary with everyone, Deb. I think it is important to share in the celebrations with each other...

Comment #5

Mark, you are so right! Sometimes it seemed painfully slow but I know that was the best thingI truly do understand maintaining and what it will take and feel very confident in it. Thanks for your nice commentsI always enjoy your postsnever a boring moment for sure! I will still be aroundI love reading the boards and answering things that I feel I can help with...

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Thanks, Pam. You know, my first post and question on the boards back in February was about using decaf coffee for wateryou were the one that answered it. I realize now I could have searched and found the answer but like other newbies, I didn't realize how the boards work. So, thanks for getting me started right and for all the support you have given everyone on these boards through the years. You are an inspiration, for sure!..

Comment #7

Wow, what an accomplishment - doesn't it feel great!! Congratulations!..

Comment #8

Deb: If everyone just used SEARCH when they had a question, then the boards would be a very dull place. Additionally, when someone asks a question (like your asking about decaf coffee), it answers it for others reading at the same time. They might not have even thought of the question, so they wouldn't have thought to have conducted a search. The board police who say "SEARCH will set you free" and "Don't ask, SEARCH" are off base, in my opinion. Search comes in handy, no doubt, but nothing ever replaces people continuing to ask questions and members giving responses...

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Very true, Pam. And, it is always so nice to get some quick feedback from another member-makes one feel like someone really cares. I also don't mind answering questions more than once because if it helps one, it may help several. Besides, sometimes the Search feature can be very frustrating and a person may end of quitting the search and not getting the answers needed...

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So true. I think it also helps someone feel like they are a part of something, connected, and that human interaction helps encourage everyone who reads the post. We all need friends but not all our friends understand what we go through to get healthy. Here we find friends who do understand...

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It's so refreshing to have someone on a forum say this, especially someone who has been here a long time and advised so many newbies. So many places it seems like newbies are greeted with admonishments that if they'd have searched, they'd not be wasting others' time with questions they could have answered for themselves. My feeling is that this just scares people into never posting and makes a forum seem like an unfriendly place...

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Thanks, everyone, for the kind words. It has been a great year and I look forward to many more! I am flying to Dallas today to see my daughters and granddaughter and to attend a big fund raising eventMartina McBride is the entertainment so it can't go wrong! I will be seeing lots of people I worked with before retiring 3 years ago and some probably won't even recognize methat should be funlol! I appreciate everyone's support and care here and would hate to try to do all of this without you! Have a great day!..

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Congratulations Debbie! What you have accomplished is awesome and your positive attitude is great. I think that if you're losing pounds, even just ounces, but losing nevertheless, it's a step in the right direction to health. I know from experience that even if you have a great weightloss program, it's your way of thinking that gets you to your goal. I too slowly lose, but I look forward to reaching my goals no matter what and, when I do, I look forward to also post my accomplishment and also help others reach theirs..

Enjoy your trip and especially have fun with your family. Much happiness always and I'll keep in touch...Sincerely, Cuqui..

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Congrats! I hope I can make the same post this time next year!..

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