Has anyone started and involved with the NEW Nutrisystem MOMENTUM program?

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Quick question: Has anyone started and involved with the NEW Nutrisystem MOMENTUM program? Many thanks for any answer. Another question I got... I was already planning on dipping it into a tsp of ff coolwhip....anyother good ways to really enjoy my dessert, which by the way I cannot wait to have but I first have to get the kids to bed, which isn't for another hour and a half...the clock is ticking soooooo slooooooowwwwwww..

Oops sorry for the ramble...any ideas?..

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I would like to know the answer too. Anyone here know what is the answer to your question. I'll do some poking around and get back to you if I discover an answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably can help you..

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Did you read Lynns recipes? She has lots of ideas for the biscotti...

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Thanks for the link...I'm loking right now for some ideas!..

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What to do with the Biscotti -.

Personally, I don't like hard, crunchy cookies. Other people LOVE them dipped in coffee, tea or milk. If you DO like them 'dipped', but would like to enjoy them in the evening without caffeine, try the Celestial Seasonings Dessert Teas these teas smell absolutely wonderful and are caffeine free!!.

They are good crumbled and used as base/crust for baked fruit (apple is good on the almond) or Nutrisystem puddings (remember it's TWO deserts, so 1/2 of the mix is one serving). They can be crumbled and mixed with yogurt. See my dessert file for a few more ideas...

Beat em up with a hammer and feed to the birds, then have something else. A reasonable translation for an Nutrisystem desert is 1 Dairy/Protein + 1 Fruit...

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I like to spread frozen fat free cool whip on them! I prefer them crunchy...

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I love both of the biscotti crumbled on fruit and FFCW. (save a fruit from earlier in the day) I might have to buy a case-lot of the almond biscotti, I love it so much. Some day you know Nutrisystem will discontinue it...

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Do you crumble and mix with the ffcw? or just dip it or spread it? I dipped mine last night wasn't too bad. FFCW makes EVERYTHING better!..

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I usually spoon my serving of fruit in a bowl, top w/ a the 2 Tb dollop of FFCW and crumble the biscotti on top of the CW, but I let the bigger chunks do down into any fruit juice to get a little softer..

I really should buy stock in the Cool Whip parent company... I buy enough of it! I use it in the puddings, this, the cakes, sandwich 2 halves of the cookies arount it. mmmmm!.



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I LOVE COOL WHIP!!! now I want to have a coolwhip cookie sandwhich~YUM ME!!..

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Crumble up the biscotti (this also works with the PB cookie - I did this last night) into a small bowl. Add some FROZEN FF Cool Whip (it's like vanilla ice cream). Then sprinkle a teaspoon (not tablespoon) of PB2. The cool whip & small quantity of PB2 = 1 free food. You could also pour a little of the Walden Farms syrup over the crunched up cookie to soften it before you put the cool whip on...

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I never thought of doing that. Great Idea. I been mirco waving them at 30 second to sofen them up. I think next time I have a hot cookie with cool whip and FF choc sauce. Thanks..

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Dried peanut butter you add water to.......supposed to be great, and very little calories compared to even lite pb...


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I don't buy Cool Whip anymore. It's too easy to go overboard and the calories can really add up. It also contains HFCS which isn't that great for you...

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Is the sugar free any different than the ff??..

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I made a dessert dip last night that was yummy... 1tsp of peanut butter (fat serving) - would probably work really well with the PBS (on order), ff cw, and a tbsp of Walden Farms caramel dip. It was really yummy and I used it to dip my Nutrisystem pretzels. Would probably work really well for the biscotti, too..

I'm going to use it next to frost/freeze on top of micro choc cake...

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How many calories?.

They still sweeten it with HFCS. And it's not calorie-free. The one I get was about 20 calories for 2 tbs..

Anyone measure two even tbs? You could easily add 100 calories a day if you use a lot of it. I think the FF redi-whip in the can is less calories. I don't mess with it anymore...

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