Has anyone lost significant weight on Nutrisystem LONG TERM?

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Question I have... Has anyone lost significant weight on Nutrisystem LONG TERM? Thanks in advance for any answer. Second question.. Good morning, Losers! This week's assignment is to lose that voice in your head that is standing in the way of you reaching your goals. You know the voice I'm talking about, the one that whispers excuses not to get off your butt and exercise or justifies even the smallest of cheats. Flip the little devil on your shoulder the bird and take control of your eating ASAP! YOU are in control and it's ultimately YOUR choice what you do or do not put into your mouth.


I triple dog dare you to stick to your meal plan 100% this week and see just how much you can lose...

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That's a good question. I'm not sure what is the answer to your question. I'll do some research and get back to you if I find an decent answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably can help you..

Comment #1

Good morning Gutter people!!! It is going to be sunny and 50 today. Snow on the ground is going to take a butt kicking today!!!.


Comment #2

Good morning Bill...gonna be around 70 today tho right now in the low 30''s hoping that snow disappears and does NOT return until NEXT winter!..

Comment #3

Wish I could remember where the heck I read it.

Getting older is ROUGH!.

I am sure I must have seen it skimming through some postings but would love to find it again and thank the poster as it has been sticking with me...

Comment #4

Morning Y'all. I'm in Hell waiting for all hell to break loose....any minute now..


Of course, it supposed to be a GORGEOUS day outside and the St. Patty's Day parade is today. I'm missing it. Double phooey!!!..

Comment #5

Found it!!! WOOT Here is an excerpt and the link:.

I guess the truth is, I really dont take a break. The interesting thing is to me is that I dont feel oppressed by my lifestyle. Instead, I feel free. I feel free from wearing clothes I hated, feeling embarrassed walking into a room or feeling a slave to food. The choices I make now keep me free from the overweight life..


Comment #6

Ok peeps, gotta get ready to go wo then errands etc. Hope to BBL have an AWESOME day!!!..

Comment #7

Beth Can I steal that saying? That's pretty good stuff. Thanks for sharing...

Comment #8

Whenever I work on Saturdays, I want to eat chocolate. The stress is unbelievable...

Comment #9

Oh Sweetie, it only gets worse. Wait til you're MY age!!!.

I feel the same way!..

Comment #10

Don't give hell that kind of power over you. Kick that demon voice to the curb ASAP! You are worth more than a few empty calories that you'll regret later, just sayin...

Comment #11

Good morning, y'all! I stayed up way too late reading last night...

Comment #12

Thanks Vicki. That's exactly what I needed to hear. I ate one Hershey kiss. Put the rest back in the candy dish...

Comment #13

Morning gutter!.

Sorry you're cooped up today CC..

Our St Paddys day parade is today. Been years since I went to that...

Comment #14

Morning everyone! WO was nice and brutal.

Relaxing a bit before I change and head out to start sanding the deck WOO HOO my life is SO dern exciting!..

Comment #15

Thanks to you I just started Simply Irresistable last night.....

Comment #16

Instead of a Hershey kiss, just have a Roddy Kiss instead!.

It was 70 here at 9:30 or so..

I am waiting my turn in the bathroom then we are heading out to ride the Harley..

Comment #17

Changing clothes and getting ready to start the deck project. BBL..

Comment #18

Why do thoughts of you on your knees make me weak in the knees??..

Comment #19

Hmnn... Roddy kisses sound way safer than chocolate..

Enjoy the Harley ride!.

It's 50 here. Kinda sloppy outside but I'm going to do a Harley walk!..

Comment #20

Have fun Beth!.

That's on my to-do list as well..

If I could have a month where I don't have to report to Hell on Saturdays, my backyard would be in tip top shape!..

Comment #21

Very Sunny today with a high of 73..

I can't bear to look outside. It's too depressing...

Comment #22

Love the challenge. Goal is to not touch alcohol this week lol. Usually not much of a drinker. BUT lately have Been Excusing those SF margarita's and only counting the Tequila in the daily calories...yesterday...excused MGD64's while out with friends. Scales not going up....but it sure as heck isn't going down either..

C25k week one done!! WOOT!!! Congrats sweety! I love the quote. Most awesome.

Morning Bill supposedly high of 72 today and sunny. Thank goodness. Yesterday was downright brisk..

Morning Sally!.

SOrry you're stuck in hell today..

Very inspirational..

Morning Roddy.

Morning annie!.

RICK!!! Morning handsome.

Morning Gutter. Happy Saturday. Sorry to anyone I missed. WIll be lurking on and off...

Comment #23

Ahhhhhhh... you do that so well!!.

I do hope you aren't stuck in hell for too long today. Don't forget to advance your clocks tonight!!.

Morning GinGin...

Comment #24

That's the CC we know and love! Give that chocolate the bird while you stick to your plan. Your scale will thank you for it...

Comment #25

Almost as exciting as mine. I'm sitting here watching the sleet fall...

Comment #26

Do you love it? I can't count the number of times I laughed while reading that book. And Jax? YUM!..

Comment #27

Bite me. And the Harley comment? Go ahead and rub it in...

Comment #28

Good morning, Ginger! Use that bird liberally this week...

Comment #29

Now that I'm caught up it's time to log off and feed the little dudes lunch. BBL..

Comment #30

I am going to steal it also....


Now, you're a true friend plus zero calories....


Have know idea what the temp. is right now, but my fingers are cold!!!.

Harley ride sounds fab, ENJOY..

Morning/Afternoon Gutter.


Comment #31

MOrning!! Enjoy the Harley ride! So jealous!.

WOOT wtg on the wo!! And ugh/eww on spending the day sanding the deck..


LMAO...I'm sure I will. My filter worn out and broken.

Have a great afternoon...

Comment #32

Good question. The rumor is 6:30 - 7pm.

I'd much rather be home putting fresh mulch down in the gardens....or mopping my floors....or working out...or...or....yeah...pretty much anything...

Comment #33

Hi Ginger!.

Hi Wendy!.

I join both of you in flipping off the alcohol this weekend too. I have that Express dress hanging in my closet just waiting for the perfect day to wear it to the grocery store. LOL...

Comment #34

7 pm??!.

Major ouch. That really kills a Saturday...

Comment #35

Good thanks actually have accomplished some housework. How are you today any big plans?.


, CC that's a long day for you. Hope you're getting paid the big bucks for all you do. Any plans after work?.

I did meet up with sis last night for steamed clams and wine. Man those clams were tasty..

It's rainy here in western WA which should be no surprise to anyone. Just going to keep cleaning up the place not interested in leaving anywhere today...

Comment #36

ROTFL my knees and back are achy.

About 1/2 done, took a break and about to head back out...really wanna get it stained tomorrow...

Comment #37

LOL on the dress, which one did ya get 'cause I think it may be the one I just bought this week...

Comment #38

Hi Wendy!!.

CC, hope your day is flying by...

Comment #39

Howdy Beth.


There truly is bad tv on today. Maybe it's time to unload dishwasher...

Comment #40

Saturdays are always bad tv. I showered and then read. I seem to need rest after a shower..

We are heading out for dog walk. Of course now the wind has kicked up so not sure how fun this is gonna be!.

At least the sun is out...

Comment #41

Brief Fly By to say Hi.

Let's see. Oil change on Jeep. Stopped and saw Dad. Stopped and saw Mom. Puttering around and still putting LR and DR back together. Moving furniture to see how The Amazing One likes it..

She's off to church and I am relaxing a few...

Comment #42

I walked the dogs for the first time in eons today! They loved it so much they had me running with them. We haven't walked them for quite a while because they both loathe walking in snow (the JRT-Chi mix will at least go voluntarily, but Houston rescue just can't get used to snow)..

Comment #43


Ok. Back you to your regularly scheduled gutter.....

Comment #44

I wouldn't be surprised. It was the dress I got when I reached goal....end of January..

It's floral, but looks camo in the pic. Blues, greys, pale violets. Pretty...

Comment #45

Back from dog walk. Windy but it was warm so not bad. Kinda nice out there with the sun out. Fresh air is a beautiful thing..

Did about a mile and a half and even did the walk with the big hills. And I did NOT get out of breath which was a humongous bonus..

My jeans were falling down a bit. Talk about plumbers crack!..

Comment #46

Did I hear growling?.

Was there a tiger loose in the gutter?.

Oh yeah, that's right, cc is in h$ll today. That explains it!.

You'll be done soon sweetie, hang in there!..

Comment #47


Up since 3:00am + here since 5:30am = one tired CC..

11 1/2 hours down. 2 more to go...

Comment #48

Rub What In??.

Need a rub down??.

You too?.

All this rubbing gonna make me need one!!.

Eta: I can live with that!!..

Comment #49

Yay Annie for walking and big hills! And jeans falling down a bit. Sounds like you are on the mend. That must feel great to get outside and walk and not get tired. I'm so glad you're feeling better...

Comment #50

Grrrrrr. I'm STARVING!.

I already ate two bags of Fiber Gourmet crackers; all my fruit for the day; all my protein for the day;Nutrisystemlunch bar; and salad. I'm on my 4th bottle of water. I also had my usual breakfast and one Hershey's Kiss....oh, and one Roddy kiss. LOL.

I'm digging in my desk looking for SF Lifesavers....Ugh!!..

Comment #51

Feel free to have as many as it takes!!.


Comment #52

I think I got the same one in the pink version!..

Comment #53

CC...sorry you have had a crappy day..

YAY Annie on the great walk!.

Roddy...I should have bought flipping knee pads...had to run DD2 out so about 7 boards to finish sanding on the deck and then the stairs and I am hopeful I will get it stained tomorrow...

Comment #54

Beth I saw the pink one. CUTE! Are you wearing it with the Gutter FMPs?..

Comment #55

CC when sanding your deck knee pads are a very good idea! Trust me on this as I have learned the hard way...

Comment #56

Bodacious Beth's Business Card.

Have Knee Pads.

Will Travel.

I want to be your Agent..

Comment #57

ROTFLMAO busted out laughing here and you have the job!..

Comment #58

I am still in Hell..

I ate chips and salsa for dinner..

I feel like my eyeballs are on fire...

Comment #59

Beth Grey shoes would be great. Let me know if you find any. I think that would be a good color for my dress too..

ROFLMAO at the business cards HopOnPop!!! Love it!..

Comment #60

Omg woman. That is way too many hours. Are you almost done?..

Comment #61

I hope she is..

Hey Annie, How ya doing after that walk?..

Comment #62

I feel pretty good. I hope to keep it going!.

How was your ride?..

Comment #63

Evening Folks!.

Just got home from a visit with the kiddo..

Before that, I went out to Mom in laws to fix her Internet..

She is a silly bird, she unplugged the wireless card. Plugged it into the comp and it was working..

So she asked what I did and I told her I uploaded the newer version of the Internet and she was happy..

Hope you all have had a good weekend so far...

Comment #64

You are just cruel.

Hey KY. Sounds like you are feeling better!.

I'm heading out. gonna watch sumptin with the lil lady..


Comment #65

I prefer wicked <cackle>.

Have a fun evening doin whatever you are going to do...

Comment #66

Kelly I kknow your MIL frustrates the heck outta you, but it always makes for a good read..

Hope you are feeling better...

Comment #67

Supposed to meet a gf at 8am to run (c25k) I am soooooooooo hoping she texts me and says ain't gonna work, ended up not getting to sleep until after 1 and I am tired!!..

Comment #68

WOO HOO no run this am YAY!! I am too sore and tired right now LOL..

Comment #69

Enjoy a little extra rest today, Beth!. This morning is the first time I have had to take my monthly Boniva (which must be taken first thing on an empty stomach, an hour before eating) with my new thyroid med, which must also be on an empty stomach a half hour before eating. What I had to do was take the boniva first, wait an hour before the thyroid med, then another half hour before breakfast - still have a 15 minute wait to eat and I am starving!!!..

Comment #70

That is a LOT of waiting Sally!!!.

Trying to kill that 15 minutes here??..

Comment #71

Going to start on my cleaning soon, everything but the floors since I figure I will be traipsing in and out while doing the deck...then DH will help me get the LARGE items off the deck (grill, day bed and huge pots), we have a ton of stairs to go down to get them in the yard...that should be FUN!..

Comment #72

Yup - DH just handed me my coffee, Eggbeaters omelet, and veggie sausage (he always makes my breakfast for me) - stuffing my face now - yay!..

Comment #73

Good Morning Bodacious. Happy for you that you didn't run this morning..

How is the Deck coming along? Do you have your knee pads on yet?.


Be still my heart.


Comment #74

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