Has anyone had great success on the Nutrisystem program?

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My 1st question is: Has anyone had great success on the Nutrisystem program? Looking forward for any comment. Second question of mine... Will he see his shadow and run and hide,.

Or will he see sunshine and stay outside?.

Ah but surely as winter is here as the snow continues to fall,.

There are also surely spring violets and crocuses awaiting to bloom once again..

Many growers of things look at their gardens just before winter then ignore them until the spring weather shines down once again..

I bet the garden does not like being ignored like such..

Now you may scratching your head right about now and asking, 'How does this relate to me and my attaining/maintaining goal weight?'.

Are there times when you ignore your body.

And all you have been doing for it?.

Are there times when you run and hide from plan.

And go back to the old patterns and ways?.

Do you want to continue doing the same thing over and over?.

Do you want to re-live the same issues over and over".

Or would you like to one day awake and no longer see 'the shadow of heaviness'?.

Ahhhhh, The Shadow..

That is the real issue here, is it not?.

The shadow self, the part of self that is dark and unhealthy..

The part that says, 'Go ahead, eat those Skittles.' 'Drink that Malibu.' 'Have that plate of fish and chips.' 'Drink that beer.' 'Sip that wine.' 'Eat those Doritos and Pretzels.' 'Have another wing or dozen.'.

Shall we continue to let the Shadow dictate whether to go back in the darkness of the den? Or is it time to look that shadow right in the eyes and say, 'Thanks for being there and wanting to help, but I'm ready to come out of the darkness. I'm ready for some.


And sunshine.'..

Comments (72)

Good question... I dunno what is the right answer to your question. I'll do some Googling and get back to you if I bump into an useful answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably could answer your Nutrisystem question..

Comment #1

Excellent start for a new month Colleen! Sorry for the mix up, I hadn't heard anything so I figured someone else volunteered, I SHOULD have asked, my bad..

I am guilty of ignoring my body (foot). LOL Now that I can get my sneakers on, I have no excuse not to exercise, which I've been really, really lax in as of late. No more excuses for me, time to come out of the darkness...

Comment #2

No biggie Linda..

I enjoyed doing it..

Nothing like scrambling to get it together in a hurry..

I never put any thought into it til I talked to you this morning. LOL.

MY bad, I should have PM'd you and did not..

Glad you can get your sneakers on once mre..

How'd it feel after working out with Leslie the other day?..

Comment #3

Good Morning BYOBer's..

Had an inch of snow at home and it was turning to ice. Spoke to Grace a little bit ago and it is all ice. I am staying in JC tonight so I don't have to play slip and slide in the morning. I am real tired of battling just to get here..

As AT knows, in the age of Electronic Market Places the Market will never close for weather again. The people be damned. I am glad I am nearer the end of my carreer than the beginning!!!..

Comment #4

It felt great. A few days with her and I'll move on to JM for a real azz whooping. It's been too long, I really need it. I will start walking home from work tomorrow (if it's not pouring) as my ride will be working in AC the next few days...

Comment #5

Good planning Rick..

We have a few inches down here..

I started shoveling eh walks, then stopped because it started coming down heavily again. Glad I stopped, already have another 1+ inches down on the area I shoveled..

With the ice coming, think you might postpone til next week to start walking home again Linda?..

Comment #6

There IS light at the end of the tunnel..

Comment #7

Morning folks. Great start to February, Colleen. You are an inspiration..

Just got a call from my very best friend. Her Mom is in the hospital in NY dying and she is stuck in Phoenix unable to get home. So sad..

Life is about forgetting the bad times so you can enjoy the good ones. I think I'll go home and kiss my Dad today!..

Comment #8

And if I could learn to spell I might be better off...

Comment #9

Fun Facts about Ground Day:.

Tomorrow is Groundhog Day!.

February 2nd occurs halfway between the first day of winter and the first day of spring. According to popular tradition and belief, if the groundhog sees his shadow there will be six more weeks of winter weather. If the day is cloudy and he doesnt see his shadow, then the groundhog stays above the ground anticipating early spring weather..

Each year, massive crowds gather in Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania to watch Phil emerge from his burrow on Gobblers Knob. Punxsutawney held it's first Groundhog Day in the 1800s...

Comment #10

Fun Facts about groundhogs:.

A groundhog can whistle when it is alarmed..

A groundhog's life span is normally 6 to 8 years..

The average groundhog is 20 inches long and normally weighs from 12 to 15 pounds..

A baby groundhog is called a kit or a cub..

Groundhogs are the largest members of the squirrel family.

Like squirrels, they can also climb trees!..

Comment #11

That's terrible news AT..

With this weather, no telling when your friend might catch a plane home..

LOL Rick, figured it was just a slip of the fingers on the keys...

Comment #12

Busy stilldeadlines don't care about the weather either. Technology makes snow days non-existent, much to my dismay. It's just raining now; let's hope it stays that way..

I can honestly say my way of eating and exercising has changed...permanently. While I will skip my morning two-mile walks on the weekend, I always get right back into my routine come Monday morningeven after being away on vacation for two weeks. And for the first time in my life, I am excited about exercise; I am up to week five of the C25K program, and I'm looking forward to the challenge. Will I be able to do it? Is this 49 year old body able to run for five minutes? Six minutes? 10 minutes? I dunno, but I plan to find out..

The eating temptations are pretty much gone too. So while I order fish and chips, I do NOT eat the batter, and I get a plain baked potato instead of the fries. If I can grab one of Joe's fries, then I'm satisfied. I don't need my own portion anymore..

I will not kid myself, though. It is easy enough to fall back into the shadowy, lazy ways of the past. But it's getting easier and easier to walk away from that past with every meal and every exercise stint...

Comment #13

WOW Heidi..

Week 5 already..

Sounds like you are liking that program..

LOL, I knew you would comment on the fish and chips..

I tried to put something in the opening post that each of us enjoys..

For me, it was several of those things.

It's a great sign that walking away is easier than ever...

Comment #14

Good thoughts, Heidi. I can now stop at one or a few fries where I could easily eat them all before NS..

I am, however, 3 pounds over my 'happy' weight and am in weight loss mode these days..

Between Europe and last week's dinner menues and all the football parties all winter, I've fallen behind. but it's February - the month I startedNutrisystemtwo years ago! I can do it again!.

You all are my inspiration!!!! What a cool group!..

Comment #15

You'll have those 3#s gone in no time AT...

Comment #16


Senior Member.


I LOVE this avatar Rick..

Comment #17

I have changed my Avi to a valentine Donkey for Annie..

Comment #18 sweet. Well, when something inspires me, I'll change mine too. Right now, I'm still feeling the need to show solidarity for Annie with my existing avatar. It still cracks me up!..

Comment #19

AT so sorry about your friends Mom. She is in my prayers..

Hope Annie did well last night...

Comment #20

Just making sure you are not wandering in the wilderness..

Comment #21

Laura, I like your solution. That makes more sense than hoping someone will handle it!.

February already? Yikes. what the heck?.

Anyone having a Superbowl party this weekend?..

Comment #22

I don't have much choice. The Atlantic City Boat Show opens tomorrow and Kevin will be working there thru Sunday which means I'll have to walk or ride my broom...

Comment #23

Annie needs to get 100% better so Linda can use this for her v-day avatar:..

Comment #24

Ditto! Laura always knows the right thing to say!..

Comment #25

Broom could be tricky if the winds are strong...

Comment #26

I got tired of watching everybody get $hit faced. They need to act their age. Going to take Bailey and Mom to the casino and Rocky and Kaylyn can go watch drunks...

Comment #27

Have we had any Donkey sightings yet today?.

She is probably out getting her blood drawn...

Comment #28

Good morning friends. Thank you Colleen for starting the new thread. I relapsed into the darkness last year but I'm determined to stay in the light this go around. Within 6 months I've lost the weight I needed to, my BMI checked in at 20.3, I'm eating healthy 90% of the time and I exercise every day. Checking in here really helps me, I enjoy the fun and healthy food talk. So thank each and every one of you for being part of my success..

We had a pretty bad storm over night, very high winds mixture of hail and sleet. It's now 24 with a wind chill of 12....big vodka change from yesterday but I won't complain...

Comment #29

You all have a great day..

Talk to you later..

BE SAFE!!!!..

Comment #30

Heidi, loved your picture!.

Deb, I refuse to quote yours, that is nasty!!!..

Comment #31

LOL Hi Laura, enjoy your day, seems we always miss each other...

Comment #32

Actually, I think she went home last night, DK. She said her insurance wasn't paying anymore and they were kicking her out of the hospital..

That still doesn't explain what happened and why, but at least she is home with her own bathroom, food, family, and pets..

Linda, can't DS1 help out with the drop off/pick up duties while Kevin is at the boat show? Or maybe someone from work? I know it's not far, but the weather is going to be so crappy tomorrow (especially)...

Comment #33

One can only hope! We're not in Kansas anymore Toto!..

Comment #34

I can't quit laughing. I have tears running down my face...

Comment #35

Good Morning Princess La La.

Deb great picture!!!!! I agree with Laura. It is the best. How are you feeling?.

LOL a Linda's broom comment...

Comment #36

I heard over in the Gutter that Annie slept in her own bed last night and had a 9:30 appointment to have blood drawn. She was feeling great to be home but a little weak. John took off to spend the day with her...

Comment #37

You weren't here for the Monkey Butt Thread (July or August I think?)..

Everyone had monkey avatars...

Comment #38

No I wasn't, makes sense now. It was funny, just gross. LOL.


Comment #39

On a cartoon monkey the red azz is cute, not so much on a real one...

Comment #40

OMG....I'm so gonna buy my son safari towels for a gag gift...

Comment #41

More than once.

I love you and your big mouth.

Without it....

What fun would that be?.


Comment #42

DS1 works in the kitchen of a nursing home year round and Spring thru Fall he also works a 2nd job for a pool company. He works 7 days a week and is either sweating his azz off in the kitchen in the summer or walks around in wet shorts from being in & out of pools all summer. Baby powder just wasn't cutting it for him and one day I was eating breakfast and reading the newspaper and saw an ad in a Rite Aid flyer and spat my coffee when I came upon the Anti Monkey Butt ad & picture! I HAD to run right over and buy it right then and there. He swears by the stuff (he'll be 22 on Saturday)...

Comment #43

I'm gonna buy a chit load of temporary tatoos and save them for the next BYOB boating expo!..

Comment #44

My son and his gf go camping, so he might very well use them too. I sent the link to his gf and she is going to try and find them at Walgreens when she picks up his allergy meds. She really needed a laugh, she's very worried about her family in Jordan, and who can't laugh at Monkey Butts!..

Comment #45

Ugh... I think the cabinet was just dissolved there as well. Poor woman. She must be so concerned...

Comment #46

That's what you get when you brag about taking a dip in the pool..

You thought my donkey pics were nasty?.

Come on, you know you love it!.

I know she went home. I meant did she check in today.....

Comment #47

She was supposed to be at Quest for bloodwork at 9:30 this morning and mentioned she was weak. That's alot of excitement after being in bed for 10 days, and I'm sure she's got alot of catching up at home to do besides chatting with us ninnies all day long! LOL..

Comment #48

Lunch today - hubby's famous veggie soup and a Morningstar chicken patty. Do I assume I got my carbs if the soup has red beans and corn in it? Mostly tomato and spinach with some zuchini and other good stuff...

Comment #49

I was just thinking the same thing!!!! The video clips on the website are hilarious..

This is cute..

Comment #50

Honestly - what a long couple of weeks for Annie!!! I'm just glad she's at home. Soooooo much more comfortable...

Comment #51


Ice and snow force 4,536 flight cancelations.

By The Associated Press.

February 1, 2011.

Airlines cancel more than 4,500 flights on Tuesday because of the big winter storm moving through the middle of the U.S...

Comment #52

I Loved that one too.....LMAO at the homey diaper. I know what's going in every baby shower gift I give from now on...

Comment #53

One of my co-workers is.


To be flying to FL on Thursday to stay for the month, we'll see how that pans out although I think he's flying out of Atlantic City, so may not be a problem at all if the rain keep up and the snow stays away down here...

Comment #54

LMAO I should get a cut from all the sales I've made them this past year!.

I've even got some of the Gutter gang hooked...

Comment #55

I love you ninnies!.

Went for my blood test. I feel lots better now. Have some food and water in me. I'm hoping it was just exhaustion I felt this morning and not dropping counts. Haven't heard anything..

I am working today ( in bed) so just taking a little break. The deadline for this report is today and it's not going well but it's not impossible..

I was wondering why stinky didn't greet me last night when I got home. But then once I brushed my teeth, I went in the bedroom and there he was on my water bottle! ( John then sent him for a swim)..

Today there is one on the wall in my bedroom. Once the hub gets back from the store, there might be another stinkbug pool party!..

Comment #56

Glad you are home, fed, and resting. Don't overdo anything Annie. Relax, rest, and get strong. You've been run thru the mill and need to recooperate, everything else can wait. Hoping for good bloodwork results...

Comment #57

Oh I forgot to add: LMAO at the stinkbug pool party!..

Comment #58

This looks just like the donkey that was in my get well bag except the mane is black on mine. It is cute!..

Comment #59

Bailing early - the snow is significant..

I looked out the window to see how the highway was doing. I can't see it. Too much fog/snow/clouds or something...

Comment #60

Oh crap....I am WAY, WAY behind in water today. Just cracked open bottle #2 of 20 oz. Better start chug-a-lugging!..

Comment #61

Annie, don't over do it!!!.

AT, I'm glad you're leaving early. The weather reports look awful!.

Linda, drink that water..

Just got lunch in the oven smells good. I'm making stuffed flounder with crabmeat and basil from the Nutrisystem Flavor Set-Point Cookbook with brown rice...

Comment #62

Just don't let it happen again. m'kay?.

The airlines preemptively cancel flights these days when the weather is going to be bad. This storm is affecting 30 states so it is a storm of vodka proportions..

Airports should be running on Thursday. May be mayhem, but the flights will be running..

Me too..

People drive me nuts. I swear it is just easier to do all of the vodka work myself than ask someone to do it. Why do I have to get pestered with a dozen questions on pulling together a simple time summary that we do day in and day out? It's not the first time the admin is doing this so stop pestering me with 100 IM's when I am trying to do work, be on calls and respond to dozens of emails flying around. Then my staff respond to my question on some crap they wrote, "how did the company disclose that?" by sending me the 100 page public document so I can find the appropriate disclosure that they were too lazy to decipher (more like they had issues in translating European English to American)...

Comment #63


Glad to hear that you are feeling a little better. Don't do anything crazy. I'm sure it will take a while for you to get your strength back. How long is that shot the doc gave you supposed to last?.

So other than Stinky being happy about your return, what about the pups?..

Comment #64

Ode to a Tuesday Morning.

I haven't had time to go back and explore,.

All of the posts and greetings galore,.

As I'm stuck in 4 hours of purgatory,.

On a conference call/web meeting, oh glory!.

So, I will circle back this afternoon,.

To say hi to everyone in the room,.

And give my update on the day's chat,.

And let you know what's up with that!..

Comment #65

My rants tend to have that affect on people...

Comment #66

BTW Linda, meant to compliment you on your restraint on the protein thread the other day...

Comment #67

Afternoon. Today got crazy again!!!!.

Safe home AT. Safe home later everyone. A little Pam Poetry just for the sake of Pam Poetry!!! I like it..

Princess La La you missed a hellova lot of fun with the Monkey Butt Thread!!!..

Comment #68

Sorry Deb..

I have a Happy Bunny calendar on my desk with daily quotes, I think this one is fitting:.

I don't know what makes you so dumb but it really works...

Comment #69

I forget what we were talking about again..

Thank you. Sometimes I feel the need to bite my tongue, and get great pleasure out of gently biting others..

I'm sure she's thanking her lucky stars she missed it!.

Ditto on your sentiment on Pam's poem...the next one will be a doozy!..

Comment #70

Imagine if Pam was present for the Monkey Butt Thread..

The Daily Poems would have been wild!!!!!..

Comment #71

I'm sure Pam is also thanking her lucky stars she wasn't here for that thread!..

Comment #72

Nice to see that drinking thread is still going strong..

I think I need to get schmammered...

Comment #73

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