Has anyone had any success on Nutrisystem?

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Got a question, hope someone can answer... Has anyone had any success on Nutrisystem? Looking forward for any answer. Another question on my mind: Good morning, Gutter Gals & Pals! Each of us is at a different place in our weight loss journey, in life, and geographically, yet we were all drawn to this same place here on the Nutrisystem discussion boards. Was it fate, destiny, or our twisted sense of humor that brought us all together?.

I firmly believe we were all put on this path at this particular time in our lives because we were meant to be on this journey together. Losing weight is a not an easy feat, especially if you're trying to go it alone. Thanks to this wonderful group of losers, we not only give/get the support we need, we have fun while doing it..

We've been together through thick and thin, crazy athletic events, graduations, reunions, births, blizzards, and spectacular nose dives off the wagon. We encourage, support, cheer each other on, and inspire one another to try new things. We've proven beyond a doubt that together, anything's possible!.

So...what mischief can we get into together this week?..

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Hmm... I need to find out myself. I don't know what is the answer to your question. I'll do some investigation and get back to you if I got an anything. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably could give you help..

Comment #1

Looks as tho DD1 has the flu, I may end up admitting that DH1 was the smart one in getting a flu shot this year!.

I refused!..

Comment #2

I'm too tired for a lot of mischief this weekend!..

Comment #3

Mischief would be fun but thinking taking care of DD1 and domestic duties will put the kabosh on any mischief...

Comment #4

Morning Y'all..

Just a quick hello before Hell starts burning to the ground. BBL..

Comment #5

I have to agree. The twisted humor was initially a big draw!.

And ya might as well laugh while trying to lose weight as we all know losing weight is not fun or easy! But with a supportive bunch of people, you're never alone..

But beyond the humor, it has been wonderful getting to know everyone. It's amazing how much we all know about each other in spite of most of us never having met..

It's great having some gutter time every day to make the day a little extra special! And to distract and keep my a$$ outta the fridge when the munchies attack...

Comment #6

I'm quite impressed! No iPad rewording?,I had to fix my post twice. It seemed not to like the word munchies...

Comment #7

The only thing the ipad is missing is a track pad or arrow keys. It's hard to correct the typos!..

Comment #8

No, you're not. That GPS tracking chip we implanted is working like a charm...

Comment #9

My DH had the flu shot and still got the flu this year...

Comment #10

But not too tired for a little mischief, right?..

Comment #11

Good luck with the install, CC! You're gonna kick some software booty today!..

Comment #12

Those munchies have been attacking here all friggin week! UGH!..

Comment #13

Good morning, y'all! Just a quick pop in before starting with DS2's therapy this am. He was having a rough morning but seems to have settled down now. Wish me luck...

Comment #14

Good luck!.

How's therapy been going? Any new foods in the mix lately?..

Comment #15

Good Morning All.

40 minutes, 10 mile, and 500 calories burned on the bike this morning. Now if life would stand aside during the week I might be able to exercise during the week too...

Comment #16

Good morning everyone..

It is Beautiful outside..

Not doing much today. Got a Brad Paisley concert tonight the out for a little bit afterwards..

Hope everyone has a good day..

Comment #17

Good morning Gutter! Off to run on the treadmillm in a minute, but wanted to fly by and say hello before the day got away from me. Hello!..

Comment #18

I dropped the ball on therapy while ds1 was sick..

Ds2 discovered that making himself hurl while I brush his teeth in the am is a great way to get out of doing therapy. Between 2 bouts of the stomach flu and this newfound talent, I cried uncle for a few days. A person can only take so much puke in a week, kwim?.

He did well this am but I haven't gotten up enough courage to break out the wet foods again yet...

Comment #19

MOrning gutter! I agree..I was drawn to this place because I loved the banter, twisted senses of humor and comeradery. Love this place. Not too much mischief to be had today. Tired and feel like I'm getting a cold. Otherwise...YAY for the weekend! Going to go shopping for a smaller pair of jeans. Anticipating a BBB delivery this week (double yay) and have the afternoon to myself.

Hope y'all have a great day and will pop in later. Have missed you guys!..

Comment #20

LMAO!!!!!! awwwwww Vicki...first of all that's funny as heck. He's ingenius. BUT I feel for ya sister. Hope he's feeling better...

Comment #21

Good moaning all! Waving to the small masses..

I am just here for a quickie because the trouble I will be getting into this weekend only involves the mister..

I totally agree with Vicki. For me theNutrisystemfoods made eating easy, but I still had to be in control of what other things I put in my mouth.. Ohhhhhh shhhhhhhhhhhhh.

I feel it was the support on the boards that really made the difference for me. It felt everyone understood exactly what I was going through and yet I didn't feel at all judged. I also felt if I had days where I failed it was ok, I had the support. Just feeling that way made me not want to let others down. I am very grateful to this group of fine losers..

Vicki, OMG has he learned to be Bulimic?.

RICK Fantabulous job on the exercise...

Comment #22

Sorry, but have to LOL at that, Vicki! DD1 grits her teeth and I have to hold her nose until she opens her mouth to breathe (I usually sing a Barney song to her to make her smile) and then gags while I brush her tooth, I'm always afraid she's going to throw up on me!..

Comment #23

Oooooo, me, too!!! I eat dinner, then all I think about is what I get to have for dessert! DD2 asked for one of the walnut choc chip cookies (my fave so far) and it actually hurt to give her one..

Comment #24

Oh!! And I got my 10 and 20 lb bear this week!! And no Kaye, no airholes in the box, poor little things could have died in shipping!.

Did anyone see on the news where a woman actually tried to ship a puppy thru the mail to someone????..

Comment #25

Lol You actually hurt her or it hurt?.

They do have some stuff that tastes great, whether you need to lose weight or not..

Hi and Bye Robin, have a great day. I am off to go out of town and take my sonshine out for lunch. He is 25 and can eat like a horse. 6'2 and weighs 170 BASTAGE!! lol..

Comment #26

Hi Wendy Woo!!!! Join us in the new thread....




K, I will. Thanks for heading me in the RIGHT direction.

!!! Sometimes I need a bit of help along the way..

So, I am still feeling a snarfly but slept pretty good last night. All might Nyquil gel caps are my bestie right now..

Bought pre-made bbq pork, low sodium chicken broth, egg noodles, and green onions going to make me some Chinese bbq pork noodle soup on this day. Hopefully this will kick that cold out of me..

Afternoon Gutter Gang,.

Not completely sure what kind of mischief I will get into, but it's still early in the week.

I am headed to a bday party tonight...who knows...

Comment #27

Wendy Woo has found the Gutter. Glad you found it....

Have a great time at the birthday party...

Comment #28

Good news. My MIL is home. Surprisingly they let her go on a Saturday...

Comment #29

Trying to scarf down some lunch real fast and I had to take a break to shop. It helps me de-stress. LOL.

Anyway, I have a coupon code at NYANDCOMPANY if any of you gutter chicks is interested..

PromoCode 1652. $50 off $100 purchase. Sounds good to me. They have cute shorts and tops..


Comment #30


Congrats on the newest additions to your beary cute little family...

Comment #31

I never thought of pinching his nose! I try to make him laugh so I can get in there and brush but he's not having any part of that lately. Oh how I long for the days when he used to just cough while I brushed..

P.S. I stand behind him so I'm not in the line of fire...

Comment #32

Sense of humor? Me? I must be in the wrong place.....

Good day, gutter! Dinner was divine and stayed where it needed to stay. Really lovely place, too. We've been trying to get there since Halloween, and it was well worth it. I even ate beets (thought of you, Kelly) and they were wonderful..

How is everyone on this blustery Saturday?..

Comment #33

I had a great little retail therapy session, consignment style, this afternoon. I had bought a $20 for $10 coupon on Groupon for a consignment shop I had never tried before. While it won't replace my 2 favorite ones, I did pick up some great buys - a green suede Chico's jacket for $8, a NY&Co jacket for $5 (along with a couple of other cute jackets for $5 each and a really cute pewter metallic handbag). The Chico's jacket is a size zero and plenty roomy (obviously vanity sizing) - the others are 4s..

Have a fun evening in store - one of my friends invited me to go to a community theater production of Chicago, and we are going out to dinner first. This particular theater has tables and chairs and you can bring in food and drink (they also sell some things there to eat and drink), so it's casual and a lot of fun...

Comment #34

Chicos sizes are strange. A size 0 there is a 4-6..


I want to go with you tonight!!!!!!..

Comment #35

Surely you jest!.

What did you have besides beets? Feeling better today?..

Comment #36

Okay okay okay! I did it. I signed up for Groupon. It's all your fault Sally, but at least the recession will end sooner...

Comment #37

I feel right as rain, Vicki. Nice to have the digestive system running as it should, so to speak. Here's an older version of the menu:.


Shared the peppercorn encrusted tuna tapas (yes, tuna!), massive salad with beets (brought half home, it was wonderful) and while I really was tempted to have the flank steak, I went with the halibut instead (brought half of that home too). Service was slow, but we were lucky to get in without reservations. It was a fine meal...

Comment #38

I already see something I want to try, dang it! Muscle Maker Grill...ever heard of it?..

Comment #39

That explains a lot (I don't think I have ever shopped at Chicos) - apparently the consignment store people didn't get that memo though, because they had the 1s and 2s in with the small sizes. I knew the sizing wasn't accurate because this jacket is loose on me - at least my other zeros fit fairly snugly...

Comment #40

Vicki I'm just browsing....looking for a cute spring dress or two to wear in the coming months. Just getting ideas really. But if something catches my eye and I have $100 worth of stuff in my shopping cart, I'll be using the $50 off code!..

Comment #41

They'er sizes are really wonky. Why purposely make your sizes different than everyone else?..

Comment #42

I'm still hunting for that yellow t-shirt. I wish they had this dress in the store so I could try it on:..

Comment #43

Darn you Vicki. Now I wish I had a Talbot's outlet to shop at!! Grrrr..

The stress of this job is making me eat Hershe's kisses today. Somebody slap me and take them from me. I just ate 4!!!..

Comment #44

I love these:.


P.S. 20% 0ff + free shipping on $175 or more coupon code: 030668626..

Comment #45

I'm still here. Wait mode....

Not going well. I will have to do this again in two weeks. However, my product got up and running. Someone else's did we have to back everything out and put the old stuff back in..

My heart was racing 1000 miles a minute since 6am....stopped at 2pm....or whenever I started eating lunch. Now I feel like I could fall asleep at any minute. It's like coming down off a rush. Only, it wasn't a good rush. KWIM?..

Comment #46

I saw THOSE!!!.

Those would be my first choice if they had an ankle strap. I need a strap....pumps flop off my feet and I have to walk reaaaalllll slow when I wear them. I tried the rubber grippy things to you put inside the heel....they don't work so well. But those are CUTE shoes!..

Comment #47

Thanks for the coupon code. I might use it for those t-strap shoes...

Comment #48

No special occasion, it just keeps calling my name. That store is dangerous for me. Almost everything I pick up to try on fits...

Comment #49

Sorry to hear that..

Did you ever tell the guy your story? or you still waiting?..

Comment #50

I already have the nude peep toe pumps, but those with the bow are just adorable!..

Comment #51

Sounds delicious. I most likely would've ordered the flank steak, but the halibut sounds great it's a meaty fish. Do they offer swordfish? It taste like steak. Love beets, what else was in that salad. You will be having a great lunch or dinner with your leftovers..


Sweet shoes, they would go well with the dress Vicki wants..

I think 4 is the serving amount, so step away from them now while your in the healthy range...I am slowly taking the package away.


CC any plans for this evening?..

Comment #52

LOL. It's time to shed the turtlenecks and long sleeves!..

Comment #53

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