Has anyone felt so horrible they wanted to quit Medifast?

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I have only been doing Medifast for about a week and I have felt so horrible...headache, shaky, anxious, starving, etc., like if I don't get some carbs I'm going to die. Sorry for the drama, but I'm starting to wonder if my body just can't handle the program. I cheated with some bread and felt way better, but I know most of you say that these feelings go away. Anyone else cheat the first week because they felt so horrible? And if so, did you get right back on and tough it out again? I want to do this, but I"m afraid I'm going to throw in the towel.

I hope I don't sound too sorry for myself, I know most of you have toughed it out, so just looking for some positive reinforcement..

Thanks in advance!.


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What was your diet like before MF? Presumably if you were eating a lot of carbs, processed foods, etc. it will be a harder transition than if you were already eating low carb...

Comment #1

Hi Linda. It is going to take about 3-5 days for your body to get into ketosis and start feeling better. By having that piece of bread, you likely caused yourself to have to start all over again. Just dust yourself off and start again, this time stay on plan 100%. The first few days are going to be awful, I'm not going to lie. I lived on Excedrin the first 5 days I was on plan.

They say it makes them feel better, I never tried that though. Anytime you feel like going off plan, find something to do to take your mind off of it. I spent a lot of time reading posts and people's blogs on here whenever I felt like cheating.Hang in there. You will be glad you did...

Comment #2

You can do this and yes, many of us felt really bad the first week. One key is that you need to get into ketosis, which on average takes about 3 days. Every time you cheat, you get out of ketosis and start over, so it's best to just stick to the plan. Many people say it feels worse the second time, so you might keep that in mind too..

Do you do snacks? They might help you in the beginning. You can have things like a sugar free popsicle or 1/2 cup sugar free jello or a dill pickle spear. They might take the edge off.

Drinking at least the 8 glasses of water and eating on schedule every 2-3 hours will also help..

I don't know how much you have to lose or which plan you're doing (I assume 5&1), but they do recommend the 4&2&1 plan (under the diabetic plans) for people with a lot to lose. You might consider that one initially too, because it has a bit more food and carbs. It might ease you into the program and you can switch to the 5&1 whenever you feel comfortable. It does usually have slower losses though, so don't get depressed if you try it..

Good Luck. You can do this if you just stick to it and be patient. The bad feelings really do go away....


Comment #3

You don't have a ticker so I can't really give tailored advice. The situation is different if you have more or less than 50 pounds to lose. If you're larger, then the 4&2 or 4-2-1 can be awesome - it got me through the first couple months. If you're smaller, it might be salt, or that you're not giving it enough time for carb withdrawal, or a food addiction/emotional eating problem. Well, it could be any of those if you're larger too. *soft smile*.

Yes, I was miserable the first week. I took sleeping pills 5 of the first 7 nights OP because I was too hungry to sleep. But it gets LOTS better. Hang in here OP!!!..

Comment #4

Breaking bad habits is hard. Our brain tells us to quit all the time. You haven't cut out carbs so don't think about as if you are. Each Medifast meal has 10-15 carbs in it as will your L&G. You're just moderating the amount you take in a day. That's all..

Go to bed earlier on your hungry days...

Comment #5

Thanks for the posts and Yes, I have not set up the ticker thing yet! I have about 60-70 pounds to lose and my diet has had a lot of carbs in, beer, etc., so it makes sense that this is having such and effect on me..

I will look at the 4-2 plan like suggested, and get back on OP as soon as I can (and buck up!). All of the success I read on these boards is truly inspiring.

Thanks again for the support...

Comment #6

I had 2 rough days (the last 2) and I kept coming to the boards and I kept thinking................all of these people are doing/did it and I can too!!!!! They are not stronger than me! It is hard and I have even had to talk to myself some (like a peptalk) Usually by now I have quit my diet and started eating junk again, but I just don't want to live like this anymore! I have 2 boys I am raising and I don't want them to grow up without me. My DH is supportive and does not need junk in the house. Good news is that I don't crave junk anymore. We made taffy apples last night and I was fine.........jsut fine, so it does work. Hang in there and it will get better!..

Comment #7

According to my coach it would be better to eat an extra Medifast meal or a little extra lean protein than to eat off program. I did that for a couple of days early in the program and I went into ketosis just fine. I felt so bad on the night of day 4 that I told my husband I wouldn't be able to continue if I felt like that for much longer. It did get better. Stay on program, drink bouillon or eat a couple of dill pickle spears and drink all your water. Hang in there.

But don't eat any more bread or it won't...

Comment #8

100% agree with Cellis. Don't go off plan. Eat an extra bar or drink an extra shake if you have to. You're fighting a carb addiction and if you eat carbs while batteling it you will keep starting at square 1. My first 6 days were horrible. But it's like second nature now...

Comment #9

I am half way into my third week and can say that I finally have started to feel good with lots of energy. I was hoping I would start to feel better because I was feeling like I had been hit by a truck. Hang in there it does get better...

Comment #10

Extra Medifast food IS extra carbs. Eat some lean protein if you're going to cheat. But don't eat extra carbs, even if Medifast sold them to you!..

Comment #11

The first week or so is really hard. But you can do it and it gets much, much better. Like everyone else has said, every time you cheat, it makes it that much harder to get into the fat burning zone Once you get there though, it gets really really easy. I've never felt hungry and never felt more in control of myself and my actions.

The first couple of weeks, I did have a little more black coffee than normal and took some extra Tylenol once in a while to deal with the headaches. And again, like others have said, drink lots of water - like a gallon or so a day..

Good luck to you and check back in with the boards and let us know how you're doing.


Comment #12

Yeah I rem that first month was pure h!ll for me lol..

Comment #13

I'm on day 3 and thought I was gonna get 1 was terribly hungry. I went to bed 3 hours early to keep from eating. Day 2 was hunger., I'm starving, light headed, and can SMELL my kids' bread from across the room. I'm not even being dramatic! I'm just having faith in this plan, because I can see it has worked for so many, I know it will work for me. I did have a bit more lean turkey to curb my hunger, but only about 50 cals more...looks like that's what's recommended. Hang in there Linda! We can do this!!!..

Comment #14

I ate a ton of carbs before starting medifast, and definitely had a tough day or two in the first week. Day 4 was the toughest for me, I just felt completley out of it and couldn't focus on anything. It passed, though; these days I do get hungry but I generally feel alert and good...

Comment #15

My first few days were miserable! I was hungry, nauseous, and my body felt like a train wreck. I ate an extra Medifast meal for the first few days which seemed to help. I went into ketosis and still lost 9 lbs the first week. A friend who was on Atkins told me about Braggs Liquid Aminos which I added to the soups. It has about as much sodium as light soy sauce, but something in the amino acids got rid of my headaches within an hour. Hang in there.

You're strong."..

Comment #16

You can DO IT!!!!!!.

I was miserable during my 4th day. Come to the boards. Go to the chat room. What saved me was distractions(walks, music,reading, etc), and as someone mentioned earlier Bouilion. I added a cube to my soups. I also ate the Medifast foods I liked at first.

Remember that you are changing bad habits, and shocking your body a bit by giving it better nutrition it is going to fight back. A little mind over matter doesn't hurt either. Remember why you are doing this. Also you didn't put all the weight on overnight. Give your body a chance to come through for you and lose it...

Comment #17

This is the best advice and what I've been doing these first two days..

Your body is literally detoxing itself from all the sugars, etc.


Comment #18

Sometimes I remember it being so bad I wanted to eat my arm, LOL!.

And do not watch TV, those commercials will do you in if you're experiencing hunger issues.

Get on the boards, and type or go into chat. Or blog...

Comment #19

Extra protein will not add carbs and is a good choice but if you ate 6 Medifast meals with the highest carb count ( like chili or pretzels which are 15 gms) you would reach 90 grams of carbs. That, added with your veggies and condiments MIGHT put you over 100 carbs a day depending on which veggies and condiments you are using. But if you eat some Medifast meals that are in the lower carb range and add that extra Medifast meal, you should be fine. Just keep an eye on your carbs. An extra Medifast meal, if it helps you stay on program is better than quitting because you feel terrible. The main thing is to hang in there and believe it will get better.

This place is full of those who toughed it out and are very happy they did. Pretty soon you will be the one giving the advice to those who are going through what you are going through. Let us know how you're doing...

Comment #20

I felt HORRIBLE for the first week. there were days where I really throught about quitting. thank god that I didnt. I took lots of naps during the first week. my diet before Medifast was terrible. I ate a lot of carbs and fatty foods and I drank a LOT of soda.

Hang in there. it will get better. that week seems like a long time ago, when in fact it was only 4 short months ago. I am now down 45 lbs. it was worth it...

Comment #21

The First time I went on MF, I was already on a low calorie intake since I had been losing 80 lbs and by the third day, I was already in ketosis. I just started again this Monday and I've been miserable, I'm fighting a nasty cold and forgot to eat until about 4pm yesterday...I was an utter mess. Today was day 4 and I'm still not in ketosis, felt more hungry today than I did yesterday. Cold virus and carb detox do NOT go together well!! If I can still manage to do it, so can you...

Comment #22

I am awaiting my first shipment arriving today, I have been doing my fit foods the past week which is low-carb meals and have lost some weight already. I am hoping that because I've been eating healthy that when I start Medifast tomorrow it won't be so bad on me. Any suggestions?..

Comment #23

Feeling hunger is not a bad thing. I guarentee you that you will not actually starve to death. As far as the headache take an asprin. You will start to feel better in a couple of days. Eating the bread is only going to prolong your suffering. I may have felt bad the first couple of days on this diet but honestly I felt like crap when I was fat.

I would take a couple of days of suffering any day for the feelings I have now. Stay strong you can do this...

Comment #24

Get some nice herbal hot teas you like. Literally an on plan life saver for me even after almost 9 months. I have at least 6 cups of hot tea a day. I keep a pot of hot water at all times even during the summer because another fact of Medifast is being cold..

I never did the broth trick but I have pickle spears almost every night. Just a great yummy crunch and it does help take the edge off...

Comment #25

My entire first week was horrible~headaches, nausea, shakes, dizziness...but after I managed to push through that first week, I felt much, much better. It's definitely a shock to our systems, going from sludge to healthy food, and I believe the detoxing of sugars and other impurities is very similar to detoxing from drugs. But it's SO worth it! I've lost 93.5 lbs now in 9 months, and I feel like a whole new person. It was worth that horrible first week and more. I'd do it again now if I had to, in a heart beat!.

I agree with all the advice~take asprin/motrin/tylenol, nap when you can, drink a ton, sip broth or have a pickle if you need to, but stay on program. It is so worth it!..

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