Has anyone every done Nutrisystem and if so what was the outcome?

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First off, Has anyone every done Nutrisystem and if so what was the outcome? Thanks in advance for any answer or 2. My other question... I have been trying to get out of my funk. I don't know whats going on with me..

The first week I followed the plan to a T. I exercised 3 of the 7 days and I lost 4 pounds..

My second week my treadmill started to have a mind of it's own and speed up, stop, slow down all on it's own. This started to frustrate me and I have grown bored of all the workout DVDs I have. I do have a few pieces of at home equipment, but I just am so caught up with school and work, putting in 12hr days I have not had time to look for new DVDs..

The stress of school caught up with me. I found myself snacking a little more, even though it was good stuff, I was still over calories. I was not exercising. Then there was the UFC and Super Bowl to end my week..

That was the end of week 2 and those 4 pounds went right back on. Ugh..

Now, it's week three and I only have a few more days until my next weigh in (Monday). My stress level is at an all time high. My treadmill is not repairable. I have not had time to exercise and there has been a lot of drama. Being an emotional eater, eating has always been my drug since I was a toddler. I find myself snacking.

But still. A lot of string cheese..

I don't want to step on the scale Monday. I feel like a failure and that I am just waisting my time. Perhaps this was not a good time in my life to start a weight loss program. But if not now, when?.

I am taking 9 classes this semester so I can graduate in June. I also have my own company that also requires quite a bit of time. I am spread thin right now..

I just don't know how to get out of this funk. I don't really have any friends to talk to about this, so I am not sure where to go. I guess that is why I came here. I thought someone here may understand and perhaps had a similar experience with some idea as how to push through...

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I would like to know the answer too. Anyone here know what is the answer to that question. I'll do some investigation and get back to you if I discover an useful answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably could give you an answer..

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I think RIGHT NOW is the perfect time to be on a weight loss program, considering all the stress you are dealing with..

I'm no where near as busy as you, but busier than most of my peers. I'm a full time college student with a full time job. I only get two days off in a week, and on those days I'm in class all day. Yes, I work weekends. I only get one full weekend off in a month. WithoutNutrisystemand exercise, I would not know how I could handle the stress.

I'm at the point to where my body craves it! Its a really great feeling.

Just relax. I think you might be thinking too much into it. Take a deep breath. If you have to just completely start over, so be it. This is a journey, not a race..

Don't rely so much on your treadmill or DVD's for workouts. Like Lucy said, find a mall or some type of indoor facility to walk around in. In another thread, a fellow NSer and I were discussing calisthenic exercises where you use your own body weight to in a way, challenge yourself. Its like push ups, lunges, things of that nature. Maybe you should look into it. You can't ever get bored because you can always challenge yourself and up your reps..

This is in no way easy, especially with all that you have on your plate, but it's NOT impossible. You can do it.

Does your school have a rec center? Maybe you should check it out if your school has one. Its not technically free for us because it's included in our fees...

Comment #2

That's a lot of some veggies for carrots, celery, any veggie you like raw and don't have to fuss with...much better on extra calories than cereal..

You can skip the scale this week!!! Don't let the weight loss journey affect your stress level! This is not a race. This is a lifelong committment for better health. Pat yourself on the back for doing better. Cereal is better for you than ice cream..

If you have time, try to walk between classes or any free time. It will give you a little exercise and help to relieve some of the stress..

Mostly, don't beat yourself up. You already know, anything worthwhile is not easy. You'll be fine. You will get through this..

Even though you are super busy, try to find some time for yourself and let all that tension go...even if it's a hot bath, or doing your nails or whatever. A few minutes can really help..

Take care, and be good to yourself...

Comment #3

Thank you so much for replying. It really helps to have someone push you!.

There was an (very) old stair stepper down in my basement. I cleaned it up and when my fiance gets home tonight I am going to have him bring it up stairs and put it in the bedroom. Then I can watch movies on the laptop or use the television while I exercise. I dont get much tv time so this would be nice. Or, listen to a book on audio, my ipod is great for that. So that is my new plan.

I am not very coordinated so most videos leave me frustrated. LOL.

I have decided to put $20 away per pay to put towards a new treadmill or elipitcal..

Unfortunately I am in Michigan, buried under mountains of snow in the country. Trying to go for a walk is dangerous. I do in the warmer months as I have two dogs who love it. And I ride my bike..

Winter is always so hard, even when I lived in the south!.

So I am trying to come up with a plan. I have a new shipment of food coming in the next few days so I plan to try and plan out a few days worth at a time. Get my vegi's all cut up and ready for snacking..

Weekends are hard because his daughter lives with us, she is 6 and requires so much attention. It is easy to do since we only have her 2 days. Its like we cram a weeks worth of time in to 48hrs..

It is hard to put ME first when I have put everyone else first for so long. It is not easy, but I have been trying!..

Comment #4

I suspect your funk is the anger you feel with yourself for putting yourself right back where you started. It feels like the two weeks was a waste, and with your treadmill setback and your high stress level, you're a little depressed..

I think the BEST thing you said in this whole post was "But if not now, when?" That is the attitude you need to focus on. It's quite likely there will never be a perfect time to start a healthier lifestyle, and with your stress levels one thing you really need right now is that healthier lifestyle..

Come up with a solution to the treadmill problem. Try posting for a free one on Freecycle there are any number of people out there who have one sitting around taking up space (or acting as a clothes hanger) who might think, "Well, if I'm not going to use it, someone else might as well." Tell them ***unemotionally that always backfires on freecycle*** that you're trying to get healthy, are a full time student, and your treadmill is broken. Ask if anyone can give you theirs. Promise to freecycle your old one in case there's someone handy out there who can repair it..

Come up with some new DVDs to get you motivated again. I know you don't have time for any new projects, but this is one that will help dig you OUT of the hole, so it's what you should focus on. Try asking here for suggestions. Order them from Amazon; that way you don't have to go shopping..

You'll be tempted again to eat for emotional reasons. Think hard right now, while it's fresh in your mind, about how that kind of eating makes you feel. It makes you feel WORSE, doesn't it? It is totally counterproductive. Right now you know this, but the next time you are tempted to eat for emotional reasons, you won't be thinking clearly. The food will seem like the solution again. So when that happens, remind yourself of how you're feeling now.

Get those feelings clear in your head BEFORE you eat. Then tell yourself how you'll feel if you don't eat off plan. THAT will make you feel good. That will empower you. THAT might even improve your emotional state enough that the food isn't as tempting any more...

Comment #5

Curious, do you keep a planner/schedule and pencil exercise time in? I wonder if this would help me. Like if I see it on my planner it would tell my brain I have to do it, just like work, and would make time for it..

I actually go to school online because the college is over an hour away from me. I do believe they have a rec center, but thats a bit of a drive. There is a Y that the fiance were going to join and on Saturday morning take his daughter with us as they have a kids center. Again, it's a drive, and I work and have school assignments due every day. Taking that drive time is hard..

Right now I need to find things I can do here at home. I have weights, bands, exercise ball, and lots of videos. I also have a weight bench that is sort of half like a bowflex and half weight machine. Its really neat..

The fiance teaches MMA and he goes 2x a week. I can go there for free. They have kickboxing once a week which I love. But they dont start until 7 and the nights he goes he doesn't get home until after 11. I cant do that, I have sleep problems as it is..

Our church pastor does kettlebells , the time is a little earlier and extremely close to my house. I have Bob Harpers Inside Out program, it's brand new, and he has kettlebell workout, but I have yet to buy myself a kettlebell. LOL. I am thinking about meeting up with him. He started running last year and has been such an inspiration..

Once I am done with school, it will help SO much! I have so many things I want to do. I used to run 6-7 miles a day until my back injury and thats when the weight came back. I lived in a warmer weather state then so it was so much easier..

I have yet to adapt to this weather. LOL.

Time really is a problem right now. I have My Break Pal on my pc, and it forces me to stop working , move away from my desk, and work out for a few minutes. If I let the program go all day, I can usually get 30-45min workout in a day. But, being the dork I am, have forgotten to even turn the darn thing on. *bah*.

I really have to laugh at myself and my brain lately...

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I love this! You know why? I just did my nails for the first time yesterday in months! Nice red for valentines!.

Weight loss is a slow process this time around. I have so much going on. But, I have had some non scale victories, so I can't complain too much..

Thank you for taking the time to "talk" to me...

Comment #7

Thank you , thank you for reminding me about freecycle! I was actually going to put mine on craigslist because I know there is some electronic whiz out there that could fix it. I feel like I have gotten my monies worth, I have had it 10yrs. I think that is a great idea. And who knows, someone might already be trying to give away something. I am going to sign up for my local cities right now!.

Then, homework and I have to get some work things done before my weekend starts..

You are right, I am depressed. I was diagnosed with it and a host of other mental health problems to due a lot of abuse in my past. I have gotten to the point where I think my meds need to be adjusted. Now, I need to come up with the money to go to therapy again, which I am not looking forward to. I fear a new doc having me dig up the past again. My old doc is 1000 miles away.

I think that has a lot to do with it, along with my busy life. Food has always been my drug, my friend, my emotional support. I broke through it once, about 5 years ago. But I had some life changing events that caused me to relapse..

Life is a hard journey, but I want to get through it again! I do not want to give up..

I have a date with a stair stepper right after dinner. I just revamped my Hulu and filled my queue on netflix..

Thank you. I guess I just needed some people to talk to...

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Hi Chrysa1:.

I think you got some real good advice here. You're not alone in this - we've all been there one time or another. I think you did the right thing to come here first..

I had a thought - maybe you could get your fiance's daughter to help you with your journey. For example, maybe she could help you fix your veggies for the upcoming week. You could have her wash them for you or maybe put some in individual bags for when you're out, etc. Maybe she could exercise with you when you use a video or DVD? I'll bet she'd like helping you..

Also, maybe if you know you're going to have a super busy weekend, that's when you plan on eating bars for lunch. You can take those with you when you're out and still eat on plan while others have their own lunch. And always take water with you..

I think you can do it with some planning. And once you get in the habit of planning, it won't feel so much like work. Good luck!..

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