Has anyone every been on Nutrisystem?

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Quick question: Has anyone every been on Nutrisystem? Thanks in advance for any response. 2nd question I got is.. CHOOOOOOOOOO CHOOOOOOOOOOOOO.

Thats right now that superbowl is over we have all promised to hit it back 100% if not MORE!.

Soooooo lets hope on the ZONE challenge train and get a head start..

What challenge you up for? What you willing to do? Give up? Reach?.

I still havent had a capachino btw for like 2 weeks.

Im pretty proud of that actually. But I need to challenge myself to really pushing the water this week!.

So climb aboard and buckle up we bout to start the challenge now!..

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I'm stumped. I'm not so sure what is the right answer to your question. I'll do some investigation and get back to you if I got an decent answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably know..

Comment #1

Good for you gf! It's hard when it stares you in the face, ya know? I def need to get the water issue under control..

I have been doing better but I can't seem to stay consistent with it..

Ooo! I like the DQ one..

Lol, only because I drive by one depending on the way I go to/from work and there happens to be one literally right outside the store..

I've got to smell waffle cones.



Morning Tim! I think you need a new profession...

Comment #2

Annie! Glad you are home and slowly getting up to speed. We were so worried about cha. /hugs.

It's not a good morning. I finally caught someone's cold..

These cold eze losanges taste like garbage! They "may" reduce the length of the cold, but darn they taste nasty..

DH is going to meet a contractor expert foundation crack fixer this am. We played with hydraulic cement yesterday, and stopped the water. Fixing the crack is next, and when it warms up we will need to excavate the foundation, re-seal and put in drains..


I'm not a happy camper..

The game was a blast, I even watched it. I'm glad the packers won. Not that I really had a preference, but the QB did not have a SB win, so I figured he needed one. Yes Tim you are correct the half time show blew chunks. I was not impressed with the way the anthem was messed up. Why can't they just sing the song and sing it respectfully?.

Send extra hugs and stuff up my way please. I need em...

Comment #3

Good Morning all!!!. that superbowl is over and done...time to get back on track! My back is feeling fantabulous so I will start running again this week...slowly working my way back to 5 miles!.

Hope everyone has a great day....bbl..

Comment #4

LMAO I dont have any of those sins and fast foods round me I am truly thankful for that ... I do horribly on the snack portion for sure.

Im trying the water challenge this week I figure 2 of my huge mugs at work and then 2 at night surely is 8 glasses worth.

Man waffle cones might kill me all day long .. those and them aunt hatties pretzels? got one of those there? TOTAL weakness.

Did you get some rest this weekend?.

Neck n hand back to feeling ok?.

Awww I gotz some tissues too for your nose being snotty sick sucks. try with all thats going on in your life to not "stress" eat and keep on track ... as mikey would say breath in breath out move on. things have a way of working themselves out! when you find your handy dandy foundation fixer uppers could you find me a tree cutter outter? lol we have a HUGE massive tree that needs to come down b4 it falls on my house UGH! not happy bout that..

Yeah I'm glad your back is feeling better!.

I am suprised that we watched the SB at my house last nite even I did .. I missed the nat'l anthem but I'm sure I can totally google her horrid performance and botched words ... the halftime show was up ok and that chick KILLED the guns n roses song! HUGE ... I might never be able to listen to it again w/out that vision LMAOOOOO anyways ....

HAPPY MONDAY GANG ........ anyone need some decaf?..

Comment #5

Hey kids, how goes it? Another rainy, dreary day here in the 'fun-shine' state!.

Wow... what a weekend! Spent all day Saturday (from 7am untl 10pm) working like a dog!.

Had to take the boys to their practices at 8am, Alex plays lacrosse and Tyson plays baseball. Came home and did some sheetrock and painting work in Lexi's room, ended up having to paint the ENTIRE room because the paint didn't match like Home Depot said it would!.

Then off to buy her a new big-girl bed... she's almost 11 now, so the twin size bed just doesn't cut it. Who knew buying a queen size bed set would be so darned complicated? I never realized that in a 5 mile stretch in Jacksonville there are like 10 matress stores: Matress Firm, Matress One, Matress Giant, Matress King, Mr. Matress, Matress' R' Us, etc... ridiculous..

Anyway, finally bought her one after I lost my temper and told her and Kay just to pick a fricking matress so we can get the "f" outta here!! Saturday night 8:30-9:00pm and a matress store is not where I want to be!.

So, yesterday picked up bed, with the help of two not-so-willing teenage sons with strong backs and weak minds! Got her room all done just in time for SuperBowl extravaganza! Yeah....

Had a blast, had a few friends over; ate and drank way too much, but it was soooo good..

The game was good; Christina Aguillera looked good singing but botched the national anthem; are you kidding me? Did you not practice?.

Black Eyed Peas were less than impressive, looked like they weren't too happy to be there and their music just wasn't popping! Usher and Slash were the best part of the performance....

So, Monday morning and my back feels like I took a couple of hits from the Green Bay Packer offensive line!! I'm gonna call the doctor's office in a little bit and see if I can find out what's going on with my MRI, still haven't gotten the results back yet....

Back on plan today... no football, holidays or anything to side track me for several months! Gotta get back into board shorts and no shirt shape, summer's around the corner. Sorry to ramble on so long, I just like to share and you guys are my friends!!.

Have a great Monday my friends!..

Comment #6

Hey Mikey....what a weekend huh!? Im glad you decided to, Aeri, and Alie have the best stories! Hope your back feels better soon!..

Comment #7

Hey you ... yeah for lexi having a big girl room! I felt the same way when I went buying my kids new beds it was like OMFG it's just a dang mattress why is this so stinking complicated lol .. I hope you get some news bout your back n mri today it sure has taken a long time ... you can ramble any time you want.

Dats what we are here for..

Glad your superbowl least was fun.

And you were able to hoop n hollar with your friends!..

Comment #8

Ask me how much water ive had today.

.... NONE.

Blah each time I try just cant get it in ... mumbles ... gonna start now drinking some Ive been so busy this entire afternoon I just havent had any time .....

Comment #9

Gotta run and pick up Beaner and Beiber from their practices (baseball & lacrosse)... had a decent day. Drank probably 2/3 of the water I should have, a protein bar for b-fast and a 6" Subway turkey sub for lunch (no chips). Not too sure what's for dinner... we'll see. Baby steps people, baby steps!!.

Have a good night, make it a good one!..

Comment #10

I was sooo busy still stuck at work waiting for payroll adjustments to be done so I can close...maybe I will have more time to play tomorrow....if I ever get out of here...SMFH..

Comment #11

Drinking water as we speak.

Cuz I'm good like dat .... zumba tonite so least I will get my workout in and early to bed cuz I'm just exhausted!..

Comment #12

Sending tons of hugs and happy thoughts your way..

Least you got the leaking to stop. That's the first step. I've got too YouTube that too!.

Glad your back is feeling better! hope your day was better and you finally got outta there.

I agree! I was watching it with a disgusted look on my face this morning. smh What were they thinking?.

You'd better get that tree taking down quick!.

Lmao omg, DH and I had the same thing happen when we were looking for a bed for my dad's place down there. After an afternoon of that, we couldn't remember which places we had been to and who had the best price..

Yay for Lexi getting a big girl room. And how awesome of dad to do it for her..

So did you find anything out from the dr?.

Hahahahahaa!!! I was thinking the same thing!..

Comment #13

It looks like some tickers are moving..

Not mine though...

Comment #14

Going to watch Resident Evil... see you in the morning! Have an awesome night!..

Comment #15

Mine either but I plan on changing that.

Toot sweet.

My neice LOVES that movie.

Hey tim hows you doin?..

Comment #16

Doing pretty good. My challenge will be get back to 100% after getting off of these night shifts. I gave up while on them which has had some very bad results..


Comment #17

Your shifts are super hard I cant imagine doing it like that ... well make it happen when you get your day shifts back ...

We dont wanna stab you with needles !..

Comment #18

Hi Zonies.

Thanks for Prayers. The great news is my Nephew does NOT have testicular cancer. Results negative!!!!!! Woot.

Now don't stop with the Prayers or Positive Thoughts.

The Day...... First phone call.

Grace calls to say Abby burned her hand on the stove..... She is OK.

Next call from Dad's Doctor.... Dad is here. I am a little concerned. Too much fluid on legs. Heart beat irregular I want you to take him to Cardiologist. Make appointment for tomorrow.

Next call from Laura.... Did you talk to Mom yet? They rushed Grandma (my MIL) to the hospital. Trouble breathing. Rush home. Pulmonary Embolism. Admitted.

Just walked in about 30 minutes ago. When it Rains it EFFIN Pours!!!!..

Comment #19

Awww Rick Im sorry to hear about all this ... prayers coming your way! I hope everyone will be ok!..

Comment #20

Geez Rick, that is enough to make you want to find a hole and crawl in. Hope every one recovers...

Comment #21

I'm sorry I can't stay. I'm late. Woke up about 15 minutes ago..

More snow on the ground so I have to add that into my schedule..

See you all later! Hope your days are wonderful!..

Comment #22

Good Morning Zonies!.

Rick - I'm so sorry to hear about all the stuff you are dealing with. I hope everything resolves in a positive manner. Yes when it rains it definately pours /hugs.

The rain is like the way I'm feeling, all drainy, coughy and cold..

The 2 guys did remove the 4 feet of snow and ice from the roof. One came back to remove the 12 feet they dumped near the foundation crack and leak. The fun never ends!.

I need your special thoughts and prayers today for someone dear to me, please..

See you later, work is screaming at me...

Comment #23

Careful driving in dat white stuff.

Its blistery cold here AGAIN! snow coming already flurrying YEAH .............. NOT.

Awwww c'mere you just wanna hug you all up! we got prayers coming for you! trust me! I hope I fall into the "someone dear to me" catagory.

If not you will just have to deal with it LOL !!!!!!..

Comment #24

So good morning gang ... the weather is changing round here pretty quick and looking like crap until Wednesday ... joy! Hope we just barely get it but they are saying 3-6. Spose it could be worse. Im sure sick of winter!.

So huge WW3 round my house last nite.

The fun never ends. I guess they kicked (expelled) another one of my boys's friends from school yesterday. Just pathetic really! Im going to open a home school for wayward kids LMAO employ Doug to teach them lololol ... I think half the town would freeking join!.

So anyways ... gonna get to work here ... been running round like a shicken w/my head cut off this morning!.

Starts drinking water.

Im determined..

Comment #25

Morning Again.

Grace back from hospital. Blood clot in lung, but it is small. On blood thinners. A few days in the hospital as they run tests to check her blood and find out where the clot formed. Blood has to be monitored as they adjust medications..

As I said, Nephew is Cancer Free, so that is good news...

Comment #26

Happy for the good news Rick.

Morning all-big time blow it this weekend with a birthday party for my BIL on Saturday and super bowl sunday- bleh- glad to get back on track!..

Comment #27

Prayers for grace! yeah for nephew! my what a busy afternoon here geeze I'm so ready to go home it's been snowing all stinking day.

Cant belive Im still here lol it's just now starting to accumulate they have increased it to 6-11 inches oyyyyy.

I think we all needed to get back on track .. dont feel like you are alone least you are back chooo chooo climb aboard!..

Comment #28

Heh .. well hellllllllo you ... busy day today? sure do miss ya..

Comment #29

Hello All. Earlier I gave the Readers Digest version of My MIL..

Got back from Cardiologist with my Dad. Long and shot of it is he is doing OK. Fluid retention in legs. Increase water pill dosage. New pill to help with heart rate. No Fibrilation while at Cardiologist.

Followup visit in 2 weeks. So on that front things are not too bad..

All in all things don't look nearly as bad tonight as they did last night at this time. Thank you all and keep them prayers and good thoughts coming...

Comment #30

Hi Zonies! Decent Donkey medical update..

Follow-up with primary care doc went well. She thinks I look worlds better than last week. (no chit, I don't have my hospital hair doo and I put makeup on!).

She does want me to repeat my thyroid test as it was normal in Dec but high in the hospital. But she said so many of my tests were bizarre in the hospital after all those transfusions that she'd rather just repeat the test a few weeks from now..

And I have to go get my back xrayed again in a few weeks to check on that aggravated stress fracture..

Aside from that, she doesn't need to see me for 6 mos unless any of my ongoing tests warrant otherwise. My follow-ups for treatment are all with the hematologist. And I do have one routine follow-up with the GI doc that I'm in no rush to see after all the torture she put me through. Real nice lady, just bad bad memories!!.

So not a bad follow up. Hopefully the blood doc can help me kick this anemia and get my counts back up..


Comment #31

Thoughts and prayers coming your way... sorry they are late..

Yay that they cleared it all away!.

Sending thoughts and prayers your way too..

Oh man! Good thing I have a large supply of good thoughts and prayers! I'm just going to send them out to all my Zonies!.

Hi Marie! Good to see you.

Glad things are looking better..

Lol @ your makeup.

Happy you are felling stronger and your doc says you are looking better! Fingers crossed they help you out...

Comment #32

Good evening all! It seems that the Zone is in repair mode. (mostly)Everyone has been hit with bad news in one form or another but we are on the mend. I'm sending good thoughts, vibes and prayers out to all of you!.

Not so good on plan today. It was a rough day..

DH has been in an awful bout of anger and depression since losing his job and then adding in the driveway troubles, the roof leaking and $$. So we had a talk tonight about his negativity and not seeing the good that will come our (his) way. I know it's tough to see the light at the end of the dark tunnel, but you have to or you will never make it out..

And it's been bringing me down. A LOT. So I told him that I can't keep focusing on the bad because I need good and I.


Good. So I'm focusing on that. It's going to be a lot of work...... yes, I know. I have enough work..

But I can't get to where I want to be without it. I learned long ago that things arn't handed to you on a silver platter unless you set that platter up. And let me tell you... I've been shining that platter for so long, I'm surprised there's anything left to it! lol.

But seriously. If I can't do it for myself, how can I expect someone else to do it for me?.

Speaking of which, did I mention my 15 year reunion is coming in November? And who do you think needs to be a knockout by then? That would be me..

So here's my challenge. Re-focus. I need to do what I keep planning on doing. More water. More exercise. More fruits and veggies.

Less grease. Less procrastination. It stops now! *pounds fist on desk* I have been stuck on this plateau for almost a year now and I need to jump!.

Who's jumping with me?!..

Comment #33

And a good morning to you! Guess who is late again this morning..

I need to get some major sleep soon..

Hope everyone's day goes better than yesterday's..

Comment #34

Good Morning Gang!.

Hey there sweet Alie.

I understand and know about depression of DH when a job is not there. We experienced that many years ago. It must come from their need to be the "providers" for the family? Sending hugs to you and DH, you WILL get some positive stuff coming your way, I KNOW IT.

Rick - glad to hear it's not as bad as it was the other night, of course prayers will continue to be flowing..

Annie - Woohoo sounds like our favorite donkey is well on the mend! Yeah.

I'm a coughy sniffly mess. Did not sleep well, could not breathe. I'd love to stay in bed and hang out with my Nyquil. Nope that's not gonna happen today..

I meet with a new doctor for both arms for a work related repetitive injury this afternoon. This is doc #2. As you may recall, I had 2 surgeries last year. They did not end up resolving the problem. There is not much you can do to not use your arms. Almost Constant pain is not what I should be living with.

I'm keeping my chin up and the kleenex handy!..

Comment #35

Good Morning Alie & Kama... hope all is well! Feeling about 50% today, sore throat and major back issues; but I'll make it, just another day in paradise!.

Alie, I'll take that jump with you... a leap of faith!..

Comment #36

Sounds like things are picking up a bit for you.

God bless the power of prayer and good friends.

Does the donkey strut ! woooo hoooo ... sweet! YOU LOOK MAHHHHVELOUSSSS *grins*.

Grabs the bungee cords n comes a running! Im with you.

Its nice that we all can vent here and we are all here for each other and supportive not only for weight loss yanno? ya'll are my FRIENDS and that is super amazing! a rare find ya'll are GEMS!!!.

Gosh I didnt know your arms were still bothering you.

What more can they do? wipes ya boogie nose! wanna share a nyquil shot w/me?.

Man did you get your results yet? id be thumping someone to get me some answers!..

Comment #37

I got answers, just not the ones I wanted!!! No biggie, life will go on...

Comment #38

Awww hugs ya up! (gently).

Gotta love how you always spin it to the positive if more ppl were like that life would be WAY good..

Comment #39

Morning everyone...just getting in due to major payroll issues that started with our snow day last week! GRRRR!.

I know we all have issues going on right now and like Alie says...we are all on the mend. Dont forget that good things are in store for those that work hard and persevere!.

Take note to the lyrics to one of my favorite new songs:.

Today is a new day, but there is no sunshine,.

Nothing but clouds and it's dark in my heart.

And it feels like a cold night..

Today is a new day, but where are my blue skies?.

Where is the love and the joy that you promised me?.

Tell me it's all right!.

Ill be honest with you.

I almost gave up but a power that I cant explain.

Fell from Heaven, like a shower..

When I think of how much better, Im gon be when this is over..


I smile, even though Im hurt I smile,.

I know god is working so I smile,.

Even though I've been here for a while.

I smile, smile!.

Its so hard to look up when youve been down,.

Sure would hate to see you gave up now,.

You look so much better when you smile! So smile !..

Comment #40

Got back on the treadmill last night...walked a mile...ran 2.5...back feels good. It felt good to workout after a week long hiatus...

Comment #41

Ty for the song great lyrics ..... nice job on the TM gf ... I dont know if we have zumba tonite theres so much snow ... waiting on an email from the lady ...

But that doesnt usually go out till 4pm .. convenient..

Comment #42

Yummy salad and a piece of baked chicken for lunch.

Now I shall attempt the whole water thing..

Comment #43

I am the King of Humpday.

There is none higher.

Sucker MCs.

Should call me sire.

Let's get the negative things out and the positive things in Zoners.... It is Hump Day and that means celebration either alone or with someone you like or can just tolerate a little.... Can I get a Yep! Yep! and a raise the roof in here???.

Thank you very much... Lights fade out... The king has just left the building......

Comment #44

Well hello there .... I think I saw the king..

Comment #45


Hope you remembered your Kangol and fat gold rope!!! Oh and the top tens are a must!.

Hi Robby!..

Comment #46

Big smiles this afternoon... big smiles..

I just love smiling, it's my favorite..

Have a great night folks...

Comment #47

Yanno ... ya gots quite the smile dere !..

Comment #48

Apparenlty ZUMBA is like the post office ... come rain sleet or shine, ZUMBA will go on tonite.


I guess Im gonna head out to class later and see ya'll tonite..

Comment #49

Thanks for the hugs! I think you are right. It's that darn caveman mentality..

LOL we should all call outta work sick one day and just hang in the Zone..

DH has the same problem with his one elbow. I don't know the pain you are going through directly, but I do indirectly. I hope they help you find a way to fix it..

*hands you a fresh box of puffs*.


We got jumpers!!!!.

I hope you feel better in the morning.

Alright! We need to get video of our jumps.

Lol And boy do I agree with you! I love my Zone friends..

So what's the deal? You gonna have another surgery?.

Thanks for the lyrics! How true!.

I had chicken and a yogurt..

Washed it down with some nice cool water too!..

Comment #50

Hi all, will be back sometime tonight to read..

My last night shift!!!!.

Back to days on Monday...

Comment #51


I'm so f'n tired! Think I'm going to head to bed early..

I've got work to do tomorrow (my day off) but I've got a woman coming by to buy our mini-donut maker that we used only once. Sold it on Craigslist. Paid $50 for it and selling it for $35..

I think I am going to call a donation place and have them come and pick up a bunch of sh*t just to get it the heck outta the house! I'm so sick of looking at it!.

Going to make a bunch of single serving salads too. And get my workout on. Maybe I'll even venture into the garage and put the misc decorations back in there..

Thinking I may try and sleep in so if the coffee's not brewin' then I hope someone else can start it up..

Good night.... and good luck...

Comment #52

Did I see a Robby sighting.....good to see you my friend.

Allie, I need to jump on with you, I have been losing and putting back on the same 15# for the last 18 months. I need to lose it and leave it behind. I am back on days after tonight, I am actually off of work (at the hospital) until monday. I am going to use this time to get back on plan, both with diet and exercise. The sad part is I lost all of the weight originally with out exercise, can you imaging what I can do with exercise. I need to have some one kick my butt, and get me doing this!.

Arie, hoping a homeschool for wayward boys, how come I see a bunch of girls hanging around your house if you do this.


Comment #53

Good Morning.

Heatwave here in Cleveland, it is -1 this morning. 1 hour to go, and then I am back to day shift..

Comment #54

Good night all, my string of night shift's are over!!!!!!!!!!..

Comment #55

Thanks Alie - I need another box of kleenex..

Aeri - Sure I'll do a nyquil shot with ya, let me get the good cherry flavor one..

I have the bestest friends here!.

I met with the new arm doc, he wants me to come back nice and painful like, my arms were not as inflamed yesterday as they could be, so I go back in a week and he will re-evaluate and see if we can determine if a certain nerve is to blame. He will give me a local, and if that kills the pain, viola we have isolated the nerve in question. My arms get fatigued, and feel like a burn or achey feeling that won't let up. Doc says he's pretty sure it's nerve related. The more I type the more they burn. Since I do not plan a career change, they have to be fixed up proper like!.

Ok got to work, cya later!..

Comment #56

Morning all, how goes it?.

Another rainy day in the Sunshine state... bummer. At least it's warm..

Tyson's baseball team won last night; we had a game at the beach. Atlantic Coast Stingrays (our school) won 13-7 over the Fletcher Senators. It was a good game, Tyson had a double, a single and a walk (hit by pitch)..

Waiting on my referral from the doc for my back... sending me to a back & spine specialist who will give me some injections in my back to reduce the pain; also maybe put me on some pain management plan... not sure if I want to do that, don't want to be hooked on pain killers for the rest of my days. I think I would lose some of my zest and pow!.

You know... I would just be blah, blah, blah... going through the motions... we don't want that now do we? I mean you're not truly living unless your really living it up!!! Right?.

Your thoughts....

Anywho, that's my story for today. Looks like a slow day here at the office, I'm afraid that you folks are stuck with me. So, what's kicking in your neck of the woods?..

Comment #57

Glad you are on board..

What are you going to do with a whole weekend off????.

Oh boy Kama... I hope it's an easy find and an easier fix..

Way to go Tyson!!!! *shakes pom poms* Wait... does baseball have cheerleaders?.

Are you sue the pain management is all about pills?..

Comment #58

I was in bed at 930 last nite and MAN did it feel GOOOOOOOD .. the boys stayed in town so I locked up and hit the sack shewww I needed that sleep! and course I made it into work at the NORMAL time of 7am tho, we are having puter issues ... so bbs k?.

Like there isnt lotta girls there NOW timmy.

-8 here.

I got my kini on.

You know we love ya gf and hate ta see ya hurting! does it hurt when you get your workout in? I woke up this morning super sore and got class again tonight if I can convince myself to go lol.

Sorry you dint get super news bout your back least it's not surgery and maybe those shots will help you for long periods of time where you dont need to take the meds on a regular basis. you have quite the active lifestyle! hugs ya ... hows your morning going? slow here not much can be done!..

Comment #59


I went to bed cose to 10, watched a little DogTown and then rolled over and fell asleep. Woke up about an hour ago..

Coffee cup #1 almost done. Then I'm going to throw some clothes on, head out to get what I need for my homework.

And then back home..

It's like spring out here.... Sun shining, didn't have to put a scarf around my neck& face, didn't need to bundle my coat up tight... it's goign to be a beautiful day! I may open the windows..

It's a full 19 degrees out...

Comment #60

Hey I sneak in at almost 10:30a! Busy morning! and colder than a witches tit (in my best Jackie Sykes voice) (Thats my mom by the way.

) My temperature gauge is registering at -4...they say this is our coldest day of the year! I really didnt want to come out of the house today...but needless to at work!..

Comment #61

Morning Tonya! Stay warm... and don't go out unless you have to..

The wind is what has been making it unbearable here lately..

But it's nice today...

Comment #62

Lol at open the winders.

The suns out here too maybe we'll make it to 0 today.

I got your mail out to you yesterday.

So keep checking tho your present is still on my bedroom floor ffs lol.

Did it take you that long to get to work? er where you playing hookie? it was scarey driving into work today the roads were just SO icy and it was still dark out.

I hate the wind when it's this cold out too ... makes it miserable!..

Comment #63

So... good news, the pain management office called; I have an appointment on Monday @ 9:00am. Booyah, on the road to feeling better. That's what I'm talking about! Booyah!..

Comment #64

Bud Lite Lime???? This does not work any longer???.

JK I hope you fell better soon Mike..

Comment #65

Just wanted to update that a RedEnvelope has been delivered!..

Comment #66

C'mere I get ta stick ya.

Lol hey rickydoodledo!.

YEAH !!!.

Drive safe out dere remember it's a day OFF ffs.

Well 1 conference call has been cancelled but we have a meeting from 2-3.

I just loveeeeeeeeeeeeeee meetings..

Comment #67

Bud Lite Lime season hasn't kicked in yet... gotta wait until the outside temp is 80 and the waters warm enough to surf in!.

Yeah my back is wrecked and I'm sure surfing doesn't help it out. I've done a lot of things that I shouldn't have in the past couple of years. With that being said, I have also given up a lot of things too; however, somethings I am not willing to give up - that would be surfing and Bud Lite Limes!!!.

Glad things are OK for your nephew and your bride Rick, take care brother!..

Comment #68

Yanno theres plenty of other things you can do in da water that would still be fun and maybe less stress on your back.

Maybe we need to get you one of them lil boats with da pedals in it and you can scoot round da water and sit down.


Will start a zonie collection box!..

Comment #69

Roads werent precip...just cold! I wish I couldve played hookey...I would love to be at home in front of the TV with a nice blanket and a cup of hot chocolate!..

Comment #70

Thanks sweetheart, but no thanks..

PADDLEBOAT = GAY, not for me..

SURFING = COOL, chicks dig it!.

Going to get my lunch on... Red Beans & Sausage with a little Tabasco kicked in, cause I like it hot (moi caliente!)!.

Then I'm gonna chug a liter of water and take a nap. Buenos Dias Amigos!..

Comment #71

Lol gay it might be, but much safer.

You so need a spanking!.

Omg I need a nap too take one for me.

Im working on the water..

Comment #72

Morning all- or afternoon-ish for some.

Just hook the paddle boat up to a ski it extreme paddle boat...tastes great....less gay.....

Mike- I just bought some of the lime bud for a party- good stuff but I'm partial to the's God's little way of saying we're all loved..

Comment #73

Indeed... we are all special, drink up and be merry!..

Comment #74

Hi Zonies!.

Just got back from a blood test and found a package on my doorstep..

Voila, it was a surprise from you!.

Thank you so much for the beautiful friendship box! It is beautiful as are each and every one of you!.

I truly appreciate the prayers, support and well wishes that you've provided thru my ailments. It means the world to me..

I am doing my best to get rest and do everything they tell me so I can hopefully get my counts back up and get rid of the anemia and stay the hll out of the hospital!.

Love and hugs to all of ya!.

Annie ( donkey)..

Comment #75

HAHAHAHAHHAAHHA at tastes great less gay hahahahah omfg Marie you crack me up and I Have soooo missed you! extreme paddle boating hahahahah I almost spit my water out YES I.

Am drinking water!.

I like chilada's too but after bout 2 my tummy swells all up.

Smiles brightly ... we are ALL here for you annie and glad you are on the mend! you have all of our love and support sweetheart! enjoy your box! you are indeed our dear friend!..

Comment #76

I know! I ran to Wallyworld and of course they didn't have enough of what I needed so as I was loading the car to head to staples, DH called and we met for lunch at Friendly's. Had a grilled Chicken melt with an iced tea..


Went to Staples, they are twice the price of WallyWorld. So I have to find my online coupon and bring it with my receipt tomorrow to get some $$ back..

Back home now and I wanted to check in. So now I am off to do my "homework"..

Chanel surfing is a lot safer..

*drops a buck in the collection jar*.

Oooo! That sounds SO nice!.

Hi Marie!!! lol@ extreme paddle boat.

We're having a party?!.

Awesome! When and where?.

You're so welcome Annie! Like Aeri said... we're here for you no matter what. ((hugs)) Get some rest!..

Comment #77

Smiles ok my lovely buncha coconuts! ... I'm headed outta here.

Had a great meeting this afternoon tell you more bout it later ....

Off to zumba and then home maybe even early to bed again! TGIF (tomorrow).

Woot woot..

Comment #78

How's everyone doing? I'm just popping in to see how everyone's doing.

Put up an updated pic... almost 30 lbs lost, and I'm super excited! I'm hanging in there and have been doing very well, so my lack of appearance on here isn't because I fell off... thankfully it has been the opposite.

I hope it has been success for everyone here... I think about you all at the ZONE I haven't forgotten...and by the way, I saw Mikey on one of theNutrisystemcommercials... how cool is that?!..

Comment #79

Making dinner... turkey meatloaf with salsa in it. I hope it's tasty. I know the Cajun place made it that way and DH loved it.... so we'll see..

Then more work. I'll try and catch up later but tonight is Grey's night and Big Bang Theory.....

Comment #80

Hey Sarah! Glad to hear you are doing so well! Congrats on the 28lbs! Woohoo!.

Your pic looks great!!..

Comment #81

Hi all quit pass through, because officially, I am not playing on the internet..


Comment #82

Heyyyyyy sarah great new pic and look how happy you look? we are glad you stopped by to update us.

We get to worrying bout those that dont stop in all the time so.

Good for you for sticking with it and losing! feels great to be a loser huh?.

Im on my way I LOVE turkey meatloaf! zumba was fun tonite learned another new dance id int like it NOR did my calves OOOW.

Hey there lil timmy!..

Comment #83


Saved some for ya! It was tasty... next time though, more salsa..

How come you didn't like it?.

Good morning Zone! How is everyone this beautiful Friday morning???.

I'll have the new thread up and running shortly!..

Comment #84

Hey gang.... let's meet up over here for the weekend.



Comment #85

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