Has anyone ever tried Nutrisystem? Is it worth the money?

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Got a question, hope someone can answer... Has anyone ever tried Nutrisystem? Is it worth the money? Thanks for any response. Another question on my mind: Quiet Riot's Kevin Dubrow.

Brad Renfro.

Tony Orlando.

Heath Ledger.

Today's celebrity plays a game with their life and doesn't value what they have..

So I say F them all to hell and hope and bet that they die..

Here is JohnnyUtah's list of celebs and well known people who are cruisin for an eternal brusin'.

1. Amy Winehouse - if she sees 2009 it will be a miracle.

2. Britney Spears - see above.

3. Lindsay Lohan - has a puncher's chance to make it.

4. Mark Mangino/Andy Reid - on field death prediction.

5. Bobby Brown.

Please build on to this list and let's thin the herd out people!..

Comments (61)

Hmm... I need to find out myself. I don't know what is the answer to your question. I'll do some Googling and get back to you if I find an decent answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably could help you..

Comment #1

I believe this is in poor taste, which is exactly why I want to participate and place my money on Ms. Winehouse to win and Ms. Spears to place. My dark horse selection would be golfer John Daly to show...

Comment #2

C'mon people....

Haven't you learned how important your fruit servings are on this diet???.


You guys really think he'll live a year in the joint?!?!.

I don't think so..

I'll take OJ Simpson for 1000 Alex!..

Comment #3

I believe Owen Wilson deserves a place on the list..

And my money is on Britney Spears to win the whole shebang...

Comment #4

I think Winehouse might be a sucker's bet since there is a good chance she'll end up in jail. My money's on Ms. Spears. Oops she did it again.......

Comment #5

Robert Downey Jr is going to Belushi soon, I feel...

Comment #6

What odds do you give me? I say that Amy and Britney kick the bucket on the same day. ROFLMAO I think they are an entry 1 and 1A..

The rest of the list has possibilities..

You might want to add Whitney Houston...

Comment #7

Jeff Conoway for obvious reasons. And you may even be able to watch it on VH1, too...

Comment #8

Speaking of Owen....

Terrell Owens...anyone remember his "accidental" overdose and then that crying at the press conference....he has some issues..

Comment #9

I heard one those talking heads on the 24 news channel say the Associated Press (AssPress) has already written Britney's obit - just waiting to zip it off to the printer...

Comment #10

The anorexic, eating/disorder Olsen twin, whichever one it was. Both of those girls went from cute at 17 to whorish waifs at 18.As of now, one Olsen twin would probably be as productive in society as two are...

Comment #11



Comment #12

This has got to be one of the best threads ever! How can we make it a sticky..

My money is on Mr. Britney Spears (Kevin Federline). She's so psycho right now, I bet she's making bullets with his initials on them...

Comment #13

She started to do that Niner but then she started sniffing all the good stuff and then decided to go shave again......

Comment #14

Here's my Ghoul Pool list for the year:.

Muhammad Ali (Parkinson's takes it's tole).

Bob Barker (After leaving Price is Right one of the ex models is gonna get him).

Wilford Brimley (after all the diabetes help can't save him for all that much longer).

Gary Busey (He'll got psycho on someone and get killed due to road rage).

Jimmy Carter.

Fidel Castro.

Dick Cheney (gun accident or heart attack due to a gun accident).

Bob Dole (Heart attack due to Viagara OD).

Betty Ford.

Michael J Fox.

Zsa Zsa Gabor.

Rev. Billy Graham.

Jesse Helms.

Sir Edmond Hillary (Ok, I already got my Ghoul Pool points on this one).

Jerry Lewis..

Comment #15

Oh I'm in! I used to participate in a Celebrity Death pool every year..

My #1 has got to be the Pop Tart, Brittney Spears.

#2 Annette Funicello (another ex-Mouseketeer - she has M.S.).

And to show, Nick Nolte.

Runners up: Nancy Reagan.

Gallagher (wishful thinking).

Phyllis Diller.

Zsa Zsa Gabor..

Comment #16

I just checked IMDB, Wikipedia, and and all 3 still list Funicello as living...

Comment #17

The spirit of this was meant to be wheels off death spirals not so much super old people..

Gimme Fidel Castro for 10 pts..

Comment #18

Fair enough. Then I go with Brittany and Nick Nolte...

Comment #19

Do I get extra points if I pick Jerry Lewis and his head explodes on live TV during the telethon?..

Comment #20

Johnnydude, you get no points if the person is already dead..

I'm going with Don Imus and Michael Vick...

Comment #21

Put me down for 20 on John Edwards' Wife, Elizabeth, of cancer. Comes just in time for Edwaerds to use the sympathy vote to win the nomination..

404/397/204 -7.

"Prospective: Use it or Lose it!!"..

Comment #22

Keith Richards. Won't happen, he's petrified. But if it does, I win big.....

Comment #23

Hey did you hear Christian Brando died this am? I see no one bet on him....personally I thought he was already dead...

Comment #24

I don't think I could call him a celebrity. He was more of a leech...

Comment #25

Muhammad Ali.

Andy Dick.

Fidel Castro.

Farrah Fawcett.

William Mark Felt, Sr. (by suspicious accident).

Jack Kevorkian (suicide).

50 Cent..

Comment #26

Here's a link to a Dead or Alive website:.


Britney gets my youth vote. Karl Malden and John Wooden get my old man vote. I'll also throw in one of the best running backs of all-time - Earl Campbell..

Comment #27

Seems as though Teddy Kennedy is putting together a strong final push to win this thing..

Comment #28

If he's already pickled in his own juices, can he technically die?..

Comment #29

You're thinking zombies. For that you have to go to the Naval Observatory. Teddy can die, he just won't rot...

Comment #30

The family is going cyrogenically freeze his liver and send it to Arizona to share a cell with the head of Ted Williams..

Comment #31

I heard the producers of Pardon the Interruption had purchased Teddy Ballgame's head and that Tony Kornheiser will be wearing it on today's show. Seems logical to me...

Comment #32

This thread needs to be bumped on a continuous basis..

Need to add Gary Dourdan (Warrick from CSI). Gets snuffed on season finale and busted for packing multiple pharmaceuticals in real life. Dude was this close from getting the nasty on with Marg too!..

Comment #33

I'm laying down $5 on David Barfaletta if he loses Idol. His daddy won't know what to do..

Comment #34

Scott Weiland of Velvet Revolver/ STP. One mainline away.......

Comment #35

Hey I'm going to see STP tonight! You might want to go double or nothing on Weiland next week. When I saw Smashing Pumpkins several years ago their keyboard player OD'd the next week. When I saw STP in 97 Weiland got busted for something a week or two later...

Comment #36

Does this make you a suspect?.

Any chance you saw Great White about 5 years ago in Rhode Island?..

Comment #37

No, these things don't happen when they're here, it's after they leave..

Never saw Great White. I used to sell them fireworks though. Why what happened?..

Comment #38


I heard they put on a hot show..

Comment #39


Watch the video of that tragic event, listen to the screams, and watch those young lives being taken by being burned alive; and then decide if this is something to make light of. Not saying your comments weren't witty; however, certainly there are other events to make fun of...

Comment #40

I thought fat folks were suppose to be jolly! Oh that's right I can't pick on fat people either, well whose left after exclude the Fatty McFatty's and dead people. Those were the last 2 holdouts on the PC express. I guess it's back to the gays, but watch out for eye scratch..

Thank Allah we still have terrorists to pick on...

Comment #41

Nathan, I understand what you're saying. Unfortunately, certain things will bother us when they hit close to home. Just like when we laugh when someone makes fun of a particular geographic area but we may get offended if they start picking on our home town or state. Technically, no death is funny but it is all or nothing when it comes to a topic like this. Granted, it probably wouldn't be in good taste to joke about the death of a fetus. Then again, Courtney Love isn't pregnant (that I know of)..

If I don't like the subject matter of a particular thread, I choose to stay away from it altogether...

Comment #42

Nyctfl: I understand where you are coming from. I love the topic. I am not sure how you made the connection to celebrity death watch to the death of 100 misguided folks watching a has-been band, but so be it..

As for the topic, I am going with Alec Baldwin being murdered by his "thoughtless little pig" during a custody weekend visit...

Comment #43

So it's okay to joke about somebody's death if they're famous?..

Comment #44

I hear his kid has wonderful shiv making skills..

Since American is apprently now charging for checked-in luggage, my money is on a ticket agent taking a permanent knee in the next 48 hours...

Comment #45

Maybe Mr./Ms. Garrison wasn't too far off when he invented IT...

Comment #46

Has anyone taken Ted Kennedy? My guess is he has 1/2 the brain of his brothers so the tumor should be able to grow rather quickly...

Comment #47

Yes, Chief, that bike was epic..

It would also be in poor taste to point out that Teddy technically may have more brains than John who evidently lost his mind, so I hope no one goes there...

Comment #48

How about some good match-ups....

Roger Clemens vs Barry Bonds - Best 'roids win..

Nancy Grace vs Geraldo Rivera - They do exposes on each other.

Terrell Owens vs Randy Moss - I don't know which one annoys me more.

Richard Simmons vs Oprah - I give Oprah the nod here..

Comment #49

Bonds - Clemens would deny it happened.

Grace - That "woman" gives me nightmares.

Moss - probably a toss up, but Moss runs faster.

Oprah - ugly, annoying and fat; she would pancake Simmons.

You made that way too easy...

Comment #50

Ted Kennedy v. Mary Jo Kopechne.

I guess, technically he outlived her, but she appears to be getting her revenge...

Comment #51

There is a website dedicated to giving the life status of Abe Vigoda:.


Comment #52

Mick Jagger, dead in less than 6 months. Technically he's already dead, he just needs to lay down. That extends to the rest of the Rolling Pebbles also...

Comment #53

I'll go with another Baldwin not Alec but his mostly messed up brother...Daniel...

Comment #54

If Keith Richards hasn't died by now he never will...

Comment #55

Keith is really dead. It is the formaldihide that is keeping him going...

Comment #56

Yea, Right. Now how does she explain the stem. LOL..

Comment #57

I don't think anyone saw that coming. Fathead99 had my choice with Scott Weiland, but I'll throw in Steve Lukather to the list (Toto, Michael Jackson, etc.). Maybe Stevie Nicks, too...

Comment #58

Well I wanted in until I saw someone already had Daniel Baldwin...but I'm gonna go out on a limb and call Michael Jackson..

Comment #59

Just be glad I didn't choose one of you!.

Next up: Arnold Palmer..

Comment #60 can PM me if you want...but I have to know, has something like this happened to you before? Precognitive, weird stuff like that?? If you wanted to talk about it - I'd be interested in hearing it...

Comment #61

Yea, so have I, it's called a lucky guess! Pay the winners...

Comment #62

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