Has anyone ever been on Nutrisystem?

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My question is Has anyone ever been on Nutrisystem? Many thanks for any comment. Another question... When I was successful at NS, people were commenting every day on how good I was doing, or how good I looked. It was a rush, and even though some people would say otherwise, I NEVER got tired of hearing each and every compliment..

When I stopped the program, and started gaining weight back again, people who wouldn't see me very often would still comment on how good I looked, even though I had started putting weight back on. It was hard for me to accept their praise when I knew I was failing, but wasn't doing anything about it. I would just say something like "Thanks, it was better, but I've gained some weight back. I've got to start losing again." That was my way of acknowledging their comments but not acknowledging my struggles..

Now that I have a lot of weight back, basically the only people who are saying anything don't have any visual contact with me at all. They see pictures, or read old blogs, that state my progress. I KNOW I am a lot smaller than when I first began back in August 2007, but I also know that I'm bigger than I was in May of 2008..

With no one complimenting me anymore, I was using the lack of compliments as a further stake driven into the tent of depression that was controlling me again. My denial was at an all time high, except for the fact that I now have a skinny wardrobe of clothing that is laughing at me, waiting to see if I can ever get back into the smaller sizes. I couldn't ignore the situation totally..

I think it was the clothes that finally got me to realize I was sinking. I'm basically down to 2 or 3 pairs of pants that barely fit, with 6-8 pairs waiting for me to get back into them. I'm washing clothes like a banshee just trying to keep wearing the clothes that fit, because I DON'T want to buy anymore big clothes. My first goal, then, is a non-scale goal - FIT BACK INTO SOME OF THE SMALLER CLOTHES I HAD PURCHASED WHEN THINGS WERE GOOD!.

I've not been perfect since starting again - in fact, I had a pretty crappy weekend, because I was not able to take food with me on school functions. But I did eat smarter than when I was in my tailspin. My weigh-in for the Biggest Loser contest I'm in here at school is tomorrow. I have not started my daily weigh-ins yet. Perhaps that should also be a goal - don't be afraid to face the weight each and every day..

Good luck, gentlemen - hang in there!.

Grace and Peace - Bandmaster..

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I would like to know the answer too. Anyone here know what is the answer to that question. I'll do some research and get back to you if I got an useful answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably can answer it..

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BM, I can imagine how you feel. I know what would go through my mind if I were to see people who once complimented me on my fat loss but then saw me regain some of it. Even now, I know that someone around me is probably saying to themselves, "yeah, he's losing weight, but let's see if he can keep it off. Bet he can't." I know that a component of depression beating yourself up over anything possible. Maybe you can try to feed off the feelings associated with those prior compliments as well as those of being able to buy newer, smaller clothes and use that desire as the fuel to push you. Remember that for most of us, especially those who at any point had 100+ lbs to lose, this will be a life long battle. I say, BRING IT!..

Comment #2

I think you should do Nutrisystem as if it was your first time. Read everything again and follow the plan as closely as possible. Establish the habits you'll need to maintain successfully when the weight-loss phase is over. The best thing is that you know you're fully capable of succeeding...

Comment #3

Where is the Dean when you need him ? BM, I remember when you started NS. I and many others are back here for the second or third time. Just man up and get back into the program. You made the decision to restart Nutrisystem and you will do great just like I plan to...

Comment #4

As with AA, I think it will be a good idea to keep "attending meetings". When you quit showing up here for a while - it's a sign that you may be failing. I know I intend to weight daily and not be away from here more than a week. Losing a few pounds does not cure what we've got!..

Comment #5

I wish I could help you with your depression Keith but I don't have much experience with that. I hope you can find your motivation again because you deserve to be get back into those smaller cloths. Good luck...

Comment #6

The depression for the most part is not a problem. It was more of a problem when I wasn't yet diagnosed. Once I knew there was a reason for feeling so down, I have been more adaptable when I had down days. Just knowing what is going on makes it easier..

I do, however, think the depression adds to the denial that comes from the avoidance of things that show you how much you are slipping. If you don't step on the scales, you won't know how much weight you are gaining. Depression fuels behaviors like that. When the new smaller clothes quit fitting, there was no more denial available. It was time to see what damage was done and start controlling it..

I'm still struggling to make myself stay on the plan, even with the realization of just exactly how far I've slipped. I do, however, feel better about the emotional binge eating. When I'm overeating now, it is healthy food for the most part, not candy and sweets and artery-clogging massive amounts of red meat.(MAN FOOD, BABY!)..

Thanks for all your comments. If this were easy, we would all be thin already!..

Comment #7

Right here, you fat bastage. Where do you think I am?.

...and BM, time to man up, old boy...

Comment #8

Rather than thinking about how much you slipped, think of it as starting for the first time. Start fresh, clear your mind of the past and what could have been. Hit the reset button, start over from scratch...

Comment #9

BM, you can dwell on it or do something about it. You know what you need to do. Just do it. Believe me, achievement with yourself cures depression...

Comment #10

Holy sh*t - hell has frozen over. The DEAN is back!.

To the new guys, you'd do well to listen to the Dean. He won't coddle you, he won't tell you what you want to hear, he won't give you a free pass for screwing up, he'll be rude & brash...and he'll give you the butt-kicking you need...

Comment #11

Whatever happened to the Bandmaster? He was one of my main motivators to get me started on NS...

Comment #12

When someone like this is not posting, we can bet on what is going on with their diet..

Daily posting drives daily adherance. Post, post, POST!!!..

Comment #13

Dam what memories. Hope alls well with the old gang..

Comment #14

[quote=DEAN_WORMER;3003685] you fat bastage. [quote].

Nice, I havent heard the term outside my own friends circle, good movie.. thanks for that it gave me a good dose of humor for the day, nice before the workout.. now lets see if I could burn off some of this fargin weight...

I wish I knew more to say about things going on with everyone I dont feel like I know anyone well enough to comment, I tend to be a quiet person until I get to know people....

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