Has anyone ever been on Nutrisystem ?

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Got a quick question: Has anyone ever been on Nutrisystem ? Thanks for any answer. Second question.. The year is whizzing by's felt like the whole first part of the year has disappeared without a trace! Let's face facts...we're getting down to serious business here and we need to buckle down and get that weight off for good..

We all started in September '09, and we recently celebrated our one (1) year anniversary last October on this fantastic program with some of us meeting up in Las Vegas!! I don't know about you, but I never could have succeeded without this group!.

Haven't been around for a while? Deb does a comical and well written update on Monday's for us to help give you a quick look into our current topic of discussion, what's going on in our lives at the moment, and just about all the past weeks dirt so you can post without having to read pages and pages of updates from the old thread... unless you want to. Please look for it in the first couple pages! Thanks Deb!..

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That's a good question. I'm not sure what is the right answer to your question. I'll do some research in Google and get back to you if I discover an anything. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably can help you..

Comment #1

HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY LADIES! I hope everyone has a perfectly lovely day, even those who chose today to go to the dentist.





.......Has been having an awful time staying awake during the day, night? no problem but daytime ugh! Want's to find the solution and until then, we will have to live with sporadic postings..

MELISSA- Has been busy at Brenna and Owen's school volunteering to help and when she isn't busy there, walks the bridge and maintains her status as resident movie critic. Black Swan- thumbs down(for obvious reasons).

JOHNNA- Has had her business cap on and has just completed the website for HAMPSON DESIGN COMPANY I suggest you check it out as they have some masterpieces to view. Continues to be Junior Zumba queen in training..

DUCKY- Is making progress in getting the weight to where she wants it and remember "slow and steady wins the race". Nothing slow about her parent/teacher conferences as she got those parents in and out in record time, Just the facts ma'm! Also sold a little Jewelry to our girls here as she IS our personal consultant to the Jewelry star's!.

COLEEN- Yay, had a wonderful visit with family for Dad's birthday and has started catching up on all the work they saved for her while she was gone. Is getting back onNutrisystemtrack and going to the gym at lunch and just remember " just put one foot in front of they other" and it will all fall back into place again!.

VIX- Is strutting her stuff and sporting a new do for all with eyes to see. Looking lovely as she continues her workouts and going to her book club and finishing books that I also enjoyed. The Guernsey Literary Society was a wonderful quaint book that I read. Although I have read all of Dan Brown's except The Symbol. After you have read everything else he wrote, ugh, I could not read The Symbol, just me I guess..



That's all she wrote............

Comment #2

Good morning Judy and Deb, and all to come later..

Hope you're having fun at Zumba, Judy!.

Deb, The Symbol wasn't quite as churchy as the other 2, but pretty much in the same style. I'm on to "In her Shoes" by Jennifer Weiner, and now that I've started reading, I think I've seen the movie. Stopped at the library on the way home from the dentist this a.m. and picked up a few more books...I seem to be zipping through them lately..

My mouth is still numb, so I think I'll do another yoga session, then have some lunch and get out, maybe browse in some stores...the sun is shining and it's not freezing out!.

To all:..

Comment #3

Good Morning....I'm back from the gym and trying to decide if I should just get in the kitchen and pound out the rest of the exercise for today or wait and go back tonight with Wally and take the mon night zumba class. I'm kinda already dressed and feeling will likely NOT feel like it at 6:30 pm...but then again the party motivation gets you going better than when you are alone at home too!.

Vix -I don't have zumba on Monday mornings...just the personal trainer session. We do odd exercises that are to help me get my spine and hips back into a neutral position. line, like they are supposed to be. Just think of me a out of whack!! LOL!.

Melissa - sounds like you had a very busy couple of days!! Hope you are able to get your walking in this week. It's tough when you get used to it and then don't get to go. It's amazing to me how fast my body forgets the routine and struggles after just a little time off! I almost died in zumba saturday but sunday was better..

Deb - Thanks again or doing the round up...I think it helps a lot for catching up..

Okay I have to decide right now to finish the workout now...or later. It's getting too late.....and I will have missed my opportunity for this morning. I could just do the after lunch one I normally try and do....but I'll have to set the alarm to make sure I don't fall asleep and sleep through the workout time. Don't happens more than I care to admit. I'll wake up 3 hours later and workout done...

Comment #4

Good morning and Happy Valentine's Day to everyone!.

Deb, Great summary, as always!.



Comment #5

Good afternoon all. Hope everyone is having a nice Monday..

I did get in my 6 miles this morning.


And I was on the fence about it. I haven't been able to spend a lot of time with a friend recently so I thought perhaps I would spend some time with her working the book fair but I knew I needed to get back in the mode so I just did it! And at first I was just whizzing along but by mile 5 I was dragging. I did see a dolphin though - which was cool! Well, plus I'm motivated again...

Comment #6


I received my necklace - thank you and I love it. Brenna loves it too - she was eyeballing it so I had to put it in a safe place..

She asked me "Where did you get that?" pause while looking it over. "From one of your friends? From.


??" I have no idea why she came up with you.


But it was funny...

Comment #7

Vix -.

I read.

In Her Shoes.

And saw the movie - the book is better but I read it first I think. Jennifer Weiner is an easy read I think. Nothing spectacular but entertaining enough that I will pick up new ones by her..

Where did the day go???? I have to eat lunch and take a shower and then on to pick up Owen. Then to the dentist with the children. My kids like going to the dentist too Duckie..

Have a great rest of the day everyone!..

Comment #8


- Thanks for the smiley face this week.

And all the Good mornings and of course, for starting the new week..


- Thanks for the recap - you do a great job as always but I agree with Shelley, you never include yourself! Plus you were not on all last week so we REALLY don't know what was happening with you!..

Comment #9

Hope everyone had a wonderful day! I'm personally glad it's over, but tomorrow is usually worse when the kids are coming down from their sugar high!!..

Comment #10

Good morning, everyone!.

Judy...ha-ha, I get out of whack too....usually go to the chiropractor every 6 weeks or so, just for maintenance (little adjustments to get me back in line)..

Hi Big and Ducky!.

Deb, hi....hope all is going well..

Melissa...great on the walks!.

I like a nice easy read every so often..actually picked up a few at the library...a Maeve Binchy, a Janet Evanovich, and something else..can't remember..

Back to work today..

Have a good day, stay healthy, keep smiling!..

Comment #11

Hi everyone. Been off for awhile. I hope to get back on track. I been away for awhile, ordered food and going back on. I have lost and kept it off 57 lbs. Still have 60 lbs to go.

Good luck everyone...

Comment #12

Nice kitty good morning for you...I almost missed the cat in this one but the words kinda leave a hint. I'm trying to run for the zumba class today and I really don't want to go....but I am making myself. Too easy not to go..

Off to eat breakfast!..

Comment #13

Good morning ladies and a special good morning and welcome to 1wrigley. This is the place to be to get back on track. I restarted again officially yesterday. I came home to a wonderful dinner and did really well. Just had VERY small portions of everything..

Today will be my first (of many, I hope) 100%Nutrisystemdays. I already have a Buddy to go down to the gym at noon..

Vix, I agree with you. This is the year I am going to reach goal..

Judy, hope you enjoy the Rumba class..

Melissa, you are always so upbeat and happy. Thanks for always brightening my day..

Ducky, good luck today with all the sugar-high kids. I hope the day goes by quickly for you..

Deb, I agree with Melissa and Shelley - we want to know how you are doing too? Hope all is well with you. Miss seeing your posts..

Shelley, Johnna, Jen we all miss you too..

Here's best wishes for a wonderful day!.


Comment #14

P.s Weigh-in yesterday was four pounds up from my lowest ticker weight. Plan to get that off this week and then hopefully will see some pounds dropping off again. I am tired of restarting - I want to get it done..


Comment #15

Big, you just made my day! What a nice thing to say..

Comment #16

There are valentine cupcakes in my house!!! Right now!!!.

This is what I call "Super Will-Power!!"..

Comment #17

I think Valentine's Day has gotten just as bad as Halloween - I cannot believe how much candy both of my kids brought home from the other kids in their class. I actually stayed away from giving out candy and we put together little bags with bubbles, bouncy balls, dinosaurs and necklaces..

At Brenna's school, at least three families brought in cupcakes for the day when I dropped Brenna off and there was more coming when I left. Glad I stuck with the tulips for the teachers!.

Duckie - I have no idea how on EARTH you could stick to a diet at all! If I were a teacher I'd gain all my weight back and more - just, wow!..

Comment #18

Hope everyone is having a very nice Tuesday! I'm in for the day doing laundry - again....HOW?? From where do all these clothes come?????..

Comment #19

Well, Ash is sick again! Temp, a bronchial infection, and possibly leftover strep. So, I am home this afternoon...

Comment #20

I'm the teacher who doesn't give candy. I give books and pencils...

Comment #21 is it possible the last time I posted was Feb 1st~!? WTH?! Work has been crazy and now I think I'm getting sick. I haven't had time to exercise but I stocked up with healthy food (we have Chobani here Melissa - want me to mail you some?!) I skimmed through the I'm sure I missed stuff but I'll get back to regular check-ins!.

Ducky - stay warm! I got my jewlery and photo too. That's cool that Ashton's pic is on a bail of hay. Hope she is feeling better..

OK..>I need to get to bed. I will check in tomorrow and get back on track..

Happy Belated Valentine's Day ladies!..

Comment #22

Wo I am so so hungry this morning and bloated...why bloated??? Makes my knees hurt and my tummy rumble! Going to eat breakfast before I pass out from hunger...LOL!!!..

Comment #23

Good morning all,.

Jen, it's great to see you back. We missed you. What is chobani?.

Ducky, sorry to hear about Ash. Hope she is feeling better today..

I am shooting for another 100%Nutrisystemday today. I made it to the gym yesterday and realized how out of shape I am. I was huffing and puffing on the eliptical. lol.

Have a great day everyone..


Comment #24

Just popping in to say hi..

So glad the sun is shining..

Have a nice day, everyone!..

Comment #25

Just about to head out to the pharmacy for some drugs......that sounds so bad!.

True...but wrong..

Melissa.....are you out from under the pile of laundry yet? If you find out where it comes from let me know, it's just 2 adults here and I don't know where it all comes from either!!.

Ducky.....How's Ashton? better I hope! Stay well and don't catch anything..

Jen...good to hear from you..sorry about being buried under work!.

Big....just keep going. I almost DIED in zumba saturday. My legs felt like 2 tons and I couldn't move them at all. My feet just fumbled and I huffed and puffed but I DID IT! Sun was much better. KEEP GOING!.

Vix.....Hi yourself. Our sun is shining too and it's much warmer this week. I think one day is even supposed to hit the 60's! ACK!.

Well, the scale reads higher still....153.4.....lowest was 152.2 but my jans fit better. not as uncomfortable in the waistband. It's weird that you can lose weight but be FATTER and then gain a bit and be SMALLER..

I'll take the pounds and the SKINNIER muscle body thank you. I've done well...keeping up my calorie burn at over over my 2300 calories a day. Most days I've been able to get about 2450 - 2500...Sunday I got 2700 something! WOOHOO!.

If I don't get moving I won't get squat today.....must run get meds......

Then back to eat.......

Then do some tv Wii zumba I think.......

Then take the car to drop off for inspection when Wally comes home....

Then MAYBE 6:30 zumba class at gym.....

Then dinner....

Then Farmville!...... then BED!.

It goes so fast and it's always so PLANNED OUT!..

Comment #26

Well, Ash is still sick. I have had many students out at school too. One called today with Influenza B. It seems to be going around big time here!.

The good thing with being home, is that the laundry got done! Yay! I actually ran out of hangers... I don't think that's every happened!..

Comment #27

I hope Ashton feels better soon - flu type symptoms or...? Owen started hacking the day before yesterday. It doesn't sound really wet yet but there is def something going on with that cough. Allergies could be kicking in because I saw pollen on the car the other day..

I still have one load of laundry left (towels!) and then another one sneaked up throughout the week - Argh!! The hanger thing is funny. Every now and then I run out too and I think - wow! I have really washed everything except for what we are wearing!!..

Comment #28

I spoke with my half sister and we are planning all the details for my mom's Birthday party next weekend. I told Owen we were going, not Brenna. Sometimes the concept of time eludes Brenna so we have to discuss why we are not going THAT DAY about 800 times and then whining is involved...

Comment #29


- So nice to see you again. Time flies...I would love to for you to send me some Chobani but I fear it might get left on my doorstep for delivery and an hour or so in the Florida Sunshine might just turn me from it forever.

Which leads me to....


Chobani is a Greek Yogurt and it's more expensive that just your normal fat free sugar free yogurt. When it goes on sale (e.g. 10 for $10) I get all excited. I'm weird that way.

Glad to see you back on the board too,..


]Vix [/b]- Glad also to hear that the sun is shining where you are! That always makes for a better day when you've only had that white snowy looking sky overhead for days..


- Sounds like you had a lot of stuff going on yesterday. Hope the next Zumba isn't quite as painful for you..

Comment #30


- I hope you are not buried under a pile of patients at a Davita Center somewhere! I couldn't remember if you said you had a hectic work schedule or were going away with family but wherever you are, I hope you are doing well and I hope we hear from you soon!.


- You, with the crazy schedule, flying to NJ on a moment's notice. Hope you had a great weekend visiting Cam a couple weeks ago and then also I think you had company this past weekend? I know you are also busy with Hampson Design and oh gosh, dare I say, tax time is coming again. Or is that just for people and not businesses yet? Wherever you are, whatever you are doing, we are thinking of you. (Kinda like stalking, ya know?).

Deb -.

I hope you catch a breath and stop in sometime soon other than to post stuff about us! Hope your mom is doing better too - I know she was having some issues the last time you were on. Whatever is happening, hope you are doing well..

I hope everyone has a very nice day!..

Comment #31

Not sure I used this one before...but the face says everything about how I feel today......I need to make some tough decisions and choices these next few days because my weight is just not going the way I want it to go..

Time for radical changes. Off to eat and hit the gym! Back later!..

Comment #32

Hi all,.

Melissa and Ducky...hope the kids are feeling better...I don't miss that part of having little ones, though I miss a lot of the other stuff!.

I walked outside was beautiful...about 60 degrees and sunshiny!.

Great to get away from the desk and out in the air..

Judy, at this point, I can't imagine doing all the exercise you do. My max (on a good about 400-500 calories of burn, usually closer to 300). I'm still figuring out things I can and cannot do. I hope you figure out what's best for you..

Have a great day!..

Comment #33

Fingers crossed that the fever is finally done. Surprisingly, being home half days all week has not caused weight gain! Yay!..

Comment #34

Good for you Ducky! Maybe it had something to do with entertaining a sick child? I always found my nieces who I watch to be hard to keep entertained while they were off sick..

Ladies I have made a new ticker and put my today's actual bloated super-sized weight on it...REAL WEIGHT PEOPLE. I swear who gain 1.4 pounds in water overnight??? Anyway that's what I weighed this morning so I started my ticker countdown for getting to my 100 pounds lost goal. I AM GETTING DOWN TO 145.2! Hopefully this will spur me back into action because I weighed the same today as I did on JANUARY 5th, What a waste of 6 weeks..

I tell you out of control and all over the place should be under my siggy name on this thing. I've got to get it all tightened up and back on matter how many times I've mentioned that before. Just has to be done...

Comment #35

Oh I forgot to mention too......I switched my new med to a different time of day and it seems to have helped with the mental confusion part....and a little bit with the energy, so now the bedtime needs to be adjusted again. I need to get back to hitting the gym early..

Guess what I'm doing.......? I'm signing up for Zumba Instructor Training. Yup. I'll be doing my best to remember all my moves and I might never teach a real actual class...but I can sub at the gym for the girls who are out and at least I get a class that's taught how I like it.. makes me have to work VERY hard over the next few weeks to get in super shape so I can do ZUMBA for 8 hours that day and do all the workshops and classes. I'd die now with an 8 hour day of zumba. But like it or not...I'll have to get moving...

Comment #36

Wow, Judy! I think it's awesome that you are signing up for the training. Way to go!..

Comment #37

Most days a 1.4 would be great for me! The day that I had a 5 pound gain nearly killed me! Good thing it was only a one day thing!..

Comment #38

Good morning!.

I fixed my ticker "up" yesterday too(holiday weight still hanging in). However, I was "up" again today. Had a bad day yesterday...the worst in a long time as far as consumption. Sometimes all the control just gets to me, so I had a bunch of little "snacks" that I normally avoid....the result was about 500 extra calories and 2 lbs up on the scale this a.m......I'm not adding that in!!! A couple of days (or a week) back on the straight and narrow and hopefully it will go away as it should be mostly H2O..

Glad your little one is feeling better, Ducky..

Glad you're gettting your schedule fixed, Judy. Yes, it's awesome that you're taking the Zumba instructor class! You must be in great shape to be able to dance for 8 hours! What an accomplishment! Yay!.

OK, back on track for happy it's Friday and a long weekend ahead..

Have a great day everyone!..

Comment #39

Good Morning!...Well I am AWAKE! I got to bed at a reasonable hour last night...1:30pm and I feel wide that's progress. Tonight 12pm no later..

Vix- I am soooo NOT in great shape, but it's not a solid 8 hour dance-a-thon like you'd think. It's class break, class, break...stuff like that. But it will take some stamina to keep going for hour long class after class. That's why I need the time..

One nice thing about zumba is it's so contagious and fun that you just power along having fun and then once you slow and stop.....argh! You can't move again for hours!.

Back after breakfast...starving!..

Comment #40

You know, after being home half days Tuesday through Friday, I'm thinking that I would love to do a job share! It's amazing how less tiring doiong only a half day is!.

Ashton woke with a slight temp this morning. Hopefully it will go away soon!..

Comment #41

Happy Friday ladies,.

What a gorgeous day it is here. Have a great day! We all seem to be fighting this week to stay on track. I'm wishing everyone a successful day!.

Best wishes,.


Comment #42

Absolutely DO NOT add that in's not real weight! Just like I KNOW in my logical head that I didn't gain 1.4 pounds over can not have eaten 7000 calories over one day that stuck!.

It's sodium and crap that the body isn't used to.... and mine just stops and swells as it's reaction to real food! It is annoying though....I'll agree with that!..

Comment #43

I'm sorry she's still feeling puny Ducky......those fevers just stick around don't they in kids. YES.....working part time is leave with a good chunk of the day still out there for you to grab and use for something useful! Job sharing is a great idea! Of course you have to share the paycheck too...

Comment #44

Thanks BIG.....I'm fighting tooth and nail to get back on track and moving downwards again. I looked at my ticker graph the other day and it SUCKS!! It slides down...down...down and then flattens out! Just not going downwards anymore..

Keep your head up, focus on the goal and try to stay in the moment. Right now...I will not eat anything bad. Sounds liek aplan for us all really.....

Except right now I am hungry for lunch!..

Comment #45

Check out how PATHETIC this chart is......down, down, down.....slide straight across! I think the goal is to continue going down...not parallel to the line...HOW THE CRAP DO YOU SPELL PARALLEL???? You get the drift...not a good thing..

But we just keep trying and doing our best. I got to bed earlier last night....not early, but better. Tonight will be better. But I think between fixing my sleep schedule and moving the medicine to dinner time away from the other thyroid pills it's help a ton! I'm more awake.....I have more energy, and my brain seems to be less fuzzy..

I just finished doing my zumba video's in the 507 calories burned then stopped and found a new gal who was really good too. I saved a bunch of her videos. Now I'm cooled down enough to take a quick shower, wash my hair and then eat lunch..

I have to run out to the store after lunch to pick up some banana's and a bunch of other stuff. Most important is a new cordless phone. Wally left ours off the hook and it ran all the way down...which isn't all that tragic....but it won't charge now. Dead and buried. It's 15 years old so it's time to let it go..

Well sitting here isn't going to get ANY of it done so I'll get up.....I'll try and stop by again in a bit. See ya!..

Comment #46

One last thing I forgot to mention.....

Vix, you'll appreciate this.

......I gained that 1.4 pounds yesterday today I DROP 2.2 pounds. Hopefully it will stick and keep moving down. I'm back to just .2 over my lowest. I'm just hoping to break into the 140's by the end of the month...fingers crossed...

Comment #47

I finally weighed myself after waiting for four weeks since my last scary weigh-in. You know, the, ahem, (mumbling) gain of 18 lbs since our Vegas trip (cough again, to try to cover it up). So I lost 8.9 over a four week period. I wasn't absolutely 100% because at least once each weekend we ate out but I wasn't too off the mark. The walking is most definitely making me feel better anyway. So my goal of reaching my goal by summer should be doable even with a few slip-ups here and there...

Comment #48

I would love to do a job share with someone. I used to work a part time job from 7am to 12pm doing paperwork (a little bit of everything) for a car dealership. I loved those hours..

I hate the temp thing with the kids also - they just always seem to come and go and I think when they have the temp is when they are contagious(?)..

Comment #49

Way to go Judy and Melissa! You girls are rockin' it!..

Comment #50

Congratulations Judy and Melissa!!! Great to see pounds going away!.

Gotta get myself back in gear and catch up...

Comment #51

I can't believe I almost forgot you guys this morning!! I was so happy to be up early and out front so I wouldn't have to rush this morning that I skipped the spare room and the computer!.

I have an appointment with a hair guy this morning for a hair cut,. I am scared as crap....seriously. Just having someone else wash my hair is too scary. I've babied my hair so much so that the few strands I have left that are long will stay as long as possible....I know how hard stylist scrub your head when they wash. Even just babying it during the wash I get hair coming out still. It get replaced by new growth but changing out a 6" piece for a tiny stubby 1/2 inch does thrill me so much......imagine that!.

But I have to brave is so dry and feels like straw and so needs a good cut. Probably shorter than I normally like but when most of your hair is between a half inch long and 2 inches long...anything longer is good..

Okay gotta run I need to leave in about 5 minutes!!..

Comment #52

Thanks everyone!...I was really pointing out how utterly stupid the scale swing back and forth. I swear the swings are so rediculous...I'm up again today but just about .4 pounds....water percentage again. As long as it keeps swinging around lower and lower numbers, I'll be happy!.

But soon I better see 140's.............. I am SOOO TIRED OF THE 150's!!!.

Of course STUPID me made this hair appointment right at ZUMBA time. WHAT WAS I THINKING!??? Tried to move it but no I'll do my class at home myself like yesterday!.

Okay gotta fly or I'll MISS the appointment!..

Comment #53


I've been busy...did yoga and cleaned for about 2 hours this a.m. We're going to meet my daughter and her hubby in a little while, they're looking at houses. Should be fun. The sun is shining, it's in the 40s and really windy..

Have a great day!..

Comment #54

It has been so beautiful here the last week. Spring fever definitely hit. However, tonight is the beginning of the next round of snow. We are suppose to be getting 6 + inches...

Comment #55

Good morning!.

Sorry about all that snow!...we were supposed to get snow today too, but so far the sun's shining..

I won't mind if the forecast was wrong....

It's colder than it has been...the warmth was a nice break from winter..

Hope you all have a great day!..

Comment #56

Wow I LOVED sleeping late this morning. It's gotten chilly again here...which makes perfect sense because we removed the big heavy duvet yesterday because we had sweat through 2 nights and put on the lighter bedspread. SO of course I have to kick on the heat again and it gets cold! NOT going to ruin my good mood!.

I dropped to 151.4 today.......... woohoo!.

Going down is always a great thing! Well since it's super late now I am STARVING!!!! See ya later!..

Comment #57

Did you check out the Daily Dose? It has the President's faces on Mount Rushmore from South Dakota! Yay!..

Comment #58

Well, it's official, we are having thundersnow. You know what that means. Lots of snow!..

Comment #59

Hi everyone....

Ducky we had thundersnow here the last time it snowed....we never had thundersnow before....I thought it was cool when the sky lit up blue and then orange! We went to Mt Rushmore when I was a kid...I thought it was amazing!.

Had a pretty quiet day today, did some laundry, read, hubby has a fire going, so that's cozy,.

And went grocery shopping...pretty much out of fruits and veggies again, but now stocked up for the week..

No work tomorrow!.

I hope I can sleep late...

Comment #60

Well, no travel is advised in most of SD. Plus both of our interstates have parts that are closed. Glad I don't need to go anywhere!..

Comment #61

Another quiet week as the chatter on the grapevine was missing a few voices. The Chatter this week ran as follow's...........

JUDY- Dedicated Zumba Queen is making it official and training to be a Zumba instructer. Wow that is shaking your booty to the extreme and we will defer to her as our expert. I believe Judy lost aproximatly 3lbs this week(although math is my weakest subject) to weigh 151.4, Congratuations Shrinking Judy, you are so close to goal it is scary!.

MELISSA- Not to be outdone has lost 8.9lbs this month and is wearing a path on the bridge as she continues to walk at least 10 miles a week or more. Way to go Melissa, once you set your mind to do something you just do it! You Rock!.

DUCKY-Nutrisystempaid homage to SD and therefore Ducky today in the daily dose. It is too bad your weather was not matching the picture in the daily dose. Ducky was working part-time this week as Ms. Ashton was sick and hopefully on the mend to go back to school Tuesday. Although she liked the hours, she does not like the part-time pay. Darn if there isn't always a down side..

COLEEN- Is getting her groove back as she is having 100%Nutrisystemdays and finding her way to the gym at noon as her schedule permits. It won't be long as we will hear some pounds getting kicked to the curb again. Good Luck Coleen we are all here for you..

VIX- Faced the music and changed her ticker to reflect her current body condition. Although it is not for lack of effort the pounds are leaving slowly, but surely that is because you don't have much to lose? Yoga and walking are still her exercise of choice. We are right there with you so don't get frustrated because you are doing great!.

JEN- Is running with the big dogs and keeping that crazy lifestyle going. She hasn't had much time to stop in and chat, but, we all know her thoughts are with us, there is only so many hours in a day. Slow down a little if you can and if you can't take your vitamins so you don't get sick..

JOHNNA- By way of facebook has been showing us all the masterpiece of a web site she created for the business so that we know Johnna is among the livingKnowing her as we do she will stop in when she has a moment as she keeps a lot of irons in the fire..

SHELLEY- Where o where have you gone? We miss you girl! I know you will drop in when time permits. I just hope you are exercising that word NO and not working toooooo many hours at Devita. I hope you arn't around because you are having such a fun time of things..

ME- Have had a lot of projects lately that is taking up a big chunk of my time. Mom is better and gone back to work half days. I will be back when time permits but, at least I managed to do the weekly review so that is something anyway. Thank you Judy for starting the thread each week and each day with a Good Morning..

Well folks that's all she wrote and until next time..............

Comment #62

Judy would you be so kind as to transfer the review to the new thread I would appreciate it. Thank you..

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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