Has anyone done Nutrisystem, and after they quit gained weight REALLY fast?

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First question I got is Has anyone done Nutrisystem, and after they quit gained weight REALLY fast? Looking forward for any answer or 2. Another question I got... I woke up this morning and within minutes I had the hiccups..

What an annoyance! And sometimes they hurt. Other times they are extremely frequent making it difficult to hold a conversation. Oh yeah, and don't' forget about the loud ones that.


Can hear..

And what happens? People start suggesting all of the ways to get rid of hiccups..

It's kind of like weight loss. Being overweight can put extra strain on your body causing pain. It gets in the way of some things that would normally be very easy to do. And when it's noticeable, everyone suggest weight loss ideas to you... as if you've never tried anything before..

Not that we don't all appreciate their help..

When you have the hiccups, like trying to lose weight, you concentrate so much on them just wishing they would go away. You think of how annoying/awful they are and then start thinking of the quickest, easiest way to rid of them..

But that doesn't work all of the time, does it?.

If you just focus on what you are doing right (calm, focused, slow breathes; water, fruits & veggies, exercise) and concentrate on the good instead of focusing on the bad... just like my hiccups as I type this thread....

Before you know it they're gone and you'll soon make it a habit to be doing good things for your weight and your health..

Every second of every minute of every hour of every day of our lives we have decisions to make. What will you choose?..

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Hmm... I need to find out myself. I don't know what is the right answer to your question. I'll do some research and get back to you if I find an anything. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably could answer your Nutrisystem question..

Comment #1

I was out like a light! You still could have called... I prolly woulda woken up.


Call me today!.

Or do we???.

I feel the same way bout them pretzels. You didn't get a chance to customize your order?.

Can you get my snow to melt too???.


Ty! I say the same bout you.

Right after I got off the phone DH got home. Of course that's like stirring up pond so the water isn't clear anymore..

And Chewie was so excited he was home. Oh... and I'll have to tell you bout the letter.....

I'm here! *waves arms frantically* I have barely been able to get out of bed in the mornings.... don't know what it is..

Ol I think you heard right.

Yay for puppies! You'll have to get a pic of them cute lil buggers.

Me too! I was reading the manual last night... I can't wait to start walking on it..

I'm not quite as ambitious as Tonya though. No 5k for me..

Speaking of Tonya....

I haven't seen her (except the other day), Marie, Sarah, Roddy... where has everyone gone?.

I hope they come visit soon...

Comment #2

I'll choose to have another bartender.... It's Fiesta Friday! Ayy Yayy Yayy!!!..

Comment #3

3 weeks?????????????.

Holy cow! Are you doing a cross country Zone trip? lol.

Weren't we all supposed to meet up in Vegas?.

I've really been waiting for that. Wth people!.

I wanna go!!!!..

Comment #4

Lol @ Mikey... I was waiting to see how you'd respond to that one...

Comment #5


Sorry, I missed you asking about my Bike, It is made by Sun?. It was on sale and just barely out of my price range, so I bought it. Looks like a good piece. I know the price to the dealer is going up $100 April 1st, This bike is actually the bike they are making to introduce new riders to their product..

Alie, I remember something about a trip to Vegas. Another site was talking about going on a cruise (now that one I am up for!)..


Comment #6

I LOVE cruises! Any where we end up, we'll rock!.

Need to get ready for work and go. See you all shortly..

Comment #7

Hold your breath for as long as you can. Let it out and do it again. Continue until they go away..

Comment #8

Well theres our lil moose ! nice job on the 100% dude wanna send me some of that motivation here? ugh ... I have got to get my head back in the game!!!!!!!!! grrrrrr.

So mad at myself!.

Alie IS the shiznit gf.

Aint she? g'morning honey bunches.

LMAO yessssssssss we are !!! she emailed me last nite confirming everything so Im def. gonna be ready might hire Doug to cater dinner LMAO ... if this tequilla lime chicken is good might have him remake that for dinner next friday too ..however the chicken marsella was freeking amazing as well.

I hate the hiccups.

I gotta start using my head more too and get more into the game, I (confession) have definately let some things slip ... not my workouts however... but the bad habits and I gotta get control back and stop my hiccups too.

LMAO hey you g'morning ... woot woot!.

Morning Rickydoodledo..

Comment #9

Well hellooooooooooooo there.

How you been .. havent seen you in awhile .. whats going on with you? things going ok? hows dem grandbabies? whats your weekend plans lol ... thinks of more questions to ask!..

Comment #10

Tequilla Lime Chicken sounds good, minus the chicken....

Just kidding, but it does sound good! I make a mean blackened fish taco, beans & rice entree, with fresh cilantro, limes, etc. I consider myself a "Mexican-Viking"!!!..

Comment #11

Have been having work issues, parental issues (my Dad and my MIL) Grand Girlies are great. Another on the way (daughter again) Boy this time!! Weekend in NE Pennsylvania..

How have you been? Read you are having guests this weekend..

LOL have fun with that..

Comment #12

It does sound heavenly ... LMAO at the mexican viking ... no wonder ya got a beaner in the family HAHAHHAHAHA.

No no it's next weekend that gives me a WEEK to clean my house and toss my kids out.

So it stays clean..

Comment #13

Lol... I tried! They came back again as I've been working. Just noticed now that they are gone again. Today's goign to be a hiccuppy day..

Ty, ty.

You all are amazing too!.

OMG I would LOVE to eat some of that!.

I'm with you gf..

Except my main slip has been exercise. But that is going to change!.

I was thinking those same questions.


You guys are making me hungry!.

Congrats again!.

I hope things get better with the parentals..

Have a wonderful weekend!..

Comment #14

Nope by the Zone is allowed to come visit..

Comment #15


Well I think I have "had enough".

So I reckon it's going to be time to bail pretty quick .....

Get my weekend started early get my house cleaning done early .. maybe even get my nap on when I get home.


Comment #16

Well what you doin then???.

OMG! I just noticed your music note and skull/crossbones on your sig! Looky you girly! gettin all fancy with us..

How awesome are you?! Has it been there long? I feel bad that I JUST noticed it..

I SO need a nap. My body can not seem to get enough sleep. Can you get a few extra z's in for me please?.

I'm hoping to be done before dinner time if you want to ring. Or maybe I'll ring you...

Comment #17

OKay, signing off. Going to finish up here and get out at a decent time...

Comment #18

Going to baseball games and stock car races, cleaning the yard, going on bike rides, and laying in the sun on a beach looking at the sites..

Comment #19

Have fun Tim!.

Yes Sir another week done! Alright!.

Have fun everyone!..

Comment #20

Good morning gang!.

Running a little late... Still tired but excited.

Had a super loooooong chat with a great friend last night.

Laughed my butt off..

Hope everyone has a GREAT day!..

Comment #21

HI Roddy! How's your weekend so far? I know you are long gone... but when you pop in.....

Comment #22

I started my day a little late.

But finally left shortly before 12. Of course I had to stop and get gas first..

Hop on the highway, traffic was pretty decent. Directions said 1hr 48 minutes. And it probably would have been..

But Google maps gave me the wrong name of the street to turn onto and 8 miles later I stopped and called..

What a pleasure it was to finally meet Kama and her DH! They are both so kind and a lovely couple. I had a great time! We went shopping.

And then stopped and had a bite to eat before heading back to her place for a quick browse of some great photos. And then I had to leave because my DH was started to get text happy..

Getting home was SO much easier! lol Very dark and a tad creepy at times.

But I made it safely..

Kama, you are beautiful and sweet and I'm glad to call you my friend!.

Oh... and I made sure we got a picture...

Comment #23

What a fantastic weekend I've had so far! Spent a few hours chatting away with Aeri and then got to meet Kama! How awesome!.

Next up... I'm thinking we really plan this Zone Vegas... or maybe Mikey shows us around Orlando!.


I'm so lucky to have found such great friends..

Comment #24

Thank you sweetie. And Look at you sneaky girl putting our picture up.

My day started a bit different, I slept in, and then spent a few overdue hours cleaning. I even vacuumed.

I sat in the kitchen watching the driveway for Alie to arrive. She got a little lost. DH was kind enough to provide directions, since I am really bad at that. Finally we met. Alie is so super sweet and totally adorable, I could hug her to pieces! I have to think of more fun things we can do next time. Of course we got along like we've known each other for years..

We went shopping and then ate. The time flew and before you know it, she's hoping back into the car to go..


I like myNutrisystembuddies on line and in person !! So let's plan a trip or a get together...

Comment #25

Lol it's ok.

I was just playing round the other day on some bedazzle site LMAO ... so I decided to bedazzle my sig lol.

Bilingual guys are a turn on.

Jus sayin.

Amen to that girlfriend.

I giggled alot too even DH was all put her on speaker phone I like that girl HAHAHAHAH.

Awwwwwww your new pic is freeking great Im glad your trip went well !!!!! very way cool.

We are ALL lucky here we might be small in group but we are mighty in friendship.

And thats A-ok with me yanno?..

Comment #26

Aww you guy are so lucky you r somewhat close.

I would kill to have gone shopping w/you both! I really like the pic and Im all down with a trip somewhere..

Comment #27

My son is pissed off at me cuz I didnt get him up for work? Go figure that ... see how that works? Im putting alarmclock people waker upper on my resume..

Comment #28


Please wake me up at 7am Monday. Thanks!..

Comment #29

That's fantastic that you guys got to meet!!!.

Woo Hoo!!!..

Comment #30


Thanks! you're too kind....

I think it's great! bedazzle lol I should bedazzle mine too.

Lol He's too funny!.

You can come shopping anytime!.

I get that from DH..

Comment #31

My weekend is going ok. Looks like you have a good trip!..

Comment #32


We're coming to you next!.

Good! Anything exciting going on?.

Hey Arei... how was Wichita? Oh... I got a pic for you... lemme get it on here.....

Comment #33

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