Has anyone any idea to help me fight rheumatoid arthritis ,Dukan Diet,new medicene anything thanks?

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First off, Has anyone any idea to help me fight rheumatoid arthritis ,Dukan Diet,new medicene anything thanks? Hoping for any comment. Another question... Since I can have 3 proteins I used one fillet of fish which is approx. 3oz. for my 2 fat servings I added mayo to the the top of the fillet then some Mrs. Dash Salt Free Lemon Pepper on top of that and cooked in the oven @ 375 (I believe that was the temp.

serving) mmm a meal I am now craving every night around dinner time hehe... sooo good it's a MUST TRY!.

Btw if you are not a fan of the taste of mayo don't worry it ends up taking on the flavor of the Lemon Pepper mostly and the mayo just gives it a lil creaminess....

Hope you like it - good on chicken too..

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I'm stumped. I'm not so sure what is the answer. I'll do some Googling and get back to you if I bump into an answer. You should email the people at Dukan Diet as they probably could give you an answer..

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My favorite tilapia recipe is.

1 ts. smoked paprika (don't substituteit won't be the same!).

1/2 t. garlic powder.

1/2 t. salt.

1/4 t. pepper.

1 1/2 T. olive oil.

Mix together and brush on fishheat in non-stick skillet (high) for 5 minutes per side..

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Tilapia is my favorite fish. This sounds very delicious, thanks for sharing!..

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I stopped eating tilapia because of the fat issue below- does anyone know if this is a real concern?.

ScienceDaily (July 10, 2008) Farm-raised tilapia, one of the most highly consumed fish in America, has very low levels of beneficial omega-3 fatty acids and, perhaps worse, very high levels of omega-6 fatty acids, according to new research from Wake Forest University School of Medicine.......

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I eat Tilapia several times a week, no issues for me. This was my lunch today...

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I meant to ask my doctor about that report because I saw it too. I love tilapia, but I dont' want to eat it if it isn't doing me any good!!.

I like to take ff mayo and mix it with some butter extract, parmesan cheese, a touch of lemon and a bit of old bay seasoning and broil it. I also love it grilled!..

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Not a big fan of the fatty acids obviously but I still lost a pound the next day after eating it so eh whatever... hehe Its sooooo worth it.... think about the amount of things that have something wrong with them according to research if we listened to all of it we'd all be VERY skinney.....

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Here is a pic of my yummy Lemon Pepper Tilapia..

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Moepoker ITS PHENOMENAL!!! And soo easy... with rice and veggies mmmm I am reliving dinner and getting hungry hehehe..

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Looks and sounds really good! Just one note: I think there is only one fat serving, and full-fat mayo is not the best fat to use (saturated fat). Why not use ff-mayo? And it would not even count against your fat serving..

Better to use almonds, walnuts or something like olive oil, which actually helps your cholesterol..

Also, if you have 3 protein servings, 3oz of fish is at most 1 protein serving...

Comment #10

[quote=SKINNY_JNS4ME;3214483]Just one note: I think there is only one fat serving, and full-fat mayo is not the best fat to use (saturated fat). [quote].

The two fats come from one in the Dukan Diet entree that she is substituting for and the one fat that you add..

I don't think that is correct when you are doing Dukan Diet on your own or substituting for a Dukan Diet entree you need to follow the protein servings (i.e. 1 oz) and not the protein/dairy guidelines of 100 cals, etc. there is no way that you should be consuming 9 oz of fish/other protein plus a carb, fat and vegetables for dinner...

Comment #11

I haven't read this report but with all fish, you need to know whether it is farm raised or wild. depending on the fish, one is better than the other because of either mercury levels, PCBs or omega-3s. I know you want to eat wild salmon not farmed but it varies based on the type of fish. you try to be healthy and it is very difficult!..

Comment #12

I had not even heard about Tilapia until we over-wintered down around the Salton Sea in California last year. There was also a Tilapia farm near our resort. We saw a coyote run across the road with one flapping in it's mouth one morning. But I digress ....

No Tilapia to be had in our area, but we do have Fresh Halibut..

And these pics make the fish look delicious..

Thanks for sharing...

Comment #13

[quote=losingw8now;3214575][quote=SKINNY_JNS4ME;3214483]Just one note: I think there is only one fat serving, and full-fat mayo is not the best fat to use (saturated fat)..

I also don't think the accounting is incorrect. There is typically no counting for 'extra' fat when you do Dukan Diet on your own, because the meat/fish and carb items do have that fat including. So, 1 fat serving and only 1 protein serving (not 3) since there is no extra protein for dinner..

Dukan Diet Dinner entree.

: 248 calories (range 180-280), 6.6 g fat, 28.24 g carb, 19 g/protein.

(keep carb at 100-120 cal, protein is generally 4 oz lean meat).

2 Vegetable servings.

: 40 kcal/per serving.

1 Salad or Fruit serving.

: 20 kcal/per serving.

1 Fat serving.

: 45 cals per serving..

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That means the total. The 1 carb totaal should be 100-120 cal and the 4oz meat is the total protein for the meal. According to the meal planner, for the lean protein serving, 1oz fish is a serving, so she could have 3-4ozs. I think that might be what the OP was referring to when she said she gets 3 proteins, I think maybe she meant 3 ozs of fish? Maybe!..

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Yes my point is that you need to follow the "protein" only guideline and not the protein/dairy guidelines when you are substituting..

1 Protein (lean) = 7 Grams of protein, 3 grams of fat and 55 calories.

So that would be 3 to 4 oz of fish as she did..

This is from an old post by graylady on Dukan Diet flex plan for women under 40 for dinner subs.

Dinner 4 protein + 2 veg + 2 fat + 1 carb.

Unless there was a change in the plan (which the OP should know since she is on the flex plan), I think she has it correct...

Comment #16

Yeah I use this dinner as my FLEX DINNER which states that you can have:.

3 protiens = 3 oz fish.

2 fats = 2 tsp mayo.

Fruit or 2 vegetables = peppers onions and zuchinni.

1 Carb = Rice.

So there must have been a change in the plan it only shows 3 proteins and I took the carb from my "dessert" and used it for some more rice..

Comment #17

Dessert=1 dairy and 1 fruit...where are you getting a carb? Is that part of the flex plan?..

Comment #18

Yep... the snack is fruit + dairy or protein then the dessert is a dairy + carb..

Comment #19

Just curious, does it eliminate a carb from somewhere else during the day? I'm just confused on why it's different from Dukan Diet on your own guidelines!..

Comment #20

I don't think it really does Amanda. A fruit is really a carb, just a healthy one. I've never seen the flex plan, but I'm assuming that's why they word it that way...

Comment #21

This is the very reason it surprises me that Dukan Diet says it's ok to eat your foods when ever you want. Everything I understand about a low GI Dukan Diet involves not only what you eat, but what you eat together. eat a fruit, but you eat it with your protein which slows down the reaction of the fruit to your blood sugar...

Comment #22

Thanks Christina! Reading about this whole flex plan lately in all the threads is totally confusing me, lol. So, you can eliminate your "dessert" fruit and have more rice..

Comment #23

I remember reading that on your page when I began this program last yr and it totally stuck with me. I wasn't eating my fruit with my breakfast, but after reading what you said, I changed's helped me!..

Comment #24

I don't think that's what they intended you to do. Stick with what works for you! I agree I don't think there should be different plans. I assumed the flex plan is just the weekends off in which they would just be following the Dukan Diet guidelines on the days without the Dukan Diet foods. There is ALOT of confusing info out there, some of it I'm not even sure where it came from, but it sounds as if this is a written out plan that comes with their food. I'm not really sure. It should all be the same thing no matter what!?..

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Here is the meal planner for the Flex Plan.


1 Dairy.

1 Protein.

1 Fruit.

1 Carbohydrate.


2 Proteins.

2 Vegetables.

1 Carbohydrate.

1 Fat.

Afternoon Snack.

1 Dairy or Protein.

1 Fruit.


3 Proteins.

1 Fruit or Vegetable.

1 Vegetable.

1 Carbohydrate.

2 Fats.


1 Dairy.

1 Carbohydrate..

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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