Has anybody used or for hosting? Any feedback or comparison? I need to hos?

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My first question is: Has anybody used or for hosting? Any feedback or comparison? I need to hos?.

My next question is: I don't know Rick and have absolutely no opinion on this whatsoever, but thought I would share this YouTube video.



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Your question was: Has anybody used or for hosting? Any feedback or comparison? I need to hos?.

And you can even Embed the YouTube page on your own site for content!.

Nice find Sully!!..

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Well, he sells the picks & shovels.... to people who will mine the gold... I'm not a developer but I think many of my names will be goldmines for those that develop them; they will increase their value by many multiples but it will take them time & money... I'm happy to sell the picks & shovels to be honest.

Funny video though.... very dry humour ;-)..

Comment #2

When was this video made?. now redirects me to

Comment #3

Funny humor, great idea for developing a following. Be interesting to see the response video, if one shows up...

Comment #4

Amusing, but there are better subject matters to Video Blog about...

Comment #5

Video makes a good point.

I think there is something fundamentally wrong with idolizing someone who squandered a potentially massive fortune and epic HostGator portfolio on something as foolish as his own ego...

Comment #6

Yesterday, maybe Rick has a "potential" buyer on the way ???.


Comment #7

I think he must have leased it to them...

Comment #8

That was funny, such great names but all just parked and it is a waste...

Comment #9

So he's not a baller if he doesn't develop his uber premium, generic, category killer domains? I think this video is kind of uncalled for. Raise your hand if you convinced the eccentric, elusive owner to sign a lucrative development contract and get rid of that supid cat picture. Uh, I only see Rick raising his hand...

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So, at least we know what -db- has been doing with his time away.

Angry Domainer = -db-..

Comment #11

Very funny video. Anyone who calls themselves "The King" of anything opens themselves to this type of satire...

Comment #12

Yeah, I was surprised that they where still available....should I park them now???.



Comment #13

Go Angry Domainer!.

And... Go parking pages!.

Bookmarking this lol!..

Comment #14

Hilarious video.. LOL.

So, who is Angry Domainer ? .

I like the part about the picture of him and his granddad..

Comment #15


Half the crap on his history page is well...pure crap. Stepping into dog doo-doo doesn't make you the dog doo-doo king.

Other than Traffic I don't see how he is anything more than a person with a lot of good domains that got in early.

This is insulting too....

Amazon has a $32 BILLION market cap. It creates REAL JOBS and provides a legitimate service. As a matter of fact I see a lot of internet ads for Amazon so they certainly help provide the revenue that we all make. Without sites like Amazon, Ebay, or Payapl the internet would never have flourished. Does the internet need domainers? Nope...

Comment #16

That's a different Rick.

EDIT: JMJ beat me to it...

Comment #17

Oh, thanks for setting me straight. That statement about Amazon was pretty lame...

Comment #18

FYI : hasn't had the cat on it for a while

Comment #19

It was before that even I stumbled on it a couple days before that and it was developed already...

Comment #20

I seriously have no idea, and could care less to be honest ... but does he actually refer to himself, and call himself, "The King"? I'm curious now ...

Thanks for the assist..


Comment #21

Sadly, yes.

He should buy or at least..

Comment #22

Yeah, that is completely sad ... I think when I've heard passing reference to it in the past, I've thought it was someone or someones else calling him "The King" (versus he himself referring to it as that in that manner), IMHO.

This makes me even further question the legitimacy of the HYPE "sale" of (still) undeveloped and (still) non-compliant (and at a Traffic show, no less)!.

Just my two sense.


Comment #23

Jeff, you have to check this out:

I knew he called himself the HostGator king, but I really didn't think he'd put it on his main site, crown and all.

Fitting that the HostGator king uses an aol email with the word king in it.

I've been wondering about the sale for awhile too... Good move on his behalf imho. With how much attention the sale got and how much he likes attention, I'd say he got his 200k worth...

Comment #24

I wonder WHY, there were many other domainers before him like the owner of, [Gary]..

Comment #25

No clue.

Quoting Rick: "Of the six billion folks on the planet, NOBODY saw what I saw nor do they see it or understand it now.".

I'm sure glad I don't attend his shows if that's the kind of BS he babbles on about.

Domain King is a Registered Trademark? Says so at the bottom of his page..

Comment #26

Hello HostGator Raider,.

- You are the very first person that I've heard say anything negative about that video. I'm not kidding. You are the only one.

- I'm not sure how showing 100% factual information, and showing how things are NOT what they are claimed and hyped to be could be considered "uncalled for". On the contrary, everybody I've heard from says it's exactly what was needed. I also want to point out, in case it's not obvious, this is not about his personal life, or his status as a decent human being. This is only about the stuff he does and says in the name of Domaining. I'm sure he's a swell guy, outside the HostGator world.

- With all due respect, you seem to have missed the point. This is not about being a "baller". It's about saying and claiming to do things - and not doing them. It's about somebody claiming to be the Godsend of the industry just feeding the public AND his own domainer colleagues nothing but complete lines of B.S. regarding the Adult industry, Cybersquatting, (etc.). How can anybody read this man's words, and walkaway with any other impression besides that of a used-car salesmen.

Anyway DomainRaider, I totally respect your opinion. So let me warn you ahead of time, if you didn't enjoy or appreciate Episode I, you REALLY aren't going to like Episode II. I suggest you not watch it.

For everyone else, here is the link to Episode II. "The King is DOWN."

Have a nice weekend...

Comment #27

Db, you're my hero.

I needed another episode to watch.

And that stuff about Amazon... IMHO Amazon is one of the biggest success stories there is. I don't know how anyone is qualified to call them a failure...

Comment #28

For the record The link on his site was edited AFTER the video came out.

I think it's safe to assume it was the result of the video being seen.

Perhaps Hershey's owes the angry domainer some chocolate love for their new traffic...

Comment #29

Nice move -db-Really enjoyed the video.

And yes HostGator King is TM'ed.

Anyway, floks will NEVER understand how SMART this RICK (King of Kings) is...

Comment #30


I have no doubt Rick is an intelligent person, on at least some levels, especially when it comes to monetizing parking page traffic. He's good at building traffic to conferences too, at $2,000 a head.

The man knows how to make money. Absolutely...

Comment #31

I don't doubt that, however his ego is too strong to fit such a small industry as domaining...

Comment #32

Rick has always caled himself the King. Personally I quite like him, colourful character. You can never have too many of them.

The video was hilarious though, nice one angrydomainer. I detected a hint of a Kiwi accent in that american accent? Am I right? Would account for the dry sense of humour.

As far as him not owning, he does own thoughAn amazing domain.

At first I thought wow, he's really developed this out, but is really just a very fancy parking page really. It kind of makes sure a visitor never comes back, which is the opposite point of development imo.

Question is, who's the Queen?..

Comment #33

Some might even say... his ego is too strong to fit such a small planet as Earth. YES, that's a reply I was hoping to see. Returning visitors A wonderful word. Get to know it.

That's something parking pages simply cannot compete with...

Comment #34

Actually, lol, that hits nail on head. Rick was a travelling salesman before he got into domains.

I pronounce 'the King is dead'.

Rick is 'Swiss Toni' ...........................

Comment #35

So just how many Ubers does this guy really have? We keep hearing the same names over and over, and disregarding dot Mobi, which I regard as being pretty much worthless, we keep coming back to the same half a dozen or so, and I am not convinced about all of those either!..

Comment #36

That's twice i've heard the term 'uber premium'.

Just to remind everyone I trademarked that a while back.

(not kidding) we went from super premiums, so I started saying 'uber premium' as a pisstake and people are using it rofl. ok, what's next?.

Btw, can we all agree to call Rick 'Swiss Toni' from now on? even to his face? ROFL..

Comment #37

Duck, I hereby declare IDN's worthless.

Why? because I know zero about them, and I said so...

Comment #38

He has 1/20th the portfolio value the real big guys have but likes to pretend he's the big guy in this industry...

Funny that the real big guys are 20 times more humble than he is. Did Rick hack your account lol?..

Comment #39

Here's a list of his "top 50 domains in development" :

Here's a list of his "recent purchases" :

I must say that I've been more impressed by the portfolios of some NPers than by Rick's...

Comment #40

IMHO, you've consistently demonstrated very little knowledge and actual substance of the emerging, unrestricted, and fully functional for those that "are on the go" Mobile Web ... but yet you continue to hype your "sales" of the lowly "dot Mobey" - which is exactly what was done earlier - and of course in a far greater monetary amount if, in fact, real money was actually transacted - in the case (once again getting back on topic here), IMHO.

Of course, this is not a "dot Mobey" or even IDN thread ... it's about who is, or is not, "full of it"! Absolutely!.

Just my two sense..


Comment #41

He took his list down apparently for all his domains..

Well here they all are: LINK.

I'm a rep hungry mule. Feed me!..

Comment #42

Lol repped.

Hopefully it helps with AngryDomainer V3..

Comment #43

I wish the AngryDomainer would reveal himself lol.

He'd achieve Greatness immediately imho..

Comment #44

Has anyone else noticed all these domains in Rick's portfolio ? I'll let you draw your own conclusions...

Comment #45

You're winding me up!.

Nobody would seriously reg all that shit, would they?.

What does Uber mean again?..

Comment #46

Jeff, you are a liar and a negative hypester.. you are as bad as the people who hype stuff up with 100% positive energy.... only you are negative 100% of the time.. this is called "SPIN".... and one could say, on topic of course, that you sir, are full of it.

I have never "hyped" my sales.. if me selling .mobi names makes you mad, I suggest logging off the forum for a while and taking a vacation...

Comment #47

What, while we all wait for dot Mobi to pancake?.

A short weekend break should do. If they are not selling at Traffics this time, then they won't sell anywhere!..

Comment #48

Hype. hype. hype.

The .mobi aftermarket is in a bubble that has been growing for sometime now... it is about to pop.

This does not mean "they wont sell anywhere, or for any amount, ever again"....

Comment #49

Being #1 Namepros Retired, I'm perpetually on vacation ... you know that, friend!.

As to the "liar" comment, I think that was totally uncalled for (but illustrative of your continuing .MOBI Agenda)... but if your premise is that I - and others - provide candid, alternative thoughts and opinions and fair balance to all of your - and others - HYPE, then I can agree with that IMHO.

Good Luck, and onward and upward!.


Comment #50

You dont provide balance, you provide SPIN.

You are the Fox News of HostGator names...

Comment #51

Apparently he's never seen Jerry Springer. Those people ain't got no teef.

P.S. - Hey Jeff!..

Comment #52

Those domains are indeed crappy (TM + hyphens), the kind of names that the very worst NP newbies might show sometimes in the appraisal section. But then again they don't pretend to know everything about domaining.

Moreover, you'll notice the huge number of "sucks" names in his portfolio. A psychoanalysis would probably show that having a big ego and saying that everything else sucks are closely related...

Comment #53

BTW, about big portfolio owners. Did anyone tried to create a free email I remember when in my early internet days when I knew nothing about domaining, and saw that, I though .. wow these have really big value.

Look what names do they have.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, and many many many others. (Disclaimer: I checked some months ago some, and they all belonged to the same persons. Maybe on some of them they made partnerships, though I don't think so).

I would not have any problem with Rick, in fact he did many good things among others. But he is partly responsible for all these reverse HostGator hijackers. With the publicty he got to domaining, he made it seem like a get rich quick scheme, and portrayed domaining as the place where the money with no effort lies. And this is not a healthy for us.

Otherwise I would not care about any kings and emperors. But the way a domainer portraits himself to the outside world (and we should remember domaining is not mainstream), affects the way domianing is seen as a whole by the public.

He did many nice things, I am sure many of us would not be domaining if he would have not put effort to mediatize this business.

But his past blog posts, about the yacht (after the ireport sale) and how he will do anything to protect this lifestyle is harming to many...

Comment #54

Very good post, Alex. Completely agreed.

The domaining industry definitely needs to become much more respectable. To do so, it needs to get rid of this "get rich quick scheme" image and of some shady practices. The aforementioned positions about cybersquatting for example aren't good for this industry and can only encourage reverse HostGator hijacking, Snowe Bill and similar initiatives.

The domaining industry should and could be a very respectable industry, very similar to real estate, but many things will have to change...

Comment #55

Great points Alex.

Btw, sometimes it helps to remind ourselves it doesn't take any special skill or intelligence to buy great names. It just takes plenty of money. There is no entrance exam. There is no "qualifying". You don't have to meet ANY requirements of any kind... you just need money...

Comment #56

Rick's big problem is that most of his "Generics" aren't generic at all.

Single dictionary words are Generic. You start bolting odd letters onto the ends of them then they become brandables. If somebody else uses the term in business before you do then your claim on the HostGator is weakened. These kind of brandables must be developed otherwise you are wide open.

If you start putting words together they can still be generic if you can demonstrate common usage and established meanings. If not again, they are nothing more than brandables which ultimately are vulnerable to UDRP.

We have about the same number of domains as Rick. There are two main differences. The first is that ours are almost entirely single letters or single words with a commercial meaning, or they are Geographical combos of the same. The second difference is that they are nearly all non-Latin. Rick would see the big difference in the second. I would see it in the first...

Comment #57

And of course, money and good domains do not make a person King. They also don't make him smarter. They don't make him younger. They don't improve his health. They don't make him a good person. They don't make him anything...except a guy with money and domains.

The only King's I know are Jesus and Elvis...

Comment #58

LOL this just made my day!!.

How do you not have developed?!?!?!?.

" I think we need to find a new castle, another kingdom".


Comment #59

Nice one Arnie, I love to see what other people are buying, it's a great way to learn Got any more lists like that from other top dogs ??.

....Food on the way ! Well, thats not exactly what happened with the HostGator is it ?

He sold it for $750,000 to CNN - anyone here have any sales like that ? - NOT ME !.

I think you guys are being a bit harsh to be honest, you can either choose to look at the positive things he has done for the industry or the negative.

I don't mind slagging large corporate assholes like NetSol or Tucows when they act like dicks but when you target an individual it's a different ballgame IMO.

Just my "ass kissing" opinion but ...... each to their own and freedom of speech and all that.


Comment #60

People talk about rick- and your first impression of him even when reading a thread like this- doesnt seem to even shine a light to when someone like kevin ham talks, and people say: At the T.R.A.F.F.I.C. West conference in Las Vegas in February, Ham delivered an impromptu speech during a lightly attended morning seminar session that blew away everyone who heard it (I was sitting on the panel when Ham gave his talk). Three months later people are still buzzing about it.

It is sad that you have two wealthy individuals- and only one of them gets it. and I dont mean domaining...

Comment #61

Yes, iReport was a success, but I think Rick was lucky he was dealing with people that had more on their mind than UDRP. As we know, things are not always that straight forward...

Comment #62

For the second time.

Three things I liked in the second video :.

1. Many valid points you made in this video..

2. Your laugh..

3. Your msg to Rick in the end (Old Woman).

Looking forward for next Episode..

Comment #63

To be fair to Rick, few wanted to listen when what he had to say was of value, and it would have made a difference to him.

Now everyone wants access when frankly he has run out of ideas and is flapping around trying to find direction, but is wealthy enough to not to have to worry about it all.

I am hoping I might be in a similar situation. I have tried to share my knowledge on IDNs at a time when it would really benefited others greatly to find out more. It would also have developed the market quicker that would have benefited me. In a years time, I probably won't have to worry about things. Everybody will have have woken up, but generally far too late to strike it big. Will I be interested in telling everyone all about it at that stage or wondering how I can help them.

The bottom line is that those that have made it rich through their own initiative don't actually owe anyone anything...

Comment #64

I hand regged this morning (it was dropped on 5/13)....

Comment #65

I take note of this and if I make it to TRAFFIC in Queensland next November I`ll be questioning Mister Schwartz about his parking pages...

Comment #66

Add 5-10 years to your timeframe and I'll agree with you on the IDN's. The Internet progresses slower now than it used to. Compare the 5 year period of 1997-2002 to the same length stretch of 2003-2008 and you'll see what I mean...

Comment #67

Sorry, I have to call nonsense on that.

Things have gone off the boil in the US, but in Asia things are coming up quickly from a very low base. This is all going to start to explode from the Paris meeting. In the next three years there will be nearly a thousand New TLDs many of them IDNs. Everyone has been keeping their powder dry, but there is going to be a mad scramble for Extensions after Paris, and ICANN has a massive budget set aside for getting the IDN message out there.

At the moment, you are witnessing the eery silence before the storm. 5-10 years, it has been going 10 years already and much of the delay has been down to Microsoft and their neglect due to a monopoly situation in the browser market. That situation is nearly behind us now. This issuance of IDN TLDs is what everyone has been waiting for. There is confusion over pecking order. Once the new TLDs are established that will evaporate.

It didn't take this bloody long to put a man on the moon.

The next meeting is the 32nd ICANN meeting. Can anyone tell me how many years there have been without at least one meeting in the US? This year it is Delhi, Paris, Cairo. The World is changing. Horizons are broadening, but domainers are generally just ploughing the same tired furrows...

Comment #68

Interesting, this will bring more interest in all HostGator industry, both IDN and NON IDN.

I have not followed lately IDNs: so I ask you what is hapening now to the old IDNs ? Are thy going to be worthless and replaced by:.



Comment #69

Don't forget to ask about his parked TM names..

Comment #70

Not a very good gauge there. ICANN meets three times a year, and in the seven year period of 2002 to 2008 ICANN held just one of the meetings in the USA. They've always held their meetings at obscure locales. HostGator registrants are footing the bill, so why not.

Nothing against IDN's. It's great to see them being used in the markets they are intended for. I'm only noting the timeframes that IDN'rs cling to are way too optimistic. We pretty much could of had this same conversation two years ago, and probably will again two years from now...

Comment #71

Well it is a complexed situation, which is why everything is hanging in the air.

One IDN.IDNccTLD already exists but it cannot be resolved through the ICANN Root which is why there has been so much talk of China breaking the Internet. These work well in China. All that has really happened is that fit under and are aliased to dot CN. To make them work, the ISPs simply append dot CN to the end of the strings. After Paris these will quickly work Worldwide you will be able to resolve them outside China as well as inside as it will happen within the ICANN Root. The IDN equivalent of dot CN will be aliased to dot CN.

You could not register one without the other.

We know that a lot of important ccTLDs will also go IDN at the same time, but is not clear that they will be twinned. In the Russian case to avoid Phishing it is almost certain that a separate registry will be set up. In India, it is likely that there will be a dozen different aliases of dot IN.

The big question is how this all affects IDN.Com. Well, I have to go know but I will come back and answer that question as best I can later...

Comment #72

I want to clear up one thing, just so there's no misunderstanding my posts that have been split between these two threads. There is nothing wrong with parking your domains. It's a perfectly honest, legitimate business.

Yes I feel there are too many of them clogging up the Internet, and yes I'm sick of it, and yes I feel some topics should be handled with special care, like health, religion, depression/suicide... etc. and that's my personal opinion.

But I would hope that in addition to just parking names, domainers would see themselves as MORE, and would at least TRY to develop something. Try to add some type of honest-to-goodness meaningful contribution to the web, even if it's just 1 site. Just pick one HostGator from your portfolio and build something on it. See what happens!..

Comment #73

I'll tell you what we need an expos on. Failed domainers who present themselves as experts and hype-up small niches of domains as the "next big thing," suckering countless people into pissing away their money the same way they did.

We know, the big money is always "coming soon". (not)..

Comment #74

Actually, Developing is a good addition to any domainer for many reasons:.

1. Secure & excellent Cash flow..

2. It will make you understand "better" what exactly end-users are looking for. Which will improve your buying & selling skills..

3. Instead of selling HostGator makes $100 from Parking monthly for roughly $1200 - $3000 into money machine that will make +$750 every month (minimum).


Comment #75

Thanks David, that is very interesting, I guess if you want you should open a new discussion over this so we don`t ruine this thread.

Kind Regards..

Comment #76

Apologies for the commercial break.

...The point is that it will be 99% certain that the policy will be in place after Paris. What happens to a large extent happens depends on the Registries. Of course registration is not limited to the existing registries but they have already passed the hurdles in terms of showing technical and financial competence. They will also have prior rights that they will be in a position to exercise. However, it is not clear whether they will have complete freedom to exercise those rights as they see fit or how they intend to proceed. This will start to come pretty clear once the applications have been lodged.

There has been a lot of speculation that Verisign would wish to set up a whole slew of parallel dot com registries to make more money. There has also been suggestions that other registries would be given the rights in other languages. Of course at this stage we cannot know for sure, which is why the secondary market has not taken off. Everyone is waiting for clarity. It is, however, pretty clear that nobody else is going to get equivalents of existing TLDs in other languages. The draft policy makes that pretty clear.

So will Verisign want to run parallel dot com registries? Will it make sense for them to do so? Is is even essential they do aliasing at all?.

Well taking the last one first, in most languages it is not and in many languages aliasing may not be that significant. Chinese and Japanese characters are most often generated from the inputting of ASCII characters, although there are alternative ways of doing this. Putting extensions in Latin characters presents no challenges whatsoever. The challenge is remembering the strings which are in foreign script to the users. However, many many short abbreviations turn up in Latin characters in most languages. These are generally things that are so unforgeable that it really doesn't matter.

Of course dot Com in Latin characters is already a mega global brand, probably bigger than Coca Cola and IBM combined. Nobody will have a problem with dot com per se, although there may be some countries where the ccTLD is all pervasive. This is certainly the case in Germany and many thought it would be the case with Russian, but we are already getting good traffic on Cyrillic dot coms, so that seems to put the lie to that one. In Japan and China, dot Com is very well established and preferred by most of the really big sites. When it comes to Arabic there is no direct competition, although it is likely than a Pan Arab extension will emerge, it is not clear whether this can be organised fast enough to compete with dot com.

It is unlikely that ASCII string will really work with right to left languages even though they already generate significant traffic.

Verisign could try to cash in by having separate registries, but it may be that this would not sit comfortably with claims that have prior rights. The rights are there to stop other causing string confusion. It might not be accepted that Verisign then go on to do this themselves. Their actions to date, particularly the DName proposal suggest that they would prefer to have multiple aliases to the same registry. This might sound odd, but the number of strings available in each language is finite, and it is unlikely that different version of dot com can all co-exist successfully side by side, so the potential to sell more name is limited, and dilution of the brand might prove very counter productive, making them uncompetitive against the ccTLD extensions. For this reason, I don't think it makes any sense for Verisign to try to run multiple registries.

The problem is all though this makes perfect sense to me, most speculators are sitting on their hands waiting to see which way the wind blows, but they probably don't appreciate how fast thing is going to move. In China the dot CN alternative is already pretty much sold out already. There just aren't likely to be any new major extension IDNs period. In Russia, there will be a landrush for the New Cyrillic dot RF if things go to form, but actually moving on those as a Western speculator is likely to be a tough call. In India, it is almost 100% certain dot IN will be aliased and I think Japan will go that route as well. Dot Arab could take 5 years or more to set up, by which time is likely to well established in an aliased form.

Will ASCII strings survive. Almost certainly. A handful or so in each language will even continue to thrive, but it is expecting too much of people to remember more than an handful of sites in an alien script. It just won't happen. So IDN will dominate Eastern and Northern Europe, the Middle East and virtually the whole of Asia. There usage in Western and Southern Europe will be more patchy, but already the market is not differentiating between and

At the same time, we are getting close to critical mass on browser support in most locations although Japan for one lags seriously behind. There are also different customs for web navigation in some parts. The Japanese have always navigated by Search and Bookmarking because direct navigation has never been an option. In this market, there may be a slight further lag whilst they become more used to using the address bar, which to date has been a bit of White Elephant.

Anyway, to conclude, these major changes are all about to unfold and the will change the shape and structure of the global internet. Most of the Internet Growth areas are those that will also adopt IDN. So is it going to take 5 years? Absolutely not! One maybe two at the most. However, many of our names are already paying for themselves many times over, but on balance our portfolio is not self-sustaining. However, the up tick in traffic that will be required to achieve this is really quite slight and I would expect that to be achieved in the next couple of months. Will we be millionaires over night? Probably not, but we should be able to have a self-financing situation fairly quickly and earn a modest living very soon after the Paris launch.

I am very confident that we will be able to make most of the established ASCII crowd look rather second rate, but there are a few IDNers out there that will have done much better than us, so I will be sticking the moniker Rubber Duck...

Comment #77

Once again a thread hijacked, by yours Rubber Duck.

................ back to the 'King' LOL..

Comment #78

Spoken like a man who's invested heavily in IDN's, I would say. -db- smashes Arnie upside the head with a dirty toothbrush for beating him by 4 seconds...

Comment #79

I'd like to try and get this interesting thread back on track. I completely agree with you on this point, db.

Many domainers on NP and elsewhere have hundreds, thousands or more domains. It's obviously impossible to develop them all and many domains are handregged/purchased only for flipping or selling to end-users.

They're indeed absolutely nothing wrong with parking, as it can provide some well-needed cash to keep up with renewals and to finance other projects.

However I also think that all domainers should as much as possible try and develop some of their names..

Many NPers have developed brilliant websites, and I know that many of them (including me) are currently working hard to develop some of their domains. They're doing so at the same time as buying/selling names, parking some and often having other jobs too.

What slows down development can often be a lack of available funds. But you would expect that the "top domainers" who are often very wealthy and earn lots from parking, would be able to develop many more great websites than most "regular domainers", precisely because they have those funds.

It's indeed sad to see that some of these "top domainers" are just not interested in developing any of their great names.

I think it would give a much better reputation to the domaining industry if more of these well-known domainers were also involved of developing great websites, and possibly even setting up online businesses and creating jobs (just like Amazon did, despite what Rick is saying about them)...

Comment #80

The problem is that developing great names generally has little impact on the amount of cash they generate. Unless you turn a Super Generic into a major business, it is unlikely to get the web ranking needed to boost the traffic. Putting up a few pages of information doesn't really cut it and in general experience will have shown that they end up doing a lot of work just to detract from their bottom lines.

If you do the same thing with a mediocre domain, the converse is true. You can easily boost your earnings as the initial type in is often negligible.

If and when it make commercial sense to do it, it will happen...

Comment #81

I wasn't really talking of developing minisites with just a few pages of information.

But come on, when you have some serious disposable income and you own a HostGator like, wouldn't it be possible to set up a solid online business selling candy online ? That would make a real contribution to the Internet, would create real jobs and would give the domaining industry a much better reputation.. is obviously just an example taken from the Angry Domainer video, but it could be applied to any other great domain. I understand what you mean, but there's much more about it than just short-term cash. It's about the whole of the domaining industry, rather than a certain short-sightedness of some "top domainers" who were just lucky to come into the game early but don't have much of a long-term vision...

Comment #82

I think the point being overlooked here is just because you were smart,lucky,whatever to reg a quality HostGator does not mean you can run a business. Turning into a business is a major development and you can go from having an asset to having many liabilities overnight if you do not know how to run a business.

And again Welcome Back TIM hope you are feeling better...

Comment #83

Well, I am not sure the is the best example. I would prefer to use something like The competition for ranking is intense, so even if you threw a couple of hundred thousand at the project, you could still end up down on page 10, and because the landing pages would not really be set up like parking pages, your click conversion would be a lot lower. You would end up losing money hand over-fist vis-a-vis simply parking it.

There is also a common understanding that the way to make domains in an extension valuable is for the domainers to throw up thousands of sites. I am convinced that this has no real impact on the overall viability of an extension. It seems me that it is offline advertising spend that makes or breaks extensions, not the commitment of domainers to develop...

Comment #84

Very good point indeed.

But that's probably why I tend to have much more respect for people who have developed wonderful websites and set up very successful online businesses rather than for people who have just regged quality domains early in the 90s.

Don't get me wrong. There's nothing wrong with being a domainer only (who wouldn't develop websites or set up businesses). They'a very legit activity.

But well maybe there's no need to be very impressed with people whose only merit was to come into the game very early.

And at the same time, I still think that they could put some efforts into contributing to the Internet (that has given so much to them). They do have the funds to hire developers and people who know how to run businesses, so there's really no excuse there...

Comment #85

Absolutely right. Domainers come into this business in the hope or having a substantial income derived from minimal overhead. Why would they try to launch a business in an industry that they probably have no experience of?..

Comment #86

Equity, hello my friend. Thank you. Heck yeah Mike! Of course it's possible.

But unlike putting up link farms... it would involve some real work, some real talent, some real skill, and some real vision. They might even have to spend some extra money, hire some people, and create a real company.

That's an awful lot of work and effort to expect from lazy-rich people. It's much easier to sit back on their yachts, smoking cigars, and just collecting the revenue they already get from the parking clicks.

The thing is as great as some of these guys 'think' they are and as much money as they already make they could be doing 1000 TIMES BETTER if they actually developed some real content and business with those names.

In my opinion, it's nothing short of LAZY LUNACY to have a name like or parked for all this time. Good Lord, a teenage webmaster could have already built a real business with those names, probably making more than the parking clicks, but the biggest people in the industry do nothing with them? HELLO? Please. Somebody slap me...

Comment #87

Well I understand what you mean, but it's always important to do some market research before developing a website.. wouldn't be easy to develop indeed because of the intense competition for ranking in that field. But I still think that there must be a way to develop a great HostGator like in an intelligent and financially successful way.

It's a real pity to see those excellent and very valuable domains being "wasted" and being only parking pages. I mean that's not what the Internet should be about.

It's also the fact that all those very valuable domains are parking pages that give the domaining industry a fairly bad reputation and that encourage supporters of the Snowe Bill and similar initiatives. It's all too easy for some people to say that domainers are just either cybersquatters or lazy people making money from parking wonderful domains that should provide information or services to the general public...

Comment #88

The only guys really going down that road seem to be the Geo Domainers.

I think the reason for that is that the kind of business directory services that go with the domains make a lot of commercial sense and don't require huge business acumen...

Comment #89

Someone like Duke could answer this better because he knows the players, I have read Frank Schilling on his blog say that it was not the time to develop yet. I do not know when the time exactly is but there must be a reason he is waiting to develop his top digital assets.

I also do not think parking is parking is parking. I think if you have a phrase or word that with one click will get the visitor to their preference that is totally fine.

Example It is one page if you were looking for info it is all there you can click the provider of prepaid phone providers and be on your way.

Basically a consumer product works great. I do think it not Kosher to park a HostGator related to religion or health, because you are not getting the same type of visitor and you are wasting their time.

I am making no judgements on anyone, just personally I never wanted to own a health related HostGator or a religious domain. I would have a tough time charging a diabetes foundation $1500 for a HostGator or a Mental Illness facility. NOW AGAIN I am not knocking those who do I think that some development would be better in those domains and understand where Tim is coming from with his initial rant...

Comment #90

Actually, I am not convinced that they are wasted. I have a HostGator that basically means Job Agency in Japanese. The clicks are not huge on it at the moment but the patterns definitely suggest that those going there are using it as a research resource. It has never occurred to me to use the Internet in this was, but some people appear to do just that. It must work for them or they would not do it...

Comment #91

So true... I would even venture to say that setting up a fully-fledged enterprise like that is akin to straying away from your core business.

Running a business means worries everyday. Let's face it, parking takes no effort and little risk in comparison. DB: do you realize that the more we talk about the HostGator King the more we make him look important..

Comment #92

Kath you made an excellent point in the other rant thread and I agree with you 100 %.

Originally posted by Kath.

Hear ya DB. I am part of the problem too and I think you are right to raise awareness about the limitations and sustainability of our business model.

Now I will tell you: I know a lot of people don't like us. Sometimes for a reason, often because they have no clue about we're doing, they envy us or they mix us up with cybersquatters and unsavory people..

Personally I am equally sick of some arrogant webmasters who treat us worse than criminals while they pollute (!) the net with their shitty layouts and poor contents and they think their egocentric piece of artwork is bringing value to the community (so they think). Who are they to judge ?

Comment #93

Well I'm sure that some of those "top domainers" who wouldn't develop any of their names would say the same thing. The few links on their parking pages are "research resources" and may help people to find some websites. Big deal !.

But come on, it's all too easy to justify laziness when you're lucky to earn lots of money this way.

I would still respect them much more if they were actually working harder to do something more ambitious with these great domains. I understand that they may not be interested in doing so for the reasons you explained. But then I don't think they necessarily deserve a huge amount of respect.

You mentioned that there's an intense competition in the insurance sector and that this would make it difficult to develop

But there's a lot of very intense competition in the hotel sector too, and some people have worked hard to develop into a proper online business, and they're apparently doing quite well. So this shows that it can be done if people really want to...

Comment #94

To a certain degree I believe this conversation may be going down the road of Class Warfare, in the other rant thread Tim had a back and forth with Snoop, (certainly no favorite of mine ) But Tim you reacted like profit was bad. Now maybe you were heated and did not totally mean that. But we are going down a lot of roads here.

I mean I think a policeman or fireman should make 100 times that of someone who putts a ball into a hole (GOLFER) or reads someone elses lines (actor) I mean all the worlds a stage why should some be paid millions for doing it. I know why they are because they can and that's fine.

I do not know that everyone who regs a HostGator owes the world for the sanctity of the internet. There is no one reason for the internet and I will elaborate.

I know someone who makes their sole living playing online poker, supports a wife, two children and just put one through college on nothing but playing online poker. That is what the internet means to him. He has no idea what a domainer or a parked page is.

I know a single mom who supports her child through a rather risque cam website. That is what the internet means to her. Again What's a domainer ?

I believe in Karma, I believe in giving back but I do not think we can make it that everyone who makes money in an easier way than we do is a villain...

Comment #95

I think the hotels thing is one that works quite well.

But the bottom line is that these people are not and neither should they be obliged to justify themselves to anyone.

Rick's problem is that he does the talk but as the Angry Domainers has so eloquently pointed out. He hasn't walked the walk. Funny how Sahar was using him as an example the other day as somebody who did.

Having said that Sahar himself is obviously big into development, but the names he uses are not the really top notch in my opinion and I can't figure out where he things much of the development is going. I guess time will tell on that one...

Comment #96

Hmmm... I'm not sure what to think about that. But I don't care either way, and it's not my intention to help, or hurt him either one. He's a millionaire, he's probably set for life... I don't think the opinions of little people like myself mean anything to him, and I doubt anything I say is going to affect him... either positively or negatively.

Then again, maybe he's realizing now that he's out-of-touch with much of the domainers in the industry, and he's been anything but a man of the people. Maybe he will come down from his pedestal, down from his throne, and try to show us he's a real genuine guy, instead of a selfish egomaniac who hides away in a secret forum, and only 'rolls' with other pure breeds. Maybe he will even surprise us and develop one of these domains he's been TALKING about for so long.

Maybe. I hope so...

Comment #97

Last year there was a great one word generic-product .com in one of the auctions. I was convinced that if I bought the name for 100k that I could set up a lean site just to take orders, have the product drop shipped, and still come out ahead. Unfortunately my wife shot me down (that's what I get for listening)...

Comment #98

Certainly not. I agree with you. They don't all deserve that tag. Most in fact, do not.

My problem, and most other people's problems that have been expressed, are directed at the people who DO deserve that tag. Such as the (obvious)subject of this thread and video.

And I have no problem with profit. I love profit. But it's not the most important thing in my life...

Comment #99

I hope you know Tim I was not attacking you and agree with a lot of what you said I posted earlier on what I do not think should be parked I was just looking at both sides.

IF you are talking about Schwartz I agree because I think there is a lot of ego there, I read things and say out loud "you do not speak for or represent me"..

Comment #100

Oh yes, I understand. It's all good.

And I do get cranked-up sometimes when it's a topic I feel strongly about, or deeply believe in. I take medication for it now...

Comment #101

I've just noticed the following statement on :.

"We are the Net's largest developer. The cranes are out, the bulldozers are rolling, the trucks are lined up! New sites are opening every week!! The largest infrastructure on the Internet is being created right here.".


I have nothing at all against parking pages and I understand that HostGator owners can do whatever they want with their domains.

But it's really pathetic to say proudly that you're the "net's largest developer" when you're actually not developing anything at all and just parking all your domains...

Comment #102

I agree Michael and long before this video and thread I thought he was a hypocrite...

Comment #103

Yeah, same here.

It's a good thing I don't wear a microphone when I say the things I sometimes say out loud, when he is NOT speaking for me...

Comment #104

I left an analogy in the other thread

Comment #105

I've also noticed that Rick is claiming to have 3.5 million visitors on monthly (

However, Alexa estimates it's traffic to only 210 visitors daily, that is only 6.500 or so monthly.

Who's right ?

I know that (the website of the BBC) is getting an estimated 2.5 million visitors monthly. I'm quite surprised that Rick's website is doing better than the BBC website.....

Comment #106



And that's just another example of the B.S. that bothers people, including me.

Why can't he just talk straight? Why does he have to FLUFF everything?.

Man... you guys don't get me excited again. I just started to calm down...

Comment #107

Welll, I'm not the one who told you - but he says you're a sissified TEXAN.


Comment #108

LOL! just saw the video.

Could he be any more sarcastic?..

Comment #109

End result of 6 pages of oddball bickering...Rick is shady and no one wants to stick up for him...

Comment #110

I thought it was about a different Rick... I had a long day, lol. Schwartz is a smug guy that rubs me the wrong way. I watched the second video and enjoyed it a great deal. Don't get me wrong, I appreciate a straight-shooter, but I just felt like not getting around to developing sites wasn't enough for an attack. The second video had a lot more meat to it though.

Keep up the good work -db-..

Comment #111

One last time. That was not the reason. And it was not an "attack". ^THAT^ (among many-many others which have already been mentioned) is a good example of the reason.

DomainRaider, when it comes right down to it, nobody cares whether Rick develops his sites. We're just tired of having smoke blown up our ass, that's all. After so many years of it, a person's hind-quarters start to get a bit chapped...

Comment #112

Funny video. Do we have the estimate of the percentage of domains developed vs un-developed?..

Comment #113

Well, according to angrydomainer- developed = 0%, parked = 100%..

Comment #114

Wow, I should have just said that about 4 pages ago. Probably would have helped. Doh!..

Comment #115

Does the HostGator king whisper to Ron from the Dnj and he just prints the hype? Big talk solves little problems.

My favouite hype was Traffic was going to confront the parking companies about parking transparency. Be sure to be there.

The phrase for moving domainers to attend a Traffic convention and fork over a couple thousand dollars spoken by Rick S. was in summation, you will count the change from a hamburger at McDonalds, yet you don't care about your parking money?.


This is what happens to the few who do not have their ear to the rails.

Those types prefer to "lurk in the shadows" in Namepros...

Comment #116

The funny thing here is how far he takes that overexaggeration. He could have said 3.5 million page views monthly, for which he still would have been, full of it, but he has to go out and make the bold claim that he gets 3.5 million visitors per month?!?.

If that's the case, he has some of the most untargeted traffic I've ever heard of domaining traffic and Alexa rank correlate quite well.

As you said, it would be quite surprising if he received more traffic than the BBC or the real domaining heavyweights like Sedo, Afternic, Namepros, or DN Journal.

As for transparency... Maybe Rick should be transparent about how he arrived at these numbers...

Comment #117

I would be highly suspect of *any* estimates coming from Alexa (or whatever mystical source). For example I would guess that an Alexa estimate is highly subject to sampling errors related to the audience. Some user categories might be under represented since they do not use the Alexa toolbar in the same proportion as other user categories, thereby skewing the results. While it seems all polls tout their use of "scientific" methods for sampling and analysis, in many cases I have to question whether it is "good science" or "junk science". I believe that this category problem of "just what type of user uses the Alexa toolbar" is a major source of systematic error. Since the Alexa toolbar is a *major* input to their analysis, then we may be dealing with one of the most fundamental laws of programming: "Garbage in, Garbage out".

Alexa acknowledges this in their own documentation: When I look at one of my own sites, I know for a fact that the Alexa data is worthless. The number of links is off by tens of thousands (For example, I have a javascript download for other websites to embed on their own site, with daily info that backlinks to me, and I can track it), and the same with the daily traffic estimate (I have the logs). I have been programming for 40 years, and I think I know more about what is going on with my own sites than some silly "Alexa toolbar estimate" or derivative thereof. So having discounted Alexa as any sort of reasonable measure of traffic, lets take a closer look at what Rick actually says on at the previously cited link: The first thing worth noting is that this is very old data, from sometime around 2001. A lot can happen in 7 years on the internet! The more important thing worth noting is that it appears that Rick is talking about his traffic in aggregate - i.e., it *appears* that he is talking about the total traffic for 3,550 domains, with being just one of those 3,550 domains on or around May 1, 2001 (note he is pushing his portfolio on this page, not the HostGator

Of course, only Rick knows for sure... but I stand by the statement that traffic estimates from Alexa (or based on Alexa rank etc.) are close to worthless. It is a tough question though, comparing a (perhaps) BS estimate from an owner versus a crappy online traffic estimate based on junk science and junk mathematics... of course all backdated to 2001.


Comment #118 tends to produce much more accurate results from what I've seen.

Alexa has been reasonably accurate in my experience when comparing sites from the exact same market segment (eg. HostGator blog compared to other HostGator focussed websites), but makes no sense whatsoever when you start comparing different markets (eg. newspaper versus HostGator blog). My blog is apparently "according to Alexa" more popular than the local newspaper where I live which is read by 400k+ people per day I find that very hard to believe...

Comment #119

I think the question you all need to ask is:.

What percentage of his Revenue does Rick derive from TRAFFICS?.

If you successfully answer that question, you might understand the motivation behind all the hype...

Comment #120

Rick is on to a very good thing with Traffics, not only does simultaneously charge the delegates to watch sales pitches, but because he manages to con those delegates into paying a significant premium, he is also able to charge the sponsors much more because they are supposedly pitching to an elite group. I guess most of the delegates are just too embarrassed to put their hands up and admit they have been conned.

Anyway to pull all this off you have to put on a show and Rick is a showman. You have to be if you are going to make money selling Snake Oil. We are not just talking Razzmatazz. You need a lot of smoke and mirrors and some loud music as well...

Comment #121


Colorful summary Duck,.

Think too how Rick uses his marketing genius (he is smart) to build the hype and get the big crowd at Traffic, then he calls in the big media to make HIS points, ie pitch his domains to corporate America.

All on the attendees dime. Like I say, smart...

Comment #122

I still can't believe he got Forbes to a Traffic. That's a schmoozer...

Comment #123

Forbes was paid to deliver the speech I believe..

What Rick has done for the domaining industry boils down to one thing: exposure. And I have to say he's pretty good at that..

Comment #124

My question was not about Rick's domain, but all the domains registered (including all of ours domains). What is the percentage developed vs un-developed for all the domains all of us ever registered?..

Comment #125

About 0.1% developed for me, but then again I don't go around parading myself as some master developer and that everyone should follow my development example..

Comment #126


Well I guess he could be Queen as he owns as seen on this page.. Thx.


Comment #127

That's funny, I am at the 0.1% level too for development/registered. My dreams are to someday crack the 0.2% barrier. That is like cracking the speed of sound barrier for domainers... it is possible, but takes a lot of energy/fuel.

It might be easier to drop 1000 domains than to develop more domains in order to crack that 0.2% barrier. Has anybody else out here cracked the 0.2% barrier?..

Comment #128


After what you say my eyes are beginning to open. All along I have thought, being at the show is paramount for successful domainers. I have never attended. Makes me rethink that one, although I am sure it benefits many who do attend.

Making big sales pitches to domainers is not the sole property of Rick S either. Some parking companies like to hype up what they do, like Godadd- making claims they have a great parking company. One auction house makes claim they " pay out more" than the others. Lol thats the biggest joke in the HostGator kingdom as they have the lamest parking pages and payouts are very low compared to most.

For those new to the HostGator business, don't beleive everything pitched to you is a hot deal, if you do you will get burned...

Comment #129

I have to agree with rubberduck as well.

I guess I could see the benefit of networking with other serious domainers and for $2k, maybe it's worth it to put a face to a forum username personally I'd never go regardless of how successful I am... Even if I was interested in a name, I'd just pay the considerably lower fee for online bidding paying an extra $1500 just to be "entertained" is a bit excessive and there are much better things I could use that money for...

Comment #130

The thing is Rick has some interesting stuff to say. He has done some great things for us all. But most of it will have been driven through self-interest. Much of it has been less than transparent at best. And most of the information that has been delivered recently has been of little or no value to those trying to get a foot on the ladder. The stampede into dot Mobi which was trigger by Rick was largely disastrous.

Listen to what he says but also listen to those who criticize him, then do your own analysis. At the end of the day it is your money that is getting spent.

Remember above all, domains are marketing tools. Think hard about who your target audiences are and whether the keywords in your domains are going to reach them. Also try to weigh up the merit of extensions carefully. There are soon going to be an awful lot of them. If your extension is going to cut it, it will have to have something pretty special. Thousands of wannabe domainers developing has never made an extension fly get and probably never will...

Comment #131

Anytime something comes down the HostGator pipe that is new I will bet the Ricks of the world buy into it just like most of us. His purchase of flowers was pocket change to him. He is just hedging some bets here and there. It doesn't matter if some go belly up.

One thing about him he gets top price for his domains. To do that a person must come from a position of strength. They either know the HostGator represents a big market and use that information to sell the name. Or they have no need for cash unlike many domainers who cave quickly when negotiations begin.

All this talk that it is wrong to call yourself king is bullshit. He is the HostGator king. He is a legend for bringing awareness to masses. He is one of the very few western shootem up types that can bring the crowds in.

Nothing wrong with that and yes some of his hype is well known now. Hype is all over the place in this business, from registrarrs to parking companies to auction houses. Some have posted we need to work on our image. That will pay off big!..

Comment #132

Let's not forget that T.R.A.F.F.I.C. is a trade show. And if any one has been to a specialized trade show, they are expensive. They can be anywhere from a few hundies, to 2-3K for full access!! I just attended the Affiliate Summit this Febuary, and if you didn't pre-order, you paid $1495.00 to attend. So though I agree that the fee is higher than I'd care to, or have paid yet, it is in line with trade show costs. Also, the parties and food etc., are usually really good there from what I've heard. Ok, I give up, what was 'disastrous' about buying into .mobi?? The fact that some missed getting good names to sell or have? or, The negative attitudes some felt they need to share 'insultingly' on others for some uncomprehendable reason? Not liking an extension by some, that isn't even 2 years old, does not make it disastrous!! Good Grief!..

Comment #133

What is disasterous is that well over $10M dollars has been sunk into the extension by naive domainers, of which frankly Rick was probably one, and it is all going to be worth Nada...

Comment #134

Well, at the time the money was laid down most who bought knew it was somewhat speculative. That being said who wants to miss out in case it does fly? That is the main reason most domains were registered.

Like Hawkeye states, the jury is still out on that one. Mobi was and is gamble. Most domainers hedge their plays with some speculative domains...

Comment #135

Hey, I want to be the one that started the .mobi stampede.... not fair!.

I was buying them before Rick, so it must have been me.

Seriously though, if Rick inadvertently started a mobi registering stampede.. so be it.. the cream floats to the top while the other crap will fall by the wayside. sounds like business to me.

People that didnt do research and tried to take shortcuts or take-the-word-of-someone-else will likely lose their money.... this scenario does not sound new at all.. same song, different dance......

Comment #136

Well you seem to be someone who's not only 'not naive', but also 'all knowing' and 'knows' the outcome of the future, so please share some of this 'knowledge' with the rest of us here, so we can all be as 'successful' as you must be! Perhaps ICANN should even hire you so they will know which extensions will be successful, and which won't. You could save the domainer world from .... ??..something..I'm sure!..

Comment #137

Well if you want to know where things are going you could do worse than look at ICANNs business plan and what they claim to be their priorities. The main thrust at the moment is to globalize the internet. When Unicode came out a few years ago, the Chinese web content converted to Pin Yin and Bit maps to Chinese characters within about 12 months, but they still do not have a Chinese character addressing system.

In the next couple of years another Billion will come online. How many of those speak English. I can tell you almost none? Why, because most English speakers are already online.

Some places are a bit further behind but already surveys suggest that 72% of Indians who are online want to use languages other English, but nearly all the growth is in the non-English sector so it won't be long before that figure is 90%.

The truth is that the old ASCII set got the prime English terms sown up a long time ago. Already it is getting tough to fresh reg good IDN, but the prices in the secondary market are still a steal. That cannot last for long..

There will also be some ccTLD landrushes coming up although many are already spoken for. This is where the real opportunities lie.

If you really want to learn something, you would be better of attending the meeting in Paris that get bogged down in Florida. Surprisingly, all these meeting around the globe are actually about a little bit more than find exotic holiday destinations for ICANN staff...

Comment #138

Oh, by the way.. if you want to own I am auctioning it off at T.R.A.F.F.I.C. starting on May 20th.

Now there is some irony for ya.....

Comment #139

Sorry, not interested.

Our End Users when they materialise are not likely to think of them as IDN anyway.

To the Chinese, IDN are Chinese Domains. Period.

Not only that, I am pretty much a dot Com sort of guy...

Comment #140

IDN is pretty much a domainer term.. I just thought i'd hype my sale up...

Comment #141


As you may imagine with this thread you lost your part of the T.R.A.F.F.I.C advertising budget..

It's not tomorrow that Rick will spend money advertising his conference in your site.

It's not too late to apologize and make a good ad sale..

Comment #142

Term has more value in relation to Data Networks and Delivery Networks. Might even be quite hot.

As with every term you need to look at it from the end user perspective and try to figure out whether it meaningful to them.

I just despair when I see people registering mundane and obscure English terms in Asian ccTLDs, but the truth is most domainers do not consider their market...

Comment #143

What I love in Namepros is that it is a free forum, where it's members express their views freely.

This thread is not the official position of NP, nor RJ's, it reflects what some of it's members think.

It is not that much even about RS, but more about the way he represents the domaining industry, by self-proclaiming himself as king, while advertising his parked domains (isn't this forbidden btw), and by making statements that are not in the benefit of the domaining community, the way some other domainers feel (about cybersquatting and adult industry especially)...

Comment #144

I didnt read the whole thread.

So I clicked on some of those domains and yeah they are parking pages and they say newest grand openings. So what I want to point out though is that if you click on Top 50 Domains in Development you will notice that those domains that are listed in the newest grand openings are listed in the development area.

So what I'm trying to say is, yeah it's kind of messed up to put "newest grand openings" but maybe he missed a deadline and thought they would be up by the time they put those up. Just a suggestion.... Idk but I think the guy who made the videos is an idiot and is jealous IMHO..

Comment #145

I reckon if you check

Those 'grand openings' have been on the page for years. I haven't checked, but I bet that is the case. also I think the guy who made the videos is quite a fun guy imo..

Comment #146

I just did. And they have been up for atleast a YEAR. Crazy that is kind of overkill to be honest...

Comment #147

The issue is not just about the grand openings.

But claiming this on his site makes him look silly: And the first paragraph in the cybersquatting page states: The corporate world is our end users. While there are some cases of reverse HostGator hijacking, this statement is silly. And answering the question Who are the real whores in the adult section: With all due respect, this is not my king. Maybe his own king...

Comment #148

I was just reading some stuff on that site and to be honest I'm kind of torn on the issue now. He does make himself look kind of stupid. Ohh well not my cup of tea anyways, I'm just going to keep doing what I am doing and thats that!..

Comment #149


This is really about our obsessions with Rick.

We all need that big star so we can point it out in the sky.

Just the fact that we want to punish someone, (Rick) for "hyping" his marketing. Why not Ron at Dnj, he prints this stuff, not just once but you would think others like Reece, Rubberduck or any of the many many pioneers who see the new markets emerge before others would get some play in HostGator news. We don't want to say Ron or others are hyping as much as Rick because everyone likes a nice guy. Maybe the hype does not come thru the media, but printing it can be just as bad. Since Rick is outspoken and calls it like it is some like to rock his boat.

Take the angry domainer for instance. If someone attacks you personally they are chicken shit if they do so by hiding in the dark. I know what Rick would say about him, just from reading what he has said over the years. He would probably call the angry domainer a wantabe who hides his face. His words might be a bit more colorful than mine though.

Why does the angry domainer distort stuff too?. Rick does have more traffic than most on the internet!. I did not hear the angry domainer say anthing about that. Probably Rick said this at that moment in time he was the HostGator king as regards to the amount of traffic his portfolio generated. That is what Rick stated when he said the words, his domains have huge traffic.

If Rick does not have the most traffic on the net at this time, he is still a legend and is still the HostGator king. His hard work and his huge presence makes him the king. Don't downplay that, even if every single person who is into domains got a email saying Ricks pages are nothing more than sponsored ads, he will still be called the HostGator king. That will never go away folks.

Sure the statements may not be true today and his so called developed properties are nothing more than sponsored ads but he does not have a monopoly on hype as some very large HostGator businesses have hype splashed all over their home page too.

Now if the angry domainer wants to say Ricks pages are nothing more than parked pages that is fine and mostly true. At the same time he may have many domains developed. I do not know, maybe he is developing some.

To say he is not the king and should not be calling himself the king is more of a personal attack. Ask most domainers or the media "who is the HostGator king" and Rick S. name will come to the floor. That is what you call a legend. Does the angry domainer have that? Nope, he is a no name, a shadow in the dark. You cannot have a dialogue with a shadow.

Why does the angry domainer not attack certain industry auction houses who make the same kind of bullshit claims?.

I will tell you why. The angry domainer is a jealous boy who is only fixated on Rick S. He does not give a crap if big distortions are everywhere in this business. He just likes being a bully and he dislilkes open confrontation.

I liked his video, although he overstates much. On the same hand he says alot that is truthful. Hey angry domainer.. go to most home pages of big HostGator businesses such as Godadd- After traff- and you can see the same hype. Its only after a person has been in this business a while that we see some of their claims in the same light as some of Ricks claims.. hype.

Sure it's funny Rick has got away with these empty pages for so long. If we did not read about his big plans over and over again in HostGator news most of us would not have taken it for truth for so long anyway. Angry domainer you have tunnel vision. You have some good points, but your focus is not on the big picture. With parking the way it is I am sure you can keep the put downs going forever. We want someone to blame for low ppc and low conversions, so if we can blame one person, domainers will think you are saying what needs to be said.

After a while we will get bored if the focus is solely on Rick...

Comment #150

Roderick, did you read the other thread too. AngryDomainer is not hiding, it is pretty clear who he is, and I appreciate he is more open to this, than the guy who made domainkingofkings.

You are right to a certain extent, we can blame a lot of things in our industry, ICANN, the way expired domains are handled, registrars etc. But this is not an excuse for not pointing out other abnormalities in our industry.

Edit: For reference, the other thread is here:

Comment #151

I'm sorry but here are Rick's words on his website :.

"We are the Net's largest developer. The cranes are out, the bulldozers are rolling, the trucks are lined up! New sites are opening every week!! The largest infrastructure on the Internet is being created right here.".


Rick is not claiming to be the King because of a huge amount of traffic on his parking pages. He's claiming to be the King because he's the greatest and largest developer on the whole of the Internet.

Do you think that this claim is justified ?

Comment #152

Ok, you get a rep for this.

Don't you just love it when 'common sense and objectivity' is iterated, and not just 'follow the myopic minded' disdain...

Comment #153

Would the "KING" like to join in on this discussion?..

Comment #154

That site, for those who are just now visiting it, has been that way for over 5+ years. Never seemed to be a 'site of contention' before.

And for those of you that feel your opinions are of actual concern to him, perhaps you can judge your experiences, investing courage, and HostGator sales with some of his here - Probably quite a few here can tout similiar feats with their names and portfolios.

You might also note this line in the article - website. As you browse through the site, most of which was written in 1997,..

Comment #155

So the king of the HostGator industry hasn't updated most of his website in the past ELEVEN years. That's very impressive indeed.....

Comment #156

It is what it is. Doesnt matter what we say, his high life will still go on. Instead of talking about others we should try to write our own success story.

Like he said every second counts in this business...

Comment #157

It certainly does when one has one head so far up ones own arse that one is struggling for oxygen!..

Comment #158

I wonder how many of you kids were even on the interwebs 11 years ago....

Comment #159

Well actually he has stated many times he has the largest traffic on the net. This goes back years too. But yes then he goes on to talk like he is the related to the king of Dubai and is going to join the dots on the web for every commerce.

He is a colorful domainer that is for sure. You know what I think. Most do not go to hear Forbes speak or in vain go to Traffic to learn how "transparency in parking" is going to come about. No, I think whether you are a long time domainer or a new domainer you go to Traffic to get fired up, so you can come back home and work your ass off so you too can be a fat cat like Rick.

Nobody has more passion for domaining than Rick. Face it the guy loves money. Thats what I have in common with him. If his sites are empty shells of nothing I don't care in the least. Godadd- promises a great parking service, yet after I find much better ones are out there, I do not gets as bent as the angry domainer. Like this business has nothing to do with hype.

I am going to move on with this. Those who keep asking me if I condone what Rick does should know all along I have said he is doing what many high profile domainer and auction houses and HostGator media do. Its hype, it works and makes some people rich.

All this has been fun, the video was great and a real eye opener...

Comment #160

I watched The Angry Domainer Part II a little while ago, jeeeze, he really seems ticked off at Rick...

Comment #161

Who would have thought all these years of empty promises and total B.S. would lead somebody to get frustrated.

Hey, if I proclaim myself as the King of Earth, will everyone honor my new title?..

Comment #162

If you are a super salesmen they will.

Makes a person wonder what else might not be true about what we read in the HostGator news...

Comment #163

MLM was the big thing in the early 90's..

They could sell ice to Eskimos...

Comment #164

I largely stopped reading any HostGator news except a few blogs and Namepros.

I'm sorry to say it, but even DN Journal has turned into a noob La-La Land lately. After having read it almost weekly for 3+ years, I recently stopped... I'm tired of hearing stories about washed up hasbeens, guys with 9 digit bank accounts, and guys who think they're a whole lot more successful than they really are...

95000 "other Ricks" out there with $30M+, what really makes this guy think he's so special?.

Warren Buffet is about the only guy I'd look up to and has 1000 times more money than this fool does.

I do believe there are a few people in this industry who could sell ice to Eskimos today - Rick is one of them...

Comment #165

Good closing points, thanks for the discussion! For example, "dot Mobey" was similarly hyped to death ... and now it is a virtual wasteland of undeveloped domains, broken promises (mTLD), and Reg. fee drops! You're already a LEGEND amongst true professionals ... why settle for some silly, made-up, juvenile, self-proclaimed "King" of anything? Also sorry to say it, and agreed Mr. Reece.


Comment #166 must really have some issues. You can't post anywhere without your cheap shot antagonizing comments on .mobi. Give it a rest, and get over it!! It's not going away! Any other member here kept antagonizing like you do they'd get kicked or reprimanded. But no, not you..

Good Grief!..

Comment #167

"dot Mobey", as it relates to the relevant comments (by several others) above regarding HYPE here, is definitely fading away to obscurity ... massive upcoming drops through this entire summer and September '08 and beyond, IMHO.

Let's agree to disagree on the matter, and I believe, too, that the O.P. has made his closing comments in this thread, as well!.

Try to relax, and see you again soon friend..


Comment #168

At least this business is transparent too a high degree & luv him or hate him EVERY industry has it's king. Complaints about non-content sites? Man I have dealt with tons of concrete busineses that could be called a non-content business due to the garbage they offer in sales and service.

BUT THEY still gouge people and make profits! So whats the problem with someone on-line trying to make $$$$$ with any method? The web and all it entails was designed by people with alot more brains and qualifications in their field I am certain than the king.

So then it's OK for THEM to make profits with their creations but domainers can't use whatever the internet has become to do the same as the creators? Thers a hell of alot more greed in other aspects of business then some domainer having non-content sites and making a FORTUNE with them. All the power to ya if you can pull it off I say!..

Comment #169

I don't have a problem with people who choose not to develop I fall into that category for the most part. I don't even have a problem with people who stretch the truth a bit and make their accomplishments seem bigger than they actually are...

I do have a problem when you claim to be one of the web's largest developers of HostGator names when you have a bunch of parked pages... When you sell people a story about how generics are oh so important all the while you can't even be bothered to develop your own.

Good salesman Bad King. Not someone I'd look up to, not someone I'd want anyone's children looking up to.

Half the problems honest domainers are facing today like UDRPs and the Snowe Bill are the direct result of idiot domainers who in the past thought it was okay to registered terms they knowingly knew were trademarked. I don't appreciate anyone condoning cybersquatting...

Comment #170

Well, maybe NP should vote on an annual Lifetime Achievement award or some such, to point out those that have been successful and that have gained respect within the industry. We already have votes for MOTM, how about MOTY?.

Keep it positive, rather than highlighting the negative...

Comment #171

^^ ^^.

Sounds like the name of a song. Hmmmm.... I play guitar you know......

Comment #172

What does this thread have to do with mobi and your misrepresentations of it? I come to read about the HostGator king and find this nonsense...

Comment #173

The erealestate site looks like it was designed in 1996 Maybe Rick had lots of projects by then but he likely never looked back...

Comment #174

^^ Actually the current version is from 2002, the 1999 version was rather from stone age :

Comment #175

I can't wait for the next angry domainer mtv!..

Comment #176

As usual, you cleverly ommitted the pertinent relevance to the aforementioned HYPE here in this context ... and please recall that it was the supposed, self-proclaimed "King" that started all of the "dot Mobey" nonsense with - the "sale" at his own Traffic show, no less - in the first place with - still UNDEVELOPED and entirely NON COMPLIANT ""! Paul, please address this non development / non compliance in a constructive manner and stop with your constant proliferation of your "dot Mobey" Agenda ... otherwise, please PM me directly if you have any questions in the future.

Thank you. Busy developing, surely ... and also nurturing all of those blatant domains! IMHO.


Comment #177

Rick truly is a king... A Porn King. Thank people like Rick for making the Internet unsafe for children everywhere.


A great link. He's so full of it, he's even convinced himself he's not. Half his story contradicts itself... "When I think that I competed with 6 billion other people that had the same opportunity, at the same time and they all missed it...well that gives me fuel to do even more. It is the ultimate satisfaction!.

And some 22 year old kid Developed Facebook all the while a preaching Rick tries to sell us on the need of the almighty parked domain. For such an "enlightened" individual, he sure is utterly clueless about what people normally do with quality generics.

He might as well put a giant cat on his names (a la and beg Rick Latona for help...

Comment #178

And what about YOUR constant proliferation, deriding, ridiculing, anti .mobi Agenda????? That is ok, because ...what ... you're 'Staff Emeritus'???.

Another thread ruined by you and your everywhere antagonizing mobi comments.

Good !@$%ing Grief!..

Comment #179

You are also very conveniently failing to note the relevance (and important balance in the open sharing of opinions, both pro and con ... which is a credit to this site!) to both the aforementioned HYPE and the subject matter's "sale" (and HYPE) of undeveloped and non compliant, IMHO.

Both you and Paul - and any other few remaining niche enthusiasts - should more constructively be spending your respective time actually developing these "dot Mobeys", rather than posting your drivel .MOBI Agenda here on the open and balanced #1 Namepros!.

Onward and upward, friend..


Comment #180

Ok, you're right Paul and I haven't said or posted anything pro or con about .mobi, but we are posting "..drivel .Mobi Agenda". While perfect you, posting condesending off topic remarks on .Mobi, 'is keeping things on topic'...ohh..kay.

...and you consider yourself constructive here huh??..

Comment #181

Rick started mobi nonsense? Oh brother. I know, everything related to mobi is nonsense to you so there is no satisfying you. I was involved in mobi before Rick bought flowers and after he bought flowers, made no difference to me. I was involved in com before he started and after he started, made no difference to me. What Rick does with his domains is his business, so if you want to know why is not fully developed you will need to ask him. He buys names he sees future value in.

Seems like his standard operating procedure so I'm not sure why it should surprise anyone,, great domain.

I see only one mobi agenda being constantly proliferated and it is not mine. I'll let readers judge for themselves after reading your sig. I know you think I'm evil for pointing it out but when you constantly put it out there don't be surprised when people comment on it...

Comment #182

^ Thanks for your comments, fella's ... now back to your key developments (hopefully!) and our regularly scheduled programming!.

Have a great day, and weekend if I don't see you tom'w.


Comment #183

Jeff, please refrain from telling me or other members how to spend our time. That knife cuts both ways...

Comment #184

Ok, let's all smoke the peace pipe, please.

My "We are the World" stuff doesn't always work...

Comment #185

Which kind of begs the question......Nah, I am not even going to go there...

Comment #186

Ill finish it.

Why are you not in the same boat as the big time dudes?..

Comment #187

I'm doing fine.

Domains have been berry berry good to me...

Comment #188

Back to topic.

If there was a HostGator king I would have to put either Latona or Schilling on the throne.

Latona because the guy can sell sell sell.

Schilling because they guy entered the market late yet managed to position himself on the top.

Rick got in early. He has his millions. He has TRAFFIC. He also has a big mouth. That's about as far as it goes...

Comment #189

My vote for "current" HostGator king is Schilling for the same reasons plus his blog was excellent.

I can't wait to read the new book !.


Comment #190


Many of us do see what you have done.

You are correct that most business owners missed it. The kid who developed face book or youtube is not a good example of what Rick is talking about. He is talking about what we do for a living. We buy or register domains for the profit potential either in selling them or parking them. When he said billions of people missed the boat, he is talking about domains only.

Amazing what he has done, kudos Rick and thanks for inspiring us. The .net points he made is a eye opener to me...

Comment #191

Well if you don't think it is smoke and mirrors, take a look at this.

Comment #192

I'm not saying a word.

In fact, I'm watching the Cosby Show on channel 21 right now. Haha... that Bill Cosby, he's a hoot...

Comment #193

Did someone mention something about a peace pipe.......

Im too late?..

Comment #194

I have no clue as it is too smokey for me to read this..

Comment #195

Wow. 9 pages of reading this thread and on my blackberry.

What a confusing thread. Idn talks, mobi talks, egos going back and forth, people jealous of ricks prime land and list goes on and on.

There were some good discussions going on among a selected few here.

I don't have anything against ppc parking and revenues. His site surly hypes up his developments being made. Who knows what he thinks or is doing. Forming a business is not an easy task and tons of hassles.

One of his ventures was a developed site and guess what turns into ppc parked page at fab.

I give frank the number 1 domainer as he isn't ego driven and seems more down to earth. Either way there in there own league, group and the best of the best domainers.

Good luck everyone here!..

Comment #196

What Rick did was create the brand, "the HostGator king". There are those who make more money than him or that have more traffic , but years ago he claimed the name, (branded it) HostGator king...

Comment #197

"Its true we make a better day, just eeeughuu and miiii" - At least I think thats what Bob Dylan sung.. You can never be too sure with his voice..

Good to see you again Tim*.

*apart from the nipple!..

Comment #198

So um it's 10a.m. here on the east coast and the yet the peace pipe still hasn't made it's way around to me.

My legs are starting to hurt from sitting indian-style in this circle........

Comment #199

Thats the WaterMelon Man right ? - Do you have any links to articles about him I could read ?



Comment #200

I love what he did with

Very creative...

Comment #201

Ok, I have to give him credit. That's the first project of Rick's in 10 years that I've seen which is REAL and actually impresses me.

That's pretty cool! I'm surprised!..

Comment #202

Yes, but unfortunately, I think you have got your wire crossed so ever this epic effort is not attributable to the King...

Comment #203


Never mind.

Too perfect, right? Geez.... should have known better...

Comment #204

Yeah lol.

I think the most Rick is capable of development wise is making a pretty parking page I'll give him credit where credit is due...

Comment #205

From DN Journal.

Prior to the conference T.R.A.F.F.I.C. co-founder Rick Schwartz said he would be telling attendees about a revolutionary new product that he expects to be the "next big thing". That was unveiled right after lunch and the product - dubbed Vertisi - did indeed appear to be a show stopper. Vertisi allows you to lay a piece of film over any piece of glass and that layer of film becomes an interactive touch sensitive display that can be used for anything from store displays to public Internet access available from any surface the film is applied to. A projection unit casts the interactive image on the film. Schwartz has bought 10% of the company and has an option on another 13%. The live demo of Vertisi pulled a shoulder to shoulder capacity crowd into the conference room where it was unveiled...

Comment #206

Yes, but Rick's last big thing was dot Mobi.

He was clearly overdue for a replacement when you look at the way they bombed last night!..

Comment #207

Aren't there already like 10 companies out there with similar products?.


Comment #208

That is just toooo bad. People ripping off his ideas already.

So which one of these guys is Rick?

Comment #209

And what marketing they have ....

Look here at the original commercial:

And look here is Vertisi's:

Personally I found many similarities Please watch both videos. Also I couldn't find any TM for Vertisi. What is most bugging is that I would be very very pissed off to pay such a high fee to participate at a conference about HostGator names, and be presented all sorts of crap.

PS: Just a note about the two videos. (Apple's and Vertisi's). They say think different. Now guess which one was the first one .....

Comment #210


Comparing to Einstein... That's so Rick : omfgwtfrick: (we definitely need an emote for that now!).

Seriously lol... I've been following OLED, E-INK, and several other technologies for about 3 years now and this is NOTHING NEW. The underlying technology has been available for years now and Rick passing it off as something new just goes to show how far he's fallen behind the times.

Edit: Or how low his morals really are, or how badly he wishes to entertain. Saying you invested in a company that does the same thing as 10 other ones just doesn't sounds as special..

Comment #211

It is more intriguing that he even promotes it at a HostGator conference .... it says a lot of things..

Comment #212

On that subject did anyone attend the Traffic where Ricks theme was "parking transparency"?. I was curious why absolutely nothing seemed to be offered up. At least I have not heard one thing that has changed...

Comment #213

For that kind of cash people should at least have the right to not be bullshitted or led to believe he's anything more than a follower as of late.

Embarking into OLED 5 years ago that would have been entrepreneurial. It's obvious OLED/E-INK/ and related flexible displays/films are the future now. Hardly visionary investing in such technologies today.

Honestly, what has Rick ever done right other than getting into domains early and starting TRAFFIC? He sure talks the talk, but from what I've seen, he really practices very little of what he preaches.

And if he didn't do any research (and this is found by one Wikipedia search on the term OLED or electronic paper folks!) prior to investing a sizeable amount of money into a company... Well, I'm speechless...

Comment #214

Can someone tell me how this man is a benefit to the Internet in any way?

Comment #215

Taken from this interview :.

"I probably had a blog before there were blogs.".

So does that mean that Rick Schwartz actually invented blogs ?

Comment #216

Kings are not very popular these days.

They sit and wait to be feed from their fortune and the people.

Wait ... isn't this similar with this case too..

Comment #217

Lol my thoughts exactly lol I love Namepros - so many like-minded domainers..

Comment #218

Your ****ing kidding me right!.

Tell me you just knocked that up as a wind up.

I don't believe even Rick would have been deluded enough to think people wouldn't notice the difference...

Comment #219

Hey soooo how'd the IDN's do last night?.

Oops, I forgot, there isnt any in the entire auction.

Man, I guess IDN isnt a viable idea since none were even featured in the legendary T.R.A.F.F.I.C. auction.... isnt that how it goes, Duck?..

Comment #220

It is a bit different.

Rick has virtually banned discussion on IDN since day one. By constrast he has been one of the biggest promoters of dot Mobi.

We didn't put any up. Waste of bloody time in my opinion. By the time Rick gets it, Rick will be largely irrelevant.

Anyway, Mobi is now ALL about IDN:

Comment #221

There is no difference.

One is favored over the other for some reason... to draw any conclusions at all from this would be silly.

Yup, .mobi will be offering IDN registrations soon.... but if you really want to be cool, you will buy my HostGator that is currently in the silent auction:

Comment #222

The basic problem is that Rick in common with a lot of Americans sees no merit in other people communicating in their own languages and believes that it would just be much simpler for everyone else to speak English. IDNs therefore have no value.

How can one argue with logic like that!.

The problem is that there are always opposite opinions out there and no amount of logical argument will influence some people. At the end of the day people are either right in their judgements or they are not. I wish you well with your investments but rather fear you are going to need it.

Personally, I am very concerned about the way certain genres of domains are hyped by those with vested interests. I look at the promotion of IDN differently. I regard it as an education process, but of course there is always the risk that the Chinese will never understand why their government is trying to force them to use web addresses in their own language. And of course if that is the case then I will also be viewed as guilty of pumping domains. I think on balance, however, that is a risk that I am prepared to take...

Comment #223

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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