Has anybody been to Nutrisystem or Jenny Craig meetings?

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Quick question... Has anybody been to Nutrisystem or Jenny Craig meetings? Many thanks for any response. Second question of mine... I always thought that this board was for recipes using Nutrisystem foods or side dish items etc..... I notice a number of recipes for doing Nutrisystem with your own foods. I have hundreds of these types of recipes that I created for doing this. Would you like some of them posted here or would you rather just keep it for those of you using the Nutrisystem foods? Thanks for your input!! Christina..

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Hmm... I need to find out myself. I don't know what is the answer to your question. I'll do some research in Google and get back to you if I bump into an good answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably could answer your Nutrisystem question..

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Hey Christina...just popped on here to give you some props from a satisfied customer when you emailed about selling off your remaining cookbooks..

So, folks, I just want to tell everyone how great your cookbook is. I bought two of for me and one for my daughter at college. She thinks everything is so easy to make and SOOOOO good. She's down 12 pounds, thanks to Christina! I make lots of stuff for my husband, too. So I would highly recommend anyone doing Nutrisystem on their own to purchase this cookbook. It will make your life a lot easier.

I have seen far too many recipes posted on this site that are WAY beyond Nutrisystem guidelines. But I know that all of Christina's are always very well researched. So beware to those trying to do Nutrisystem on your own...there are a couple of gals on this site who really know their stuff, like Lynn (Graylady), AmySmithR, and Joyce (PlusSizenow, I believe), and you can get great information from all of their websites...but to have Christina's cookbook right there within reach when I need it in my kitchen has been invaluable. Plus, another thing to look at when someone is posting and you're trying to decide whether or not to follow a recipe is...have they reached their goal, or at least have they been successful using their own recipes? If not, then I'd look to someone who has. I'm still a HUGE proponent in doing Nutrisystem with Nutrisystem food until you're at least halfway to goal, and then adding meals in here and there until you reach goal...but I recognize that some people need to do it on their own, and that's where Christina has been so wonderful to have! (Well, lots of other reasons we're lucky to have Christina, but this is one of them!!).

So, thanks, Christina, for sharing your stuff for free, but I think anyone who uses her recipes that's she posted here will REALLY love the cookbook...

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Absolutely keep' em coming! - I love the options of both Nutrisystem stuff and Non-NS items - I'm coming back after a LONG absence and I am going to do Nutrisystem on my own (mostly) I may order a few of my old time favorite things -.

I think you are amazing Christina! - I remember how wonderful all your information and support is!!.

Thanks for all you have done and still DO!!.


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You know that I LOVE your recipes Chris!! Even though I have your book, I would love to see you post recipes here. Thanks!!..

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I think doing both is great! You are showing us how to cook healthy, and have delicious food, long after we are done with N.S...

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Thanks for all you do for us, Christina. Earlier today I voted a wholehearted YES, at the same time thinking it's really "YES, but." That means YES for Christina's recipes but only a maybe for some others. Ms.FancyPants has beautifully stated some of what I was mulling over. I've seen recipes posted that lack adequate protein to meet Nutrisystem guidelines, for example. I've been on Nutrisystem since July and have enough general interest in nutrition to recognize a problem in a recipe. But kinda of a scary thought for newbies! Thanks again, Christina for sharing your talents...

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Hi Christina, I posted yesterday on the General board about how some of you do follow nutrisystem on your own. Such as do you count calories or exchanges up to 1200 a dayWhat is a typical menu for the day like ? Any info is apprieciated ? I am ready to branch out and start cooking agin !.


Comment #7

Oh my goodness I could be here forever answering that one!! LOL!! If you click on the link in my signiture it will take you to my recipe and support board and if you scroll down you will see lots of sample menus as well as the breakdowns etc... There are also tons of articles and the like that will help you out too. If you have any questions at all, feel free to email me and I'll help as much as I can. Christina..

Comment #8

Actually I have spent a lazy relaxing day checking out your sight ! Absolutely incredible , I am so inspired and ready to kick it into gear not only with my diet , but with my blogMy husband is in Iraq , started a blog for himand now I think I will start doing recipes and diet on there too. Thank's so much for all your hard work to help us all along this sometimes drustrating journey !.


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I absolutely love your recipes!!! I personally think that you should continue to post! Also, for any of you who don't have her cookbook, it is AWESOME!!!! I encourage you to order one. You may not be ready to do Nutrisystem on your own yet, but at the same time, you aren't going to be eating Nutrisystem forever either. It's a great way to plan ahead for your own transition into doing Nutrisystem on your own!..

Comment #10

I feel a dig in your post to one of the most contributing members on this BB. If you're going to post warnings upon what recipes to follow (depending upon YOUR terms of success), perhaps you should look at if THEY are successful as of today following 'their' own plan. Hmmmmmm.........

As adults who do Nutrisystem On Our Own, it's up to us to do the math and decide if each recipe fits the guidelines we choose to follow on our own path. Recipes posted on this BB are a representation of what works for the individual, who posts them, and many (many recipes) do not fall exactly into Nutrisystem guidelines, if you do the homework. No offense to anyone, it's just a fact..

Comment #11

Was the highlighted a dig MOM??? Just wondering, because to me yours sounded like one. Carol's post sounded like an opinion...yours a DIG!!! So, I guess it just depends on who is reading it as to what the interpretation is..

Christina works super hard for people on this board and deserves every bit of credit that she gets. As do Graylady Amy and the other credible cooks who contribute with their heart and hand to help us in our journey. These people do this to help and with no alternative kudos and thanks from the bottom of my heart!!!!..

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I'm the first to admit that I'm strugging these days since I've had the baby. However it's not because of my "plan" or my recipes. It's because I'm human with an awful lot on my plate these days and I haven't been following much of any plan!! I am confident that once I focus myself, I will return to goal again, just like I did the first time, using my recipes to get there. I agree that everyone has to use their own judgement with any recipe and do what works for them, but making personal judgements on people and snide remarks is not nessasary in the least. Nor is taking down all of your recipes because your mad. That only hurts innocent people who have nothing to do with why your mad or upset in the first place.

If we are all adults here, then why does it always seem to resort back to childish nonsence? Enough is enough. Lets all have fun sharing ideas and recipes with one another and inspiring one another!! Christina..

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Christina hang in there. You will get back to it soon..

I have been on the plan since the end of June and saw few results for 2 months. I feel I am not starting to drop some. My body was really messed up. One lady at church yesterday asked me if I had lost weight. I felt good..

One question on the cook book. I plan to order but does it have single servings like the ones on your site?..

Comment #14

Uhhhhhhhh it's so frustrating isn't it? That's fabulous that someone noticed like that!!.

This cookbook has a few single serve things, but not as many as I do now. This book is my first one and is about the first hundred or so recipes that I did way back when. The book I'm working on now will have many single serving things as well as family style dishes. I'm just not sure when or how I'll do this next one. I want pictures in it and tips and what not, so it's going to be pretty big. I'm excited about it though. With that said, this first book is also very special to me becuase it was my first and a dream come true that I never though possible!!..

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Well said Christina! I have to admit that I'll go looking for your recipes WAY before I'll look for anyone else's recipes for that one reasonwhen I go to find them, I know they'll be there. I know that when I ask you a question, you'll be there to support me and help me any way that you can. I know that even with your own struggles and family commitments, you'll still find the time to help me with my struggles. I know that you are consistent and stable and that I don't have to worry about your "highs and lows" in your emotions..

I think the continuing drama on this BB is ridiculous. You are absolutely right on the money that this is supposed to be a forum for adults to SUPPORT one another. So I applaud your response, I value your recipes and the time you put in to helping others and I respect you as a person because of your mature, selfless, consistent behavior..

Hang in there kiddo! Just know that you are doing the right thing and your own motives are pure and it really doesn't matter what others say and do. You have been, are and will continue to be, an inspiration to many!..

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Christina...if you have any cookbooks left over (I've seen LOTS of posts from people who want them), let me know. I would like to buy several more for Christmas gifts...THANKS!!!.

Out to get my nails done and go to the grocery store to stock up on the stuff I need to be 100% this week...and Roy too!! We are going to do this!.

You are such a sweetheart. MMMMUUUUUAAAAHHH!!..

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