GoDaddy customer reviews : Suggest I use GoDaddy?? has any one got email like this?

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Original Message.

From: XS Domains < (or any reputable escrow service of your choice) for the transaction, so that you know you are in good hands.

Also, I would not ask you to purchase an appraisal. This is simply a genuine request to purchase your domain name.

If you are interested in selling, please give me your asking price.

Thank you.

I have got above email,i sent back reply that how to send and where to send money and included my paypal and escrow email ids.i have sent 3 replies and asked atleast reply that you are interested to buy or not,but no reply from there.

I have some questions.

Is this real email that is buyer really interested to buy this domain? or did buyer want to know to my information like this and find out my total information incuding ids and passwords and take my money from my accounts ofcourse I have very less money in my accounts.

How to find out a real buyer in receiving emails to buy domains?..

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Its an appraisal scam, dont fall for it, the basicas are they show interest in the name, then make you go to there apprasal site and charge you $80 or so, it's BS ignore it mate...

Comment #1

Actually they're selling their appraisal services here to you not that they are interested in any domain you have...

Comment #2

Are you sure Evertonian and William?.

I am a thinking maybe this one is real? They say that "Also, I would not ask you to purchase an appraisal.".

So they have NOT ask him to appraise, if they do, then you are right. But for now it seems real.

Theuniverse, you have to play a little cool, afterall their e-mail is from 19. jun and today it's the 24. june, not even one week has past. Maybe he is on holiday or out for work. If he is one negotiating for someone and is a proffessional then he would not have seen your e-mail yet. Afterall he sent e-mail to you Thursday and today it's Tuesday. Give him time to get back to his client? if it is that?.

When you send 3 replyis to him, you gives him the advantages as he will see that you are really interested in selling the domain. He might bid lower then he intended.

If I were you I would just sit back and wait, if he is really interested and wants to buy, he will reply.

If he has not replied after a month or so, then send him an e-mail.

Good luck selling and best regards,..

Comment #3

Ok maybe it's not the apprasal scam, but something suspect about it, you'll more than likely find that there is something wrong, the email is just to strange it covers most scam points, (pay by escrow - no apprasal etc...) but testing you is right, you should give it a try to see if it is reaL.

I think scam, but I'm always catious about these emails...

Comment #4

Yeap received quite a few such emails, just trash it. Typical spamming..

Comment #5

Just reply back to them with your offer and see wht they say.

If they do get some appraisal then just select the mail and click on trash..

Comment #6

Just as a little information. I dont think it is nice to put the e-mail adress so everybody can see it.

I think it would be nice of you if you mask it. This guy might be real, so no need to show his contact information.

And if you look at it business minded, you might have other domainers contact this guy and offer their own domains. so if I were you I would remove his contact information.

Best regards,..

Comment #7

XS Domains is one of the 'companies' like TNGtech thread that was posted a while ago....if they were actually legit why would they use the same company name..

Comment #8

Well it might be true, but untill the "buyer" ask of appraise or anything like that, why ruin a possible real sell?.

But a side information I just read this thread:

And it implied that although he maybe is not a scammer he is a spammer.

But as I can read in the e-mail you have shown us here, until now he hasn't asked for appraise or something like that, so just take this as far as it can go, maybe it's a real one.

Just remember to go through Escrow.

Best regards,..

Comment #9

The domain the email came from was only regged 11th June 2008 (fortnight ago). It's unlikely to be legit offer...

Comment #10

Not likely to be legit, but wouldn't hurt to send a price and then if they never respond, no loss. Just don't hold off on someone else buying for them. Also, in the future don't give out any more information than necessary... only give payment info AFTER the sale is confirmed, not before they even respond if interested or not...

Comment #11


That letter he posted above here on NP looks like that of Domainspammers ...

Comment #12

Scam or Spam?.

If it's spam and the one sending the e-mail is a buyer who buys huge list of domains, he might just make it automatic and send a massemail, but that doesnt meen he is not interested in buying, does it?.

Like the guy in this mentioning to extract e-mails from whois. Its not because he wanted to scam people, but because he wanted to save time. (not that I approve of the method, but it doesnt make him scammer, not at all.):

Comment #13

Usually I will reply to such mails and say that domain is available for offers through SEDO...

Comment #14

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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