Has any one got any good Nutrisystem success stories to share?

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My question is Has any one got any good Nutrisystem success stories to share? Many thanks for any response. Another quick question... I seem to be having difficulty curbing my growling stomach. I am eating more than I normally do and am including protein in my meals. For some reason, as soon as I finish eating my meal, my stomach starts to growl and I am feeling extremely hungry. Happened last night after dinner and again today at lunch.

Anyone have any input or ideas? Help!!!!..

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I'm stumped. I'm not so sure what is the answer to your question. I'll do some Googling and get back to you if I find an useful answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably know..

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I do try to hold off and eat part of my meal later. I had a huge salad both last night and today at lunch. My biggest problem in trying to eat a salad an hour prior to my entree is that I have to force myself to find the time to eat anything during the day. I am wondering if I am allowing too much time between the meals since that is the norm with my schedule. I try to eat healthy snack in the interim so that I don't get too hungry. I'm wondering if I'm still not getting enough protein...

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Can you list, meal by meal, eating time by eating time, what you ate yesterday? That will give us an idea of where to suggest changes. Which program (i.e. Women's Basic, Women's Senior, etc.)? Over 100 pounds or under 100 pounds to lose?..

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I am 182 lbs. and 47 years old. Goal is to lose 42 lbs..

Breakfast at 5:00 am. egg fritata, orange, lowfat yogurt.

Lunch at around noon: 3 cheese pasta.

Around 1:00 salad with sliced turkey.

Snack around 4:00 lowfat cottage cheese with 1/2 cup mandarine oranges, 6 whole almonds.

Dinner at 7:00 (early for me) chicken & dumplings, brussell sprouts with balsamic vinegar, mixed green salad with pico de gala and balsamic vinegar..

Dessert at around 8:30: brownie.

Bed at 9:30..

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One thing I definitely see is that you have a 7 hour gap between breakfast and lunch. You really should be eating every 3-4 hours. When you wait that long in between meals you won't feel satisfied after eating a portion controlled lunch, which is probably why you are feeling hungry after your meal...

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The thing that I see is leaving such a long time between meals. Make sure that your Dairy/Protein is a minimum of 7g (I go for 9g-20g per serving). Eat as many of the unlimited veggies as you like...

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I know that there is a large span of time between meals. That has always been one of my problems and the reason I am overweight. My eating breakfast now is a big deal because I don't normally do that. I get up at 4:30 in the morning and it hasn't been a part of my routine. I don't get hungry in the morning until I'm at work and then I have too much to do to take the time to eat. A normal morning would be me drinking a slim fast type drink while I'm working.

I have been known on many occasions for heating up a lean cuisine 3 times and then finally just eating the darn thing cold. Then when I get home at 8:00pm or so, I eat, sit down to relax and get right back up and start scouring for something crunchy, salty or chewy. (I quit smoking in 2000 but still want the hand to mouth thing) Not necessarily sweet. Then I'm in bed by 9:00 or 9:30...

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This article might shed some light:.

Click here: Obesity on 700 Calories Per Day..

Comment #8

That is really interesting and certainly shows why I can gain 6 lbs. in 2 days. I appreciate your assistance and hopefully, I won't be feeling this much longer...

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This might be totally off base for you, but I realized recently that sometimes when I feel "hungry," I actually have to burp!! I eat rather fast, and after I finished a meal, I thought I was still hungry. But then I burped, and more stomach rumbling!..

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How about baby carrots, red pepper strips, snap peas, raw caulifllower? I keep those around to satisfy my hunger for salty, crunchy things...

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Wow, Pam, that article is terrifying! I actually have a neighbor that might describe...she was 100 pounds overweight and once told me she could eat 800 calories a day and not lose weight. She had bariatric surgery about six years ago, and it's brought her weight into a sort of normal-overweight-American range...

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HI looks like this thread is still active....

Can a long timeNutrisystemuser make a tiny suggestion?.

I just ate myNutrisystembreakfast...want to know the truth? I'm sitting here thinking, Yeah, I'm still hungry too.... So, I know from experience that if I get up, away from this computer, and begin doing my work, whether it's at home or place of employment, within very few minutes I will 'forget' if you will, that I think I am hungry. It may be that lag time from when the tummy is full to when the brain recognizes that the tummy is could be that a distraction is all I need..

As for the time between breakfast and lunch....folks I start work at 6 a.m. Breakfast is at 5 ish....I cannot, cannot in my job take a break until 10:30 or 11 a.m.......before you quake in horror....I've lost 100 pounds...with no morning snack..

So, honey, if you're reading this...get up and take a shower, dust the living room, wash dishes, if you're at work...get up from your desk and walk down the hall, do anything to 'occupy' mind and another 15 - 20 minutes you will forget, yes forget you are hungry!!!.

Good luck.

This program have to make it work for you. We are not all cut from the same cookie cutter......

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Thanks everyone. Gardenkat, I too have to be at work at 6:00 am. I don't always know when I am going to get my next time to breath. I own a bakery and am extremely busy with my day and working with employees. It seems as soon as I think I am going to be able to take a break, a delivery will come, a customer "needs to just ask me a quick question", the timers are going off on the ovens, etc. I just hired a new employee at the same time as I started this so I need to be available to train her in cake decorating..

It's frustrating because my husband will show up with his lunch and I tell him I can sit with him to eat too in just a minute. By the time I am free to sit, he is heading back to work. That is why I normally just grabbed a bar or a shake just so I could keep the metabolic fires burning during the day..

MDubbs, I will definitely make a point to cut up some veggies and take them with me. I did grab a couple of pieces of turkey the other night and it seemed to help. I think Pam might be right about not getting enough protein. I definitely work best with a lot of protein...

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Looks like you got some great suggestions from a lot of people..

You work the diet, and it WILL work for you!!! It may be a bit of trial and error for awhile, but you will find your 'niche'!.

Good Luck....

I can't imagine owning a bakery!!! Oh my what temptations...YIKES!..

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BonniLynn yup a bakery, bread is my weakness..

But you MUST take time for yourself..

YOU are important and for most things, except the oven timer, the world won't end. Cross train your staff. Everyone must know how to accept a delivery, deal with a problem. You have to allow them, are you too much in control here?.

Get a pedometer, check out how many calories you burn just by moving about each day. Celebrate that..

It does not take but a moment to eat a yoghurt or a hard boiled egg. NO ONE should live a life where they do not permit themselves to have this break. A few minutes, snack , close eyes and stretch and bendYou will feel refreshed and I suspect better able to work with your clients and co-workers..

The worse thing I ever did in my life was allow my work to take over my life...

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Feeling hungry after a meal is also a sign of heartburn. I was feeling the same way and decided to take omiprizole (I hope I spelled that right!). Once I was a few days in (you are supposed to take it for two weeks to heal ulcers) it stopped. I also take a B complex vitamin combo that helps with stress. When I am stresses I feel hungry. I also binge when stressed. This helps me as well...

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Jumar is very right! When I stop my heart burn meds, I feel physically starving all day along with my stomach growling, even after larger meals..

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I guess that this is similar to what I was feeling after eating...needing to burp and having some indigestion. Thanks for posting, as I thought I was alone with this!..

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