Has any one done the Nutrisystem ? How many points a day ?

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Quick question... Has any one done the Nutrisystem ? How many points a day ? Hoping for any response. Another question I got... Remember when your Mother used to say if you couldn't say something nice, say nothing at all?.

That is the philosophy of this thread. I hope it will generate enough interest that it will become a place new folks will feel comfortable asking questions without fear of being ridiculed or chastised. I also hope it will become a thread you visit to share your journey with others because like links in a chain, we are stronger together..

I have only been on the program and the boards for 3 weeks now and I have met some lovely people who are compassionate and understanding. They do their best to help others along the journey we all have undertaken. Unfortunately, I have seen the flip side of that, too. Although I have been treated kindly, I have seen rude and flippant responses from members to genuine questions from newcomers. This is not encouraging nor is it helpful..

We all start this journey with baby a learning mode. Some have dieted before; some have not. It is doubtful that very many of us are at the exact same place in our life's journey. We are all on the same road. We celebrate those who have already reached their destination and look to you for guidance but if you have eaten sarcasm and intolerance for breakfast, why not just stay silent and let others respond in a kind fashion?.

At the end of the day, it's still all about treating others the way we would like to be treated ourselves...

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Good question... I dunno what is the answer to that question. I'll do some research and get back to you if I find an decent answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably could assist you..

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A bit about me....

I startedNutrisystemon January 7, 2011 after having tried numerous diets throughout the years. I shudder to think how many pounds I have lost and regained over the years. (I'm a retired junior high math teacher but I think even I would be distraught over those numbers!).

I am 58, married with no children. I do have an adorable Yorkie that has stolen my heart this last couple of years. She was to be my reward for losing 100 pounds but I coerced (err...convinced) my husband into buying her before I lost the weight "so walking the dog would help the weight loss." Uhhh...not exactly..

I have a long journey ahead but the important thing is that I have started. Well, that importance may almost tie the fact that I'm not hungry on this program! I finally feel like I have found the right "fit" for me and it is NS..

I'm on the Select Diabetic Program in case you wondered. I've been a diabetic-in-denial for several years now. I also have health issues that prohibit me from being very active right now but I expect that to change as I lose more of myself..

I generally hang out with the 100+ group under General Support but thought those of you with just a little to lose might be more likely to chat here. I am morbidly obese but I do understand how difficult it is to lose just a little. Been there and commiserated with friends for years over this. I have hopes that shows like The Biggest Loser (with emphasis on percentage of weight loss) will help foster a better understanding of weight loss. Granted, all those folks are quite overweight but the focus on % is right on target..

Hope you join the conversation here. Jump right in and introduce yourself or just lurk if you feel more comfortable..



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CyberSally, SmallerSixty, and Ginger: thanks for your responses..

I realize that the boards on here are just a microscopic view of the world in general. I really would expect no less because human nature is just that...all of us have good days and bad which is why I've always "got by with a little help from my friends.".

I'm actually having a great day...anticipating my weigh-in tomorrow. Plus, my first little bear is on it's way even as I type! I get a real charge out of how excited I am to see that little bear...LOL.

Have a good rest of the weekend,.


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Debbie - pleased to meet you! I am also 58, and lost about 65 pounds onNutrisystem- I am approaching three years on NS. Keep in mind that the speed of weight loss you see on Biggest Loser is wildly outside the norm, and post menopausal women lose weight slowly, so do not be discouraged if the pace is slower than you would like. I only averaged a pound a week, but I did lose what I wanted to lose, and am successfully keeping it off, and you can as well...

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D52R welcome aboard and congrats on your first bear. I totally agree with your philosophy. Why people have to be negative and ridicule others on the boards is ashame. I understand everyone has the right to their opinion, but what do they get out of hurting someone and possibly discouraging them from ever returning to the boards. The mods should intercede when they see this happening. Best of luck to you with the program :-)..

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Oh, Sally, I know how outside the norm that show is. Can you just imagine working out as much as they do per day? No...not me...LOL I also think that there should probably be more emphasis on the medical angle there plus, as you say, they should educate the general viewing audience about normal "safe" weight loss. What I do like about the program though is that the comparison is done in percentages. I think many people never think it through that your loss of 65 will (more than likely) be greater than my 100+..

Congratulations on your success, by the way! What most encourages me about you is the length of time you've kept it off. I've "almost" been successful on a couple of other programs only to gain it back. (I say "almost" because I've never reached goal.).

Lest anyone reading this think that I'm being negative about your % being greater than my eventual loss, let me explain. I am not targeting the ideal weight for my height as my goal for some of the reasons you mentioned. I know that at my age, I will start looking like death warmed over if I go that low. I want to look vibrant instead! Who knows? I may change my mind but there are several factors influencing my thoughts on this right now..

Glad to finally "meet" you. I've enjoyed many of your posts already,.


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Thanks, Chica....I can't believe how excited I am about that red bear..

Freedom of speech is a precious right and I do cherish it but I really don't like to see it used to belittle another person in any way, shape, or form. I know this may seem extreme but having been a teacher for 30 years, I can't get the "teacher-ness" out of my thoughts, I guess. I've always thought that putting down someone intentionally is a form of bullying. My next thought is usually this... Why should we expect kids to act decently when they see adults belittling others? I doubt that applies here since I assume that posters/readers are adults but who knows for sure?..

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Hi, & welcome! I understand. I'm not one who either enjoys, or indulges in, "snarkiness". I don't consider this "the place", if, indeed, there is a place to be that way. Perhaps/possibly the fact that I'll soon be 63 is a factor. I've NSed for 3 years, & pretty much ignored/skipped over all that stuff. So far, & haven't complained to the moderators, or put anyone on "ignore".

Please join me in communicating with only those people, regarding only those topics, with which we are comfortable.Nutrisystemsuccess to you!..

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Nothing wrong with your "teacher-ness" attitude. It's a great attribute. I do believe there are more positive folks on these boards then there are negative. Just take advanatage of the wonderful support your receive here and pay no mind to the downers :-)..

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Thanks for your post, Zenouba..

Ooooh, I absolutely love the word "snarkiness." It really says it all!.

In some ways I agree that age may be a factor. However, basic human kindness really shouldn't be due to one's age. I guess I'm just a Pollyanna but I really do believe that given a chance, people will be kind. Maybe I've just been lucky all these years but even in my "fatness," I can only recall one time ever being ridiculed or cruelly teased and it was way back when I was about 11 or 12. Some new kids on my bus said something rude but very quickly the high schoolers quenched their comment. They didn't get the laughs and reaction they had hoped for so their ridicule quickly died...but it hurt as evidenced by the fact that I still remember the incident..

I've often thought how fortunate I have been throughout my life that I have not been teased nor hampered by my weight. Then, on the other hand, if I had been, perhaps I would have done more to reach a normal weight. It could have affected me either way, I guess.. I'll replace the memory of those boys with a beautiful memory of my best teacher friend who died awaiting a transplant. It always makes me smile to remember her saying this because I know she wanted "thin-ness" for me probably even more than I wanted it myself. My weight never held me back from accomplishing anything in life I wanted except weight loss and she used to say perhaps it was because my weight "kept me humble." She would be my biggest cheerleader on thisNutrisystemjourney and soaking wet she might have weighed 100 pounds..

Oh dear, I didn't mean to start down such a memory lane. If I don't get off the laptop and back in the living room where my husband is, my marriage may soon be a memory...LOL...just joking. He knows he's stuck with me but since he's 6 feet and under 140 pounds (health issues), both of us will be happier when we no longer resemble Jack Spratt and his wife!..

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Thanks, Michelle and Chica..

I really must go. (I think he's waiting on supper...can you tell I'm from the South? LOL).



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Just checking in to see if anyone wants/needs to talk or ask questions. I may not know the answer but I guarantee someone on here will! Sometimes it just seems it's a matter of posting the question in the right place so that it's seen..

I've had really good and quick responses from the Moderator forum. Plus, some wonderful people who have been onNutrisystemand are now on maintenance have provided helpful hints and encouragement..

It works...I can testify to that. I seldom get my molecules moving very much and I'm still losing quite well. Today was another 4 pounds. That's 19 in 3 weeks and for that I cannot complain at all! Sometime in the near future I hope I will be able to resume some real physical activity..

If you're lurking, I would encourage you to find somewhere to join into the conversation. There are all kinds of threads going so you're sure to find the right fit somewhere. Plus, you can always land here if you'd rather. I promise I'll do my best to check in here to see if there's been any company dropping by. So...sit down and stay a spell if you wish..



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Wow, 19 lbs in 3 weeks....that's fantastic!!! Way to go. You're on your way to another bear :-)..

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Congratulations on the 19 lb loss, Debbie. Great Job! Don't get too discouraged if you don't make your goal by Valentine's Day - unfortunately there are many external forces that you have to battle (age, hormones, minimal activity, etc.) so just celebrate what you have lost and know that it will continue to drop off if you stick with it. Some of those pesky pounds REFUSE to let go and are very difficult to shake.

Welcome toNutrisystemand here's to your success...

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I guess I am the old lady at 61. I'm one of those that people say "you don't have to worry about weight - you're so little". Well when you are barely over 5 feet tall and small framed, EVERY pound shows up. It was a losing battle for me at I tried EVERYTHING. I did not get too terribly overweight but was at the point of really getting depressed by it.Nutrisystemis the ONLY thing that has worked for me, so I probably will live on it for the rest of my life.

I may be an old lady but I still like the reaction I get from DH in the skinny jeans. And I know if I let one or two pounds stay on, there will be more..

Thank you for understanding that we all have our problems, no matter what our story is. You cannot imagine the feeling of having your feelings and desire to lose weight devalued or laughed at...

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Sorry Zen, I guess you are the "old lady" and I won't fight you for the title (big grin - not snarky)..

Anyway, I just wanted to invite anyone looking for a fun place to hang out to also join us on MustangSally's thread about thousands of responses. We are a VERY loving, supportive group. I have never heard anyone there say anything that was not positive and uplifting. Just come in and say you need a cyber hug and one will be coming your way...

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Your goal is up to you, of course, but you might change your mind when you get closer. Sally is your age and she sure doesn't look like death warmed over! I think those with a lot to lose frequently feel this way, because the task seems almost insurmountable. But once you get close, you might rethink things..

Anyway, welcome and good luck!..

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Chica, know that same thought about being close to my next bear ran through my mind this morning! My first little bear has just made it to Nashville so I'll have it within the next couple of days according to the invoice. It's amazing how much that little bear means to me...especially since I can't tell I've lost yet. Well, I am beginning to feel better and I am so proud of my resolve to make it work this time..

You know, I have this idea that most any program or diet will work when it's "your" time. I really do believe this is my time...finally. I imagine it has much to do with dedication and determination and having the right mindset. I've seen different friends succeed on various programs after failing prior to their success..

Roorat60, I know I may not make that mini goal by Valentine's Day and I'm not really doing anything special other than the day-to-day plan to lose it by then. It will be okay if I don't. However, I needed a target with a reasonable amount so I decided to use 25 pound increments. After I meet this mini goal, my next is for Easter (April 24 this year). The real reason I really even put the ticker on there is that it helps me to see the slider move. That tangible evidence is there even when I can't tell it any other way..

Smaller60, guys work it out as to who's the oldest. I'm just grateful I'm out of the running this time! I finally gave in and joined facebook and many of my friends are former students. It is such fun to communicate with them adult to adult because I had most of them in the 7th or 8th grades. As far as understanding about needing to lose just a little, I've always suspected all that hoopla of protest coming from the critics is because they are jealous that a thinner person is so disciplined. I know I hope and pray I'll have the discipline you do whenever I do reach goal. The time to stop the slide is when that first couple of pounds shows up.

Dogma, thanks for the welcome. Yes, I may change my goal as I get closer to it. Right now it seems so distant that I have purposely chosen to set 25 lb. mini goals. However, I am basing my probably goal weight on what I weighed when I last thought I looked good (if that makes any sense whatsoever). I'm not expecting to emerge a beauty because I never have been.

I do have some ideas in mind though when I am ready to emerge. I'm a natural redhead whose hair has turned this dull brownish mixed with the yellowish gray that seems to sprout up overnight. My skintone is that of a redhead with loads of freckles so I think I will probably restore my hair to some auburn shade. Who knows? I may even do that before I reach goal. However, one of my long-time dreams is to have a real hair stylist cut my hair. All my life I have fought natural curly curly that you couldn't tell which end grew in my head.

I am on, my hair is straight. (Same thing happened to my Mother, too, or I'd have no idea why this was happening.).

Not sure at what point I'll tint the hair. It will be a bittersweet time for sure because it was something my Mother always did for me...including the time my hair turned magenta one Sunday afternoon! We both freaked out between the gales of laughter. I was very shocked at what we were advised to do because we called every hairdresser we knew...LOL...there was no way I was going to school looking like that on Monday. Why, the kids would have made fun of me...and I was the teacher! LOL...they'd probably have loved it. Anyway, we put the lightest blonde we could find and it worked. No one ever knew it but for a good six weeks, I was a blonde...and didn't have a bit more fun...LOL.

My eyes are practically closing because I am so tired plus I've ventured into an area that will surely start me crying if I don't close. My Mother died a few years ago. She was the last member of my immediate family left and shared so many things. I was even born on her birthday! (When my brother died, our last name ended, too, because he was the last possible man who could have had a son. He unexpectedly died at 27 and my Daddy died 2 years later.) I was quite blessed to have Mother around for another 20+ years and I got a chance to get to know her woman to woman in those last years as I moved home to be her "unqualified" nurse. I learned how to do things I never thought I could but she was happier at home than she would have been otherwise.

No regrets whatsoever and for that I am so grateful..

Oh my goodness...didn't mean to go there especially this late at night..

I hope you all have a great day tomorrow and work your plan..



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Ah Debbie, sorry about your Mom. Both of my parents have died and I know how much it hurts. Keep strong and keep coming here for a hug when you need it...

Comment #19

Debbie I am sorry for you loses, my husband is a Hospice RN and deals with the parting of families sometimes through untimely death. How he does it I don't know, especially when it is a child or infant..

Your desire, motivation and energy is inspirational! Keep going, keeping coming back here and you will be successful. Thank you for sharing and reminded me what is truly important!.

My dad, winter visitor to AZ with mom, comes down from Minnesota every year. He had a bad COPD attack and was in the hospital last week for 4 days. A week after turn I 45 this summer he turns 75. As I looked at him lay in that hospital bed I could not help but think is this my last winter with them. After all, they drive the 1700 miles down and takes a toll. I realize more and more how grateful I am to still have them in my life..

Thanks for the reminder..

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Ok, everyone blessed to still have your parents, call them up and tell them you love them today. <group hug with teary eyes>..

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You know, I have this idea that most any program or diet will work when it's "your" time. I really do believe this is my time...finally. I imagine it has much to do with dedication and determination and having the right mindset. I've seen different friends succeed on various programs after failing prior to their success..

Hello Debbie,.

I agree with you. I feel as if a switch flipped on within me when I beganNutrisystemand it has stayed on. What is great about this program though is that I feel it is teaching me a way to continue a healthy lifestyle for the long range..

Sounds like your mindset is in a good place for success also. Congrats on the red bear. It is a special possession indeed!.

I like the premise of this threadkind, supportive contributions. Your comments thus far reveal you to be a caring, thoughtful, and heartfelt person...a person worth knowing. Glad to have had our paths cross during our journeys towards better health...

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I love this thread. I am a firm believer in if you have nothing nice to say, say nothing. Also how it is said is important. And of course we can't hear each other...

Comment #23

Good morning, everyone! I'm sorry I didn't get on the thread yesterday but I got up with an "almost, unrecognizable" amount of energy and actually did a little work on the house. (Now...I must first admit that I'm basically a very lazy person when it comes to housework. I know, I's about time I grew up and realized it comes with being an adult...LOL...anyway).

When we moved to this house (after we lost our first home to fire), I was literally in the hospital with congestive heart failure. Never been sick much in my life and all of a sudden, the doctor won't even let me go to the closing on the house NOR let the closing take place in my hospital room! He literally made me sign over my power-of-attorney for that day so that my husband signed for both of us. Now, just imagine how that went over with an independent sort like me...NOT. (I guess I need to share that I didn't even marry until I was 35; he was 38 and neither of us had ever been married. Talk about adjustments...whew. There was even a small window of time when we owned 3 houses...his, mine, and ours....oh yes, and did I mention none of them were in the same county even?).

We were house "poor" until the sale of our two went through and looking back, probably a bit crazy, too. I can't even use the excuse that we were young and in love because we sure weren't young. We were in that crazy place of limbo waiting for people to get loans approved, etc. Luckily, everything fell into place...eventually. Good thing since there was no way on earth we could have made 3 house payments..

Anyway, we lived with Mother for about 3 months after our home burned (yet another county but the county of both our childhoods) so we felt encompassed in love while we were healing from the emotions of starting over at 50 and 53. Then the bombshell that I was ordered to stay in the hospital. (I only went because I wanted to be told I wasn't having a heart attack but turns out I was very sick and didn't know it...thought I was just feeling bad due to the emotions of losing our home.).

Long story short, I didn't get to go to the closing nor even spend the first few nights in the house. I even had to draw diagrams of furniture placement so that someone could direct the deliveries. For some time after I did get to come home, I felt like a visitor and had to even get a couple of housekeepers who came in to clean once a week. (I cannot tell you how strange that felt! I grew up a country girl who thought only rich people had housekeepers but it was a "have to" case and eventually I not only got used to it, I loved it...LOL...but it still didn't help that I felt a visitor.).

As a result of that and still "in shock" over my sudden health issues, I got even more lazy with the house and realized that I really liked having the house cleaned by others. I mean I REALLY like it...LOL...imagine that! I decided that if we had to eat pork and beans forever, I was not giving up the (in my of having) housekeepers. Now, all that to say that yesterday I felt...yes, I felt (hooray!) like actually doing a little cleaning myself..

Oh, don't let me mislead you here...I still intend to keep the housekeepers but it was so wonderful to be able to do the little bit of cleaning I did. AND I even took a shower without being short of breath...first time in a long time. I had such a wonderful day but boy, was I ever tired last night! I think today I am going to try to sweep...haven't done that kind of movement since 2003 but I'm going to try the kitchen floor. I can't tell you how liberating it feels to finally be able to feel like doing something around here. (No one is going to be more shocked that my housekeepers...LOL).

I was still somewhat active while I worked but due to where we bought the new house, my work was about a 3 hour drive round-trip per day so I was exhausted when I would get home. Then when I retired and became less active, my fat self began to give out and my health really started being an issue. So it was really a big deal to me to actually do some real cleaning yesterday. Who'd ever have thought that cleaning a bathroom could bring me such joy? LOL...certainly not me. All that long-winded story to explain why I didn't post last night. I was so tired that my eyes wouldn't even stay open...but oh boy, was it ever a "good tired" for a change.

Smaller than Sixty, do you ever just feel sort of adrift without your parents being alive? I miss their wisdom so much. I still feel like a child in so many.

Ways and feel like I sometimes still need them to reign me in. (My husband doesn't seem to be able to help me see the logic in a situation like they could.) I guess it's just age and health that are helping keep my feet on the ground some days. In many ways, I guess I'm a dreamer and while my parents didn't stifle that, they still kept me grounded in reality. Now without them or my work it seems like I'm out of focus or something..

I definitely think you are wise in reminding folks to appreciate their parents while they have them. I really loved them but I'm not sure I fully appreciated their love until I no longer had them. They contributed so much to make me the person I am today and taught me how to like myself. I taught so many kids who didn't have the support of their family the way I did and I saw how it was affecting them. The security in that unconditional love is sooo important to children, I think..

Michelle, I think there is a special place in Heaven for people like your husband who deal with hospice patients. I think it's a calling and not a profession that is something anyone can do. (I feel the same about nursing in general, too. I can't imagine a position that requires more compassion than nursing.) Your husband must be quite special to be able to minister to the dying and their families. You are wise to recognize how blessed you are to still have your parents..

BrandNewat52, I love your chosen screen name! I retired at 52 so that "brand new" is significant to me, too. I started working at 16 in retail...LOL...mainly so I could get out of piano lessons and haven't looked back since. Of course, my teaching didn't begin until age 22 but I think that little sales job as a teenager helped me learn early how to deal with people in varying circumstances. I feel exactly like you worded it..."a flip switched on" when I started NS, too! Being a math teacher didn't do a darn thing as far as teaching me measurement of food...LOL. Even though I could "do the math" I certainly didn't pay attention to it when it came to cooking or eating. Portion control is one of the most important things I am learning on this program..

I hope all of you have a great day! I'm going to get up with a new enthusiasm for my life this morning, I think. Whoever could have imagined that being able to do some housework would bring such joy?.

Oh yes, and speaking of joy...that little red bear finished it's travel to me yesterday. It is the cutest thing and a very treasured toy in this house even though my Yorkie got a bit jealous at me waving it around and patting it's head...LOL I think there's a part of me that will never grow up and that might have been part of the magic of my classroom...I know it's a part of the magic of my life..



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I totally agree! Life is to short to get snarky, and wayyyy to short to deal with snarky people.


Anyway, welcome and good luck! I can honestly say this is the best program out there (not that I am biased, but hey, works for me!). But like anything, it only works if followed 100%, no cheating..

Good luck, you will do great!..

Comment #25

Hello, all! I'm Johnna..

This is a.


Idea, and I'm looking forward to checking in regularly!.

If you approve and if you think it works with the intention of this thread,.


, I'd like to even go a step further what if we all strive to perform at least.


Act of kindness every day and post it to this thread!.

No act too big or too small... maybe the next time you head out to the supermarket, you can see if a neighbor needs anything... maybe you'll just cruise the forums and give a nice virtual high five to someone who needs it (or not) just make someones day!.

So, I hope I make someones day by sharing some information. I hope it brings smiles, maybe a little encouragement Id like to start by quoting.



Old ladies.... pfft. You are all the.



Of course, your old lady comment isnt snarky it's all meant in ironic FUN because the 60s are not old!.

I want you to know that this is.


A solicitation or advertisement or anything insidious. Its something Ive wanted to share on the forum, but well frankly, I didnt know how it was going to be received. I also had to look into the parameters of posting a link to an outside website. Hopefully, this is OK..

I read an article about a woman named Angie who, at 58, entered her first figure competition. I couldnt locate the article on the mags website, but I googled her name and it turned up on the website of a fitness professional. Im presuming that Angie is now a client..

Five years ago she wanted to lose 30 lbs. so she started an exercise program. She was so successful that 1 year ago she set a goal to enter a Figure Competition. She won..


While googling for info on Angie, I came across even more.


People who began exercising a little later in life living, breathing proof that we can do ANYTHING at ANY age..


I hope I look as good in my 50s as she does in her 80s!!!.

I dont care for clichs, but I guess I have to use one well a.


On one. We are as old as we tell ourselves..

And if this post encourages just.


Person... reminds.


Person that they can do.


They put their mind to... then I can already call this a successful day..

PS - I didn't intend to exclude the fellas in context...

Comment #26

Me again.

One thing that I've noticed in my "pre-participation lurking" (hahaha) is that theNutrisystemcommunity has our backs. This gave me confidence to join in on the great conversations. Thank you all for that..

I'll have to presume that the mods wont step in for some of the rude comments because they may not directly violate the forum Ts and Cs, and rudeness is subjective..

However.... for every mod that ignores a meanie-mouthed comment, there are 10 forum members that wont let the poster get away with it..

I feel like I'm part of a community. That's so cool...

Comment #27

I love this Thread!!!!! and Marian I agree with you that a switch has flipped in my mind. I have determination I never knew was there. I have found that most people who are sarcastic and those who are just downright rude have self esteem problems, so I try not to be sensitive to the snide remarks, but they can be hurtful. Great to be with such "nice" people and it sounds like a lot of us are near the same age...

Comment #28


Yesterday but I got up with an "almost, unrecognizable" amount of energy..


I found this to be a wonderful benefit of theNutrisystemprogram too. At the end of week one I started to feel so much more energy and healthful. I am taking many less naps these days and have a bounce in my step that was missing for the past 15 years. Yay for us..

Also, Johnna....I like your idea of posting a random act of kindness each day..

Laurelarts....glad the switch went on for you too...

Comment #29

Just popping in to say hi - I like the analogy to flipping a switch. For the rest of our lives we just can't let that switch flip back!..

Comment #30

I helped shovel a car out today..

For my kindness to myself, I walked despite the snow (knee deep in most places thanks to the road ploughs) and got 2km in. (should count as more due to the extra effort needed).

I challenged my sig other who is also on Nutrisystem (both started Jan 18th) to a 50km walk challenge. The first to get 50km between Feb 1st and Feb 28.

Gets a $30 treat. It's cumulative and honour system but a good motivator. Walking for placement at the hospital doesn't count, but walking to and home do..

For me, it is a hair cut by a professional ( a dream of mine, but always put aside) Similar to D52R. He hasn't revealed what he wants yet, but I'm GOING to beat him, so no rush..

I too am waiting for my first bear with my next shipment. So excited..

Beautiful days..


Comment #31

I was the recipient of an awesome act of kindness a couple of days ago - I was trying to shovel out the wall of snow deposited by the town at the foot of my driveway (days after they had plowed the roads from the prior storm, they decided to widen the street before the one yesterday and today). A lovely young man, maybe 18 or 20, was walked by and volunteered to help me, making quick work of what would have taken me much much longer, and saving me a lot of sore muscles. I had a hard time even getting him to accept a small amount of money for his assistance...

Comment #32

[quote=Newnurseontario;5120833] I helped shovel a car out today..

I too am waiting for my first bear with my next shipment. So excited. Beautiful days..


Good for you helping someone out today. Congrats on you first bear. Best of luck to you :-)..

Comment #33

Oh, boy, I was just going to peek in here before turning off the computer and starting a new motivational book that arrived today but of course, I can't pass up chatting with such upbeat people!.

J.Mat, I love the idea! Right now I don't get out much so I'm glad you included posts, etc. One of my "former" acts was to call restaurants when we had delivery or pick-up and got outstanding service. It's just as amazing as asking for a manager to come to your table. They are so braced for a complaint that it floors them to hear a positive comment. I'd like to believe that's why they call me by name now instead of the fact that we always ordered so often...LOL (I have mentioned to my husband that he might expect to get sympathy cards since I'm not calling anymore. However, I still call to give his order so I guess they realize I'm still alive.).

Luv_My_Kids, you are exactly right...this program works! Tomorrow is my last day to record in my first booklet. I've already taken the time to date and put the add-ins by each section on each page in my new booklet. I have to admit though, I wasn't paying much attention when I dated one Feb. 29...LOL...Luckily I caught it before the next page. I really think recording my food is helping so much. I'm using the booklet and the online entry.

Who knew it would be so helpful and motivational for me?.

Laurel, I think you're spot on about self-esteem and rudeness. I've met (and even worked with some people) who would complain why you didn't wrap the gift even if you handed them a gold brick. I just never have understood why some people don't develop a filter to stop rude and unnecessary things from spewing out of their mouths. I think there's even a name for it...leaving puberty behind. I worked with kids going through puberty for years and it is seriously a life in confusion during those years. So many changes in many day conversing like a mature adult and the next crying because someone looked at them wrong.

BrandNew, I know! I'm so excited at that new bounce in my step, too. It is just short of a miracle as to how much better I feel at the start of February compared to the start of January. I am loving this feeling..

CyberSally, I feel so motivated now that the switch is on that I just don't think I could stand myself if I turned it off. I know I've done it before but I've never lasted this long as seriously as I am this time. I have found this to be very doable and that doing it doesn't "hurt" in deprivation. It simply is not there! How wonderful that you had such a good experience with a helpful young man. Isn't it just awesome when you get to see the very best in someone?.

NewNurse, that was an exceptional act of kindness to help shovel out a car in the conditions you're having. I can't even begin to imagine because I've never seen that much snow at one time. I do know though that it was work! As for the haircut, you go girl! It's been a dream of mine, too, but it sounds like you'll get your dream soon. I don't even know where to start looking for the "right" person to do the job around here. Guess I'll have to do some major detective work when I get closer to that reward..

Chica, you are going to love that little bear. It's like holding a beam of sunshine because you know what earned that little bear. You just can't help but smile and feel the success wash over you..

Now I'm off to start my new book. I like to read success stories of people who had that switch turned on. Seems to help solidify my resolve because I know I can do what others have done. It may take me a little longer but the time is going to pass whether I am working toward my goal or slacking off. Might as well use the time for improving and losing myself!.

Hope everyone has a great day tomorrow. Stay focused on your plan and be kind to yourself!.



Comment #34

Good Morning Debbie and all who follow,.

Debbie, Good for you with the motivational book. You are pursuing the "package deal.".

With all of the snow, my receipt of a random act of kindness yesterday is also with that theme. I was shoveling heavy ice from my driveway when a young strapping man walked by and said "I'll get that for you." We had some nice conversation finishing the job together..

In terms of providing an act, we have this chef neighbor who enjoys giving my son cooking tips. My son was baking a batch of cookies and the chef was visiting. After learning a few new things, we packed up half the batch and sent them home with the chef. (I did not succumb to even a one although the smell wafting through the house was divine..


Off to start my day. Hoping is is a good one for all..

P.S. I liked Cybersally's comment about never letting the switch flip back....I was thinking maybe crazy glue or duct tape?..

Comment #35

LOL...I love the thought of the duct tape or crazy glue to keep that switch turned on! You know that duct tape can fix anything in the least where I grew up. Love the thought of duct taping my eating habits so they won't move from where they are right now..

What a neat thing to have a chef teaching tips! I keep trying to get up the courage to ask someone to teach me how to use that roundish thing that came with my set of knives. I've read the directions and even watched a video but still don't feel competent. (I just think it's so cool to see them swipe their knives on that rod thingey before they use their knife.) Always thought it was to sharpen it until I learned it's to get the knife back to the right angle. I feel certain it would help my knives since they weren't supposed to get dull but are. Since they still are sharp...ahem, they cut fingers nicely...I think they are off their angle (not to be confused with being off their rocker)..

You were very strong not to even nibble on a fresh-baked cookie! There's almost nothing in the world that smells so divine...unless it's baby powder on a barely born baby..

I am reliving a bit of childhood right now...delaying getting out of bed because it is so warm and the room is quite cool. It's defnitely a snuggle-back-under-the-quilts kind of morning. Of course, in childhood I didn't have a laptop in bed with me!.

Have a great day, everyone!..

Comment #36

Good morning Debbie,.

Not much to say here today. yay for Friday..

Wanted to keep this Thread on page 1 for easier access for all those who might be interested..

Enjoy your day...

Comment #37

If duct tape doesn't fix something, WD40 will!!! (In this case we should avoid the WD40 - no slippin' and slidin' for us!).

TGIF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!..

Comment #38

LOL, CyberSally...I had temporarily forgotten about WD-40...that brought a definite laugh from this side of the virtual world!.

BrandNewat 52, I certainly understand the "Yay for Friday" comment but for some reason I have had it in my mind that it was Saturday all day long. We love figure skating and around 3 I remarked that we had fooled around and forgot to watch the skating so I started trying to find which channel it was on in hopes of catching at least the last part. LOL...discovered it was Friday...LOL.

My excuse is that I slept way too late this morning and have been trying to play catch up with the food and water ever since. I seldom set an alarm clock any more since we've retired. My husband is a night owl and then literally sleeps until afternoon but since I've started NS, I've been getting up by 7 or 8 at the latest. This morning I didn't wake up until have been tired, I think. It's been a major task trying to eat everything but supper may have to wait until really, really late tonight. I am stuffed..

I hope the idea of sharing random acts of kindness doesn't deter folks from posting. Just share if you've got something to share...don't stress if you don't! Perhaps the important thing is that we've made ourselves more conscious of doing kind things and noticing the kind things others do for us. I think it's easy to become complacent about kindness unless we pause every once in awhile to reflect..

I had a beautiful experience today as a former student discovered me on facebook. She said some wonderful things about her time in my classroom and it just made me feel so wonderful. I love hearing from former students and it's always a treat when one of my kids "finds me" on facebook. I resisted joining the thing so long although my friends tried to persuade me. Now I enjoy it so much!.

Finally I have decided to add low sodium tomato juice to my diet. There are some days that I am just stuffed and someone suggested I use that as a veggie serving. Oh my, did it ever "feel" better than more food. I'm just not used to as much protein and fiber and feel full as a tick most of the time. Don't get me wrong...I don't want to be hungry but I also don't really like this stuffed feeling either. I think this veggie juice swap for a serving of veggies is going to help.

I sounds even weird to me. On a "diet" and I'm fussing about TOO much to eat? Evidently I ate so many empty calories that now that I'm eating healthy, it's almost too much to handle sometimes. However, I will not fail. I'll just keep trying to find a more comfortable alternative such as the tomato juice, etc..

Today marks the first day of my second month and I am shocked that the first month passed so quickly. I can't wait until Monday to see if I've lost anything this week. It's getting close to Valentine's Day and that's when I set my first goal. (I think some folks who don't know me are worried that I'll slip if I don't meet that goal. No problem...I only set a date so that I could break what I need to lose into small increments. I know it will slow down considerably and that I may not lose another 6 pounds by the 14th.

I hope you all have a really good weekend. Stay as POP (perfectly on plan) as possible and do something nice for yourself. You deserve it!.



Comment #39

Hello Debbie,.

How nice that technology has reconnected you with some former students. What a nice tribute to you, to hear the positive influence you had on them. It must be very rewarding to receive that feedback. I have not ventured into the Facebook world as yet..

I had a nice visit with my mother yesterday afternoon. She is 79 years of age and just starting with some dementia; possibly early alzheimers. I have, as a nurse, offered support to many others who have confronted this, but is completely different when it is your own family. Your recent comments about parents resonates with me. I still have both of them, and realize my time with them is most precious..

I understand your feelings of fullness with getting all of the fruits and veggies in somedays. I too use low sodium v-8 as an option at times and I have also found dried prunes or apricots work well for fruit occasionally..

Enjoy your day...

Comment #40

Just had the new wedding soup - yum - a bit spicy - didn't need any added seasoning...

Comment #41

Just checking in quickly today so I have time for a short nap..

Brand New, sounds like you had a really good visit with your Mother. I was so fortunate that mine never lost her memory. Dealing with that loss as parents age is a challenge I never faced with either of my parents. I can only imagine the sorrow that entails. Hope you're having a good weekend..

Scrappin', I haven't ordered that wedding soup yet. Could you elaborate more on the kind of spicy? I like some spices but can't handle the heat in their oriental dishes. Kind of disappointing to me, too, because I love Chinese food. However, I am finding plenty of food that I do like so no complaints..

Our over-the-stove microwave bit the dust just before Christmas so I haven't had it to nuke the entrees yet. We're going to go order one this week...had to let the budget recover from the holidays first. Anyway, we're going to get one that combines a microwave with a convection oven. I've never had any experience with one like that but one of my best friends (one of my "kindred spirit" friends) loves hers so I suspect after I adjust, I will like it, too..

What I have discovered though is what a blessing in disguise it was that our microwave broke. I know that if it had not, I would never have tried the boiling water prep for some of theNutrisystemmeals and I am satisfied that it makes a better dish. I've read so many who say their pasta dishes aren't tasty, etc. I love those! I do the boiling water thing and then while it's setting, I fix my veggies or salad. This generally means it sets longer than they suggest on the directions. It's still plenty hot enough for my taste and I don't have any hard pieces left.

The only time I've really missed the microwave is when I heat my husband's things..

Everyone have a great Saturday night,.


Comment #42

I think I'll give that a try for lunch tomorrow. I had the pb&j bar for lunch and give it two thumbs up...

Comment #43

I got some hot n spicy low sodium v8 before I startedNutrisystemfor the veggie servings but geez it's gross. I have to gag it down and now I'm stuck with a big bottle lol Trying to get my bf to drink it now..

Comment #44

Wish I could elaborate on the spicyness in the wedding soup - can't find the words. I love pepper - it was kinda like that I guess. Didn't need to add any...

Comment #45

Good morning! I had trouble going to sleep last night due to a "personal" power surge (i.e. hot flash...LOL) so I got up and turned down the thermostat. Now I'm fighting the getting-out-from-under-the-quilt syndrome so I can start the day..

Ginger, I haven't even attempted plain V-8 juice yet! I did get some low sodium tomato juice and it's not bad at all but I already liked tomato juice. (My juice of choice though is orange but I'd rather eat my fruits.) I can't even begin to imagine "hot and spicy" in that V-8. Maybe you could pour it in a saucepan, dump in a lot of veggies and make some kind of soup. I think I'd throw it quite a bit of garlic to cover the hot and spicy maybe. It may work..

Brand New and Scrappin, I think you two have convinced me to try that wedding soup on the next order. I like pepper...well, black pepper...not too fond of the hot peppers. However, I love homemade soup and haven't even tried the other soups that came with that first "free" week of food last month. I can't until I feel stronger about avoiding crackers. I love crackers and my former soup meals were about 60/40 with the greater being the wonder I'm fat..

I'm getting a bit antsy for the scales tomorrow. I haven't eaten off plan but I just don't "feel" like I've lost much this last week. Guess I'll know in 24 hours. This is a good thing in a way though because I'm not tempted to go off plan..

Hope you all have a great day,.


Comment #46

I tried the Italian Wedding soup. great flavor and a definite re-order item for me..

Debbie, if you like black pepper, I drink the low sodium V-8 juice with fresh cracked ground pepper sprinkled on top. I find it delicious..

Enjoy your day...

Comment #47

I may eventually get the "courage" to try V-8 again. I tried it a very long time ago (in college, I think) and couldn't finish even the smallest can. My tastes have changed since then though and I really enjoyed the low sodium tomato juice I had this week..

However, think I'll save V-8 until a little bit farther down the road...LOL (I just have this memory of it being vile and nasty. I do try to usually avoid those experiences twice.).

I do notice my tastes already changing though. Plus, I've noticed that now that I only drink water, the taste of all the food is more defined and not blurred by diet Pepsi or diet Coke..

When you get right down to it, I think I'm as proud that I'm only drinking water now as sticking to the food program. Well, maybe not quite as proud as I am of the weight I'm losing but still... my dry hair and dry skin already long better "watered"I think I was really thirsty for water!..

Comment #48

I think I'm going to go into the lurker mode for awhile. Instead of posting regularly, I think I'll just blog a bit. Seems like I am spending way too much time on the laptop again and there are so many things I need to be accomplishing around the house..

I know I will feel so much better about myself if I get my house in shape again. For so long I have not physically felt like nor been able to take care of our home properly. I need to do that for myself and my husband and I finally have enough energy to really begin..

I guess this is an act of kindness I am giving myself..

I'll be reachable by PM and such in case you need to communicate..

Stay on task and let's reach our goals,.


Comment #49

This is a great idea for a post. I get really tired of the "snarkiness" and am thankful that there are a lot of great and inspirational people here that offer positive advice and encouragement. We definetly won't all agree on everything but we can all be supportive of a common goal to be healthier...

Comment #50

I'm still reading and checking in, too. I just can't spend as much time as I have on the boards. My house "needs" me...LOL.

Have a great day!.


Comment #51

If I stayed away as long as my house "needed" me, I'd never show up here again! lol..

Comment #52

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