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It's now a little past 4 in the morning. Two hours ago my sister's puppy who I'm puppy sitting for a few weeks woke me out of a dead sleep as he barked and growled, teeth barred, at something in the other room. I was not quite awake so not thinking clearly, got up and walked into the kitchen with "Ruff" at my feet barking and growling the whole while. Once I got to my dining room, I looked and realized that the door from my house to my garage was unlocked and partially opened. And that was the direction he was barking and growling! Moment of semi-controlled/semi-level headed panic! I quickly slammed the door and locked the deadbolt, and looked around in a rush to make sure there wasn't any immediate danger in the house! Nothing, so I listened, and heard weird noises in the garage. I couldn't tell what I was hearing, possibly humanoid or animal, but it freaked me enough that I called 911 to have an officer come out and check the house, garage, and property.

I have neighbors on one side, but all of the homes on the other are still unoccupied or under construction.) I've only had this pup here for less than a week, but he's never growled like that. He'll bark if a car pulls up and parks in front of the house, but he's never had THIS reaction. It spooked me! The officer came and checked everything out and didn't see anything, but he reassured me to call again if I feel threatened, and that it's better to be safe than sorry.

Whew! Normally in a situation like this, I'd want to stuff my face! Tonight, however, I have no appetite! And while I have the desire to go back to sleep, I think I lack the ability to at the moment! I do think it's time to follow through with my desire to go through a concealed carry permit class. Looking around, I have a pen I could jab in someone's throat or eye. That's it.

What a night! Ruff, however, earned extra doggy treats tonight for being a good little guard dog!..

Comments (24)

Wow - So glad you are safe and that Ruff was on patrol. Such a cute little guy!..

Comment #1

HOORAY FOR THE GUARD PUP!! I had a CAT like that when we lived in Germany...I was 8 months pregnant and asleep in the bedroom when the cat came in, ran across the bed in circles like a mad thing...once I woke up, I smelled smoke...walked out in my living room to find the apartment building directly across the street on FIRE! My building had been evacuated, but I was knocked out and had no idea.....

Pets! Sometimes they annoy the heck outta us, and then we get reminded what angels they can be - literally!! Glad you're ok!..

Comment #2

Is that a havanese? they make excellent guard dogs. i'm glad all's well and that you handled it in a non-food way..

Comment #3

I'm glad you're safe. Give Ruff an extra treat as a thanks from us too...


Comment #4

That must have been pretty scary for you. I'm glad you're safe!..

Comment #5

Is it possible the door was just left ajar and was blown open later? The dog wouldn't know the difference and might have just been reacting to that. This has happened to us and while disconcerting and unsettling, it really just made us more conscientious about locking up. just wondering if it's a possibility... sorry you went through it either way.....

Comment #6

Way to go guard pup! My two cats are alarm systems, they just seem to know when a car is even coming to our house as opposed to the neighbors. The boy cat runs under the bed at the speed of light and the girl cat growls. This is when the car or person is still half way down the street!..

Comment #7

So glad your OK. Gotta love guard dogs....small & large!!! He is a cutie!..

Comment #8

Like they say,.

When Seconds Count,.

The Police Are Only Minutes Away.

Get a shotgun for the house.

& a CHL for everywhere else...

Comment #9

Glad you are safe and all is well. I know you will be double checking your doors for a while...

Comment #10

So you said it was your sisters pup?.

Well time for you to get one too!.

Not only will it alert you at strange and unusal goings on but will be the best friend you never had! Plus will help you stay on a "always on schedule" workout even when you do not want to.

Cheers to YOU for also staying OP during a very stressful situation!..

Comment #11

Wow how scary! Aren't dogs amazing? My DH is always complaining about my dogs, but I am alone during the day and they take care of me!.

I'm glad you are OK and that you handled it so well!. Get yourself some pepper spray at least (if it's legal where you live)...

Comment #12

Thank you Lord for little angels...!! Glad you are safe...!!.

Because I travel so much, I do not have a dog, so I learned some tricks to deter if a break-in occurs and to help me feel safe so I can sleep (besides Mr. Smith&Wesson) I put a chair under the door knobs, and a lock on my bedroom door.

PS - A friend told me last night that Hornet/Wasp spray would work like pepper spray and it sprays up to 20 feet away. It has paralyzing chemicals in it and sprayed in someones eyes would be a great defense!..

Comment #13

Our home is guarded by God, guns, a Boston Terrier and a Chocolate Lab. No one dare enter the premises or Diva Renee my Boston will go ballistic on them! Shooter the lab, on the other hand, would probably just say hello and go back and lie down on his bed...

Comment #14

I heard a great tip the other day. This person and I were talking about intruders and feeling safe, what is legal and not etc etc. She said how she was told to keep hornet/wasp spray by the bed (she lives alone). It is legal and it shoots up to ten feet. I thought that was a great idea! Just a thought...

Comment #15

Wow, I am not sure that I would not be "Eating" away the stress. Good for you! It sounds like you did all the right things!..

Comment #16

I'm not really concerned with what Snopes says about it, I would use whatever I had on hand, even hair spray, to defend myself. Whatever gives you a few seconds to get out is all good in my book...

Comment #17

Ditto...I will do whatever I have to in order to protect myself first, and worry later about it being a "Federal offense for being used in a way inconsistent with it's intended purpose". thing I know there will be a warning label on my cast iron skillet in case I think about using it to hit someone over the head instead of cooking in it..

**I'm glad that Ruff is already such a good little watchdog & you are ok. Sounds like you should adopt a "cousin" for Ruff to play with...

Comment #18

I live in Florida. I guarantee you that no court here gives a rat's patoot that using wasp spray on a perp may do permanent damage to the perp. Personally, if I encounter someone uninvited in my home in the middle of the night, I plan on doing the ultimate permanent damage. And Smith & Wesson aren't known for manufacturing pesticides, if you know what I mean...

Comment #19

Awe thats a cute pooch and wow, thats good that everything was ok...i wonder how your door got opened?..

Comment #20

Sheesh, that's scary! Glad all is well.

FWIW, you don't need a concealed license to have a gun in your own home. I second (third?) the shotgun suggestions because you don't have to be as accurate, and believe me, if you are ever in a panic, accuracy goes right out the window. I have a CHL but never carry any more because there are so many places I go that I cannot carry (all school related).

Re: the wasp spray - if someone breaks into your house, I don't think there's any court (except maybe the 9th circuit court of appeals) that would uphold a charge for using ANYTHING in an off-label manner to defend yourself...

Comment #21

WOW! Lucky to have Ruff sleeping over last night! OMG!!! How scary! I bet you lock your doors and the garage tonight huh? Yikes! That's why I have a german shepherd! Single woman living alone. Whew..... Scary! Glad you are okay!!!!..

Comment #22

So glad you are fine and dandy. I LOVE dogs...and have three of them. My Jack Russell Terror (I mean Terrier) is a feisty little one, my Australian Cattle Dog is even feistier, and my pit bull (the one everyone is deathly afraid of) is an absolute sweetheart who not only wouldn't hurt a flea, but who is afraid of his own shadow. Go figure..

Although, if anyone actually entered my house and threatened us, I wouldn't bet against him in the fight!..

Comment #23

Thanks everyone! I had to work yesterday then went home and slept! Zombie girl!!.

Ruff is certainly a character, but he's a good little dog. I'm definitely going to get one after I have to give him back to my sister! My life is too crazy though to take a puppy through his/her puppy years, so I'm going to get one that is 1-2 years old that I can spoil rotten and love up!.

My dad is bringing one of his guns down to me to keep for now until I can get one of my own.

I'm OCD about checking to make sure all of my doors are locked everyday. (I rarely even use the front door, but always check that anyway.) As crazy as I am about that, that night I don't have a clear memory of locking that door. I can't say for certain whether I did or not.

Ruff starting barking and growling a little last night, but this time I heard a car door slam so figured it was the neighbor. And he quit right after. Still got a weird feeling in my stomach when he started up! Didn't really want another night like that!..

Comment #24

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