Halloween Candy during Medifast?

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Dear Power that is Greater than Me~.

Please help me make it through the grocery store without grabbing halloween candy. Please help me not grab any candy that is the million of cubicles all around me. And please help me not steal my kid's candy that they bring home. Da@# you Reese's Peanut Butter Cups...why do you have to smell SO GOOD!.

Resisting ALOT of tempation,.


Comments (13)

Put your hands up and BACK AWAY from that evil Halloween candy!!!!!..

Comment #1

I seriously just like run past the displays and avoid those isles lol. Not even kidding, I went to the dollar store last night and was like LALALA going down the beauty isle!..

Comment #2

Just remember, it's been packaged by dirty hands that were not washed after using the restroom and it's been sitting in warehouses where rodents run freely among the bagsperhaps even sampling a morsel or two. Yeah, I wouldn't want it either. But hey, the cucumbers and tomatoes look very fresh today!..

Comment #3

LOL! Thank you and I think that will work...

Comment #4

Stay strong!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think I'm going to give out those McDonalds gift certificates this year so I won't even have candy in my house this year!..

Comment #5

Step away from the candy!! You can do it!!.

I recently made those fudge drops out of hot cocoa YUM!! Maybe try those!..

Comment #6

I definitely get you on giving out halloween candy and having it in the house/workplace, but McDonalds coupons? What did the neighborhood kids ever do to you that you would want to do that to them?.

Told my teenage son I was going to give out the evil fun bracelets (or whatever those annoying things are called) and got the evil eye from him. hehe...

Comment #7

If I make it through this Halloween without so much as a single mini Reese's cup, it will be a substantial and earth-shattering victory (which is totally attainable, by the way!). I've never had a year as far back as I remember where I haven't gorged myself on candy...

Comment #8

I know, but I couldn't figure out what else to give out! LOL!! Perhaps I'll come up with something better before Halloween gets here!..

Comment #9

We bought pencils and erasers from Dollar Tree then found a huge container of little halloween bags of pretzels at Costco. No candy in our house this year. We used to buy a lot of extra and ate it for days. Ok stuffed ourselves for days...

Comment #10

I'm avoiding handing out candy/chocolate for Halloween this year as well. At Target I found a big box (40 each) of Halloween themed fruit roll ups - mini sized. I've never liked those, so that will not be tempting for me. And I also got a 40 count box of Halloween themed Rice Krispy Treats. Those won't tempt me too much since I would rather enjoy a chocolaty Medifast bar instead. So, I'm hoping to get by with few temptations.

If they 'donate' 20 pieces of candy/chocolate, I give them $1.00. They would rather have $ to spend on Lego etc., than Halloween candy. They don't give all of it up - but it certainly clears out a lot of it. Then I send it to work with my husband - and my house is temptation free!..

Comment #11

I am planning to hit Costco and buy the large boxes of individually wrapped granola bars or similar type of food product. DH and I had a long discussion to try and find candy that neither of us would eat but all we discovered is that we are fat for a reason! LOL.

We both agreed the granola bars would be okay to have in the house for Halloween and that we'll give whatever is left in the open box to the last kids through before we turn off the lights. We'll return any unopened boxes to Costco after. (we get anywhere between 60 and 200 kids in our neighborhood so it is hard to plan for)..

I'm glad you are thinking ahead on the problem!.

Re: candy in the stores? I have been reminding myself that "That is not for me" - just as I do in the grocery stores. So far so good :-)..

Comment #12

Freefaller...buying out your kids' candy is a GREAT idea! I have a 6 and 3 yr old, so I know the 6 yr old will go for it. Maybe I'll trade my 3 yr old's candy for those "evil bands" (ha ha)..aka..silly bands she loves!..

Comment #13

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