GoDaddy user reviews : Good idea to try GoDaddy?? Guy using illegal version of my script on his site

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I am the /img/avatar2.jpg and operator of "Uploadscript", and I run

The guy in question owns (which is registered thru Namepros).

He is using an illegal version of my script on his site, and refuses to take it down.

At first he emailed me asking me for support. Some days later, he is using an illegal hacked version of my script (no linkback).

When I asked him to either take the illegal version down, or pay the full price of the script (which is $49.95), he refused, saying things like:.



>>Yes, I Use Illegal Version. Sory I Did Not Take Then Down..



>>Hello And Hi.

>>Ok Dear Take Down My Website Yourself.Hurry Up !!! you Cannot Take Down >>My Website.

>>Because No One Can Hack Hackers !!!!! Yuppy.

Here are his details:.

Hesham Ahmed (spider.. Can anyone give me any ideas or tips on what to do about this guy and his site?.


Little Dragon..

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Hi LittleDragon!.

Personaly, I think the problem is not in the domain registrar but in the hosting.

Run a whois check to see where it's hosted.

Then, contact the hosting..

Comment #1

I think you will find he hosts himself on a dedicated server so prob need to workout who he gets the server through :/..

Comment #2

Yes. that will be more difficult.

Though you can just find the IP and then search the IP..

Comment #3

Best I can tell (im half asleep) the server is supplied by

EDIT: who run Managed Solutions Group, Inc.

Comment #4

Thanks guys for your help, esp. Ethix..

Very helpful. I will send a legal "cease and desist" letter there...

Comment #5


Do what Marck said,.

Send the host a notice stating them to take the site down,.

You wont need to be a hacker to take it down...and the poor hackers wont be able to do anything about it..

Comment #6

That's why you should build into your scripts a backdoor.

You should also protect them with ioncube or another encoder if you are really worried about these things. Your script doesn't appear protected in any way. It's bound to be ripped and abused especially from people that live in lawless places like Pakistan, India, Russia, Taiwan, Hong Kong or Nigeria. All those places are RIPE with people who just don't care about Intellectual Property. can't do anything...

Comment #7

His username here at NamePros is "spiderpkcom". I was browsing around and noticed the similarities between his username and the e-mail as previously posted as well as typing habits. Upon further investigation (checking WHOIS records for his domain names), it is a positive match...

Comment #8

He has been PM'd to come to this thread..

I'll look into this, as well as his previous similar troubles, as we continue forward..


Comment #9

No offence to any one here though, Domain registars have no legal right to remove a domain if someone has a problem with their site content, you may find the persons hosting provider through a traceroute and you can locate their provider, keep in mind your person is in Pakistan so I doubt he really cares and to the hosts, it really depends where he is hosted i.e Russia, Netherlands etc.. are like copyright free (see leaseweb) others hosted in say United States & Australia have a legal obligation to see thorough copyright is not infringed and must take notice to DMCA requests..

Comment #10

Meh - I won't start to discuss/debate the finer points of international copyright/IP, but whatever else anyone thinks, we have a problem with copyright infringement here...

Comment #11

I'm sure if the use of the domain is illegal where the domain was registered and the website is being hosted on (In this case, the USA for both) then copyright laws apply. I believe the registrar has the right to pull the domain if necessary. Take GoDaddy and MySpace on TM Infringement, why shouldn't the same apply to Copyright?.

Just my 2 cents on the matter..

Comment #12

Hmmm, I have had the same sort of problems with a script I made,.

It really pissed me off...

Comment #13

I have encoded the script. Even when the full license is purchased, it will only work on the domain it is purchased for, and the main files are encoded. This goon has obtained an illegal un-encoded version from somewhere.

A back-door eh... good idea. I'm adding that to the next release, and encoded (a previous version of the script had a security vulnerability which came in handy).

Awaiting for the reply from his host...

Comment #14

What type of encoding was it? And one idea for a backdoor is a nice trigger to gain admin access for yourself. hehe..yeah I am evil..

Comment #15

I seriously advise against that. If you intentionally create a backdoor in the script/program and someone exploits that backdoor then you could be held liable. And who is to say that only unlicensed users will end up being affected.

Also if it becomes known that is the sort of thing you do to protect your scripts then many people will think twice about using them.

Also just because the script is not paid for does not mean you can intentionally cause damage or erase the users data. Look at Microsoft they are not allowed to do anything to your pc regardless of whether they know you are using a pirated copy or not, all they can really do is stop you downloading patches etc (if I remember correctly they are not even allowed to collect data about you regarding the unlicensed copy. There are sites that offer decoding services for zend and ioncube encoded scripts (and I think source guardian). Both Zend and ioncube have in the past released newer version to try and combat it...

Comment #16

Yes, but Alliance1911 referred to the domain registrar and not the webhoster. Yes, but the point is the domain is not illegally used but the content of the webserver is the issue. They do not. They generally like to play Internet Police, but this doesnt make them right. I am generally with Peter on this. The issue that such a backdoor could be exploited or abused by an unauthorised third party can be usually minimised if you take enough care when you implement it. I see the bigger problems, with the liability you might accept in doing this (although I wouldnt consider it too much of a risk if you are really only ensuring that unlicensed copies do not work anymore without damaging anything else) and the credibility you will lose when people become aware of this...

Comment #17

HelloSorry To UploadScript.Net Administration I Will Take Then Down MySelfSorry To All Members And Specaially Uploadscript.Net Admin..


Comment #18

Little Dragon,.

Let me know if/when he complies, please..

SpiderPK - stop doing stuff you know is wrong; this is not the first time we've had folks come from off-board to complain about your pirating/etc. There is an old saying, "Don't poop where you eat" - or something to that effect; take it to heart..


Comment #19

Pakistan is not in India. India and Pakistan are both separate countries...

Comment #20

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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