GoDaddy review : Suggest I purchase GoDaddy?? guy is taking forever to pay

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He bought the domain, I transferred it and he hasn't paid yet..

Wants to wire but never does..

It has been a month..

He set the domain up as a copy of his other website..

I think he is honest but you would think he would get payment out fast..

I don't want to slander his site but it is annoying not getting paid.


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For a month??.

I think your being way to soft idd start taking some action against him unless stated before you sold it that it would take a while to pay...

Comment #1

Should have used escrow one month is to much, legal recourse is very tough and expensive in other jurisdictions outside your home country, never push before payment..

Comment #2

Do you have contact besides email? Frankly I would call everyday.

How much money are we talking?..

Comment #3

Call him. I always have email and phone number just in case. I've had to wait 3 weeks before and it's annoying...

Comment #4

Yea about 1400.

He is running a site with a phone number on it..

Doesn't make any sense, it's just very rude or worse criminal.

Have to wait and see..

Comment #5

This is like a Domainers rule of thumb, never push a name prior to being paid... no payment after a month isnt a good sign to say the least...

Comment #6

Is he a NamePros Member or is this a private sale?..

Comment #7

You pushed a domain name before being paid on a $1,400 sale?....

That doesn't seem a bit odd to you?..

Comment #8

The domain was frenchbed,.

I can't tell if he is just going to ignore me forever or is just really busy, which I start to doubt..

If he is using the site, it would seem to mean he has a business for it..

Why risk people saying he steals domains....

If he didn't have a business I would think I was scammed..

I give him the benefit of the doubt still but it's getting harder...

Comment #9

Very odd. You haven't been paid for a domain name you transfered over a month ago. I would be upset and getting the domain name back after 24 hours of no payment, which wouldn't have happened because I get paid before pushing. You should always use an escrow service on high dollar transactions. Interested to find out if you get paid or not. Keep us posted. Good luck..

Comment #10


Tell him to pay up NOW or you're going to splash his name and the sold domain name across all the domain forums as being a deadbeat.

I don't think your registrar will help you, unfortunately.


Comment #11

From now on I will..

Don't trust your gut feelings...

Comment #12

Did he contact you or did you contact him? In regards to the initial sale...

Comment #13

Call him. I went through something very similar in January and when I called, the guy finally paid within the next 24 hours. He didn't answered my emails and I decided to call and surprise him...

Comment #14

Never push a domain without receiving the payment first!..

Comment #15


Yeah, I think he got that.

It's a hard lesson, though, when it hits your pocket.


Comment #16

Not to repeat what has already been said, but never provide the product or service before payment, especially in the case of a domain, where possession is 100% of the law.

Legitimate domainers will have no problem paying before the push, or at the very least, going into escrow...

Comment #17

I dont mean to make you lose hope...but I got a feeling that you'd probably never see that $1400.....

Comment #18

I often push to end users with established business, though not over $1000. Business owners have reputations, so it's not the same as dealing with an anonymous domainer. Not to say business owners with reputations won't cheat anyone - it's just much less likely.

This guy's business has a Twitter account with 2000 followers, and a nice website. I don't think it's worth $1400 to risk his rep, so he may just be playing with you to keep the money a bit longer. Or he may not realize that the social web works both ways.

Before going public (which would be easy to do using Twitter alone), make it clear that you expect payment immediately, or you will take action. Maybe as a last resort, you could send him an oblique message on Twitter - nothing damaging, just enough to let him know you're there and make him think ("I am looking forward to concluding our agreement.").

Unless he's stupid, that will rattle him...

Comment #19

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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