Grocery list for Nutrisystem?

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Hey all, I was going to post this in the newbie forum but this seemed like it may be a better spot.

I was looking for some tips and recommendations for my first grocery list to supplement the Nutrisystem plan. I have the "Grocery Food Additions" list printed out but I wanted to see how folks have been using this information when they actually go and shop. Im keen to whole grains, low sodium, etc... Im more looking for quantities items and how often I should be planning to go back and restock. I got the generic Mens plan, so I got a bunch of random things.

Ps. as a bachelor I have a pretty typical bachelor setup in my fridge... aka ketchup and beer. So consider me a clean slate!..

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Your question was: Grocery list for Nutrisystem?.

Lol, I knew that was going to be the first thing people would say! Yea that will be shared with the neighbors this weekend as sort of the celebration of the start of a journey to come :P..

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Thanks to PamSB, here is a list of Nutrisystem approved protein items:.

Protein recommendations from NutriSystem Counselors. I would adjust the serving sizes to fit the Dairy/Protein stats of 100 calories or less, 3g fat or less and 7-8g of protein or more, however:.

Protein Serving Size Best Option.

Bacon Substitute 2 tbsp.

Beef 1 oz Round, Sirloin, Flank, Tenderloin, Chuck,Steak, Rump, Ground Round- (All Trimmed of Fat).

Buffalo 1 oz.

Calarmari 1 oz.

Canadian Bacon 1 oz Note: Sodium content high.

Cheese 1 oz Fat-free or Low fat.

Cheese (Ricotta) 2 tbsp Made with part skim milk..

Cheese (String) 1.

Chicken 1 oz White meat, No skin.

Chicken Wings 1 wing Note: Not Fried.

Clams 2 oz.

Cottage Cheese.

Crab 1 oz.

Cream Cheese (Fat Free) 4 tbsp (2 oz).

Deer 1 oz.

Duck 1 oz No skin, Well drained of fat.

Edamame Beans 1/3 cup.

Egg 1.

Egg White 3.

Egg Substitute 1/2 cup.

Fish 1 oz Cod, Flounder, Haddock, Halibut, Trout, Tuna, Lox, Herring, Salmon, Catfish. (No breading.).

Ham 1 oz Fresh or Boiled Ham.

Hot Dogs 1 oz 3 grams of fat or less per ounce.

Imitation Crabmeat 2 oz.

Lamb 1 oz Roast, chop, leg.

Lobster 2 oz.

Mussels 2 oz.

Octopus 1 oz.

Ostrich 1 oz.

Oysters 6 med.

Parmasan Cheese (grated) 2 tbsp.

Pheasant 1 oz No skin.

Pork 1 oz Fresh/Boiled Ham,Tenderloin,Loin Chop.Canadian Bacon,Cured,Canned Note: High Sodium.

Protein Shakes View Label 100 calories or less with at least 7-8 grams of protein, Whey or Soy Protein.

Salmon 1 oz Fresh or canned.

Sandwich Meat 1 oz 2 grams of fat or less per ounce.

Sardines (canned) 2 med.

Sausage 1 oz 3 grams or less of fat per ounce. Note: High Sodium.

Scallops 2 oz.

Shrimp 2 oz.

Smart Dogs 2 oz.

Soy Beans 1/3 cup.

Soy nuts 1/4 cup Unsalted is best option..

Squid 1 oz.

Tempeh 1/4 cup Note: Medium Fat Meat (Limit).

Textured Vegetable Protein (TVP) 1/4 cup Note: Medium Fat Meat (Limit).

Tofu 3 oz Note: Medium Fat Meat (Limit).

Tofu Hot Dog 1.

Tuna (canned in water) 1/4 cup.

Turkey 1 oz No skin.

Veal 1 oz Lean Chop, Roast.

Veggie Burgers 2 oz 100 calories or less with at least 7-8 grams of protein.

Venison 1 oz..

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Look here. It is a shopping list to print out. It was made by Cat man (John) a while back but it has the basics..


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Oh, yeah I had big feast before I officially started Nutrisystem too. I even used the excuse to start on Monday so the weekend would give me extra days to "prepare" (ie: go crazy eating). My grocery list is pretty routine & simple since starting NS. I admit I do miss the spontaneous shopping....going in and just throwing Cheetos, cupcakes, & Hungrymans into the cart. Now, I have to hurry past those items....grimacing. Your grocery shopping will slightly differ from mine though since you can have carbs daily.

Greek yogurt.

Frozen veggies...brocolli, cauliflower, carrots. (I'm picky about them so that's pretty much it).

Frozen fruit (most bags are 3 servings per bag, so on my plan that makes it easy for measurement).

Canned tuna.

String cheese.

Diced chicken.

Sodium free bouillon packs....for my veggies.

Wheat sandwich Thins....Earthgrains & Pepperidge Farm are pretty good.

Low sodium V8 for when I just can't bear the act of eating the vegetables.


Crystal Light. I like the Sugarfree Hawaiian Punch too.

Salt substitute.

That's pretty much my basic list in addition to Nutrisystem foods. When I feel like baking Nutrisystem friendly desserts, I'll add Eggbeaters...

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LOL. You sound like me, except my frozen veggies are broccoli, cauliflower and brussels sprouts...

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Make sure you have salt, pepper, onion powder, garlic powder, cyanne, or any other herbs and spices you like. Pretty much all the meals can be made to be delicious, but they are usually bland and need help. The food and recipe boards are awesome for ideas on how to doctor up the meals! Good luck on this new journey..

Url=] [/url]..

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I tend to eat the same things a lot. So I went through my planner and counted up how many servings I needed in each category, and then just bought those (with a few extras, so I wouldn't be locked in and could choose between, say, eggs or string cheese at snacktime)..

I still shop that way, even though I haven't been on Nutrisystem in ages. I plan my meals (somewhat loosely for some) for the week, and then buy X number of servings of fruits and veggies based on what looks good or is on sale. I buy one bag of salad per day for lunch; enough protein to add to my salads (either a pack of chicken breasts or some low-sodium ham, usually); enough Greek yogurt to cover seven breakfasts; seven servings of fruit to go with it; etc...

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Wow! thanks guys this is perfect, I really appreciate the help!..

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I cook Nutrisystem for my husband (as well as myself), if I wasn't here, this is what he would need:.

Greek yogurt (enough for 1 per day).

Fresh veggies...brocolli, cauliflower, carrots, snow peas, Tomatoes, Onions, Cucumbers.



Low Salt Salsa.

Fruit (apples, peaches, blue berries, bananas, prunes) The prunes are critical because when you're no longer hungry they are an easy fruit. Plus, they help if you need some... help.

Laughing Cow cheese wedges (not babybels).

Wheat sandwich Thins (and Thomas Wheat Bagel Thins).


Brown Rice (1 min microwave is easy).

Egg Substitute.

1 min Oatmeal (if you get the Nutrisystem oatmeal, making an extra half cup will make you feel fuller, and you get the extra carb).

Fat Free Milk.


Air Popcorn Popper & Popcorn (or JOLLY TIME Healthy Pop Natural Flavor Popcorn 1 cup = 20 calories).

Digital Food Scale (measure ALL your fruit).

Measuring Cups & Tea/Tablespoons.

Low Sodium Ham/Turkey.

Fat Free Salad Dressing (If you can, pick up Galeos Salad Dressing, only place I have ever seen it is at Whole Foods, if you don't have one, buy some online at all the flavors are great).

Lettuce... lots..and lots of Lettuce..

Steam Bags (ziplock "Zip and Steam").

Oh yeah, and Caraway Seeds..

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Ok cool, this is all great info.

Do most of you shop weekly and plan for the week? It seems like thats the way to go..

Routine is going to be a major player in my success so forgive me for being a bit ridiculous...

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My husband says "remind him to get popcorn"..

You get 1 cup popped as a "free food" and you get 2-3 of those per day. (free foods, not just popcorn).

I usually do one big shopping trip per week, but I end up having to go back during the week to pick up more veggies and fruits...

Comment #11

JOLLY TIME Healthy Pop Crispy White Natural Flavor Popcorn 1 cup = 20 calories.

The other types of Healthy Pop (Kettle and Butter) have slightly higher Calories. If you can't find Natural Crispy White, you could use those I would guess and just have less then a cup. Otherwise, buy an air popper, and pop your own.


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This is what my local HEB has:.

Http:// &sr=8-10.

(not at that price, of course).

It's a new flavor, so check your local stores for the next few weeks, or if your "Local" store carries the other flavors, ask them to pick up this type. (Of course, if your option is Wal-Mart you can't do this).

When I used to live near a local "ma & pa" grocery they used to order and stock all types of stuff for me. It was great Even with the larger chains, it never hurts to ask!..

Comment #13

Hold the press what is free foods???? I didn't know we had free foods. I have been following this plan strictly for almost 3 weeks it is pretty easy but what are these free foods we are talking about?..

Comment #14

Visit this thread of a list of free foods:.


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