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Before I lost weight, I always avoided going to the Dr. b/c I felt like anything that was hurting or wrong with me was due to weighing 360 lbs I went for a general check-up yesterday for the first time in 15 years and my Dr. was flabbergasted at my weight loss...when I told him I had lost this weight since Jan. 6, he did a double take and said "Of THIS year?".

My blood pressure, EKG, etc were all perfect...I haven't felt this good and healthy in a LONG time... I really do thank God for this program. I believe it's going to save me from what would surely have been an early death due to morbid obesity.

Only thing is...he thought 160 for my goal was a little low for my height (5'10") and said if I reached 175, that would be a healthy weight. I'll see when I get there...

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Thanks! It was a first for me not to dread stepping on the scales. I can't wait till it reads "175"..

Comment #1

Wow, very impressive! Good for you and you will be at goal in no time!!..

Comment #2

Congratulations! You are an inspiration! I am so thrilled you got a clean bill of health and you will be at goal in no time!..

Comment #3

CONGRATULATIONS! What a hurdle to get over, I'm sure you'll now be in for those annual physicals without fail! Sometimes the fear of what is going to happen is so much worse than what actually happens. Your loss is inspiring and you are SUCH a success!!.

This is interesting. I'm 5'9" and am targeting my goal somewhere between 145 - 155 (I'm also only 25 and actually think I have a smallish frame/bone structure), but I'd be curious to know what a doctor thought was a realistically healthy weight for me. There are soooo many mixed messages out there!..

Comment #4

Great news. I've seen a huge change in my blood pressure since starting the program. It works!!!..

Comment #5

Congratulations for the doctor visit; it's one of my big issues, I don't want to go until I'm sure that he won't blame every problem on the weight. I'm pretty sure if I had an arrow through my head that he would blame it on my inability to dodge it because of my weight.

Don't worry about your goal weight; you'll know the right weight when you get there...

Comment #6

My Gosh! You really lost all that weight since January of this year? No wonder he did a double take!! That is incredible!!!!!!!! You must be feeling SO GOOD!!!! Congrats on your positive Dr. visit too! Weee! You're gonna be at goal before you know it girl!..

Comment #7

Look at your picture. I remember when you wouldn't post one. So cool. You look great...

Comment #8

Thanks for all the props! I picked 160 initially b/c that's what I weighed in high school...I am 46 and the Dr. seemed to think that would be difficult for me to get down that far ( I may just have to show him who's boss hehe). Once I get to 175, I'll see how I feel about it and may lose more if I can...

Comment #9

Fantastic news! Congratulations!! And I love, love, love your new picture. You look amazing!!..

Comment #10

Fantastic job! You must be so proud! Regarding the goal weight: What's up with your doc? I'm 5'10 and 175 lbs is still overweight on the BMI chart. I thought doctors live and breathe based on that thing. When I was in the Air Force I weighed 155 lbs, about 15 of which was major muscle. And I was almost 30 at that weight. For me I'll be happy anywhere from 140 to 160. I should feel healthy somewhere in there.

Good luck and here's wishing you continued success!!.


Comment #11

Congratulations!! I know what you mean, the fear that the doctor will brush off any concerns as "part of being overweight". I was always smug/surprised/shocked (in that order, over time) when my doc NEVER ONCE told me to lose weight!! Not that I wanted a lecture, but, seriously!! I weighed over 200 lbs. and not one word like, do you want a diet plan or have you ever considered blah, blah, blah!!.

In any case, you're doing great!! Keep up the good work!!..

Comment #12

WOW that's such great news. You motivate me to go for a visit and get a check up. Wonder if my tri-s dropped. Hmmmm.. Great job...

Comment #13

That's great news! I'm ashamed to say that I don't have a regular doctor outside of my OBGYN (mostly due to not wanting to have a dr tell me I need to lose weight.. duhh). I really should try to find a good one. Good on ya!..

Comment #14

How wonderful that you went to get your check up and that the results of all the tests came back great! Congratulations to you...

Comment #15

Look at YOU! You look beautiful in your new pic...what a pretty smile!.

I just got my bloodwork results...the Dr was very happy with my numbers tho my goal is to get my HDL higher since my family history has heart disease here there and everywhere.

Total Cholesterol: 150.

Triglycerides: 74.

HDL: 44 (want it to be well above 60).

LDL: 91.

Not bad for a middle-age woman toting around a lot of junk in her trunk..

Comment #16

That's fantastic! Getting recognition from our health care provider shows the hard work is paying off. What a great feeling!..

Comment #17

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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